What's up everyone! Candela here with the final episode of Act I! Well… it's technically the reunion episode, so yeah. Anyway, if y'all wanna know how my birthday went a few weeks ago… it went pretty good. The days after that became a bit boring but that's life. XD


Day #12 (Last Day of Act I) - Somewhere surprisingly not in Crown Island...

The camera cuts to Chris sitting in front of a dimly lit room. He seems to be looking forward for some reason. The camera also shifts towards the right, and spun a bit which gives us a view on what or who is he looking at.

We get a view of him facing towards a bunch of unknown people chatting among themselves.

"Alright, silence!" Chris commanded, causing everyone to fall silent. "They'll arrive later in the evening, so we have to surprise them! Of course you people are seeing them after a while, so there's that!"

"Well, where are they anyway?" A woman asked him. She seemed to be in her mid 30s. "We haven't seen our children for almost two weeks and now you aren't telling us where they at?"

In fact, not everyone present there were full adults. Yes, some of them are the parents of some of the contestants, but others were actually either their siblings or friends.

"People!" Chris yelled. "This is supposed to be a reunion surprise party! So just… I don't know, keep your shit together or something!"

Everyone in the room fell silent once again. The raven haired host grabbed his phone began calling someone, placing it by his ear.

"Hello? Chef? Be sure to bring them here before 6pm. Thanks." He quickly rambled in, hanging up after. He then saw the camera being panned to him. "Wait, this was being filmed?"

"Yup." One of the cameramen confirmed.

Chris sighed, smacking a hand on his forehead. "Just… go to the title sequence."

*Finale Theme*

Dear mom and dad, I'm doing fine

The theme song starts off slow as the screen splits into five, getting a shot of the contestants. First was Oli who fell into the water. Second was May in her elimination. Third, we get a clip of Samuel tuning his guitar. Fourth was Faith dropping her phone after a phone call. And lastly was Arreis being dragged away from the office.

You're always on my mind

Next, we see a clip of Kimmie gasping at her score, a clip of Spear peeking from a curtain, a clip of Amanda saving a teammate from a falling plank, a clip of Sal staring menacingly towards the camera, and Gabe looking ahead of him.

You asked me what I wanted to be

Robert was seen in another clip resting on the grass. It then goes into a clip of Mairead in a dark room. After that, it shows Meredith looking in a mirror, Vivianne staring on the stage, and Evander scowling and crossing his arms.

And now I think the answer is plain to see

The screen now splits into three, which shows Clayton, Olivia, and Xavier glaring intently at each other, indicating them as the finalists of the stage.

I wanna be famous

Three coins were tossed into the air and landed on a table at the same time. The audience behind them cheered for the finalists.

I wanna be a rising star

The camera zooms into each one of the finalists, before transitioning into a flashback.

Go pack your bags, I've already gone far

The first flashback shown was the fire as everyone escaped the building.

Everything to prove, what can you say?

The second flashback showed the cast jumping off the sinking ship to save their lives.

I'll be there one day

The third flashback was a happy scene from the anniversary episode as everyone shared their happy memories.

'Cause I wanna be famous

The flashbacks faded as the three finalists smirked triumphantly against each other.

*whistling in tune*

The screen fades to a stage background with red curtains, where "Total Drama Act I: Musical Impact" was written in gold. "Special Episode #2: Twelve Days To Reminiscence" is written in silver letters under it and musical notes surround the title card.

*End finale theme*

Total Drama Act I: Musical Impact

Special Episode #2: Twelve Days To Remember

"This is just 12 days out of 365, but it feels like it has been 365 unforgettable days."

Back in Crown Island…

The camera cuts to the resort, where we can see the cast doing their own things. Lunch had just finished and everything was already tidied up so it was chill time for everyone.

"When are we allowed to open the suitcases?" Xavier asked before taking a sip of juice from his glass. He was seated on a beach chair, along with Olivia and Clayton.

"We are probably forbidden to open it during this time of the day." Olivia answered him, giving a mere shrug. "Maybe in the evening."

"Yeah, probably-" Clayton was cut off by water splashing onto the three of them, causing the top three to soak wet. "Hey, whoever did that is not gonna be pretty later!"

"Sorry." Oli chuckled. He was on the pool with some of the others, with a water gun on his hand. "Whose water gun is this anyways?"

"There's a name written on it. Go check it out." Evander said, swimming towards him.

Oli found some writing just on the bottom of the water gun. "It says… McLean… why the actual fuck would Chris own a water gun?"

Loads of snickers were heard from the cast at the revelation.

"I don't know, ask him." Evander said in a sarcastic manner.

"Maybe it helps him feel like a kid again." Amanda rolled her eyes as she continued on her tanning.

"Maybe it's his de-stress toy." Sal giggled as he played on the water with his feet.

"Why did Sal's answer made me think of another way… I really wonder why-" Samuel wondered out loud before getting a smack on the back of the forehead by May (or Kim, who was already healed by the way). "Hey!"

"That doesn't mean we're truce." May spat. "Just… fix your mindset."

Samuel rolled his eyes. "Will do, ma'am."

Meanwhile, Kimmie and Meredith were chatting with one another on a table a few feet away from the others. Meredith (who still had a cast on her leg) caught the former staring on someone from the other side.

"You're staring." Meredith pointed out, causing the dreamer to blush heavily. "Are you gonna talk to him?"

Kimmie gulped, looking at a piece of neatly folded paper on her hand. "I don't know… I'll probably wait until after the reunion."

"Ah, okay." Meredith nodded.

