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Super Saiyans Among the Stars

Chapter 20- Broly: Full Fight

Corono crashed into the ocean from the force of Broly's punch from his giant fist. Caulifla had been thrown somewhere as well, though he really couldn't see where. He recovered and levitated himself above the water, his Super Saiyan aura pushing the water away from him as he ascended. He saw that Broly was charging up a green blast to throw at him, and Corono quickly dodged to the side. Luckily that blast missed him, but he knew he had better put some distance between himself and the behemoth, or else he would be knocked unconscious in no time. He continued to dodge the barrage of green blasts that Broly was hurling at him. Corono would have liked to detonate some of them with a blast of his own, but he could sense the crazy power behind each one, and it simply would have taken too much energy to detonate any of Broly's blasts.

How long could he even keep this up? What would happen if he did?

Broly was unlike any opponent Corono had ever faced. Even Bojack hadn't put out this much power, and it took six of them to beat him, and they each needed a senzu bean. Now they had two fighters with two more on the way. He wasn't sure how strong Trunks would be, but he doubted that he would be strong enough to defeat Broly. Corono was starting to regret attacking him on Paragus's planet. This was his fault. Paragus might have been able to stop Broly's rampage his own way if Corono and Caulifla hadn't attacked him.

Having lost his focus, Corono was jolted back to reality when a green blast hit him dead on. His body was rocketed into a rock formation, pain slamming into him. Not wanting to stay down for long, he jumped back up and ascended into the air. But as he looked around, he noticed he was not alone.

Dozens of green warriors had arrived, and each one of them looked exactly like Nomu. These must have been Namek's inhabitants.

"You dare threaten our planet? You will pay dearly, not just for today, but for murdering our champion, Nomu. Prepare yourself!" One of the Namekians shouted.

The group of Namekians all raised their hands and simultaneously fired blasts at Broly. Corono could sense the power of the Namekians, and they wouldn't have even been able to beat one of the Metal Cooler clones from before, let alone a monster like Broly. They were way out of their league. If they kept fighting, they would just get killed.

"Stop! There's no way you can beat a monster like him!" A voice shouted before Corono had the chance. He turned to see Caulifla flying towards the group.

"Caulifla, listen, I'll try to keep Broly busy. You deal with them, you know, keep them safe and make sure they don't get hurt." Corono told her.

"But Corono..." Caulifla trailed off. He knew what she was thinking.

"I'll be fine, we just need to buy some time before Scallio and Trunks get here." Corono reassured her.

She sighed. "Okay. But please be safe."

Corono nodded and charged Broly. He threw out punches, which literally did nothing. Soon enough, Broly retaliated and hit Corono with a vicious uppercut, and Corono could feel the blood running from his lip and nose. The pain shocked and paralyzed him. As he tried using his mental technique to block it out, he felt Broly grab him by the head and toss him away, and he knew a blast was coming after him, but he was in too much pain to avoid it.

This was going to be rough.


With that, Caulifla began her assigned task to keep the Namekians out of harm's way. Before she could even think, a stray blast was headed right for the group of Namekians. The blast was huge and very powerful, so Caulifla braced herself and jumped between the blast and the Namekians. She tried to deflect the blast, but it was very strong.

"Ugh… UGH..." She grunted, struggling to overpower the blast.

She was trying to summon and fire her own blast at the other one to deflect it, but she still had a hard time. She then felt a few other blasts pushing Broly's green blast away from her. She looked and saw the group of Namekians, and some of them were firing blasts to help her. With one last heave, Caulifla summoned all of her strength and blew the green blast away, watching it create a huge explosion and obliterating the rock formation it had landed on.

"Did you feel the power behind that attack?" One of the Namekians asked.

"We better let her handle this, like she said." Another one responded.

"Yes. We are a brave people and would do whatever it takes to protect our planet, but we are also a wise people. We will perish if we fight him head on. Let us fall back and come up with a strategy to help these warriors get rid of this monster." Another Namekian agreed.

Caulifla smiled a bit. She saw that the group of Namekians was slowly distancing themselves from the fight. One by one, she saw the inhabitants of the planet lead each other to safety in an orderly fashion. For aliens, these guys are pretty civilized, she thought. Now she knew why Nomu seemed more civilized than his friends, and why the virus that was released during the prison riot didn't affect him. It was in his blood to stay calm under pressure.

Caulifla was jolted from her thoughts when another green blast came sailing towards the group. She quickly jumped in front of it and braced herself again. She felt the energy ball hit her hands as she tried to use her own blast to deflect it. This one wasn't quite as strong as the last one had been.

"Gggnnnnaaaaaahhh!" She screamed as she fired the most powerful energy wave she could muster. She had used so much energy that she felt like she could drop any second. Her Super Saiyan form dropped as soon as she sent Broly's blast away.

She managed to deflect the blast with her energy wave, but before she could breathe a sigh of relief, she felt something shoot past her and toward the group of Namekians. It wasn't an energy blast, and when it crashed to the ground near them, there was no explosion, only a crater was made. But that wasn't what worried Caulifla. Her senses told her exactly what it was, and she flew down there as fast as she could.

