I try and think of a plan to get my own back on chavvy Chloe. I rack my brains for about 30 seconds and I can't think what to do. I get my phone out and Google 'how to get revenge on someone'. Er no, I quickly log off, probably not such a good idea to google it and if anyone sees my phone I could get in to trouble and I could end up in prison. Shut up Annabel I mutter to myself. My imagination is running wild again. It's not like I'm planning on doing anything extreme now is it?

We are still about half an hour away from the museum so I google the museum to see what all the fuss is about. Is it just me or do others think museums are for old people with nothing better to do? I would have preferred a theme park, maybe I can suggest that for next year, wait, did I just say next year. I won't still be here next year will I? Oh god, I'm getting mopey again. When did I turn into such a wimp? I message Jen to see what she is up to. She replies 'miss you babes it's not the same without you, Lisa says hi'. Lisa? Since when were Jen and Lisa mates? I look into my bag, I grab a bottle of water and my medication. I think I need it. I'm turning into a right miserable cow.

I find a bit of paper in my bag and ask he/she teacher for a pen. Teachers always have pens don't they? He/she looks at me like I'm the model student as I go to do some writing. I hide my paper from him/her because the title says 'ways to get revenge on chavvy Chloe'. Much safer on pen and paper I can always burn it so no one sees it, I try to disguise my handwriting. I really need to stop with the overthinking and watching too much TV, it's turning my brain to mush. I'm an intelligent girl I will have you know.

we arrive at the museum and everyone cheers which is a bit odd, you know the sort of cheer? When you are on a plane and you hit turbulence and everyone thinks you are going to crash but you land safely, that sort of cheer. These girls really need to get out of school a bit more I think.

Everyone piles off the bus and I'm the last to get off. The chavs decided not to go in the building but the opposite way to a nearby bus which is full of boys. Chloe chav is smoking and flirting with a boy that looks just like her, she's flicking her hair and touching his hand. I can't work out if they already know each other or she is just a bit desperate to go up to the first lad she sees.

I go in to the building and I hear someone sniggering, I know it's Chloe and the strange boy so I ignore her. I need a plan to teach her a lesson. I see the security guard at the door and I have a brainwave, I think I have just thought of a way to get my own back ...

i turn to see my haribo sicky friend beside me. 'Oh you do smell I'm so sorry about that, if I can pay you back in some way just say' then walks off eating more sweets. .i smile to myself, that might be sooner than she thinks ...