Author's Notes- Hey guys, this is the start of the sequel to "Cut: Super Saiyan"! As I mentioned, it doesn't follow Cut, but he'll be appearing in the story. The person it is following is an OC that my nephew and I came up with together. It'll be longer than the last story too and have a more definitive plot. If you didn't read the last story, don't worry, this one will still make sense, there might just be a couple more surprises in store for you. This takes place in an alternate version of Trunks' Timeline, which started out with his struggle against the androids but diverged a bit from the canon.

I don't own any of the characters or anything.

Super Saiyans Among The Stars

Chapter 1- Corono

A bright light suddenly filled the 'spaceship', which honestly seemed, to a young, dark haired Saiyan teen boy, more like a large moving room or something. There was no engine there. The light was so bright that everyone in the spaceship slash moving room had to cover their eyes. Well, everyone except the strange, blue skinned woman who seemed to be controlling the spaceship slash moving room. Once the light had faded, she spoke.

"We are now in Universe Seven." She said.

The boy took his arms, which were covering his face, down and he saw that the others had done the same. The others included his younger brother Cabba, Caulifla, whom he had met almost two weeks prior but taken an instant liking to, Caulifla's protege Kale, and Kale's parents. All were Saiyans from the planet of Sadala, located in Universe Six. They were in the seventh universe on a visit.

"Whoa. This place is amazing, isn't it, Corono?" Cabba exclaimed.

Cabba's older brother, which is whom he was addressing, turned to look at him. He was a bit more muscular and beefier than Cabba. His hair was jet black, and a bit spiky. (It was that hairstyle that's available for CAC's on Xenoverse 2 that resembles Trunks' hair when he turns Super Saiyan.) His outfit consisted of some old Saiyan armor and baggy black pants. As his younger brother's question had indicated, his name was Corono.

"I don't know. It looks pretty much the same to me." He responded.

"Huh? What do you mean?" Cabba asked.

"I mean, it looks just like space in our universe did." Corono clarified.

"Wait, have you even seen space in our universe?" Cabba contended.

"Well we must have been there if we're here now." Corono argued.

"Actually, no, we weren't." The blue skinned woman spoke up. What had she said her name was? Vados? "The planet in this universe that corresponds with Sadala in ours has been destroyed. So we never left our planet in our universe, but we're still floating in empty space now."

"Well, I don't know whether it looks like space in our universe or not, but it's pretty amazing." Caulifla said.

"So, are the fighters we were going to meet as strong as us?" Corono asked Vados.

But she just kind of stuck up her nose. "Hmph!"

Corono was appalled. What was her problem?

"If the planet was destroyed in this universe, does that mean that there are no Saiyans here?" Cabba asked her.

"There aren't many, that's for sure." Vados told him. So she answers his questions, but no mine, Corono thought bitterly. A staff that she carried with her had a sphere like shape on the end of it, and it glowed, and then faded. "There are at least five detectable sources of Saiyan energy here, but that's all I can find."

Wow. The Saiyans must be almost extinct here!

She made the spaceship slash room move at a high speed, and Corono could see the stars become blurs as the passengers sped by them. But the movement slowed down and stopped abruptly, making him feel dizzy.

"Oh my. It looks like I have a call." Vados said.

The sphere on her staff glowed again, and this time, a hologram appeared over top the staff. In it, a large, fat, purple cat-like creature appeared.

"Vados!" It singsonged in a rather annoying, whiny voice. She sighed.

"Yes, Lord Champa?" She responded.

"I'm hungry! Come fix me some food!" He barked.

"I am currently engaged in other activities, my lord. Are you able to wait?" She asked him.

"No!" He shouted. "I need food right now! And lots of it! Oh, and I need the back of my ears rubbed, too."

Vados turned to the others. "I'm afraid I will have to step away for a moment. Feel free to carry on until I return."

Then she vanished, leaving the others alone for the time being.

"You know, I'm a little hungry too." Corono said.

"Come to think of it, so am I. It's been a while since we've eaten." Cabba agreed.

