So, Shawn129 gave me permission to adopt his "Powerman" Story, so here we go.

Chapter 1: Loss and Power Mastering

Unknown Solar System

In the vast reaches of space, a ship was orbiting a Blue Giant Star, inside that ship was an unconscious young man sitting in the captains chair with wild black spiky hair.

My name is Nar-Zod, son of Min-Zod, and Kushi of the House of Ara, Grandson of Dru-Zod and Mad-Ara. I am one of the last Kryptonian's in the universe. My people were a highly advanced civilization, comprised of everything from scientists and religious philosophers to great military strategists and artists. My own parents and grandparents were some of the most accomplished in Krypton's history. My grandfather, Dru-Zod, was the head or the High General of the Military Guild, our peoples military organization, and one of the greatest generals Krypton ever knew. My father followed in his footsteps, rising to the rank of General near the end of his life, the second highest rank a Kryptonian can achieve.

My other grandfather, Mad-Ara( also just called Madara), was a great bio-chemical engineer and head of the Science Guild, which governs most forms of technology and science on the planet and houses the race's most ingenious minds. My Grandmother, Mito Ara-Uzu, was the head of the Religion Guild, responsible for the practice of our worship of the Sun God, Rao. My mother, Kushi, was a well-respected scientist within the Science Guild, due to her work in Mechanical and Bio Engineering. She was also the Kryptonian that discovered the what happens to Kryptonian's when we visit a planet with a yellow or blue sun and documented her work thoroughly, though the notes were only shared with my family and those of the House of El.

I learned much from all of them. I rose to the rank of Lieutenant by the time I was 20 and saw my fair share of battles and taken plenty of lives in defense of Krypton, including a short 2 year war between Krypton and Daxam, that not only saw me rise to the rank of General but also began with the death of both of my parents and instilled within me a deep hatred for Daxamites.

It was 2 years before the death of Krypton, that my grandfather's committed their most controversial decision ever.

2 years before Krypton's Destruction

10 weeks after the End of Zod's War

A 22 year old Nar came up to the meditation room that Zod and Madara were seated. Both men, while still looking rather healthy despite their true age, really gave off this sorrowful, hateful, and angry vibe, Like the deaths of their children had really done a number on them. They were all he had besides Kara, Zor-El, Astra, Alura, and Faora.

"Grandfather's," Nar acknowledged.

"Take a seat, Nar," Zod gestured to the third open seat, which Nar sat.

"By Rao," Zod sighed as he looked his 22 year old grandson over, "It's at times like this I remember how strongly you resemble your parents. You have your father's hair and eyes, but you have your mother's looks."

"Everyone gathered here misses them." Nar reminisces sadly before it turns to anger. "We had them. Daxam was at our mercy. We were hours away from launching the assault to take the capital and to confound it all, the high council accepts the plea for surrender from the coward Lar Gand and his whore wife, Rhea, robbing us of the chance to avenge my parents and our fallen brothers and sisters, making all those deaths meaningless!"

"The High Council is part of the problem. We couldn't trust any of those religious folks besides my wife and the betrayal of the Labor Guild was unexpected." Madara explained. The High Council was the Governing body of Krypton. It was made up of the heads of the Military, Science, Artistic, Religious, Labor, and Justice Guild. They made all the executive decisions, based on a majority vote and that included declaring war.

Originally, there had been only five members, as the Labor Guild had no representation in government. 15 years ago, Madara, Zod, and Mito, all voted in favor of giving the Labor Guild representation in government. This not only allowed the Labor guild to get equal rights for citizens in their organization, who before this were treated as little more than glorified slaves, it also put them more or less firmly in Madara's, Zod's, and Mito's corner. It allowed the 3 political figures to implement their own policies into the government, like slowly decreasing the tapping of Krypton's core for resources, as Madara's scientists, like Jor-El, had given them disturbing reports of what would happen if they continued.