"Corono!" She cried as she neared him. Indeed, the young boy had been knocked out of his Super Saiyan form and his energy had dropped to almost zero. His clothes had been singed but were surprisingly intact. However, his skin was not only singed as well, but bloody.

"Uh...uh..." Corono managed to stutter, and Caulifla could tell he was struggling to speak.

But suddenly, someone stepped up beside her. She looked and saw another Namekian with a determined look on his face. The Namekian stepped up to Corono, knelt down, and put his hands on the fallen young Saiyan's body. Soon enough, a glow emanated from them. In seconds, Caulifla could feel Corono's energy stabilize and see him slowly sit up, seemingly completely healed.

"W-what happened?" Corono asked, confused. "I feel completely fine."

"Namekians have the ability to heal others." The one who had just healed him spoke up.

Corono got to his feet. "That's great! Maybe we can beat him after all!"

"Let me heal you as well, ma'am." The Namekian said.

"Huh?" Caulifla said, confused.

"I know you have not taken much damage, but you used an excessive amount of energy deflecting those blasts. Our power has the ability to restore your energy as well." The Namekian told her.

Caulifla nodded, and the Namekian came over to her. He placed his hand on her shoulder, and right away, she could feel her energy coming back to her. After about five seconds or so, her energy was completely back.

"Wow! You guys are awesome! You know, you may not be able to fight this guy head on, but with healing abilities like this, if we work together, we can definitely bring this guy down!" Caulifla declared.

"Time to eliminate all the green bugs!" Caulifla heard Broly sneer.

She looked over just in time to see him charging up another green blast, and this one was stronger than the others. Corono and Caulifla exchanged determined looks, then powered up to their Super Saiyan forms and prepared to deflect the blast together. Broly tossed the blast towards them. However, to their surprise, someone else jumped in and deflected it without much effort.

"Broly! So, it is you. Your days of terrorizing this universe are over!" A voice unfamiliar to Caulifla shouted.

She looked up to see a man with long purple hair and a jacket with the sleeves ripped off, a black tank-top underneath with matching black pants. Caulifla could sense the Saiyan energy coming from him. She spotted Scallio not far from him.

This must be Trunks.


Scallio and Trunks had rushed to Namek as soon as they could feel Broly's energy. Looking around, he could see that Broly had not wrought much havoc across the planet yet, and also that Corono and Caulifla had worked to keep the destruction to a minimum. For that, he was grateful. Even with Trunks, who was much stronger than himself and his friends, at his side, he still wasn't completely sure that they could win. But he would need to try like hell.

"If we let him live, he'll wipe out this entire universe." Trunks said seriously.

"Then we kill him." Scallio responded.

Scallio powered up into his Super Saiyan form and glared at Broly, who looked at the new arrivals with the same psychotic grin on his face that he always wore.

"You're gonna pay for killin' my brother, you bastard." Scallio growled, charging at the large Saiyan.

"Raaaaahhhh!" Trunks roared as he powered up to his own Super Saiyan form and charged alongside Scallio.

Both of them engaged Broly simultaneously. Scallio threw the hardest punch he could, but Broly just stood there. He saw Trunks land a hard kick to the side of Broly's head, but it was also ineffective. Broly grabbed Trunks's foot and Scallio's arm and began to spin in the air. He spun around a few times. He eventually tossed both of them in opposite directions, sending a green ki blast after each of them. Scallio was unable to avoid being hit as the blast contacted him just as he crashed into the rock formation. The explosion rocked the terrain, and Scallio felt pain invade his body. When the explosion was finished, he wasted no time jumping right back up and into action. However, he suddenly felt Corono's and Caulifla's energies nearby. As he readied himself to attack, the two fellow Saiyans joined his side.

"Scallio, we have to work together if we want to beat him!" Corono told him.

"I convinced the other Namekians to clear the area. They have healing powers, but if Broly catches on that they do, he'll kill them, and we won't be able to stop him." Caulifla added.

"It's fine, Trunks has those healin' beans that my brother had when we fought Bojack." Scallio informed them.

"Okay, then let's take him down!" Corono declared.


The collective scream from the three of them could be heard as they all powered up to their absolute maximum, Super Saiyan auras glowing tremendously.


With Scallio and Caulifla at his side, Corono charged Broly once again. They had to make him pay for everything he had done and all of the suffering he had caused, both directly and indirectly. Corono threw out a barrage of punches, and Scallio and Caulifla did the same. Broly just laughed and used his own Blaster Explosive Wave to blow them all apart. Unfortunately for Corono, Broly came for him first. The behemoth phased right above Corono and pounded him down to the ground. Corono did a somersault on his way down and landed on his feet. Knowing that Broly was flying downwards to follow up with his attack, Corono fired an energy wave upwards, hitting Broly directly in his face. But Broly just charged out of the smokescreen the blast had created and grabbed Corono by the neck, driving him underground. Struggle as he might, Corono could not get out of the large Saiyan's grip. Eventually Broly let go of him and flew back upwards, but Corono could sense the energy blast coming towards him. There was no way he could move in time. The blast hit him, and the pain ripped through his body.

