Girls Und Panzer: Iron Dragon

Chapter 7: Rolling Thunder (Pravda Girl's School vs. Battalion Iron Dragon)

An open field was chosen as the battleground. A few have been chosen to stand, outnumbered by many. Still, we stood out ground. We will fight, and show Pravda the strength of our tanks that match our will to fight. I looked at team with the Russian tanks. The 'Walking Tank Shell' gave a smirk, and I can see the pride in her eyes. We are not amused

The signal went up, and the battle began, "Soaring Eagle! Jade Fox! Cover our advance! Use your shells, and aim for the larger targets, and advance behind us!" I ordered via radio, "White Tiger! Mountain Leopard! Follow our advance! Forward Iron Dragon!" our tanks formed in a wedge as we advanced on Pravda. Fifteen T-34s against three T-34-2s.

All odds are against us. The shells began to explode as Hui Yin maneuvered 'Stone Lion' to evade them using his speed, "Shell's in the breech!" said Ying Yue. Gunner Xia was aiming the gun while I looked out for our target. Li Yu was being careful in picking her target while Hui Yin drove the tank using the T-34-2's agility to dodge all the 85mm shells.

"What are you doing?!" Hui Yin asked heatedly

"Cutting off the head of the snake!" I replied, catching on to Gunner Xia's motive. 'The Tank Shell' ducked into the turret, and closed the hatch as she noticed our gun is being aimed at her, "too late, my friend...FIRE!" from over 200 yards, a 10cm shell erupted from the gun and landed a direct hit on the hull. Each of our tanks will have to take out five

"Keep on the lookout, Shen! They have a KV-2 and I can see two IS-2s, leave them to us," said Commander Li Ming from her SU-122-44. I came out from the hatch, and saw the three heavy tanks advancing on us. We moved our tanks, and attacked in a circle in a tactic similar to the mounted archers. With another shell, we took out another T-34-85

I swear to God their numbers seem nearly endless. It seemed White Tiger and Mountain Leopard were having similar successes against their numbers, "Keep your distance, but stay close enough so we can maintain radio contact!" I radioed to the teams, and went back into the turret. With another shell in the breech from Li Yu, I gave the order, "FIRE!"

"IS-2! Watch out! Shen?! SHEN!" radioed Ling Fa,

Just then, a shell raced through the snowy air like a thunderbolt, and struck the IS-2 in the side of the turret. A second shell hit the turret ring, "Team Soaring Eagle, we have your backs!" said Commander Ming, the tank hunters were joining the battle. They have our thanks, and we loaded a shell into the breech. A direct hit on a T-34-76 to her hull.

Both of our tank hunters converged on the KV-2. It didn't stand a chance. As we kept up the encircling onslaught, we were not letting up on Pravda. If you are going to taunt us, you better be able to back it up. 12.2cm shells were hitting the massive turret on the sides while Team 'Stone Lion' and 'White Tiger' added a shell to the hull between the tracks

Pravda's numbers are dwindling. Even with their lead tank taken out of the match early, they still had fight in them. I haven't lost a single tank so far in this match. In only a few seconds, I was wrong, "White Tiger to Stone Lion, we're out of the match! A shell hit between our lower hull and tracks!" radioed Commander Ling Fa, losses are part of a match.

"Well done, Ling Fa, let's get them!" I praised her

On the snow and ice, Hui Yin made sure that T-34-85 is not getting away unpunished. Hui Yin managed to drift the tank while Gunner Xia had the shell in the breech, and I fired the gun. The shell hit the Russian tank in the turret ring just under the gun. When the crew of that tank see the Guardian Lion painted on the side of our turret. They will fear us.

I once said to myself that if I was Katyusha's mother I would give her 'the cane'. Well, this 'cane' is 10cm tank gun. The white flags were coming up from the knocked-out tanks throughout the course of the match. We won our first ever match in Japan. As our teams hugged, celebrated, and cheered, I could hear the 'Walking Tank Shell' crying foul on us

I kneeled down to inspect the damage on Team White Tiger's tank, "Hmm...looks like we'll have to change out a few of these damaged track shoes, and these road wheels, and the plate here, Hui Yin, could you get the recovery vehicle so we can pull this back to the Liaoning to be repaired?" I asked of my driver, she saluted and fetched the T-34-T ARV.

"It's not bad, it's a quick fix," said Ling Fa confidently,

I got a light nudge in the arm from Xia, and I heard light footsteps in the snow. I turned and saw the Walking Tank Shell's second-in-command. I believe she goes by 'Nonna'. I stood up to face her. 'Nonna' cleared her throat, "-She won't say it, but I will-," she said, holding a hand out to me for a handshake "-that was a good match, most impressive-,"

We both bowed and shook hands. My eyes met hers as I gave her a salute, and she saluted back, "-Good luck with your next matches, you are going to need it-," as calm and reserved as she is, she seems like an agreeable person. With Hui Yin as the driver, our T-34-T ARV pulled Team White Tiger's damaged T-34-2 back to our school ship for repairs.

Dinner was salt and pepper fish over rice with sautéed water spinach with garlic. After dinner and into the late evening, we began to work on Team White Tiger's tank fixing the hull, replacing the road wheels, and the tank tracks. As we all worked together, I knew this will take a while. Hopefully, the tank will be ready for our next match on the schedule.