Hello! Candela here with another story! You see I'm already done with my first story and I have nothing to do with the others yet so I'll give this one a go.

"Hello fateful viewers!" Chris smiled as usual. "Today for Candela's fourth season..."

"He won't be hosting anymore." Candela smirked. "I will."

"Yeah right you interrupted me." Chris glared. "Anyway... we are currently looking for 18 high schoolers who are up to the challenge of being in musical plays. From old plays like Sound of Music until right now in the year of 2018... who knows what'll these peeps be up to!"

"Yeah so start auditioning." Candela sat on a chair.


So yeah another season. I'll be doing this one quite differently from the other three. But I won't update this for a long time since wifi's about to expire.

Also,... nah I'll not tell you guys instead. XD

PS: You guys can send interns if you'd like. Just shoot me a pm and I'll send in a form.


The names of the characters are to be revealed at the characters' introductions.

Update 6/12/18

Yay! The cast is FINALLY complete! On the bright side I didn't reject anyone's app. Why? Scroll down to the bottom.

And well, Episode 1 is halfway done, about 11,000 words... I haven't started on the characters' intros yet so keep an eye peeled out for it!


1. Taken by Candela Monsoon

2. Taken by Obsidian Champion

3. Taken by ThorBringsTheThunder

4. Taken by SpaceZodiac

5. Taken by Sir Pootis

6. Taken by Ariole195

7. Taken by Norbus95

8. Taken by Gabox15

9. Taken by Just Write About It


1. Taken by Candela Monsoon

2. Taken by Obsidian Champion

3. Taken by ThatSmashBrosFan

4. Taken by Tristan494

5. Taken by AZW330

6. Taken by Gucci Mane LaFlare

7. Taken by Lord of the Sloths

8. Taken by ostronienne

9. Taken by ThorBringsTheThunder


1. Taken by Candela Monsoon

2. (Also) Taken by Candela Monsoon

3. Taken by MusicalEssence

So with the last 2 apps I got, I accept both of them even when there was only 1 spot left. Why? Well, MusicalEssence, one of my friends in another site asked me to place her OC as an intern. She told me to not ask her why though but I just did.

In the meanwhile, like I said, keep on a lookout for the first six character intros!