It took him a minute to pick himself up, but he did it. Once again, he employed his mental training to block out the pain. He realized that waiting for some of it to subside on its own had a profoundly positive effect on the technique. If he tried using it as the blast was hitting him, it wouldn't have worked nearly as well.

He eagerly ascended back into the air to continue the fight. But he had to admit, after all the time he spent facing tough opponents, training, and growing stronger, he was still no match for Broly. It was like fighting a brick wall. Maybe fighting him strategically would help more than just charging him head on would. But what could they do against him? Corono couldn't think of any specific plan or strategy that would help, so he just decided that he would fight head on and try as hard as he could. And Corono could see that Scallio and Caulifla weren't fairing much better than he was. He saw Broly fire two green blasts with one hand, one going for Caulifla and the other for Scallio. Each of them used their arms to block their respective blasts and continue to charge Broly. But suddenly, the large Saiyan stuck his arms out to his sides and charged straight at them. Broly clothes-lined both of them at the same time, sending both of them rocketing to the ground.

As Corono helplessly watched his friends get beaten down, he decided what he would do next. He had to do some damage to this guy, and it was the only thing that had even scratched him before. It was his last resort, and he needed to do it before he lost too much energy. Hopefully this time it would do more than scratch him. He began to gather his energy.

He watched as Broly had blasts rained down on him. Corono looked over and saw Trunks shooting the blasts. Of course, Broly simply tuned and fired a green beam, which destroyed all of the other blasts and hit Trunks. Corono could feel Trunks' energy fall, but not drop completely.

He saw Scallio and Caulifla charge at Broly again. This time, Broly used his gargantuan boot to simply kick Caulifla back down. Then he turned around and rammed his fist into Scallio's stomach.

"Aaaaaaarrrgghh!" Scallio let loose a scream of pain and clutched his midsection. Corono could tell that the punch hurt.

But now was the time to make his move. Corono suddenly fired all of the energy he had gathered behind him to propel himself forward. While Scallio was still doubled over, Broly had put his hands together and slammed him towards the ground again. Corono pulled his energy-infused fist back as he approached Broly. The monstrous Saiyan was just turning his head towards Corono when his face was met with the younger Saiyan's fist.

"Flowing Fist!" Corono declared.

The energy that was in his fist exploded upon contact with Broly.

"Gnnaahh!" The behemoth screamed when the punch landed.

Surprisingly, Corono saw and felt Broly go flying backwards, and his energy took a hit too. Corono was then treated to the amazing sight of Broly crashing into the rock formation below them. He couldn't believe it. He had actually hurt him!

"Alright!" Corono celebrated verbally, a triumphant smile on his face.

The pieces of rock from the formation that Broly had crashed into exploded and shot upwards. Of course, Broly rose from the wreckage, an angry scowl on his face. But that wasn't the only unusual thing on his face. His cheek, the one that Corono's Flowing Fist had landed on, now sported a crimson bruise.

"You runt. You'll pay!" Broly roared.

The victory rush was short lived. Corono started to feel the familiar dread sink in. Sure, he had damaged Broly, but he had used a lot of his energy in that attack. He wouldn't be able to pull it off again, and now he had much less energy to defend himself with.

Broly attacked, charging at Corono with a mighty roar. Corono attempted to fly backwards to avoid it, but Broly was way too fast. Broly's huge elbow slammed into Corono's chest, which threw his head back and knocked him off the course of his movement. Broly then spun around and kicked Corono in the back of the head, sending him crashing through three rock formations before he hit the ground and made a crater. Corono saw another one of Broly's green blasts heading towards his position, and he quickly jumped up, barely dodging the blast which completely devastated the rock formation he had been in only seconds before.

But Broly suddenly phased in front of Corono and hit him with a powerful uppercut. In addition to the extreme pain on his chin, the punch also made Corono bite his tongue, and he could taste blood in his mouth. He flew upwards, and Broly phased above him and grabbed him by the hair. Corono felt his head and body getting pulled rapidly downwards, then his face was slammed into the ground. Still clutching his hair, Broly yanked him back upright. Corono barely had time to register what was happening before he felt Broly's huge fist pound into his face.

"Die!" Broly shouted as he punched Corono.

Broly had let go of Corono this time, so the young Saiyan was sent sailing backwards once again. He was in so much pain that he was almost too numb to feel his back slam into yet another rock formation. Of course, he fell out of his Super Saiyan form. He knew his face was a bloody mess, and he struggled to stay conscious.


Scallio finally climbed to his feet to see that Caulifla had not been successful at doing anything to Broly, and while Corono had been, he had taken quite a beating. Caulifla was also struggling to get to her feet, Scallio saw. He didn't know where Trunks was, but his energy had dropped significantly, so Scallio doubted he was much better off than the rest of them were.

A green blast caught Scallio off guard, knocking him back to the ground. He looked up to see Broly towering over him. How were they ever going to beat this guy?

"Still think you have a chance at beating me, huh?" Broly mocked cruelly. "I'm going to destroy you, just like I did your weak, insignificant brother! HAHAHAHAHA!"