"Yeah. We need some food, and Kale's mom brought some." Caulifla told them.

"Alright, let's get some of the food out for you kids." Kale's mother said.

Her dad brought out the plates and fixed some food for the passengers. Corono was glad that they had brought a lot of food with them. He ate quite a lot, even more than usual. After all, it was much better than the lunches they had to eat in school.

He noticed Kale eating her food in a shy manner. Not like his brother, who ate with almost uncanny manners. No, Kale was eating as if she were afraid of the food. Corono took a seat next to Caulifla.

"Hey, what's up with Kale? It seems like something's bothering her." He asked.

"Kale… she's complicated. She's incredibly powerful, but she sort of fears her power. She's shy and timid, but has a lot of potential. Her true power makes yours and mines look like a joke." Caulifla explained. "But she's afraid of it because she has a hard time controlling it. That's why I've been trying to help her."

Corono just nodded. It was hard to believe that Kale had that much power. He'd never even seen her fight. Could she really be that strong?

The food had all been eaten in about forty minutes. And Vados still hadn't returned. Corono saw Cabba walk up to the transparent wall and gaze out in amazement.

"Wow. The planets and the stars really are beautiful." He commented.

"And look, there's a planet right behind us!" Caulifla exclaimed, looking out the opposite end.

Corono followed her gaze, and sure enough, a planet loomed just below the space that they were sitting at. But he was feeling a bit stubborn, still wanting to not seem interested in the scenery. But he had been thinking about what Vados had said about the number of Saiyans there were in this universe.

"I'm going to try to sense where the other Saiyans are!" He declared.

"You think you can? They're probably far away." Caulifla said. "Vados is some kind of god or something, that's why she knew where they all were, but I don't think we would be able to..."

Corono knew why she trailed off. He could sense it too. There was Saiyan energy that practically jumped out at him as soon as he concentrated.

"I sense some Saiyan energy!" He announced proudly.

"Yeah, me too." Caulifla added, though she sounded more perplexed.

"Oh yeah, I can too!" Cabba said. "Huh? It's coming closer."

Corono could feel the energy signature coming closer. Whoa! This Saiyan was unbelievably strong. As the energy signature got closer and closer, he could sense that the person was much more powerful than him, or presumably, anyone in their party. Corono's eyes widened as his senses told him something else about the person. They weren't friendly. The power he was sensing was totally evil. And it was still coming closer.

"Hey, look, I think I see them." Cabba said.

"Huh? Oh yeah, I do too." Caulifla added.

"Be careful, guys. He's not friendly!" Corono warned. He looked out in the direction he sensed the energy from and saw that someone was indeed flying towards them.

"Corono's right. His energy feels dangerous!" Caulifla told them.

"Is he coming for us?" Cabba asked, and Corono could tell that he hoped the answer was no.

Kale and her parents were now staring in the same direction as the others. Corono wanted to move them away, but he didn't know how. He felt helpless as he could only watch the figure zoom towards them, even faster than he was expecting.


The transparent wall shattered like glass. The wind picked up violently as plates and other items were sucked out into the open space. All of the living occupants were able to avoid the same fate, though Corono struggled to stand his ground, and he guessed that everyone else did too.

His arms had instinctively flown up to cover his face when presented with the wind. He finally took them down to see a large man hovering just past the hole that was made. Corono could sense that the man was a Saiyan, and he looked like a monstrous one. He wore no shirt, white pants, and boots that matched his golden armbands. Come to think of it, the armbands and boots looked a lot like what Kale had on. He had a giant, hulking form, his eyes held no pupils, and his hair shined a golden color with a green tint to it. The energy coming from him was evil, as was the smirk that adorned his already intimidating face.

"What a bunch of weaklings!" The intruder snarled. His voice was pretty much exactly what Corono would have expected from a guy like him.

"Who are you?" Corono demanded.

