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You're Mine to Deal With

The news station survived. Bruce was relieved when almost a month went by and nothing happened to them. Every time Bruce saw them on their channel he thought about Jeremiah and how they left things. After he had woken up from being put to sleep by Jeremiah his face had turned a steady shade of tomato red as he thought about what had happened. They had gotten into a fight and ended up making out. And the worse part was that Bruce enjoyed it. A lot.

As the weeks went by, Bruce's thoughts would go back to that night, particularly the conversation they had. Jeremiah's words repeated themselves over and over again in his mind.

You are not a monster.

The way he said it, as if it was the furthest from the truth that it was impossible to comprehend. Jeremiah spoke more about it but Bruce's memories focused on that line and tone. It made his heart flutter every time he thought about it.

But everyone was searching for Jeremiah's soulmate. From the GCPD to the gangs of Gotham to normal folks wanting a chance in the spotlight for finding the genius's soulmate.

Bruce was lucky that he could count on Gordon and Fox, both had called him on separate occasions to reassure him that they weren't going to say anything. Jeremiah was a criminal, but no one deserved to have their soulmate used against them.

Bruce felt bad for keeping it from Alfred. He had no idea how the butler would react, especially with how Jeremiah treated him in the past. Alfred had also made no attempt at keeping his thoughts of the matter private. He was one of the population that thought Jeremiah's soulmate must have something wrong with them if they were his soulmate.

On Jeremiah's part, he acted like no one had made that video and showed it on the news, which was pretty impressive since it was still making articles in newspapers, news shows and so on. Gossip was high in Gotham and everyone was thinking about it one way or another.

Three months later, Bruce was getting dressed up to attend a formal event that had to do with a growing business wanting to flaunt their new power. Alfred knocked on his door. Bruce called out for him to enter, which he did.

"Got a letter Master Bruce."

Bruce turned away from the mirror and took the letter from Alfred's hand. Upon opening it, he recognized the hand writing before reading it.

Don't go to the ball tonight. I have plans for it.

There was no signature but one wasn't needed. Bruce folded the letter back up and frowned in thought.

"Something the matter, Master Bruce?" Alfred asked.

Bruce shook his head and made his decision. "No, it's nothing. I'll be out soon."

"Alright." Alfred nodded and walked out of the room.

Bruce was going to go to the formal. Jeremiah knew that Bruce didn't like what he was doing, yet he expected him to sit back when he told him what he's going to do and when? Bruce didn't think so.

Taking out his phone, Bruce dialed a number he memorized a long time ago.

The person on the other end picked up.

"Detective Gordon." Bruce greeted. "I have some information that'll be of interest to you."

Jeremiah was important, which was why Bruce had to do what he could to stop him.

Gordon believed him and extra security was placed for the event. Bruce entered the large ballroom with Alfred and was able to find Gordon standing off to the side with Harvey. He made his way over and Gordon spotted him first.

"Do you know when?" Gordon whispered to him soft enough that only he would hear as they made their way to the security room.

"No. I received a message telling me not to come and that was it." Bruce informed him, looking at all the screens of the security cameras.

Gordon nodded and placed his hand on his shoulder. "You're doing the right thing Bruce. Jeremiah needs help."

Bruce turned away from the screens to meet the detective's eyes. "Is it wrong that I don't want him to get caught? That I care for him?"

Gordon gained a sympathetic look and squeezed his shoulder. "No. Not at all. You two have been meeting up seeing as both of you are alive. You're not a monster for loving him Bruce, you're human."

Bruce let out a weak chuckle. "I didn't say love."

Gordon gave him a look. "Am I wrong?"

Bruce shrugged but glanced back at the monitors. Gordon left shortly after and Bruce continued to watch the screens with Alfred in the room. Exactly two hours after the formal began, gun shots were heard echoing throughout the building and Bruce straightened up.

Watching the screens, he could see Jeremiah in his now famous purple suit strolling causally into the room and speaking to the terrified crowd. The cameras didn't pick up auto, Bruce had no idea what he was saying but he did notice the way Jeremiah's eyes kept roaming around as if searching for something.

Or someone.

When he didn't find it, Jeremiah gained his usual unhinged smirk and went back to his plans. Bruce spotted Gordon and others working their way on taking Jeremiah's men down and slowly but steadily got closer to Jeremiah. Bruce watched with fixated attention, half of him urging Gordon to succeed but the other half begging Jeremiah to notice something was wrong and get out of there.

A new cop ruined things.

