Girls Und Panzer: Iron Dragon

Chapter 1: Love Thy Neighbor

Modernization is key to the survival of a people. When the world modernizes, you modernize with it. In recent years, 'Mechanized Armored Combat' has become a popular sport in my country. We have competed in Europe and America, and made many friends in competition. My name is Commander Shen Yu Yan, and welcome to China.

In China, there is every kind of terrain needed to train a tank crew from mountains to plains and deserts. My crew are my family. The bond I share with them are as close as sisters. The driver is Han Hui Yin. The loader is Jiang Ying Yue, and the gunner is Xia Li Yu. We are trained by the army in specialized high schools across the country.

The army developed a system where the old tanks go to the training schools when more modern tanks are put into service with the army. When one hears the words 'medium tank' they are not to be underestimated. The tank we train in is the T-34-2 which we nicknamed Shíshī or 'Stone Lion'. Armed with an 100mm gun, this lion can roar.

We train at the Fujian Provincial School of Mechanized Armored Combat. It is a tank training high school for girls. We wear standard army uniforms, but the school provides a great social environment. Training is strict, and girls do drop out. Once you pass the exams in the classroom and in the tank, you have made a great accomplishment.

The dean of our school is Hua Meixing. Do not let her brown eyes and pretty face fool you, she has competed against the best in Europe and America. She is a three-time Euro League Champion. That was twenty years ago, and now she is the head of our school. Our crew had been called into her office, "Commander Shen, good to see you,"

Our crew saluted at attention in her presence, "At ease," she commanded from her desk,

She pulled out a folder and looked through our files, "I have good news, well, good news depending on who hears it, it has come to my attention that the Japanese are willing to let our tank crews compete in their competitions, I see this more as the Sensha-Do Federation acknowledging our existence," said the Dean stacking some papers.

"Permission to speak?" I requested, Colonel Hua looked up at me and the crew and lightly nodded, "I feel that this is not a good idea, sure we have made friends with the Americans, French, and German teams, but the Japanese people and the Chinese do not exactly see eye to eye," I explained, Colonel Hua then stood up from her desk.

I had feared that I had offended Colonel Hua with my words, "Commander Shen, I would not have picked your crew if I did not have faith in your skills, your crew are among some of the best in this school, now you and your crew will be joined by two other teams from this school to compete in Japan, do not worry about winning or losing,"

"Regardless of the results, I will be proud of you and your crew because you fought your hardest, and you tried, there is no greater dishonor than to quit before a challenge without even trying," said Colonel Hua, "Oh, one more thing, with the tank crews being assigned to Japan, you will be receiving two tank destroyer units from Hunan,"

"That will be all, dismissed," said Colonel Hua, we saluted, and left the office. The Hunan School specializes in the use of the tank destroyer. There are a few things you must know about us Chinese, we do not all look alike and we are great at keeping government secrets. The tank hunter used by the Hunan School is the Russian borrowed SU-122-44.

By all accounts, neither that tank destroyer or our tank should exist, but they do. The army dusted off the plans hidden in the government archives, and began to build them specifically for competition, "I can hear the Japanese complaining now and calling us cheaters," said Ying Yue as I was enjoying some lunch with the crew at the gun range.

"The words of one don't equal those of one thousand, Ying," I said, "we'll show the Japanese what we can do,"

"Colonel Hua chose us because we are the best in the school," said Hui Yin, "and I say to hell with the Japanese Teams and their opinions, we will bring our tanks, and tank destroyers," If I could ask for any help in motivating our crew if would be Hui Yin. She can drive a tank like driving a car. She sipped her tea, and took a bite of chicken curry rice

The next day we met up with the other crew commanders. From our school there is Team White Tiger is commanded by Hu Ling Fa, Team Mountain Leopard commanded by Xiang Rushi, "It will be a pleasure to compete alongside you, Commander Shen," said Xiang as we saluted, and immediately gave each other hugs. We are still human.

Ling Fa checked her watch just as we heard the rumble of an engine in the distance, "Right on schedule," she said as two SU-122-44 tank destroyers came onto the soccer field with our tanks. The tank destroyer teams are Team Soaring Eagle and Team Jade Fox. There is a rule that a tank crew is not allowed to name their team after a dragon.

A battalion can only be called a 'Dragon' because of there being five tanks, tank destroyers, or a mix of the two vehicles. The tank destroyer commanders were introduced as Commanders Na Li Ming and Wu Da Xia, "Teams from the Fujian Provincial School, and the Hunan Provincial School, we have been given a greatest of honors," said Colonel Hua,

"We are the first Chinese teams to compete in Japan, now we to rise up to the challenge, by our tanks, our guns, and our will, we will show the Japanese what we can do, Commander Shen, you will given the honor of being the battalion commander," explained Colonel Hua via microphone on a stage, "for as of now, you are Battalion Iron Dragon!"

"Go now, and do us proud!" concluded Colonel Hua, and we raised our fists up and shouted our battle cry. Be prepared Japan, here come the Chinese!

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