"Looks like someone's in love, huh?" Faith sneakily teased from behind. "Who's the lucky guy?"

"Robert." Meredith quickly answered.

"I- ugh, Meredith!" Kimmie groaned, causing the two girls to chuckle.

"Don't worry, I won't tell a soul." Faith smirked. "...maybe."

"How's Vivianne?" Kimmie asked, subtly changing the subject.

"I already checked up on her earlier, she was asleep, but she's fine." Faith answered with a smile, prompting a look of relief from the other two girls. "The medic said her injuries aren't too serious so she should be better in a few weeks or something."

Meredith sighed in relief. "That's good."

Gabe, Robert, and Spear were on the other side of the pool, chatting as well.

"Hey Robert, Kimmie was checking you out earlier." Gabe smirked.

"I don't believe you, sadly." Robert shrugged, staring up on the sky.

"Really?" Spear joined in the teasing. "I caught her staring at you a few days ago as well, don't you think she has a thing for you?"

"Doubt it." Robert shrugged again.

Gabe leaned towards Spear and whispered to him.

"Tough crowd."


Mairead and Arreis were both on beach chairs not too far from Clayton, Xavier, and Olivia.

"Still salty about that thing with you and Xavier?" Arreis asked her.

"Kinda." Mairead sighed. "I don't know… I just feel a bit bummed."

"Yeah, I can't blame you." Arreis sympathized with her. "I mean, in my case, it's been days since I've been unfairly eliminated, and it still kinda bugs me up until now so I'm still pretty salty about it."

"That really sucks." Mairead added.

"I know." Arreis nodded. "But we're just gonna have to move on with it. Who knows, maybe there will be another season and we get another chance."

Mairead smiled. "Yeah, you're right. Maybe if I can be on another season, it may help me move on a bit."

Arreis nodded. "Yup."

Inside the resort, Dean and Louiza were playing billiards while Dustin and Noah were playing chess.

"Checkmate!" Dustin yelled, slamming a bishop just a space adjacent from the king.

"Nuts. Guess I'm never gonna get better at chess, huh?" Noah chuckled.

"You just need more practice, Noah. Practice makes perfect." Louiza called out from the other side, before a ball rolling out was heard. "Hey!"

"Whoops." Dean winced.

"I'll get it." Maya rolled her eyes as she went out of the door to get the ball, only to crash into Eden. "Ow!"

"Watch where you're going, idiot!" Eden hissed, before turning to the other interns. "Hey guys, the hosts want us to meet up in the docks later along with the other contestants all prepared because we're not gonna be doing the aftermath here in the island."

"Yeah… what? Okay, never mind. Maybe they have a reason for not doing it here on the island." Dean jutted his chin, looking around the room. "Where's Mara?"

"Probably in the bedroom texting her boyfriend." Maya snarked as she rubbed her forehead.

"Um… let's just call the contestants now, shall we?" Louiza squeaked. "And we'll worry about Mara later."

Right on the docks of the island, Candela, Don, and Chef were all present there, waiting to board the cruise.

"Can't believe Chris even managed to afford another cruise after what happened to the other one." Candela muttered.

"No, he wasn't the one who fully paid it." Don retaliated. "I paid a partial amount of it. Chef didn't even pay a penny."

"Candela didn't even pay either. Tsk tsk tsk." Chef remarked.

"Hey, I'm not even getting paid for this until I'm eighteen, so you can all go shove your words in your mouths." Candela snarked.

Chef just nodded. "Oh… right."

"Speaking of mouths, here they come." Don pointed towards approaching cast members, staff, and interns.

Everyone now met up on the docks, and it was also now time to check if everyone was present. The hosts and interns were counting heads while the castmates were checking for any missing people.

"Where are we going anyway?" Vivianne asked, scratching her head.

"Well… even we don't know, honestly." Candela answered. "Only Chris knows, and maybe Chef… and Don… wait, am I the only host that doesn't know the gist behind all this?"

Chef and Don looked at each other nervously before chuckling. "Kind of…"

"Whatever." Candela rolled her eyes before the captain arrived where they were at. They were now boarding the cruise to sail off.

Back at the unknown building away from Crown Island, the camera pans to an extremely large room of sorts, enough to accommodate over a hundred people. There were also some… things off to the side that are covered in huge white tablecloths.

Chris checks his watch. "Gosh, it's already 5:30 and Chef is still not answering my texts!" he rambled.

"They're probably on their way here, who knows." This came from another woman, presumably one of the contestants' parents.

Chris just sighed, sitting on a random chair behind him. "Let's not hope that the cruise sank like what happened a few days ago."

Some of the contestants' loved ones were shocked, as they are probably not caught up with all the happenings in the season. Hell, there's even a possibility that they won't have any idea about who won the entire thing.

"A what?" Another person asked, demanding for an answer.


"I didn't say anything." Chris spat. "Maybe you should've cleaned your ears thoroughly before you enter this place."

The person just rolled their eyes in response to the raven-haired host's snarky comment.

Ring ring!

Chris' eyes filled up with joy as he answered his phone without any hesitation.



"We might be a bit late, the captain said that the engine had a problem."

The host immediately scoffed and rolled his eyes at the response Chef gave him.

"Just get over here." Chris snarked before hanging up.

"What did he say?" Don's voice of curiosity filled up the controller room of the ship.

Chef gave off a defeated sigh. "He just said that we should be there."

"Who cares if we're really late." Candela retaliated, resting herself on a nearby chair. "It's not our fault that the engine had a problem."