No. He did not just say that. Scallio was beaten, bloody, and almost out of energy. But he could NOT let Broly get away with doing this. This murderer needed to pay! Some way, somehow, Scallio had to make him pay!

"How dare you!" Scallio boomed, jumping to his feet and ignoring the pain. "I was separated from my brother for years. I finally found 'em and you took 'em from me. And now you got the nerve to talk smack about him? I'll show you how it feels to be murdered, YOU BIG ARROGANT BASTARD!"


Scallio felt an explosion of power burst from within him at his declaration and his anger. A renewed determination had formed in his eyes. Broly wouldn't be murdering anyone else. As he walked towards Broly, Scallio could feel electricity sparking from his body. His power had increased a lot very suddenly. He would use that to make this behemoth pay.

Broly charged. Without a word, Scallio delivered a hard punch to the monstrous Saiyan's face, knocking him backwards.

"W-what?" Broly stammered. Besides the earlier attack from Corono, no one had been able to so much as move Broly with an attack.

Scallio rushed over and threw another punch, Broly's face reeling backwards from the force of it. Scallio delivered another, and another, and another. Before long, Scallio was throwing out a continuous barrage of punches, and Broly seemed too stunned to do anything about it. Scallio ended his flurry of punches with an uppercut, knocking Broly backwards, into the air, and headfirst into a rock formation. Because Broly was so big, the crash was more massive than usual. Fragments of the rock formation were scattered far.

A green blast emerged from the smoke and hit Scallio dead in the chest. As powerful as he was now, Scallio was still hurt by the blast. It blew him backwards and he struggled to keep his balance and not fall. Broly came flying at him again, and this time, they each threw a punch which landed dead on each other's fists. A shockwave from the force of the two punches colliding shook the terrain. Scallio decided to fire a barrage of ki blasts right at Broly's face at point blank range. The behemoth was caught off guard and stumbled back. This allowed Scallio to throw a vicious uppercut to his chin. He then followed up with a hard kick which sent Broly sailing backwards. Scallio followed, landing two or three punches, which knocked Broly back even more. Then, he stopped for just a second to allow Broly to fly away from him for a second. Scallio had been charging another bit of energy, and he chose now to release it. He hit Broly with a powerful blast volley, and he could feel Broly's energy decrease somewhat as his body fell from the smoke in the sky and crumpled to the ground.

Scallio was glad that he was doing damage to Broly, but actually finishing him off was something else altogether. He didn't know if he could do it, and even if he could, his energy was bound to run out soon. He had expended a lot of it. He needed to finish this quickly. But how?

He didn't have much time to think as Broly jumped back up, furious.

"You insolent little bug! I'll destroy you!" He roared.

"Take yer best shot, punk!" Scallio shot back.

Broly charged, and Scallio was unprepared for the ramming that he received from Broly. It sent him backwards, and Broly advanced, throwing out a bunch of punches and kicks. This had Scallio on the defensive. He had managed to block a number of Broly's blows, but even those hurt his arms. And the hits that landed were devastating. Scallio landed a few punches on Broly during the exchange, and Broly's energy was about half of what it had been before, so Scallio knew he couldn't give up. He used a shockwave to put some space between himself and Broly, since the exchange hadn't been going his way. As Sacllio flew himself backwards and Broly advanced, the two of them were moving over the Namekian ocean.

That was when it all happened. Suddenly, Scallio felt the intense amount of energy that had been being gathered up beneath the water. And just as Broly was directly on top of it, the gigantic blast was released. Scallio saw Broly fall forward from the force of the blast, and then the blast began to push him upwards. The force of the blast also blew the water aside, and though Scallio could not see exactly who it was that was firing that blast, the voice which shouted from below it what told him who it was.

"Disappear for good, Broly! Ahhh!" Trunks screamed, putting even more power into the blast.

Scallio was stunned for a moment, unsure of what to do. He knew that the blast was only able to push Broly because he was weakened, as he had sensed the same power in Trunks's earlier attacks which had previously had no effect on Broly. But Trunks's voice broke him from his thoughts.

"Scallio please, help me! This could be our only chance to beat him!" Trunks yelled to him. Scallio quickly nodded and summoned the rest of his energy. He turned to the sky so that his back was parallel to the ground.

"This is for my brother!" Scallio declared, releasing the biggest blast he could muster.

Scallio could see Broly being sent even further upwards by the blast. He realized that Trunks seemed to be trying to blast him towards the sun, rather than relying on the blasts alone to kill Broly. The problem was, Broly wasn't being pushed in the exact right direction. He wasn't going to the sun. Scallio scanned around the area briefly with his eyes. Corono and Caulifla seemed to both be down for the count. They wouldn't be able to help any more.

Broly slowed down and eventually stopped his ascent into the sky via Trunks's and Scallio's blasts. He was now surrounded by a green barrier. Broly was also using his hands to hold off the blast, Scallio saw. Even more troubling was that Broly was charging up a huge green blast, and cackling as he did so.

"It's time for you little bugs to say goodbye!" Broly laughed as his energy ball grew to an enormous size.

