Reunions and Wolf Cubs

Chapter 8


Donna yanked open the TARDIS door and stormed inside. "You're late!" She shouted. "I said a week, not a bloody fortnight!" The only reason she didn't start teasing him about being late because of reuniting with Rose was because she didn't know if the girls would be present or not. She did have some tact.

"Sorry Donna," the Doctor tried to cut off her tirade, "had a bit of trouble."

"Dad nearly got us all arrested," Jenny added in.

"I think you mean the two of you nearly got us all arrested," Tally told them from her perch on one of the coral struts. The TARDIS had indulged her love of heights and now there were various high perches around the ship.

"Time machine!" Donna reminded them, loudly.

"A fortnight isn't bad," Rose appeared carrying a cup of tea. "The first time he took me back to mum's I was a year late."

"So what they'd do to land you in trouble?" Donna asked, slightly calmer now. It was amusing seeing the sheepish look on the Doctor's face. It was also touching to see just how much he cared for the blonde woman now perched in the pilot's chair. He didn't even have to say anything; it was all there in his face.

"Tried to steal a king's banana grove," Tally replied. She was perched precariously on the outcropping, book in hand as she read while being part of the conversation.

"We didn't know! There wasn't a sign or anything." Jenny defended, "It's not like we actually wanted the whole grove."

"Girls, that's enough." Rose said firmly. "Talia, is you assignment finished? Jennifer, what about yours?"

"Almost, just another chapter," Tally replied meekly at hearing her full first name.

"Done," Jenny replied in a similar tone, hating when her full name got used. "Sorry mum."

"All of them or just the parts you like doing?" Rose was no fool; she'd been a student once and had hated most of it. She'd avoided doing school work every chance she got, especially the parts she particularly despised. Even though she couldn't (and wouldn't, not until they were older and decided that was what they wanted) send them to a regular school, she was determined that they knew more of the universe than just what they learned by traveling. Besides, the girls would have been even more bored than she had been if she sent them to a regular primary or secondary school.

That didn't even include all the chaos that would happen if someone discovered they had two hearts, were telepaths, Tally had visions, that Jenny was fully capable of physically defending herself at a level it took most adults well into adult hood to accomplish, or tried to give them aspirin or some other pain medication that could potentially make them ill or outright kill them. Rose also had to worry about the occasional alien threat and what would happen if some enemy of the Doctor's or hers got ahold of them.

It wasn't fun in the least bit, even with an entire multi-dimensional ship to run around in. Would it have been easier to settle in one place until the girls and any other children that came along were older? Yes, but not nearly as much fun. Rose joked that they got all their wonder-lust from the Doctor, but that wasn't true. She had just as much trouble as they did staying in one place for too long.

Jenny sighed, pouting. "No," she admitted. She could see Tally trying to stay still and not draw notice to herself.


"No, stupid maths," she muttered under her breath.

"Get with it then," Rose told them, "and you need to stop distracting them. They can help you make repairs after the rest of their work is done."

"Yes Rose," the Doctor agreed. He'd been trying to help, and he had. It was just…rumbling around the TARDIS was much more fun than homework. Besides, fixing the TARDIS was an important skill to have. It involved math, science, all sorts of things the girls were learning already. He was just giving them actual experience.

Donna grinned. "Oh, I like you. He's never that meek when I yell at him."

"Oi!" The Doctor replied with indignation. "Rude!"

"You would know space-boy."

"So would you Earth-girl!"

Rose rolled her eyes. Really, the two of them were like siblings! She spotted Jenny and Tally watching, eyes wide as the two supposed adults gave each other a difficult time. She felt the TARDIS humming in amusement.

"I think now would be a good time to retreat," Tally murmured to Jenny, edging towards the nearest doorway.

"Why? This is hilarious." Jenny was watching as Donna and the Doctor exchanged words like it was a tennis match.

Rose laughed quietly to herself. Life was going to be wild and tangled mess of adventure with dangerous bits in-between, but she really wouldn't have it any other way.

Where should we go Old Girl? She sent the ship, walking around the consul and touching the bits that lit up.

Onwards and forwards, then. The Doctor and Rose Tyler in the TARDIS, as it should be.

"Mum, are we sure Dad and Aunt Donna aren't actual siblings?"

With family and friends along for the ride, of course.

She grinned and pulled the lever that would send them into flight.