"Hey, at least have some respect for the teens' families." Don reminded her.

Candela hung her mouth open. "Oh, riiiiiight…"

Chef and Don eyed each other with concern.

"Does Candela know any of this?" Don whispered.

Chef began answering unsurely. "Uh… maybe-"

"Good afternoon folks, I have some good news to deliver to you all!" The captain suddenly spoke from the side, causing both Don and Chef to jump on shock. Candela remained unfazed, however.

"Yeah, get it straight to the point, Captain. Tell us when we're leaving." She ordered.

"The engine is now in good shape and we should be heading off after ten minutes as the rest of the crew are still putting everything into place to make sure our ride doesn't get bumpy, especially since there is a possibility where the waters in would get rough." The captain explained.

Candela widened her eyes. "Did you just explain it all in one freaking sentence?"

"Uhm, yes ma'am."


Meanwhile, all eighteen castmates were inside a fairly large room, talking with one another, as this was one of the rare times (and possibly the last time) where they will be able to talk freely with each other.

"Who do you guys think we're meeting with once we get to… wherever it is we're going?" Mairead decided to ask.

"Maybe we're meeting the production team behind all this crap." Sal answered, not putting much thought into it.

"But don't we see them everyday, though?" Amanda raised an eyebrow. "You know, Edward McGreen, Dela Rosa, and all their buddies and such?"

"You know guys, last time I checked, Candela told all of us that the reunion is happening here on Crown Island." Oli pointed out. "So… what in blazes are we doing here in a ship?"

"Waiting for it to sink like what happened back in Episode 12, that's for sure." Faith responded in a sarcastic manner.

"Please no." Olivia pleaded. "I certainly do not want that to happen again, especially since it happened a day after almost everything went downhill." She added, eyeing suspiciously at Sal, making him sigh in defeat as he didn't know how to respond to that.

Evander looked down, feeling worse that the issue between the two just grew. "Well, if it makes you guys feel better, I heard that the hosts planned a surprise for us for the reunion."

"Didn't Candela say that last night?" Samuel asked him. "Or are you just trying to give yourself another line in this chapter?"

"What?" Everyone looked at him, completely baffled and dumbfounded.

Gabe smacked a hand on his forehead. "Let's… not even go there, Samuel. I honestly think out of everyone here, you never even changed, not even a little bit."

"Well, that's what you think, Gabe." Spear replied. "It hits differently when you've known him since freshman year."

"I almost forgot that you guys knew each other before." Vivianne pointed out at them. "Probably not a coincidence, huh?"

"For me it was." May told them. "I didn't even expect us to end up here in the first place."

Meredith decided to add in. "Trust me guys, we all used to be friends until something happened in which I'll probably not even try to elaborate that further."

"Alright, you're forgiven." Kimmie jokes. "I think you guys are the only bunch that knew each other because the rest of us have zero knowledge about one another."

Everyone nodded at Kimmie's words, before falling silent again.

"...I'm still wondering what in the world are in those suitcases." Clayton commented. "Like, of course it's probably money but what if there's something else?"

"Like what we've heard last night, there's a surprise for all of us." Robert added in. "Who knows what it could be."

"Anyone wanna guess what it is or something?" Xavier chuckled. "The curiosity is killing me right now."

Arreis shook her head no. "No thanks. I don't want to expect it."


A few hours later after the ride, the cast have finally arrived at the building.

"So… what is this place?" Oli wondered out loud.

"Fresh Entertainment." Candela answered. "This is where the surprise is."

The cast had now entered the main room. Everything was pitched black as no one could see anything.

Then suddenly… the lights turned on.


The cast jumped in shock as they saw the people present in there besides Chris. There were their friends, families, loved ones…

The cast ran up to their respective loved ones and gave them tight hugs. Some of them even cried due to how overwhelming the emotions were at this point as they have never seen each other in twelve days.

Clayton (1st Placer): "This is just 12 days out of 365," he looked up at the camera with a smile forming his face. "But it feels like it has been 365 unforgettable days, even with our loved ones cheering us on from home."

After everyone had calmed down, Candela began making an announcement at the stage. "Okay, winners. Now's the time to open up your suitcases!"

"I almost forgot about it." Olivia admitted as her friends chuckled behind her.

The screen splits into three, showing Clayton, Olivia, and Xavier opening up their suitcases simultaneously, revealing large amounts of money in it. And a letter.

Or a contract.

"What's this?" Xavier asked.

"Oh, that? It's the permanent contract for being an artist here in Fresh Entertainment." Candela explained. "Meaning, you can use this to make yourself famous. You know, become a singer, dancer, rapper, actor, you know what I mean. Also, it's permanent and you can terminate it at any time you wish."

"So does this mean I get to be more famous?" Clayton asked.


"WHOA YEAH!" Clayton cheered as he high-fived some of his siblings and friends.

"As for the rest of the cast," Don turned to the others. "You also have contracts, but they last for four years. You are able to renew them though before expiration so that you'll use them again."

"Sweet!" Faith cheered as she hugged her sister.

"So even if I lost first I still won something?" Oli widened his eyes as his mother patted his back.

"Yup." Chef nodded. "Anyway, it's time to start! Of course, we all have to dig in first." He added, pointing towards a buffet of food located at the side. Everyone took the initiative to start grabbing what they can and enjoy dinner for the evening.


Chris was now seen on the stage. The casts' loved ones weren't present anymore. "Up next is our Q&A segement! While the families and friends of our castmates are on a different room watching eoisodes of Act I, let's do the Q&A!"

