Lying in her bed, Beth could only think of one thing becoming a vampire so she could always be with Mick. There was a knock at the door that scared Beth, it was no other than the man that she had been thinking about.

"Beth are you ok?". Mick always seemed to understand that Beth still had hunting dreams of when Josh died.

"I'm fine Mick, just one of those dreams again they never seem to leave me alone".

There was a man behind Mick that Beth didn't seem to recognize, it was just Josef wearing a new shirt that looked gothic.

Beth wondered as to why Mick and Josef were at her house until she realized that they needed her help with a case that Mick was doing.

The day looked boring as Beth, Mick, and Josef started walking towards Kostan industries. As usual, the security guard stood inside to make sure that no unauthorized people were going into the industries.

Beth looked at the man she seemed to notice he was the man that had killed her boyfriend and soon to be fiance Josh. The man looked straight at Beth and smiling angrily at her.

The case was hard to deal with as Mick was getting annoyed with the way that Josef kept asking about whether there was any chance of Beth becoming a vampire. Mick would never turn Beth unless there was no other way.

Beth walking back home felt exhausted, she fell straight asleep the man from before looking at her behind the door. There was nothing that could have been done as he pulled out a gun at shot it at her, killing her completely.

The next day, Mick kicked open the door only to find that Beth was dead, he quickly rolled his sleeve and started biting into his arm. He allowed his blood to fall into Beth's mouth knowing it was the only way in which he could never lose her.

"So mick finally able to turn her now". Josef had sneaked behind Mick to see what was happening and noticing at last that Beth was going to be turned into a vampire.

" I don't have a choice Josef, I don't want to lose her not ever, she's my life".

Beth had started to wake up and was alive at last, her eyes white with blue colored pupils. She was a vampire at last.

The moment that Beth woke up Mick knew that he had done the right by turning her into a vampire