Scallio could feel the power behind the ball, and it spelled big trouble not just for him and his friends, but for the whole planet. Broly shot the huge blast from his hand, and it immediately began to head towards the planet, pushing through the energy waves that Trunks and Scallio were trying their hardest to hit him with. Scallio pushed as hard as he could, but his blast was giving way, and there seemed to be nothing he could do about it.

Whatever, if he died, then he died, but he would damn well die trying his hardest to beat this monster! Unfortunately, the next few seconds felt like that possibility was becoming more and more likely. He felt Broly's blast moving closer and closer to the planet.

Closer… closer… Scallio knew this was it...

Suddenly, the green energy ball began to move away from them again. It was being pushed back towards Broly.

"W-what? How is this possible?!" Broly stammered.

Scallio wondered the same thing, although he was by no means complaining. He scanned around with his eyes again. This time, he saw a crowd of Namekians all firing their blasts too. Individually, each one's power was insufficient. But together, with him and Trunks, they were a force to be reckoned with.

Scallio felt his blast's power being bolstered, and the green energy ball was now flying directly towards Broly. The monster put up his green barrier again, and his blast contacted his hand once again. The Namekians' blasts cut through Broly's energy ball and it was disintegrated. The energy wave began to push Broly again. Scallio was amazed when the whole blast suddenly changed directions, now pushing Broly directly towards the sun.

These were Nomu's kind. Of course they had similar abilities that he did.

"Haaaaaaaa!" Scallio shouted as he gave it one last push, letting everything out.

Broly looked back, but it was too late. His body was pushed into the sun.

"No! This can't be! Grraaaaaahhhh!" That was the murderous Saiyan's final scream.

His body exploded, green blood spilling out and immediately burning up. Soon his whole body was consumed by the sun's heat.

Scallio was exhausted, and he dropped to his knees, falling out of his Super Saiyan form. Broly's energy had disappeared completely. He knew that they had won. Out of the corner of his eye, he could see a Namekian coming towards him. They picked him up and took to the sky. He looked down to see another Namekian carrying Trunks, and he had ascended into the air just in time as the water that had been being held up by the force of his blast came crashing down. He saw two more Namekians, one carrying Corono, who looked to be unconscious, and the other carrying Caulifla, who was conscious but wounded. The Namekians each brought the warriors they were carrying to an island where a few other Namekians were gathered. Scallio was laid onto the ground, and after a few seconds, he could feel his heavy exhaustion lifting.


Corono slowly opened his eyes, feeling his energy suddenly return to him. He sat up, surprised to find that it was easy to do so, as his injuries had been healed up. He looked around, seeing Namekians all around him. He could see Scallio, Caulifla, and Trunks all doing the same. He stood.

"Hey, what happened to Broly?" He asked.

"The evil Saiyan has been vanquished." A Namekian answered him.

"R-really? He's gone?" Corono asked incredulously, a grin spreading across his face.

"Yeah. We kicked his butt!" Scallio said, also getting up. They each had tattered and torn clothes, but otherwise seemed fine. "Ya know, in a way, it was thanks to you."

"Huh? It was? I mean, I got knocked out." Corono said, confused.

"Yeah. Ya see, I was thinkin' about givin' up. But you did that Flowing Fist on 'em and that's when I realized, we still had a chance. That's what made me keep fightin'." Scallio told him.

"We did it, Corono!" The young Saiyan was caught off guard by a hug and a kiss from Caulifla. He giggled.

"Caulifla! You're okay!" Corono announced happily.

"You four have saved us all from certain doom. On behalf of every Namekian on this planet, we offer you our sincerest gratitude." A Namekian said to them.

"Yes, if there is ever anything we can do for you, be it hospitality, travel, whatever you need. Please do not hesitate to ask." Another one spoke up.

"Actually, we were hoping you guys could help us out with something. You see, we heard that you had something called Dragon Balls, and that they can grant wishes with them." Corono told them.

"Hmm… well, normally we reserve those only for sacred occasions, but since you have saved our planet, we can probably make an exception. Let me talk to the elder." A Namekian told him.


Corono was amazed at the sight of the Dragon Balls. They were huge, about the size of his chest. The Namekians' elder agreed to give Corono and his friends the Dragon Balls without hesitation, and within moments, Namekians came out carrying them. There were seven in total, and Corono and the others were taken to a large open area, where they were given a wide berth. A Namekian who looked to be a teenager stepped forward.

"My name is Dende. I can communicate your wishes to the eternal dragon." He said.

"Wait, did you say Dende?" Trunks perked up.

"Yes, why? Wait, you're from Earth, right?" Dende asked him.

"Yes I am. Did you by chance know anyone named Gohan?" Trunks asked. Gohan. That was the guy Nomu had mentioned a while back.

"Yes! He saved me from Frieza's forces a long time ago. He was a great friend. I miss him sometimes." Dende said.

"He told me about you. You helped him out a lot as well." Trunks told him.

"I suppose I did. It was the least I could do for him. How is he? It seems like you know him." Dende responded.

Trunks looked down. "Well, he… he was killed by the androids."