When Nar's parents were murdered by Daxam assassins, the Labor guild once again showed their loyalty and with the votes in their favor, war was declared on Daxam. Daxam, was completely unprepared for assault on their planet. They must have thought their assassin's wouldn't be detected and were not prepared when the word came that the Kryptonian fleet had destroyed their orbital defense grid, allowing the armies of Krytpon to land on the planet. They were able to mount a counter-offensive, but by that point, armies of Krypton had more or less conquered most of the planet. They were nearly ready to launch the assault on the capital of Daxam.

Then Mito mysteriously passed away, Daxam's king conveniently plead for mercy, and the High Council was forced to reconvene, so Nar held the ground while his grandfathers had to head back to Krypton, since now the war was being called into question. In the end, the new Religious Guild leader was more sympathetic to peace, and managed to sway the Labor Guild Leader to the side of peace, so a peace treaty was signed, even though Nar wanted to finish the war, and kill the royal family. After all, they had already slaughtered ½ of Daxam's 8 billion population and destroyed much of their technology and infrastructure, why not finish it? The Daxamites wouldn't be needing the planet, and they could make use of their sister planets, that way Krypton could stop tapping the planets core.

But no, the Religious Guild leader was the Head of the Justice Guild's, Lor-Em's, little puppet.

So, 16 million Krytonian soldiers died for nothing. The war to wipe out their greatest threat and possibly save their planet ended up being for nothing.

Lor-Em and his allies started to undo everything Zod, Madara and Mito had worked so hard for, even began ramping up the tapping of the planets core again. So the planet was definitely going to die in 2 years.

"They need to go." Zod said and Nar looked at him.

"Why did you really call me here, Grandfathers?" Nar asked.

"To inform you of the plan. We're going to overthrow the council." Zod declared, shocking Nar.

"What?" He asked.

"Think about it boy. The planet's core is becoming more unstable by the day. Within two years, it will explode and wipe out our entire civilization. We have to save Krypton before it's too late." Madara said grimly.

"I mean, I agree with you, but overthrowing the council? Seizing power for ourselves!? We'd be no better than the fucking Daxamites!" Nar protested as he stood up. Hey, he hates the Daxamites, but he still liked his society the way it was. A democracy.

"The ones at the head of our government are killing our planet!" Zod shouted as he got in Nar's face. "They made our people's sacrifices in the war for nothing and spat on the graves your parents!"

"In any case, it's better than the planet dying." Madara said. Nar noticed that the two had surrounded.

"What are you planning to do with me?" Nar asked.

"You're the back up. In case we fail," Madara said before a tranq gun went off and he found himself falling unconscious. He fell to his knee's, but before he fell unconscious, he gripped Zod's arm. "Whatever it is that you're planning, please don't hurt Kara."

"So long as your little fiancée doesn't get in the way," Madara said as Nar's world went black.

32 years later

A jolt awoke Nar Zod. He rubbed his head as he noticed were he was. He was inside the Phantom, Krypton's most advanced stealth ship, and his personal vessel. After all, he had built it. He was orbiting within 100 miles of a Blue Giant Star.

"Hello, boy," Came a voice. Nar turned to see Madara, only it was a hologram, meaning it was an AI of his grandfather. "If your viewing this, then that means we failed. Zod and I attempted to overthrow the council in a civil war but we were defeated. Zod was sent to the phantom zone, but I would rather die than accept defeat, so I sent both of our AI's with our collective house knowledge to your ship before I died. In the left hand-rest, you'll find something special."

Nathan waved his hand over it and a large pitch black crystal floated into Nar's hand. Adopting a shocked expression, he turned back to Madara AI. "You should recognize it."

"Why would you give me this?" Nar asked.