Everyone then got back into their seats.

Q&A Time!

"Okay so… remember what happened back in the anniversary episode?" Candela asked everyone as she placed her hand inside a box, pulling a piece of paper out.

"Yeah." Sal answered. "Why?"

"Because our fans have sent in some questions!" Candela smirked, reading the piece of paper she got. "And dares."

"Oh, fuck no." Sal swore under his breath, thinking that he was gonna get a bad dare again, causing everyone to laugh.

"Is that a bad dare?" Chef asked the hostess.

"Well, I just plucked a piece of paper out from the box. Obviously I haven't read it yet." Candela narrowed her eyes. "Okay so… our first question is from no other than MusicalEssence! Here it is."

#1: For all the contestants: What are your opinions on how you fared out during the whole season?

"Well, I'll go first since I'm the first one eliminated." Oli volunteered. "Basically, I was a bit bummed… no… really bummed that I got out first. It didn't really make sense to me… wait."

The others looked at him with mixed expressions.

"I forgot to say sorry to Meredith for my actions that time." Oli sighed in defeat as he approached the historian. "Meredith, I am so sorry for that. I'm even more sorry that I didn't apologize right away."

Meredith didn't hesitate to smile back. "You're fine! There are a lot of worse things that happened, but believe me, I can't blame you. You were frustrated during that time."

"Thanks for understanding, Meredith. I really appreciate that." Oli grinned as everyone appreciated the interaction as well. "So yeah, everything was good though back at the resort." he added.

"I'll go next." May sighed. "I was so disappointed in myself. I even cried to sleep on my first night at the resort. I didn't even make it that far and it just felt like I was getting nowhere."

"I noticed that when I joined it." Samuel nodded.

May looked up at Samuel. "You know Samuel, even though I hated you and all, I actually appreciate that you gave me some space when you came in. I honestly thought you were gonna mess with my life again. But you just made it upside down again back when we were on the cruise."

"Oh yeah. Sorry about that, May. You too, Spear. Shouldn't have dragged on you two like that." He apologized, seemingly ashamed of himself.

Everyone was once again warmed at how the cast were able to forgive each other.

Except Chris.

"Oh come on. This is a Q&A segment! Not a Forgive & Forget segment!" He ranted.

"Shut your pipehole, Chris. Or I'm giving everything you deserve way earlier than I'm supposed to." Candela snapped.

Don smirked instantly at Candela's comment. "I wonder what it is."

"You can only wonder, that's for sure." Chris rolled his eyes. "Samuel, just make your explanation quick."

The boy shrugged. "Can't say I did good. My run was pretty shitty and I didn't even focus around seventy-five percent of my time here."

"Well, I for one am still not able to get over my elimination, Chris!" Arreis shot up. "Hell, your contract should've been terminated instead of you going on suspension for a couple of episodes, only to have you back in the worst time possible!"

"Be quiet!" Chris shot back. "What's done is done. You can't go back in time and change the goddamn thing again! So just do us all a favor and not ramble about your loss for the rest of your fucking life!"

Everyone fell silent. They were shocked with Chris' reaction. In fact, they were so surprised that no one even dared to say a word after that. Even the hosts were speechless as well.

Finally, Candela cleared her throat. "Uh… next?"

"Guess I'll go." Robert shrugged. "It's weird. I honestly don't know since a randomizer eliminated me and Gabe."

"Thanks for that, Robert. I don't know what I'm supposed to say either." Gabe added.

"Well… that's boring. Anything to spice it up?" Chef asked.

"Oh, and before you ask, Meredith and I were never a thing. We're just friends, that's it." Gabe said.

Meredith didn't hesitate to nod at his statement. "Yeah, just to be clear. Nothing is going on between us."

Robert smirked at the two of them, not knowing that Kimmie was watching him do so.

"I see." Candela stated blandly. "Spear?"

"Terrible." He immediately answered. "I really regret going on to this show, to be honest."

Some of the cast widened their eyes at this statement.

"Sorry to hear that." Amanda sympathized.

"I don't think anyone is at fault though." Spear cleared it up. "It's just what I'm feeling."

"Well, despite me being eliminated by Jacques and Josee, I actually enjoyed my time!" Kimmie beamed to cheer up everyone. "It didn't matter who was going home. Sure, there were lots of ups and downs, but I'm guessing it's all part of the season and it is what makes things unforgettable."

Robert grinned at her speech. Seeing him do that, Kimmie ended up blushing.

"Oooh~" Faith teased from behind, earning a smack on her head by Vivianne. "Hey, what was that for?"

"To keep you back on your senses." Vivianne chuckled.

Amanda looked at everyone now. "Guess it's my turn. I say I did pretty good until the voting was rigged. Wait…"

The cast turned their attention to her.

"I still don't know who rigged the voting." Amanda pointed out.

Evander swallowed a lump on his throat. "I-"

"I did it." Sal quickly said, interrupting Evander, causing the bulky boy to get surprised. "It's my fault that you were eliminated, Amanda. I'm really sorry for that."

Amanda had a slight frown on her face upon the revelation, but it was slowly replaced by a sure nod. "Apology accepted."


"I guess that was… the third apology tonight. I don't know." Candela shrugged. "Vivianne?"

"Not good." Vivianne sighed. "It was honestly good at first. Faith became a very good friend to me as well as some others until the fire came in and my injury happened as well as my elimination."

"Same here." Meredith spoke up. "I was also eliminated due to injury at the same time too, but I do have to agree that everything was good until that happened."