"Don't worry. The Dragon Balls can bring him back to life!" Dende said warmly.

"I was hoping so. Can they bring back all of my friends who were killed by the androids?" Trunks asked.

"Yes. The Dragon can bring them all back at once." Dende said.

"Um…" Scallio started. "W-wait…"

Dende looked up, confused. "Yes?"

"You see, my brother was killed, and I was hopin' to use the Dragon Balls to bring him back to life. I just…" Scallio trailed off. Corono knew what he was thinking and had similar concerns himself. They might not all get their wishes fulfilled.

"Oh, I see. Not to worry, the Dragon can grant up to three separate wishes." Dende explained.

Scallio sighed in relief. Trunks looked at him. "I can let you make the first wish if you want."

"Thanks." Scallio nodded.

Dende stretched both hands out towards the giant orbs on the ground. Then he began to chant in a language Corono didn't understand. It was probably the Namekian language.

The sky grew dark and the Dragon Balls began to glow. Soon they became too bright, and Corono covered his eyes. He heard sounds that he could not describe. When he uncovered his eyes, he looked around to see everyone else looking up. He followed their collective gaze upwards to see what appeared to be a huge creature. It looked like a dragon, but the top of it had a somewhat humanoid torso form. The creature, to Corono's surprise, spoke.

"I am Porunga, the eternal dragon. I can grant any three wishes you desire." The huge dragon said.

Dende looked at Scallio. "You wish to revive your brother?"

"Yes, and his friends too." Scallio responded.

"I can ask for that. Oh wait, I forgot to tell you all something about revivals." Dende said suddenly. "Porunga can revive anyone, but they will be automatically brought to this planet when he does it. The way Namekians evolved over the years, this is how his power has come to work."

"Well that's good. I think his planet was destroyed with him, so havin' him revive right there wouldn't be a good thing." Scallio told him.

"Okay, then. I will make the wish." Dende said, turning to the dragon. Again, he spoke in the Namekian language that Corono could not understand. After he finished, the dragon spoke again.

"Ah. Yes, that wish is within my power." Porunga boomed. His eyes glowed red.

Corono could see figures materializing in the center of the group. He was expecting it to be Cut, Nomu, and Lazuli. But he was surprised to find a total of six figures that had been summoned. Well, the Cut Crew made up three of the six, but there were three more he didn't recognize. Each one of them had either a slight or significant resemblance to one of the crew. There was another Namekian. And there was a guy with black hair and eyes who bore a strange resemblance to Lazuli. His hair was shorter, and black, but the eyes were exactly the same. The third one didn't really look much like Cut, but Corono could tell he was a Saiyan by his muscular body, hardened facial expression, and his energy.

"Spinaka! You're back!" Scallio said, running to hug his brother.

"Scallio." Cut said smiling, returning the hug eagerly.

"I'm so sorry!" Scallio wailed.

"It wasn't your fault at all. No one knew when he would show up. Speaking of which…" Cut started.

"He's been vanquished." Trunks answered the question he knew was coming.

"Trunks. It's been a while." Cut said with a smile.

Behind him, Corono saw Lazuli look around. "Where are we? What happened?"

"I'm not sure, but I think we've somehow been brought back to life." Nomu answered, also looking around.

"Guess so." The unidentified male, who Corono presumed to be Lazuli's brother, said. He had a rather flat voice.

Lazuli turned to him. "Lapis?"

"Sis!" He said, and the two shared a hug. This was the first time Corono had seen Lazuli not being mean spirited.

"Nomu, is that you?" The unidentified Namekian asked.

"Farsei! You have been revived as well!" Nomu exclaimed.

Corono looked to the Saiyan male, wondering who would recognize him. Suddenly, it was Trunks who approached him.

"Gohan?" Trunks asked tentatively. So, this was Gohan.

"Trunks. Nomu. Cut." Gohan replied.

Cut turned at this. It was then that he looked around and saw all the others that had been resurrected alongside him. He adopted a surprised look.

"Scallio, you revived them all! My friends too! You meant what you said on planet Sumakai!" Cut exclaimed, beaming.

"So tell me, you and my sister go on any crazy adventures while I was gone?" Lapis approached Cut and asked.

"Oh yeah. We have a lot to catch up on." Cut responded.

Corono turned to Caulifla, wondering what she thought of all this. She seemed a bit confused, but also glad. She was smiling and turned to Corono.

"Scallio got his brother back! Isn't that great?" She asked with a smile.

"Yeah, and I think he revived the friend Cut was trying to wish back too." Corono told her.

They were going to continue, but a loud voice interrupted the conversations going on.

"I have granted your first wish. Please state your second." Porunga said.

Trunks stepped forward. "Can I have him revive all of the people who were killed by the androids?"

Dende nodded. "I will try."

He again spoke in the Namekian language, and then the dragon spoke. "I cannot grant that wish. Though I can revive multiple souls at once, there is a limit to that power, and the number of souls requested far exceeds it. This would be all the souls who passed over a period of over fifteen years, it is beyond my power to do that."

Trunks hung his head. Gohan sighed.