"Zod is my oldest friend and I would follow him into the fiery pits of Apokolips if called upon. But he can be obsessive and due to his genetic programming from being born in a Genesis Chamber, he can't see the big picture sometimes. I would also never allow someone who is hopelessly naïve like Jor-El to get their hands on it. Thankfully, not every member of the noble houses is like this, but they were, and that is why they must never get their hands on this. As you know, you, Kara Zor-El, and her newly born cousin Kal-El, are the first natural born Kryptonian's in nearly 3 centuries. You three have the ability to choose how you live your lives. "

"Also, my creator wanted to give you a message. 'I must apologize, Grandson. We knew you would not be okay with our plan so we knocked you out and sent you off to ensure your survival if we failed. We also did something else to aid you, should you land on a planet with a yellow or blue sun, as your mother discovered what happens to our species when exposed to yellow and blue sunlight. Krypton may be dead, but it lives on through you. So go grandson, live your life as you wish." With that the message ended and the AI disappeared.

Nathan sighed deeply and he hunched of in the captains chair and placed his head in his hand and silently mourned for his world.

After a few hours of mourning and saying to Rao for his lost world and people, he called out, "Gideon,".

Immediately a red AI head appeared. "Good evening, Lord Nar."

"Gideon, how long have I been in stasis?" Nar asked, dreading to know the answer.

"32 years, my lord." The AI said.

'32 Fucking years', Nar thought solemnly. Kal would be an adult now and Kara would be at least 43. Kara had probably moved on, found happiness with someone, wherever she was and probably wouldn't want him.

"What's the closest planet?" Nar asked.

"The planet Elum in the Andromeda galaxy, my lord. Orbiting a yellow sun, it is similar to Earth where Kara Zor-El and Kal-El currently reside, except that this planet is technologically inferior and all humans here possess an additional circulatory system that allows them to perform superhuman feats."

"Could they potentially harm me?" Nar asked.

"With the amount and quality of Blue Sun radiation you've absorbed all these years, My Lord? No. The likely hood of them being able to even scratch you is one in a billion." Gideon informed.

Nar adopted a smirk and got back into the Captain's. "Gideon, set a course for Elum in the Andromeda Galaxy."


3 days later

Entering Elum's atmosphere, Nar landed the ship in the artic region, so it would not be detected by the local populace. "Gideon, cloak the ship. I don't want it getting discovered."

The outside of the ship disappeared. "Also, have the Fabrication Room fashion me some clothing for this world." He was fairly certain that nothing he had on the ship would work. Plus, he had already learned the planets language and their customs, thanks to his brains enhanced processing power.

For his outfit, he was dressed in black steel toes shoes, black pants, black long sleeved shirt, gray anbu body armor and a dark blue sleeveless overcoat with black lightning bolts on the bottom edge of the coat.

He stepped off the plane and immediately was assaulted by his extrasensory input. His ears were covered by his hands in a vain attempt to lessen the multitude of voices he was hearing. He felt like his ears were splitting in half and every time he opened his eyes, he his vision switched between normal, X-ray, Telescopic, microscopic, and electromagnetic.

"Gideon, what's happening to me!?" Nar asked as he grit his teeth in pain.

"According to your mother's notes, your experiencing sensory overload from the input of your enhanced senses. She states that in order to overcome this, you need to focus on something evokes strong emotions within you."

Nar chose to focus on his family, their smiles, laughs and all the happy memories he had of them. After nearly an hour of that sensory overload, his senses returned to normal. Opening his eyes, he consciously switched to X-ray vision to see the bones in his hands. He activated his hearing to hear the penguins waddling about. Satisfied, he decided to testing how strong his jumping ability was.

Establishing a crouching position and jumping straight, he kicking up a cloud of dust from the force of his jump. He also underestimated his own strength, as he leapt 5 miles straight up. He then began to falling.

"Gideon, what did my mother's journal say about flying!?" Nar preferred not damaging his precious ship, thank you!

"The notes state the in order to fly, first you must do what you did with conquering the extrasensory input." Gideon said.

Falling through the air, Nar closed his eyes and focused again, trying to stop himself from falling.

Eventually he felt himself stop falling and remain perfect still. Opening his eyes, he saw that he was about 10 feet from hitting his ship. Focusing and pushing off, he floated back. Staring at his hands and his feet, he floated forward, then backwards than rose up in the air and floated down to the ground.