It was Sal's turn. "I regret everything. You know, I should've just kept my attitude from episode one and never change from ther because it's making me extremely stupid." He sighed to himself but some of the others actually knew how he felt.

"Hey, don't beat yourself up over it." Xavier said.

"Yeah." Clayton nodded in agreement. "What's important is that you apologized."

"Thanks guys." Sal smiled a bit.

Don chuckled at their interaction. "And there you have some words coming from our two finalists! Does Olivia have anything to say, however?"

"...no." she answered.

"Oh." Sal sighed again. "Sorry, Olivia."

The girl still ignored him, but Sal understood anyway as Evander was about to answer the question.

"Well for me, I think I did pretty well. Sixth isn't too bad after all. I wasn't even expecting that at first." Evander chuckled. "But hey, at least you guys managed to help me tone down my aggressiveness a lot. Thanks for that."

"No problem, Evander." Clayton chuckled, giving him a fist bump.

"Yeah, we're here for you if you need us." Oli added.

"Okay now, this isn't a Forgive & Forget segment anymore." Chef stifle his laughter. "It's like one of those typical cheer up scenes you'll see in the Pokémon Mystery Dungeon games."

Chris raised an eyebrow. "You play those?"

Chef realized what he just said and huddled himself up. "...no."


Mairead smirked. "My run was pretty good. I'm pretty lucky to have a lot of friends here now." She answered, smiling at Xavier. "Thanks for being my first friend on this show."

Xavier chuckled nervously. "No problem…"

"Speaking of that… I'm gonna have to attend my mom's funeral tomorrow." Faith sighed sadly. "...but I think I should be proud that I managed to finish fourth instead of how I expected it to be because then again, my mom would want me to keep going."

"So sorry to hear what happened to your mom, Faith." Don sympathized as the others sympathized with her by giving condolences.

"Thanks everyone." She said with a small smile.

Candela nodded with understanding of the situation before turning to the final three that pulled off through the season. "What about you three?"

"I was doing so well until that blasted coin went missing." Xavier bitterly sighed, still salty about his loss with the coin. "I didn't even know it fell in the first place! But other than that, everything else is pretty good."

"I did not even know that I would take second." Olivia commented. "Maybe it was either luck or my efforts."

"Definitely your efforts." Clayton answered. "I mean, who would assume that the three of us would make it to the finale?"

"I agree." Amanda nodded. "You three did amazing."

"Hey, it was pretty nice that we got to help out in the finale as well instead of watching and cheering from the sidelines." Gabe added.

"Alright, this first question took long enough." Candela chuckled.

Don approached the box. "I'll pick the next one."

Everyone watched as Don grabbed another piece of paper out of the box.

"It's from TheUnchartedHollow! It says,"

#2: First off, I want to ask the campers on a scale from 1-10 how insane Chris is?

"10!" Arreis shot up.

"I don't know, Arreis." Evander told her. "I mean, he seemed like a 10 to you, but if I were to be honest, his insanity is pretty inconsistent."

"Urgh, fine." Arreis sighed.

"I'm gonna have to agree with Evander on this one." Mairead said. "He even used a speedboat to get out of the cruise without warning."

"How is that bad?" Chris asked, wondering how they would consider that a bad action.

"If you would have helped us, then we wouldn't consider your actions bad!" Sal retorted.

"I think Chris went from 8 to 10 then 4 then back to 10 with that final challenge." Vivianne answered.

Olivia widened her eyes. "That was accurate."


"You're welcome?"

The two girls stared at each other with their eyebrows raised or furrowed in confusion.

"Okay, what did just happen, 10 it is!" Candela sighed. "Anyway, let's go to number three, which is also from TheUnchartedHollow!"

#3: Next, for you, how many campers could have possibly won (Including Clayton, Xavier and Faith)?

Candela smirked. "Oh, this one's for me. Well, from the start, I had around… six possible winners in the drafts but like… I had no idea how to make the plot for three of them so I scrapped them out and went along with either of the three remaining."

"Mind telling us who those six are?" Samuel asked, getting excited for the revelation.

"Ye- no." Candela answered, earning several groans from the cast. "Okay, next question!"

"I'll get it." Chef said and plucked a piece of paper from the box. "This one is from MusicalEssence."

#4: For the interns: Who do you hate the most in the interns besides Hah?

Without hesitation, Eden, Noah, Mara, Dustin, Louiza, and Dean all said in unison:


"What!?" Maya jumped up. "How am I the worst one here?!"

"Your attitude is just…" Louiza began, having trouble coming up with an insult towards the intern. "...not a chef's kiss?"

"Yeah, at least fix your attitude before we go interning for Act II." Dustin commented.

"Well… I'm not going to be here for Act II. I'm going to resign." Noah declared.

Louiza nodded as well. "Me too."

"Yeah, same." Dean said.

"Wait, you guys are leaving? What the hell?" Eden widened her eyes.

"As long as Hah isn't in the next season, I'm good." Dustin added, leaning back on his chair.

"Very well then, let's go to the next question so we can go for the dares." Chris commented bluntly before taking out another piece of paper. "This one is from MusicalEssence again."

#5: For Candela: Do you have an original elimination order before this elimination order was used?

Candela stared at the camera. "I will reveal that… later." She simply said, before taking out a sixth piece of paper from the box. "This is the last question before we head on to the dares, nice! This came from MusicalEssence."

#6: For the hosts that have been suspended throughout the season: What does it feel like to be suspended?

