I couldn't believe my roommate would do this to me at least not today when I had to study. My name is Anastasia Steel my friend Kate has just guilt tripped me into doing an interview for her. I have to interview Christian Grey the CEO of Grey Enterprises one of the hottest companies in Seattle. Everyone in my Engish keeps talking about him the way his face is on every business magazine and how now he is now involved in helping others and those less fortunate.

I just had to grab a notepad, a pen and Kate's tape recorder after 20 minutes of rushing to get into the shower, change into some interview clothes a blouse and trousers, shoes.

"So Anna are you ready to meet Mr Grey and don't forget to ask him all of the questions on the notepad it's really important that you don't ruin this it's the only chance he is prepared to do the interview I'm really sorry I can't do it myself". Kate was tempting to cough just to make sure she sounded ill enough and to make her excuse believable. Her voice was extremely croaky this morning than it had been the last couple of day it sounded like there was an actual frog in her throat.

"Yes Kate I think I have everything are you sure they don't me going instead, this is your thing writing for the paper, not mine". I was angry and annoyed with Kate all at the same time but I had promised her that I would do this as a favor for her so I guess I just had to deal with it.

"Ana I've already phoned ahead I kinda knew you would do this favor for me so they know to expect you and not myself".

I was so angry with Kate for already expecting me to do the interview for her, she didnt even ask before arranging it behind my back I felt a bit betrayed by her. But I had more important things to focus on like how was I going to manage being able to talk to some big shot CEO that I knew nothing about other than what Kate had on her notepad.

I left the house trying to keep all of my anxiety in and not letting Kate know how scared I was.

"Kate I'm leaving now wish me good luck".