Excited that he had gotten the hang of his powers so quickly, he decided to test his flying skills.

Crouching and then launching forward, he took off in a northward direction. "YAHOO!" He shouted, as he was quite excited to test his abilities and he needed it, considering what happened to his people. He shot forward like a bullet, causing no less than 12 sonic booms from breaking the sound Barrier a dozen times.

He traveled so fast, maneuvering through the trees, the sands, and into the sea. He then exited the sea, but when he tried to stop himself from hitting a mountain, he ended up smashing right through the mountain, causing it to crumble to dust.

He would continue testing and getting the hang of his powers for at least a year before he decided to head to Earth. Unfortunately, he had some rotten luck.

1 year Later

Tsunade rubbed her head in annoyance. There had been numerous reports of earthquakes and falling mountains in the last year.

She thought she was done with this end-of-the-world shit after the 4th Shinobi world war had ended but nope. Fate seemed to hate her.

She had assembled the Konoha 12, or what was left of them to deal with this. In the room was Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Sai, Ino, Choji, Shikamaru, Hinata, Shino Aburame, Kiba and Akamaru, Tenten, and Rock Lee.

"There have been reports coming in about a large amount of earthquakes in this area," Tsunade points to a map, "Initially, the Hidden Stone Vilage was investigating."

"So, why do you need us to investigate, Baa-chan?" Naruto said, disinterested.

Tsunade ignores this and says, "Because, every ninja they've sent to investigate it has disappeared. All except one, and he died before he could deliver a full description of what's causing it. He claims that a flying man in blue and black version of the Yondaime's coat has been causing these tremors. They've asked us for assistance."

4 days later

The team had been investigating the 100-mile-wide `area where these tremors occured.

"So do you think this dude's claims are true?" Kiba asked.

"Why do you ask?" Shino asked.

"It just seems ridiculous, you know? The flying part." Kiba said.

"It's not fake. The old rock geezer can fly." Naruto pointed out, causing everyone to look at him.

"I wonder if they sprout wings," Kiba asked stupidly.

"What a drag." Shikamaru groaned.

"I hope I get to show my POWER OF YOUTH!" Lee shouted.

"Hey, keep it down Lee!" Sakura shouted back.

Eventually, their investigation led them to a small clearing. Resting on a single rock with his hands crossed behind his head was Nar, his eyes closed with a piece of straw in his mouth.

"Hey, take a look at his coat," Ino said.

"I-It looks like the Y-Yond-daime's." Hinata stuttered.

Across the way, Nar spit out the piece of straw in his mouth and stood up.

"He getting up." Sakura stated.

Shikamura was wondering, 'Did he spot us?'

Nar held out his hand and Gideon appeared. "Gideon, make sure the ships ready to leave. Oh, and make sure my baths ready for me when I get back."

"As you command, My Lord. Though, why the bath?" Gideon asked.

"Because," Nar said as he shot into air for five miles.

"Hey he just vanished!" Naruto shouted.

Kiba's eyes picked up something though. "No, he's coming back down!"

"Move," Shikamaru shouted.

The impact destroyed a mile of the treeline and knocked the ninja's into the clearing.

Nar Zod glared at the ninja from his crouched position, "I'm gonna need to wash the blood off after I've killed this bunch of morons."

Chapter End

So, Kryptonian's gain greater power under a blue sun and they can't die from solar radiation, unlike the CW Canon's Kryptonians. I thought that was bullshit so I went and fixed that here.

Here's a Short Timeline of Nar-Zod's Life and how it relates to Kara's

1956- Nar-Zod is born

1966- Kara is Born

1975-1978- Zod's War is fought

1978 - Nar-Zod is sent away

1980- Krypton goes BOOM. Kara's pod goes into Phantom Zone.

2004- Kara's Pod and Fort Rozz land on Earth

2010- Nar wakes up from Stasis

2011- Nar fights with Konoha 12 as he is about to leave

2015- Supergirl Canon Starts