"Horrible." Chef mentioned. "I should've just stayed in the kitchen instead of leaving. Now because of that, my children didn't have any food to eat for days!"

"YOU HAVE CHILDREN!?" the cast, interns, and the rest of the hosts screamed in unison along with the cameramen, causing even the whole room to shake.

"Hell no! I was talking about my pets! You know, Richard Swimmins?" Chef replied.

Candela raised an eyebrow. "That goldfish who went to his own funeral about a hundred times?"

"If you put it that way, yes." Chef admitted. "Those children in the daycare did god-knows-what to it, that's what happened."

"Eh, I honestly didn't mind being suspended." Chris chuckled. "It was just a few days after all."

"...dang, that answer was nasty." Oli commented with a gag.

Chris raised an eyebrow. "How was that nasty?"

"Because." Oli stated.

"Because what?"

And Oli never added anything to that word again.

"Oh." Chris rolled his eyes.

"Are you all done?" Candela groaned. "Because we are finally going on the dares! Starting this one from Sephiria Arks!"

#7: Make Hah suffer.

"Ooh, yes! I'm up for that!" Dustin cackled menacingly.

"How are you guys going to do that though?" May asked. "Isn't he in jail right now?"

Candela rubbed her hands together vigorously and grabbed her phone out of her bag. "I have a plan…"

7:00 PM

Somewhere a few miles away from Fresh Entertainment…

The camera cuts to what seems like some sort of prison.

Some footsteps were heard down in a hallway.

"HEY, HELP ME GET OUT OF HERE!" A familiar voice shouted.

The footsteps were getting even closer to the cell. These two were revealed to be two of the show's cameramen, Edward McGreen and Rosa Dela Rosa. Rosa seems to be holding a box of some sort.

"Greetings, Hah." Edward chuckled. "We have a surprise for you."

"A surprise?" Hah widened his eyes. "Am I getting bailed out?"

"You'll see." Rosa smirked, giving Hah the box. "Just have fun with whatever's in there."

"Ooh, okay!" Hah squealed, gratefully accepting the box as Edward couldn't even control his laughter.

"Alright, let's go." Rosa instructed and the two cameramen ran out of the prison building.

As soon as the two cameramen were no longer in sight. Hah smirked, opening the box, revealing a bunch of big, live rats crawling onto him. He screamed and shrieked and held onto the prison bars for dear life, calling for the police as the rats continued to crawl on him, not even knowing that there was a camera in the box.


7:30 AM, Fresh Entertainment Building

Back in the building, the others were laughing at Hah's demise.

Candela chuckled. "I don't think he knows that those rats are pretty harmless."

"Yeah, but they stink." Chris snorted. "Just like him."

"I wonder where Rosa and Edward got the rats though." Don wondered.

"Probably some pet store or some random dark alley downtown." Chef shrugged.

As soon as the laughter died down, Chef took the opportunity to get the next paper.

"Alright, this next one's from… TheUnchartedHollow!"

#8: Now, I want to get down for the challenges. First, I dare all the campers to ride a mechanical bull, to see how long they stay on or not.

Meredith widened her eyes in realization. "Oh… so that's what's being covered over there." She pointed to a huge thing covered in a white tablecloth.

Dustin went over to it, pulling the tablecloth off and it was indeed revealed to be a mechanical bull.

"Well… this looks like bullshit." Evander cursed, ignoring the giggles he got from the sudden pun.

"Alright, since you're this season's winner, let's have Clayton go first!" Chris ordered. "I'm sick of Oli going first in everything so let's have a change for once."

Clayton gulped as he was placed on the mechanical bull.

"3… 2… 1…!" Chris shouted, pressing a random button of a controller.

The bull didn't move.

Clayton sighed in relief. "Phew. I think this isn't working."

Suddenly, Chef smacked the mechanical bull's butt, making the mechanical bull jerk forward and backward rapidly.

"WHOA WHAT THE HECK JUST HAPPENED!?" Clayton shrieked as he held onto its reigns for dear life. Suddenly, his hands slipped off the reigns, causing him to fall sidewards off the mechanical bull and onto the floor. "Oof.. that smarts."

"Looks like the winner of Act I didn't even reach the ten-second mark, reaching only six seconds." Chris cackled. "Who's next?"

Olivia hid behind Evander but was unfortunately taken by Chef and placed on the mechanical bull.

"Hey, do I get a pass on this?" Vivianne asked as she was still on a wheelchair.

"Maybe." Chris laughed as he pressed a button on his controller, causing the mechanical bull to ride out. Olivia didn't have time to hold onto its reins so she was sent flying backwards and onto the ground. "Well… that did even last one second."

"Curse you, McLean!" Olivia groaned as some of the others helped her up.

"Thank you!" Chris bowed sarcastically. "Let's see if Xavier's ready."

"Do I even look ready?" Xavier asked as he was placed on the mechanical bull.

"Uh, yeah." Chris said it in an as-a-matter-of-fact manner, pressing the same button on his controller.

Xavier quickly held the reigns of the mechanical bull, bracing for his life. He managed to already pass the ten second mark.

"I guess this is some kind of revenge for losing his coin." Clayton commented.

One minute had passed and Xavier lost his grip, falling off on the side.

"Errrgghh, how long did I last?" Xavier asked dizzily.

"About a minute."

"NiIiIiIiIcE…" he slurred, going by a nearby bucket and puking on it.

"Eww." Amanda gagged as well. "You know, when I see someone puking, it makes me want to puke too."

"Yeah, well. Next up is Faith!" Chris shouted.