There was no response, though. The intruder just laughed maliciously as he tossed a green ki blast at him. Corono dodged, but already more were being thrown his way. He attempted to go on the offensive, and rushed in, dodged the blasts, and punched the intruder. The punch did nothing, and the gigantic Saiyan swatted the smaller one away effortlessly.

Corono was sent sprawling into one of the walls. He got up, but his opponent was already upon him again by the time he got to his feet. The two were about to continue the fight when the intruder suddenly stopped and looked to the side, and Corono quickly followed his gaze.

The intruder was looking at Kale's parents. As a safety precaution, they had brought with them a device that could send out a distress signal to anyone or anything that could receive it. They had no idea if it would work in this universe, but Corono remembered them telling him that they would bring it anyway, just in case. Her mother was trying to use it right now, her father trying to keep both of them steady so they wouldn't be sucked into space.

"Someone help us. A wild, crazy Saiyan is attacking us right now-" She started but was cut off.

Without warning, the intruder launched a green ball of ki at them. They didn't see it coming in time to avoid it. The blast contacted them, creating an explosion.

"No!" Corono shouted.

"How could you?!" Caulifla cried.

Corono had almost forgotten about the others. He looked over to see looks of horror on Caulifla's and his brother's faces. Kale just looked shocked, as if she were in some kind of trance.

The smoke cleared, and while Kale's parents remained in one piece, they were clearly dead. Corono couldn't believe it.

Caulifla and Cabba both simultaneously fired blasts at the intruder. It did nothing but get his attention. With another maniacal cackle, the large Saiyan charged away from Corono and directly towards Cabba. Corono watched the intruder grab his brother by the head (as the intruder's hand was bigger than Cabba's head), charge to the opposite wall, crash through it and throw Cabba away towards the planet they had been looking at earlier. With a scream of terror, Cabba went sailing towards the planet and out of sight.

"Oh no! Cabba!" Corono shrieked.

His brother… he was pretty close to the planet he was thrown towards, so there was a good chance he survived. But Corono still worried about him.

'Please let him be okay.' He thought.

A shrill scream interrupted his thoughts. He turned to see Caulifla being manhandled by their murderous intruder. He flew towards them and punched the large Saiyan, but the intruder's attack on Caulifla was undeterred. He slammed her to the ground, then punched Corono in the stomach and threw him to the ground as well. His large boot came down on both of them at the same time. Corono tried with all his might, and he could tell Caulifla was doing the same, but they could not get free.

"STOP IT!" A voice suddenly shouted. Corono couldn't turn to look, but Kale was the only other one there.

"Kale!" Caulifla called.

"Sis!" Kale answered.

"I'll squash you two like the bugs you are!" The intruder bellowed sadistically.

"LET THEM GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" As Kale continued to scream, Corono felt her power flaring to heights he never thought possible. In fact, her energy felt similar to the intruder not just by power level, but the feel of the energy itself, except Kale's didn't feel evil.

Corono felt himself and Caulifla suddenly become free from the intruder's vicious boot. Corono had a hard time getting to his feet due to the damage his body had sustained. But he saw Caulifla get back up and didn't want to seem weak in front of her. He forced himself to get up. When he did, a surprising sight greeted him.

Kale looked almost unrecognizable. And now she looked similar to the intruder. In fact, if it weren't for her clothes or the lipstick she wore, he wouldn't have been able to tell them apart. With a mighty roar, the now powered up Kale clobbered the intruder's face. But it wasn't long before he fought back, knocking Kale back with a mighty punch. She was sent sailing and crashed to the floor, but jumped right back up and charged the larger Saiyan again. Corono saw the intruder shoot a barrage of green ki blasts at the girl, which did nothing to slow her down. She had a green ki blast of her own charged up in one hand, bringing it to the intruder's torso as she descended on him.

Corono and Caulifla continued to throw blasts at the intruder while Kale attempted to pummel him, though it seemed he was taking no damage. He suddenly blew Kale away from him with an explosive shock-wave from his body.

"You're too weak to do anything!" He snarled, turning and jumping right through the hole he had created when he came in.