"Wait, you can ask the dragon to revive everyone who was killed the morning of May 10, when the androids first appeared. Since Gohan has already been revived by Scallio's wish, this would bring back almost all of your other friends." Dende told him.

"Okay, do it." Trunks said.

Dende spoke in the Namekian language again, and then the dragon spoke. "I can grant this wish."

His eyes glowed once again. This time, several figures materialized. Too many for Corono to count, in fact. He saw Gohan and Trunks greet several of them warmly. Among them was one Saiyan, one Namekian, and others who he wasn't sure of.

There were a lot of people he didn't know. He looked around to Scallio, Cut, and the others whom he had met before today, and they all seemed equally unfamiliar with the new group.

"Wait, where's Goku?" Trunks suddenly asked.

Gohan looked down. "Trunks, he died of a heart virus, not by attack from the androids. I don't think we could revive him at all if he died that way."

"Actually, Porunga can. He would need to do it separately, but he can do it. I actually checked this before, and the heart virus that Goku died from wasn't natural, therefore, he can be wished back." Dende interjected.

"Really? That's great! Can we do it please?" Gohan asked.

"Sure." Dende said. As he once again began the Namekian speak, Corono felt an elbow hit him in the side. He turned to see Caulifla.

"Corono, aren't we forgetting something?" She asked. "This is the last wish!"

Corono gasped. He couldn't believe it. He had to be the worst brother in the world. He opened his mouth to protest, but the dragon spoke before he could get a word out.

"Yes, I can grant that wish." His eyes glowed, and a single figure materialized. Corono looked down, he knew he had lost his chance.

"I have granted your wishes. Farewell." The dragon said. Then, his body glowed and disappeared. The Dragon Balls ascended into the air, then flew out in different directions.

Corono watched as many of the newly resurrected warriors embraced each other, Gohan and Trunks. Scallio and Cut both seemed eager to meet them all, but Corono was not. He was too distraught about what he had just allowed to happen. He couldn't bring himself to talk to anyone. Apparently, Trunks' mother had built a ship that was as big as the one Cut used to have, and that way it would fit all the people they needed to transport. They were being taken to Earth, the planet that Trunks had come from.

"We'll find him, Corono. I know we will." Caulifla assured him, hugging him and giving him a kiss on the cheek. He smiled faintly.

"Well, how about we go get Kale out of jail?" Corono suggested.

"Sure. Let's ask Scallio where we should meet him afterwards. I don't know if he's going to Earth or back to planet Flora." She responded.

"I'm goin' back to Earth with 'em." Scallio said, hearing them. "You guys can take the small ship you came here in and meet me there afterwards. Make sure you take the info watch."

Corono took the info watch that Scallio handed him. "Okay, see you in a little while."

Scallio watched the small ship ascend into the air and take off towards North Galaxy Prison.

"Did they leave already?" Cut asked, coming up to him.

"Yep, they just took off." Scallio answered. "Why?"

"What did they take with them?" Cut questioned.

"Not sure. Just the info watch I guess." Scallio said. Cut adopted a serious expression. "Somethin' wrong?"

Cut looked up. "With me? No. Corono and Caulifla… well… Scallio, I was hoping that in all this time they spent here and all they've been through, they would start to think ahead. They have not yet had enough experience to do that yet."

"What do you mean, bro? We won! That's good, right?" Scallio said.

"Yes, the fact that Broly was defeated and that me and the others were brought back to life is most wonderful. But Corono and Caulifla are going to be really upset when they realize they can't get their friend out of jail." Cut said. "I wanted to say something to them but I'm not even sure what we can do to help, at least right now."

"Say what?!" Scallio exclaimed.

Paragus sighed as he finally relaxed after a hard day's work. The buildings that he and the builders were working on were all coming along nicely. And in the last year or so, many more beings had called that planet their new home. Every day he worried about his son. He truly hoped that Broly was okay. He still didn't know how to get him under control again, but he wouldn't give up.

As he was headed home for the evening, he heard a noise in the distance. He recognized the noise; it was a spaceship.

"Ah, it's been a few days since we've had visitors." He said aloud.

He flew over to see who this new visitor was. Hopefully they were friendly, as not many of the beings who stayed there were fighters. Paragus was probably the strongest one, but there were many forces that he could not stand up to.

He approached the ship, and the hatch opened. He could see that the ship was small, only big enough to fit the one person who stepped out. It appeared to be a small boy, with black spiky hair and large eyes. His body was thin and wiry. He bowed politely.

Something about his appearance seemed familiar.

"Excuse me sir, but I heard that this was a place for people to stay if they are not sure where to go. I'm sorry to ask you this, but… may I stay here please?" The boy asked. Paragus could hear the sincerity in his voice.

"Why yes, you may. So, tell me young lad, what is your name?" Paragus asked.

"My name is Cabba." The boy said.

Corono felt his excitement grow as the ship approached North Galaxy Prison. This was the first time he was actually glad to come here! Beside him, he could tell that Caulifla felt the same.

"Alright, we're going to see Kale again!" Caulifla exclaimed.

