Hey guy I'm back and I've decided totaled a break from my story Ben 10 green flare. and start on this new story which is based on,wait for it. ATTACK ON TITAN 2 the video game. which I bought a couple of days ago and beat with in two days on easy. but I didn't really like the ending I respected it and the fact that we got how every one reacts to our supposed "death" was okay. and the ending seen that we see at the end of the credits. but i really did like seeing how our death affected the main characters. I am borrowing the name of a certain character from one piece. the parring is Sasha x oc but that is not the main part of the story more of a side thing. now here's the character all default mean that the character is the same he was before you edited him.i don't own attack on titan or that one piece name. now let's Roll!

(name) Zoro Roronoa

(gender) male

(height) his head reaches reiner's chest.

(hair) black default hair style.

(eyes) default.

(eye color) default.

(eyebrows) default.

(nose) default.

(injury) a star shaped scar on his right cheek.

mouth and skin) are both default.

(innerwear) default .

(jacket) trainee/scout default color.

(no cape)

(other cloths 1) default.

(other cloths 2) no accessories.

(voice) voice 5.

(backstory) when shiganshina fell zoro was escaping with his parents and they had almost mad it. if not for the armored Titan bursting sending a massive boulder his was about to be crushed zoro's parents pushed him out of the way at the cost of their live's how ever rock shards from the rock hit his right cheek giving him a permanent scar shaped like a star. heartbroken but knowing their was no time to mourn he ran with tears in his eyes. once he got on the boat he at there doing his best not sob as he fought back his tears. with the image of the armored Titan bursting through the wall burned into his mind and memory. his attention was caught by eren yeager. who right next to him decalered that he would kill all Titans. the boy's words struck a chord in zoro as the armored Titan that killed his family came to mind as a tear fell into his hand as he cluched it tightly swearing to himself and to his fallen loved ones that he would join the scouts,avenge them, reclaim their home and kill the armor Titan.)

(personality) zoro is s loyal solder if there ever was one. he excels in movement with the ODM gear out maneuvering all of his fellow cadets. as well as using his environment to attack especially in cities and and large forest put him in ether of these environmentas and he becomes a deadly foe for any Titan. and thourgh the years of training he has earned all of the cadets respect not only for being a talented squad leader in their training, but all so for being the group confidante willing to help them out. whether get something off their chest whether it's self doubt or the death of a comrade. respecting his philosophy on a teamwork stating that "those that abandon the mission are trash but those that abandon their allies are worse than trash" that has gotten him their respect. that's not to say he doesn't have faults due to his philosophy whenever a comrade dies because he was to slow or becaues he just couldn't save them. it leaves him with guilt that weighs upon him heavliy on him. as well as the fact that he refuse to lead anything other than a squad stating that leading an expedition as well as leading large scale attack such as what jean and mikasa did in the battle of trost is a burden he could never bear to hold. his skills and mentality have gotten him the respect of many high rank officers like Erwin, hange, miche and Levi. on a lesser scale than the cadets. how ever even with these faults and lack of skill and strength compared others like captain levi. his tenacity and his willingness to go the distance for his friends and his cause as well as to die for proves that you don't need to be a prodigy or a shifter to be a great solder.

(A/N so what do you guy's think of him I would like the feedback this is based on the video game. it is NOT a self insert. just similar most thing will stay cannon

nothing huge will change. I will be using the daily life in certain chapter just when all things are done till next time I'm bulklock the grimhead thank you for reading now let's ROLLOUT!