At first, Corono thought the danger was over, save for the problem of sealing the… whatever it was called that they were in… back up. But he still heard Kale's furious screams of rage. He looked over and saw her, still powered up, pounding the floor with her fists like a crazed maniac.

"Kale!" Caulifla called to her again. "Calm down, it's over!"


"Kale, please..." Caulifla begged.

Kale's screams slowed down, then stopped. She stopped pounding the floor and just stood there, panting. As confident as he could be, Corono would never have had the courage to face someone like Kale in her powered up state, even just to talk them into calming down. And Caulifla had told him that she had seen Kale's power before, which means she probably knew about the form that she was in right now. Caulifla had a lot of courage and a good heart.

Just as it seemed that Kale would revert to her normal form, she suddenly tensed up, roared, waved her arms around as if she were being electrocuted, and fell to the ground. It was only then that Corono saw the figures behind her.

A swarm of soldiers emerged from behind the fallen Kale. They had on identical spacesuits and helmets, all with white armor covering most of the body, but visible purple material underneath. Their armors' torsos all bore a symbol on them. The soldiers also carried a number of high tech looking gadgets in various holsters on their suits. Some of them were currently using a gadget which created a shield in the place of the missing area of the walls. They were sealing up the holes.

But Corono's attention was drawn to the one standing directly behind Kale who had his gun raised. His suit was similar to the others but looked a bit fancier. His helmet had a crown symbol on it. Corono figured he was probably the leader. He placed the stun gun back into its holster and pulled out another gadget. He pressed the button on that one, and two light blue energy balls came out. One pulled Kale's arms behind her back and formed into handcuffs, while the other formed shackles around her feet. Two other soldiers pulled her up roughly. She struggled but was shocked by her new restraints, letting out a roar of pain.

"No, leave her alone!" Caulifla shouted to them, charging ki blasts in her hand.

"Let her go, or we'll shoot!" Corono told them, also charging up ki in his hand. As Kale was being dragged away, the one that looked like the leader came to stand in front of the others and spoke in a voice which was distorted by his helmet's microphone.

"This is Commander Chauff of the Super Galactic Patrol's north unit. Stand down." He said.

"But she didn't do anything! She's innocent!" Corono told them.

"Yeah, it was that other guy-" Caulifla started but was cut off.

"Save it!" Commander Chauff shouted rudely. "There's no doubt in my mind that she's responsible for the two bodies we found floating around out there. You're lying to protect your friend. And don't even think about firing on my men."

"Should we take her away, Commander?" One of the other men asked.

"Yeah. Put her in solitary for now. I'll book her when we get there." Chauff told him.

Corono looked at Caulifla and saw her looking back at him. He knew they were thinking the same thing. These guys can't be that tough, can they? They took Kale by surprise, but he knew the two of them could take these guys.

Corono fired a blast toward the soldiers who were leading Kale away, which hit and scattered them. Out of the corner of his eye, he saw Caulifla make to cover him with her own blasts, aiming for Chauff and the soldiers around him. But she wasn't quick enough, and she was quickly apprehended the same way Kale was, with the stun gun and then energy projectile restraints. Corono had no time to react as he felt the stun gun's sting. He felt the surprisingly strong energy restraints pull his arms behind his back and restrain him, after which his feet were restrained. He tried to summon a ki ball, but was shocked by the restraints.

"Aaahh!" Corono screamed from the pain of the shock. He couldn't believe it. Just like that, they were caught.

Chauff chuckled. "Looks like all three of you are coming with me. Next stop, North Galaxy Prison."

Author's Notes- That's it for the first chapter. The Super Galactic Patrol is there because I needed something like space police, but people with the strength of Jaco weren't going to cut it. This version of the Galactic Patrol has been bolstered with weapons capable of restraining even Super Saiyans (The weapons can't actually hurt or kill them, though). Reviews are appreciated, and stay tuned!

Next Time: Corono is now imprisoned! How will he get out of this mess? And what can he do to help Kale?