The Doctor stood motionless as the Tardis started to move to its next destination, randomly chosen by the Tardis herself. The destination was no other than 18th century France it was, in reality, a spaceship that had time windows in which allowed a person to go to France.

A woman stared at the Doctor and Rose and Mickey, looking at their faces shocked and disappointed to see that the people were wearing non-traditional clothing. The woman was blond haired, she looked like a princess, but she was only the lover of the king of France, King Louis XVI.

Reinette, smiled happily when she noticed that the Doctor was back to take her to see the stars that were high up in the universe.

Like always there was a tension between them, the Doctor softly felt Reinette's lips touching his he felt happiness at last.

"Was that a french kiss, or did you really miss me I was only gone for 2 minutes". The doctor was shocked he had never felt a French woman kiss him before.

"You were gone for 2 years, Monsieur I missed like I have always missed you when I was younger". Reinette wanted to have the Doctor all to herself until she noticed that behind the Doctor was Rose Tyler and Mickey Smith.

"So what did I miss anything interesting, it's annoying with the time windows I spent 3 hours trying to refix them so that I could see you again. I thought nothing of you the moment that I left". The Doctor was happy when he saw the expression that was being shown on Reinette's face.

They kissed again, but this time it was more passionate and intentional. Rose was becoming to get annoyed in the loving display that the Doctor and Reinette were showing.