The man was trigger happy since it was his first big operation. When his group had gotten close enough, he brought his gun up and started shooting. One of Jeremiah's men got hit but the deed was done, Jeremiah became aware of what was happening and quickly began to make his way out, allowing his men to shoot the hostages. Bruce watched in horror at the screens as both sides opened fire, he could make out Gordon gesturing and yelling out orders and Jeremiah getting further away.

However, right before he made it to the door, Jeremiah jerked backwards clutching his arm. At the same moment, Bruce felt as if something pierced through his shoulder and started to collapse backward, grabbing hold of the same spot Jeremiah was holding on the screen.

Alfred caught him and was asking frantic questions, to which Bruce couldn't answer because of the pain. His eyes were glued to the screen with Jeremiah. He had made it through the exit and was running down the back hallways of the building. A couple followers holding the police back, they made it to the exit and went out the door.

Once Jeremiah was off the screens, Bruce slumped back in Alfred's grip. Alfred, who had gone silent a couple minutes ago and was staring at the last screen Jeremiah was on. He turned back to Bruce, observing the fact that Bruce was holding the exact same spot Jeremiah had been holding on his own arm and they had fallen at the same time.

"Master Bruce." Alfred began firmly. "I believe there is something we need to discuss once we get home."

Bruce cringed at the thought of that conversation but didn't protest.

The conversation ended up not happening. Alfred had taken Bruce home without anyone noticing and they had made their way to Bruce's room to check his injury. When Alfred opened the door, he let out a gasp that caused Bruce to push his way inside. He froze at the sight.

Jeremiah was lying on his bed, twitching in pain as blood seeped through his wound on his shoulder. His skin, which was normally a smooth white was sickly looking, his eyes glazed with terrible black rims around them.

"Miah!" Bruce gasped, sprinting towards his bed and kneeling beside it. He grabbed hold of Jeremiah's hand and the touch caused the pale eyes to focus, drifting over to Bruce's form. He opened his mouth to say something but then his face tinged in pain before passing out.

"Alfred!" Bruce cried and his name snapped the butler into action.

"Out of the way, Master Bruce. This is going to be tricky." Alfred ordered and then gave Bruce a list of instructions. Bruce followed them without hesitation, gathering the supplies needed and doing as Alfred told him.

It took a couple hours but the bullet was out and the wound was clean and bandaged. Bruce's bed was covered in blood and Bruce and Alfred didn't look clean either. Jeremiah was unconscious but Bruce knew that was better with all they had to do. Bruce helped Alfred move Jeremiah to the floor while they changed the sheets before putting him back. Bruce was tense as they worked, expecting Alfred to let him have a piece of his mind, but the butler remained silent.

Once Jeremiah was settled, the two made their way out of the room and stopped outside the door.

"Well then, shall I draw you a bath sir and run a wash? It's not good to let the blood stay long enough to stain." Alfred stated lightly.

Bruce turned to him with wide eyes. "Alfred—"

"Master Bruce." Alfred cut off firmly, his eyes causing Bruce to stop. "I am not happy with you at the moment, but I understand why you did what you did. Rest assure that I'll treat Mr. Valeska like any other guest that has graced this house. You can decided what to do with him once he has gotten some rest. Now, would you like that bath?"

In shock, Bruce could only nod and then watch as Alfred nodded back and walked away to prepare the bath.

A couple hours later, Bruce was fresh and clean, well fed and was making his way back to his room and Alfred bid him a goodnight after Bruce told him that he could call Gordon the next morning. He paused as he got to his bedroom door and thought briefly about using one of the guest bedrooms but decided against it. Opening the door softly, Bruce peaked in and saw that Jeremiah was lying fast asleep in his bed. He appeared pale in the moonlight, but that was his normal coloring.

Quietly, Bruce made his way to the bed and carefully slipped under the covers. Jeremiah's breathing didn't change so Bruce figured that he didn't wake him. Bruce settled on his side of the bed, his back facing Jeremiah and was began to doze off.

"You have my gratitude for not calling the police."

Bruce's eyes snapped open and his body jerked as it twisted around and saw Jeremiah wide awake next to him. Seeing the man awake, Bruce became both concern and angry.

"You trying to kill yourself by giving me a heart attack?" Bruce hissed under his breath, shifting to sit up on the bed.

Jeremiah's unwavering stare unnerved Bruce, but he made sure he didn't show it. After what seemed far longer than it actually was, Jeremiah moved his glaze to the ceiling.

"How's your injury?" Jeremiah asked simply.