"Wait, what if we don't want to?" Faith asked as she was now sitting on the bull.

"Then… boo-hoo!" Chris ignored her question as he pressed a button.

"Oh, shit-" Faith swore, grabbing onto the reins a bit too late as she swerved forward and onto the ground, flat on her face. "I think I broke my nose."

Some of the interns rushed over to help Faith and checked if her nose was indeed broken. Luckily, it turned out that it was not the case.

"Okay then, how about Mairead?" Chris smirked.

"Yeah Chris, I think this is going way too far with this bullcrap." Candela noted.

"Well, did I make the dare?" Chris mocked, causing Candela to groan.

"Whatever the fuck you say, genius." She snarked as Mairead made her way to the bull.

"Actually… can I quit?" Mairead asked.

"No." Don shook his head. "All of you have to do it."

"Wait, so does this mean I don't get a pass in this?" Vivianne widened her eyes in a panicky gesture.

"Except Vivianne." Chef sighed. "And maybe Meredith. Because… you all know."

A highlight reel was then played as it showed Mairead being flung out of the bull after around thirty seconds. Next came Sal, who lasted only three seconds. Talk about intentional losing. Then was Amanda, who didn't even try and fell off on purpose. After her was Kimmie, who looked pretty happy even if she fell face first as well. The reel stops as Evander was riding the bull, reaching the five minute mark.

"When are you done?" Sal yawned.

"Yeah, we don't have all night." Samuel sighed.

"But it's fun!" Evander whined. He seemed to act like a little kid who was enjoying the ride.

"Alright, time's up." Chef ordered as he even had to drag the bulky boy out of the mechanical bull.

"Wait! I'm not done yet!"

"You idiot, we still have over ten people to go. Now get you ass outta there." Chef said, placing Robert on the bull.

"I thought Spear was supposed to go first?" Robert asked, trying to get away with it.

"Spear ain't here so deal with it." Chef told him.

Gabe widened his eyes. "I actually never realized that Spear isn't here."

"Well, whatever. Let's continue." Chris laughed, pressing another button as another highlight reel began playing.

First was Robert just… getting off of the bull. Next was Gabe sent flying towards a nearby window. Then there was Arreis who just… didn't do it for some reason. After her was Samuel who legit screamed "Yee-haw" throughout the whole thing. Then May was seen screaming "AAAAAAAAH" as she was sent out, landing on her back. And finally, there was Oli who just seemed pretty okay with it.

"Okay so… EVANDER WON. WOOHOO." Chris shouted 100% sarcastic mode, complete with an eyeroll. "So, what's next?"

"The last one from TheUnchartedHollow." Candela mentioned.

#9: Another challenge I could think of is for one of the campers to chug down a gallon of milkshake

Everyone looked at Sal.


"Whoa, chill! If we're looking at you, that doesn't mean, you're doing it!" Spear told him.

"Hey, where were you?" Robert asked.

"Uh…" Spear said nervously, turning a bright shade of pink.

"Ah, I think I know what it is." Meredith giggled. "Got back together?"

Spear turned into an even darker shade of pink. Or red. "You got me."

"That's nice!" May giggled.

Kimmie watched their interaction and couldn't help but widen her eyes as she thought of a plan. She folded the love letter she had in her hand and placed it on Robert's pocket without him or anyone noticing. She then shimmied away towards Mairead.

"Cheap plan, girl. But I like it." Mairead giggled.

"Alright Spear," Candela said, as some of the interns placed a table and a gallon of milkshake with a straw on it. "Since you missed out the last dare, you have to do this."

"Why? What if I get brain freeze-"

"There's the medic." Candela quickly answered. "Now, go."

Spear sighed as began unwillingly chugging the milkshake.

"CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!" yelled the cast.

"ChUuUuUuUuUuG…!" yelled a dizzy Xavier.

"Someone get him to the medic." Oli noted as some interns dragged Xavier away and into the medic.

Just about halfway, Spear stopped chugging and stepped back. "I am never gonna look at milkshakes the same way ever again." He cluthed his head. "God, my head hurts."

"Yeah, looks like that's medic for you too." Chef said, shoving Spear towards some of the other interns (one of them was Dustin who nearly fell back to the ground) to assist him to the medical room.

"I guess that was all the dares?" Don asked.

"Nah." Candela shook her head. "We still have one more. From Sephiria Arks. And I saved it for the last. Hehehehe…"

#10: Candela this dare is for you! I dare you to launch Chris plus your two least favorite interns off in the most painful way that you can think of!

"It says two least favorite interns, but since Hah is suffering on his own prison cell, I'm only picking one. And that is…" Candela then turned around, doing the Professor-Layton-pointing-at-the-culprit kind of gesture towards… "...you."

"WHAT!? ME!?" Maya shrieked for the second time.

"Yeah, come with me. You too, McLean." Candela ordered. The two mentioned hesitantly followed her, with the cast trailing not too far behind.

Fresh Entertainment Building - Rooftop

As the cast went up the rooftop, the first thing that they saw was a huge cannon.

"What's this?" Maya asked, seemingly not scared at all.

"Your ticket out of here." Candela smirked, as some other interns like Dean and Noah began stuffing Chris and Maya on the cannon.


"Ah, you'll find out when you land." Candela cackled.

"Land where?" Maya asked.

"Oh, you'll see." She laughed. "I mean, it's not that painful, but it will scar you two for life since I hate you both. Now, sayonara!"

The string of the cannon sparked a bit, causing the two to panic.


