Hiruzen was suffering a severe headache at the moment from doing all this paperwork throughout the night without even a wink of sleep. Last night, after the information of Naruto's secret was revealed to the village, he had been disturbed all night long by civilian after civilian telling him to either banish the demon, or kill him; until Hiruzen had reminded them of the law in effect. Every single one of them had paled, and run off when Sarutobi had plucked out a gleaming kunai and threatened to implement his law then and there. Today, Hiruzen was patiently awaiting the arrival of his student, Jiraiya, alongside Kakashi Hatake, who Hiruzen had called through his toad summons to tell him of Naruto's condition, and to see if any one of them would like to keep Naruto's custody.

Speaking of Naruto, Hiruzen had just had Anko take care of him and feed him. He was glad to see that the hyper active kunoichi looking so good with children. Plus, she was the only one he could ever trust with Naruto's care anyways. She knew the burden of carrying a curse, and respected the Fourth Hokage above all else. As of now, Naruto was sleeping peacefully. The sight made Hiruzen smile, and he'd told Anko that she could leave and go rest for a few hours until he called for aid again. Instead of being glum, she seemed chum at the chance of spending some more time coddling baby Naruto. Seeing Naruto snoring away in those buxom mounds of heaven, Hiruzen had been envious of the boy for reasons he'd rather not admit.

After she'd left, Hiruzen had opened up the letter that Minato had left in his care to read if certain conditions were met. And sadly, all of those conditions had been met just as Minato had once feared.

Dear Hiruzen,

If you are reading this letter, then I'm afraid my fears have come true. As I've already told you, of the two scrolls that I left for Naruto - this letter is meant for you, Naruto, and the eyes of elders of the toad clan only. I have left you as the legal Guardian of the Namikaze clan until Naruto inherits it. I know, if the conditions to read this letter have been met, then sadly, Naruto will lead a very lonely life. I fear that no one will want to be tied down to taking care of Naruto, much less adopt him.

That is why, I want you to admit Naruto to the best orphanage that you can find, and pay for them from the Namikaze Family Account if need be. Tell Pa and Ma to make him the next toad summoner after you tell him of his heritage. He will need their strength to protect himself in the future, for I fear the perpetrator of tonight's incident will return for his life. Also its a good news that naruto wont suffer the curse of blindness caused by mangekyou sharingan because of him having the healing abilities of the namikaze and the stamina and chakra of both the senju and uzumaki.

Do not tell Jiraiya or anyone this fact, and make sure you tell Naruto about it once he is old enough to understand his burdens, and be there to explain how his eyes work. Help him master his eyes as they will in turn help him control kyuubis soul since I fear Kushina won't be there to train him, and he will need all the power he could conjure up to protect himself from the masked Uchiha who had invaded the village tonight. The toads too will help him to control his power since they have the scrolls he will need to learn his powers.

I do not want Jiraiya to adopt him because he will make up a silly arguement on how naruto is the child of the prophecy. Please have him raised as a child and not a tool, Sarutobi.

I know he will wish to do so with Narumi and Mito as well, and I don't want Naruto to be burdened with such things at such young an age, and live a childhood that I could not. Try to keep my daughters away from the prophecy too, if you could. I want my children to have a normal childhood, and to have their innocence kept intact for as long as you possibly could. Protect him, if nothing else, Hiruzen - as a last favor to this dying father and friend. I leave my legacy in your hands, old friend.

- Minato Namikaze.