(Timeskip one week)

It was just any other day in konoha. The birds chirped showing of a rather peaceful atmosphere. Near the two massive wooden gates we find two of our favourite eternal chuunin gate guards. Izumo and kotetsu. "Its too damn boring." Izumo whined as he thumped his head on the table.

"I freaking know right. Nothing interesting ever happens here." Kotetsu said in agreement. However he did not get a reply from his partner.

Looking up he saw Izumo staring out towards the road. Following in his line of sight he spotted a the hokage and the rest of Jonin hopefuls coming back. He also noticed the presence of one blond male and female. Upon seeing Naruto both of them felt their jaw drops since Naruto looked like the carbon copy of the Yondaime hokage.

"Welcome back Hokage Sama. How was your trip to kumo?" Izumo asked as he greeted Tsunade.

"It was well 3 of our 4 ninjas earned the rank of Jonin." Tsunade answered as she gestured towards Naruto, Eizen and Neji.

"Its good to have you back Namikaze Sama." Kotetsu said giving Naruto a playful bow.

"Time out. No way are the two of you going to call me Namikaze sama. I have enough of that from the civilians as is, I don't need my fellow shinobi calling me that." Naruto said as he crossed his arms in front of him.

"Hehehehe We're just messing with you Naruto its good to have you back. Its also nice to see you again Mrs Namikaze." Izumo said with a chuckle.

"Thank you for the welcome." Samui said showing of her more than impressive control with her stoicism.

"Anyway lets get all of you settled in. Naruto you are to go to Sarutobi Sensei he wants to meet you. He was quite adamant that you see him as soon as you got back." Tsunade said.

"Ok then I will be of. Say Hokage sama where are Mito, Narumi and kaa chan. Also is itachi sensei in the village?" Asked Naruto.

"Itachi is on a mission currently and won't be back for another week. Mikoto is staying with Kushina nowadays since she recently gave birth, while your two knuckle heads are due back from their training trip in one month. The academy will give out fresh graduates in 2 weeks. Now then of you to Sarutobi sensei." Tsunade said.

"Wait a minute stop right there. Mikoto baa chan gave birth again?" Naruto asked in a shocked tone.

"No it wasn't Mikoto who gave birth. It was kushina." Tsunade said as she smirked inwardly.

"I see. Well then I shall be of Tsunade sama." Naruto said as he activated his sharingan and began walking towards the Uzumaki compound.

"Please ensure he doesn't harm his mothers new husband and makes sure to hear their side of the story as well before he decides to go beserk." Tsunade said to Samui who nodded before walking after Naruto.

(At the Uzumaki compounds)

Naruto calmly entered the mansion and went towards the lounge where he sensed Mikoto and Kushinas chakra. Entering he found both of them playing with a red haired and grey eyed baby. Almost instantly all of his anger seemed to have died down and he felt something rise from with in him for the baby.

He felt complete and utterly protective. True he was protective of Konohamaru, Hanabi, mito and Narumi but seeing his new brother so small and defenseless his protective nature went sky high.

"Ohayo Kaa san, Oba san who do you have there?" He said in a neutral voice.

Kushina flinched a bit when she heard Narutos voice but before she could reply Mikoto said "That is your brother Naru kun when did you get back?"

"Just now. And I was told that kaa san had a baby. So oba san who do I need to kill?" Naruto asked his sharingan ablaze.

"There will be non of that young man. Your mother finally found love after 16 long years. You should be happy for her. Now come and meet your youngest brother." Mikoto sternly said making Naruto sigh a bit before he consented and moved towards the baby.

Softly taking the baby from his mothers hands and was surprised to see that the baby had immediately snuggled into his hold while giving a small yawn. Naruto couldn't help but smile at that before he turned to Kushina and said "Who is the father?"

"Mangetsu hozuki." She answered with a little hesitation.

"How did you meet?" He asked his voice still neutral.

"During the year long mission in the mist we fell in love and a political marriage took place with him coming here." She answered.

"Does he treat you right and make you feel happy?" He asked.

"He does." Kushina replied.

Naruto then smiled before kissing his mothers forehead while giving her a one armed hug. "Then I am okay with it kaa chan. I really missed you these last 3 years."

