It was early Thursday morning, most wizarding children were being woken up to get ready so that they could catch the Hogwarts express. The only child that knew she would be unable to speak to her family while going to Hogwarts was Lithium Snape her uncle was a professor at Hogwarts called Severus Snape.

Lithium never stayed with her uncle during her breaks. She stayed with the Weasley family as Arthur Weasley had once been a lover of her mother's Alexania Snape. 6 am and the Weasley family were getting ready to go to Hogwarts. The sky was sunny unlike most days, Lithium was excited to be finally able to perform magic in school.

The Weasley's left the house in the blue car, everybody was cramped up in the car unable to move, owls screeching and moaning as the car moved up into the air uncomfortably. Everytime that the car moved in the air the more complaining and arguing happened as the Weasley family squished in the car unable to breathe.

The car stopped suddenly at the train station, able to get to platform 9 and 3 quarters. A boy walked by Lithium her scar started to ache when the boy touched his forehead. The boy was no stranger he was indeed Harry Potter.

Moments before going into the great hall Professor Snape looked at Lithium happy as he knew it was the one place in which she enjoyed more than anything. Going into the hall many students looked at her as they knew who she was, but only the professors knew one thing that she didn't the identity of her father.

Everyday at Hogwarts was like a dream to Lithium she felt safe here and understood. There had been times in which people had nearly discovered her true love Percy Weasley, the only person that she felt she could always talk too.