Bruce shot a glance at the shoulder he felt Jeremiah get injured and looked back at him with a shrug. "It's not an injury when you only feel the pain. What about you?"

"Could use decent painkillers but considering that would mean my capture, I'm reluctant to consider the idea." Jeremiah answered. Bruce sighed through his nose. "Why didn't you call the police?"

"Who said I didn't?" Bruce countered. Jeremiah's eyes moved from the ceiling to him and waited. Bruce shook his head. He knows the reason why but been avoiding admitting it in his mind much less saying it out loud. But when Bruce had seen Jeremiah get shot and fall, Bruce was sure that his world had ended and felt better the moment Alfred told him Jeremiah was stable. If that didn't make him face up to how he felt, he didn't know what would.

"I love you." Bruce admitted softly, not meeting Jeremiah's eyes. "I shouldn't. I should leave Gotham for a place you couldn't find me and let us die from the bond, but I can't and I won't. I…care about you too much."

There was silence and the pit in Bruce's grew deeper the longer it went. Positive that Bruce wasn't going to get a reply, he began to move back but a hand stopped him. He turned around and saw those intense pale eyes staring at him.

"I am darkness." Jeremiah declared simply. Bruce frowned at him in confusion but Jeremiah squeezed his hand. "I told you once that soulmates are the perfect balance of each other, they cannot be exactly alike or else they wouldn't be compatible. I'm considered Gotham's worst criminal and they believe my soulmate must be the same. But they are wrong, it must mean the opposite. Within darkness the light can shine the brightest and darkness would be meaningless without light to make it stand out. They need each other to fulfill their purpose, together, they are what's needed. You are my light Bruce."

Bruce had listened to Jeremiah's speech in confusion but then it all came together at the last sentence, causing his cheeks to flush with heat. With a tired sigh, Bruce rubbed his face with his free hand to try to get rid of the heat then glanced at his soulmate.

"You couldn't just say you loved me back?" Bruce offered.

Jeremiah blinked and point blank replied. "I love you."

Bruce snorted but when Jeremiah tugged on his hand, he followed after it and curled up against the elder's chest, listening to his heartbeat.

"I plan on stopping you." Bruce announced lightly, not looking up to see Jeremiah's expression to that.

"I wouldn't expect anything less from you." Jeremiah replied as if they were discussing the weather. "And if you're wondering if I knew you brought Gordon to the party…I knew."

Bruce shifted to answer but felt a spark in their linked hands and for once didn't fight the hold as it relaxed him into falling asleep.

The next time Bruce woke up it was morning and the spot beside him was empty. He knew that Jeremiah had left, probably figuring out that Alfred would call Gordon and escaped while he could.

Bruce leaned into the space that had been used by his soulmate and found that it was the slightest bit warm, telling him that Jeremiah hadn't left that long ago. With a sigh, Bruce closed his eyes and went back to sleep with the faint scent of mint on the sheets.

An hour later, Gordon came to the house and Bruce had to tell him that Jeremiah wasn't there anymore. Gordon looked disappointed but not surprised. Alfred offered the detective a cup of coffee to which Gordon agreed and the butler went back inside to prepare it. Bruce stood next to Gordon on the steps as they waited, knowing that the detective was observing him.

"I didn't let him go." Bruce told him, giving the elder a side glance.

Gordon shrugged. "I know you didn't. Jeremiah is slippery, there'll be other chances to capture him."

"Do you think you will?" Bruce couldn't help but ask.

"Honestly? I don't know." Gordon confessed with a sigh. "And if we did, I'm sure it'll be hard to keep him in Arkham. At least I know he'll never leave the city."

Bruce turned his head towards him and Gordon nodded back. "You're here."

"And here's where I'll stay." Bruce agreed and Alfred came out with a mug of coffee.

As the older two men talked, Bruce thought about the last words he shared with his soulmate. He promised that he would stop Jeremiah and he planned on keeping that promise. It'll be difficult. Jeremiah knew that he was coming after him and was waiting. Plus, Bruce had to make sure word didn't get out about them being soulmates. He was positive Alfred would help him and Fox had loads of creative ideas that could work in his favor.

Bruce looked out of his front yard and saw the cityscape waking up with the sun. It was a beautiful sight and Bruce felt the need to guard it.

Gotham would become Bruce's responsibility to protect from Jeremiah. And if others got in his way, Bruce will take them down too.

But first, he should probably make sure no one would know it's him doing it.

Bruce had work to do.

And that's the end! Hope my readers enjoyed it and if you did, be sure to leave a review!

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