"I missed you to sochi." She said as she hugged her long gone son the duo was joined by mikoto turning it into a three way hug.

After they broke away Naruto motioned samui forward and said "Kaa chan, oba chan I am sure you remember my fiancee Samui. Samui these are my kaa san and oba san."

After the three women exchanged greetings Naruto said "So whats his name.?"

"Genryusei after my grandfather." Kushina happily answered.

"He's adorable." Naruto affectionately said as he sat down and the group of 4 began exchanging stories from 3 years ago.

(Timeskip a few hours)

It was now time for the academy to end and Naruto had decided it was time to visit his younger surrogate siblings and to let them know that he was back. Standing outside the gate he did not have to wait long for the doors to burst open.

The first ones out were Konohamaru and hanabi and both of them seemed to arguing about something with Udon and Moegi trying to get them to stop. Shuushining behind them he said "Now that was just rude here I was thinking that I'd come and meet you at the academy and all of you choose to ignore me. I am sad."

All 4 heads snapped and he found himself glomped in a four way hug. Soon all 4 of them were blabbing while he just chuckled at them before patting their heads warmly. "Come on I will treat you guys to lunch, we have a lot of catching up to do."

Saying that he led the 4 of them to Ichirakus where he shared all of his experiences and skills with them. The look of awe when he citied a few of his battles was a rather prized memory for him. The little buggers always seemed to warm Narutos heart whenever he saw them. Though he inwardly chuckled as he imagined their reaction when they would find that Naruto was going to be their sensei.

(Timeskip the next morning)

Finally free from meeting up with everyone else Naruto decided it was time to visit his surrogate grandfather. He had mastered all of the techniques he was given but so far he did not have a chance to have an all out ninjutsu battle with anyone.

However he was hoping to have a spar with Both Hiruzen and Itachi sometime in the future. Maybe he'd have to use some of those jutsus then and there. Shaking his head he greeted the guards at the Sarutobi estate who smiled warmly while letting him in. He had been coming here for a long time, in the beginning it was to meet Hiruzen after which it became regular sparring sessions with Eizen.

Entering thethe ccompound he made his way to hiruzens dojo where he found his surrogate grandfather practicing his caligraphy.

"Hey jiji." Naruto called out with a wave.

"Ah my boy. Its good to see you how are you. Though I have to say I was expecting you to visit yesterday." Hiruzen said as he inwardly thought " Damn he looks so much Minato that it isnt even funny anymore."

"Aah sorry about that Jiji. I got caught up with genryusei and then it took me a while with the Konohamaru corps and hanabi. You know how they can be." Naruto said as he sheepishly scratched the back of his head making Hiruzen chuckle at him.

"Its fine my boy. I see you made Jonin congratulations." Hiruzen said with a proud smile etched on his lips. He was very happy to see that his surrogate grandson had grown up so well. It was absolute pleasure to see a small seed that he was grow into the fine tree that he currently was.

"Heh I am surprised that you thought that I wouldn't make it." Naruto cockily said.

"Now don't take that tone with me young man, I can still take you to school." Hiruzen said as he calmly sipped his tea.

"About that are you up for a spar?" Naruto asked.

"What bought in this request Naruto?" Hiruzen asked with a quirked eye brow.

"Well I am S ranked in the bingo books and I did spar with Bee but it was way to restricted. I want to fight someone like you to see where I stand." Naruto said in a honest voice.

"Very well then. When do you want to fight?" Hiruzen asked.

"12 days from know a day before the Konohamaru corps and Hanabi graduate from the academy." Naruto said.

"Very well then. I shall be there in our chunin exam stadiums. It will be a good show for the upcoming genin to see what levels are out there." Hiruzen said.

"Not only that it'll be fun seeing Konohamarus expression when he learns that I am going to be his Jonin sensei." Naruto said with a certain glint in his eyes.

"Ho. This is something new that I am hearing." Hiruzen said interestedly.

"Yeah I promised Tsunade sama that to get the council of her back I would take a genin team with 4 genins. My choices are Konohamaru, Udon, Moegi and hanabi. Even if its unusual the council will not object because they so dearly desire my approval." Naruto said with a smirk.

"I see that is a rather good plan." Hiruzen said after which the duo made a little small talk with Naruto leaving to get the Namikaze estate back on.