Beatrice links my arm and takes me into the prison sorry school, I think I would prefer it if she carried my bags to be honest.

The teacher with the moustache is actually the matron of the school. She is following me talking in a very deep voice, now I am, confused, male or female?

I have decided I am not staying here. You know when you go on holiday and the hotel doesn't look like it does in the brochure, that's what this school looks like. It's dark and smells. Nope it's not for me. 'Where is the pool' I ask Beatrice. She looks at me like I have asked the most stupidest question ever, I know that I look like I ask stupid questions all the time, but I'm being serious. 'Where is it then, and the sauna. I need to like chill after being stuck in that sweaty car listening to my parents sing songs which were from the 90's. Cringey believe me watching parents moving their hands and calling it dancing. You dance with your legs not your hands, seriously.

'There is no swimming pool or sauna, this is a school not a hotel' she laughs. 'We do have a very good library though and the showers are very nice'. 'Sorry, did you say library and nice showers, thought this was a boarding school not a prison'. She looks shocked but doesn't answer me.

just then one of the chavs walks in, 'Chloe get that cigarette out of here now' shouts Beatrice. Chloe throws the cigarette on the floor smiles at me and walks off. 'So what do you do for fun here then' I ask. Apart from shouting at chavs I think to myself.

'Well there's the library and we have a gym oh and my favourite a sewing room'.'A what' . 'A sewing room, isn't it marvellous, oh I do love to sew, do you like sewing Ann'. 'No I do not and my name is Annabel not Ann, I'm, 14 not bloody 60'.

I've made my mind up, I am not staying here. I just need to find out how to get out of here. There is only one way, I need to be kicked out, just need to work out how ...