Corono wasn't quite sure where to land the ship, so he just landed it in the first landing area he saw. He was too happy to care about it right now. He jumped out the open door of the ship, Caulifla following close behind. He had been here before, so he had an idea of the layout. He knew exactly how to get to Commander Chauff's office, and within minutes, he found himself marching right into there.

"Well look who it is. What do you want?" Commander Chauff greeted.

"We're here to get our friend Kale. We got Broly." Corono announced.

"Whoa. You got him?" Chauff questioned.

"Yeah. Now we want our friend." Caulifla answered.

"Where is he?" Chauff challenged.

"Huh? He's dead. We killed him. Well, not us, but he got killed." Corono told him.

"Oh really? Well isn't that convenient? You supposedly caught the 'real criminal' but have no real proof, or even evidence, to show for it." Chauff sneered. "Please, you could've made that up."

"But we didn't! We really killed him!" Caulifla insisted.

"You got any proof?" Chauff asked.

"I mean, I can see if one of the Namekians has an info watch…" Corono started but was cut off.

"You mean have someone say what you told them to say? Ha, nice try kid, but no. Unless you bring this guy here, your friend's not going anywhere." Chauff scoffed.

"But…" Corono started, and Chauff cut him off again.

"Oh, and another thing. I heard you were on a planet with Dragon Balls. Some hooligans tried using those to free prisoners and erase our memories. Make no mistake, if anyone disappears from our prison, we'll know, and everyone involved will be locked up here for life!"

"Are you freaking kidding me?! We risked our lives going after that guy! You can't do this! Give us Kale RIGHT NOW!" Corono screamed. He was about to lose it and punch Chauff in the face.

"No can do. But, one more word out of you and I can get you a nice little stay in here to join your friend." Chauff shot back. Corono was tempted to keep going, but he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"He's not worth it, Corono." Caulifla told him. "Come on, we'll find a way to get her back. We just need to stay calm."

Corono didn't say anything else. He silently stormed out of Chauff's office and Caulifla followed. He climbed back into the small ship, and once Caulifla was inside, they took off. He wasn't even sure where he should go.

"This is so not cool!" He exclaimed.

"We should call Scallio. It would help to at least talk to someone. Maybe he might have an idea about what we can do." Caulifla said.

Corono nodded and picked up the info watch, immediately contacting Scallio. It didn't ring but one time before Scallio answered it.

"Did you guys get your friend out?" Scallio asked immediately.

"That's the thing, Scallio. No, we didn't." Corono said solemnly.

"Shoot. He was right." Scallio said. That caught Corono's attention.

"Who was right?" Corono demanded.

"My brother. He said that he was pretty sure that Chauff guy would give you a hard time." Scallio told them.

"So, he knew this would happen." Caulifla said.

"Yep. He also had some ideas about what you can do about it." Scallio informed them.

"What ideas were those?" Corono asked.

"Well, he said there were two things you could do. The first was to see if you can get above Chauff's head and find his boss or somethin'. The thing is, he found nothin' about who the guy's boss is." Scallio explained.

"What's the other thing?" Corono inquired.

Scallio sighed. "Apparently, now that the Namekian who lived on Earth was revived, there's Dragon Balls on Earth. The only way you guys can get your friend outta that place… is… to revive Broly." Scallio let out.

"What? Revive him?" Corono shouted.

"Corono, Chauff said he wouldn't release Kale unless we can produce Broly. Alive." Caulifla said. "I don't like it either, but I think this is the only choice we really have."

"Now listen, my brother and me ain't gettin' caught up in this. We might be able to do somethin' about makin' sure he can't kill everyone when he comes back, but revivin' em is up to you. You got that?" Scallio insisted.

"Yeah." Corono said.

"Okay. Well, good luck. I really do hope you guys can save your friend. Anyway, I gotta go. And remember, you ain't get that idea from me." Scallio said. He ended the transmission afterwards.

Corono found the planet destination settings, and he set them towards Earth. He turned to Caulifla.

"Are you ready to do this?" He asked.

"Yes, we'll do it together." Caulifla assured him.

"Okay. Let's go and revive Broly."

Author's Notes- Okay, so that's the end of this story. I think I'll make a separate one shot about the warriors that were revived being reunited with their loved ones. I didn't want to go into too many details about it here because it would have derailed the story. So, Corono and Caulifla still didn't get their happy ending, but that will come in the next story. I had to do this to set up the plot. That one will be called "Future Super Saiyans: Revival of Broly". The point of view will be switching between Gohan, Trunks, Cut, Scallio, Corono, Caulifla, and probably Cabba as well. It's been fun writing this, and I hope many of you will read the third installment in my series when it comes out. Take care, and thanks for reading, everyone!

In the next story: Corono and Caulifla need to use Earth's Dragon Balls to revive Broly, but Gohan and Trunks aren't on board, that makes our Universe 6 Saiyans a threat to their planet. They'll have to fight against Earth's newly resurrected forces. Will they be able to revive Broly and free Kale? And if they do revive him, what will Cut and Scallio be able to do in order to keep him from destroying everything? It's going to be an epic showdown between Super Saiyans, each fighting for what they believe in. Tune in to the next story to see how it all plays out!