"Holy fUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUCCCCCKKKKKKK!" Maya shouted simultaneously with him.

"Alright, looks like our work here is done. Let's go back." Candea instructed as everyone went back downstairs.

In the middle of nowhere…



Both Chris and Maya landed on something brown…

And gooey…

And stinky…

And it was all over the place.

Like a huge fucking moat.

"IS THIS POOP!?" Maya shouted as she was all covered in manure.


"Uh, Chris?" Maya asked, pointing towards the several gates surrounding them, indicating that they were trapped.

"Lord, please help me." Chris pleaded and began to pray.

Back in the main room about an hour later…

The time has now come for the final segment of the evening, the cast performance. The loved ones for the former contestants were present once more as everything was arranged neatly. Candela, Chef, and Don were now present on the stage, with the former contestants behind them. Behind the cast was also a live orchestra.

"Ladies and gentlemen, the final segment of the evening." Don said in a very formal manner. "Introducing, the cast of Act I: Musical Impact."

"And also, as this is the last segement before we part ways, we would also like to thank you all for supporting us in this season!" Chef commented.

Candela cleared her throat. "So this has been the hosts of Total Drama Act I: Musical Impact…"

"Signing off!" The three hosts bowed and exited the stage as the audience applauded wih the cast getting ready for their final performance.

A piano began playing off to the side as the eighteen castmates held their microphones, getting ready to sing. A huge screen was also behind them, playing some memorable scenes from the whole season.

Gabe held up his microphone as he was the first to sing.

"There goes my heart beating

'Cause you are the reason"

This was quickly followed by Robert, who looked at the audience.

"I'm losing my sleep

Please come back now"

Amanda soon followed after him and sang.

"And there goes my mind racing

And you are the reason"

Kimmie began singing after the latter with a smile on her face.

"That I'm still breathing

I'm hopeless now"

Samuel took a deep breath and began singing the chorus.

"I'd climb every mountain

And swim every ocean"

He was soon followed by Meredith.

"Just to be with you

And fix what I've broken"

Both Arreis and Evander sang in harmony.

"Oh, 'cause I need you to see

That you are the reason"

May began singing, starting off with the second verse.

"There goes my hand shaking

And you are the reason"

Faith then followed after her.

"My heart keeps bleeding

I need you now"

Both Sal and Olivia sang in harmony after then.

"If I could turn back the clock

I'd make sure the light defeated the dark

I'd spend every hour of every day

Keeping you safe"

Everyone burst out singing the chorus with all their hearts along with the orchestra playing behind them as this was their last performance together.

"And I'd climb every mountain

And swim every ocean

Just to be with you

And fix what I've broken

Oh, 'cause I need you to see"

After they sang, Spear then belted the next line.

"That you are the reason, oh"

While he did so, Clayton began singing next.

"I don't wanna fight no more

I don't wanna hurt no more

I don't wanna cry no more

Come back, I need you to hold me closer now"

Vivianne began belting the next line as well.

"You are the reason, oh"

As Vivianne belted, Oli sang the next few lines.

"Just a little closer now

Come a little closer now

I need you to hold me tonight"

As everything died down, Xavier began to sing softly.

"I'd climb every mountain"

Mairead followed after him.

"And swim every ocean"

This was followed by a duet between the both of them.

"Just to be with you

And fix what I've broken

'Cause I need you to see

That you are the reason"

Everyone smiled at each other as the flashbacks had finished playing, a bit sad and happy at the same time that the season had ended. However, there were still some things to look forward to. One last time, the whole cast shared a group hug as the screen faded to black, with two words written:

The end.

Final song used: You Are The Reason - Callum Scott & Leona Lewis

A/N: And… we have now reached the end of Musical Impact. It was such a fun ride, you guys. I still can't believe I managed to finish one season for the first time. How are you guys feeling that we managed to finish this after 2 years? Me, I'm still quite shocked lmao. I've seen others complete a season before, but they don't usually take longer than a year. Gosh, the amount of times that I thought that I was never gonna finish this, but here we are. :)

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congratsvictoriayoufoundit - Arreis & Evander

Ecliptic Plasma - Faith

Gabox15 - Gabe

*Gucci Mane LaFlare - Olivia

Just Write About It - Sal

Lord of Sloths - Kimmie

*Obsidian Champion - Samuel & Meredith

Sir Pootis - Robert

*SpaceZodiac - Clayton

TheNoobyBoy - Amanda

*TheUnchartedHollow - Xavier


Candela Monsoon (aka me) - Maya, Mara, & Eden

Ecliptic Plasma - Dean

Musical Essence - Louiza

Obikinoah - Noah (not the canon one, just to clear up the confusion)

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Canon Elimination Order:

18th: Oli | 17th: May/Kim | 16th: Samuel | 15th: Arreis | 14th: Gabe | 13th: Robert | 12th: Spear | 11th: Kimmie | 10th: Amanda | 9th: Meredith | 8th: Vivianne | 7th: Sal | 6th: Evander | 5th: Mairead | 4th: Faith | 3rd: Xavier | 2nd: Olivia | 1st: Clayton

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*an asterisk denotes a contestant whose final placement did not change

18th: May/Kim | 17th: Arreis | 16th: *Samuel | 15th: Oli | 14th: Robert | 13th: Meredith | 12th: *Spear | 11th: Amanda | 10th: Gabe | 9th: Sal | 8th: *Vivianne | 7th: Kimmie | 6th: Mairead | 5th: Evander | 4th: Clayton | 3rd: Faith | 2nd: *Olivia | 1st: Xavier

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