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author's pov...

" Okay, troops! Get into your squads and go seek-and-destroy those Titans!" a visually tense man, with sunken eyes, and an expression of perpetual worry. He has gold-colored eyes and a thick brown mustache that covers his upper lip. He wears his brown hair slicked back, with it framing his face and forming a thick beard. ordered this is kitz woermen. a garrison captain of the garrison 1st elite forces. " The Garrison Regiment's intercept squad will be the vanguard, the backup squad from the Cadet Corps will take center, and the Garrison elite squad will bring up the rear!, We defend Wall Rose to end the end! Give it your all, people!,Dismissed!" heyelled. HAI! the cadets shouted as they saluted.

as Mikasa turned to eren "Eren… if too crazy out there, stick by me don't-" "Ackerman! your to join the rearguard elite squad!" a taller man, with a fairly muscular build. He had straight, dark blond hair parted down the middle and tucked behind his ears, reaching the lower back of his neck. he had a notably slim face with defined cheek bones and light skin. wearing a Garrison uniform, pairing it with a tan shirt underneath.

" But, but, sir! I'm not good I'll be a burden…" she says only to interrupted by Eren.

" Mikasa! Humanity's on the brink here! you need to forget your own ideas. and just make it happen!" he told her with a small glare. as she looked down and took a deep breath "… Sorry,

you're right! Just… Just promise me one thing… Don't die out there. she said walking off.

("Don't die? There's no chance of that. there's still too much I need to find out about the world…") Eren though to himself as glared ahead.

Zoro's pov...

( Let's see gas check, blades check and repairs at one hundred percent check." "what you say bitch say it again!" two teammates constily arguing with eachother, check") I thought to myself as I sighed. as turned tword's my teammates consisting of Conny Christa and Ymir. Christa was a petite young girl that I talked to often in which we seemed to get along well it was well known fact that she was the smallest cadet in the 104th Training Corps She had long blonde hair, large blue eyes, and a heart-shaped face that often made all the rest of guys and some girls falling over for left and right with them calling her a goddess and an angel. Ymir on the other hand was the opposite was a tall, slender young woman with parted, disheveled-looking black hair often styled into a ponytail. Her hair was held back with a white tie. She possessed intimidating gray eyes. which scared most people I didn't talk much with her but when I did it was clear what kind of person she was.

" I said it sucks being stuck with an idiot like you" Ymir insulted. " what" Conny yelled as I shook my head at those two. as Christa tried to defuses the situation " this is no time for bickering … agh I've had enough of this" she sad expaserated . "you two are always fighting" she was about to continue as turned around and saw me. "Okay,okay , we get it " as came up and grabed Christa shoulders " just for you we'll play nice with each other okay…" she said as she turned and looked at Conny. who looked like he wanted to argue but couldnt

" guess there's no point arguing at a time like this. " he reluctantly said. as Christa smiled " Alright then let's work together." she said with a bright smile.

"I wish you guys would stop getting in Christa's and my way all the time"Ymir said as she glared at me and Conny. "Ugh you just can't keep your mouth shut can you. Conny said as he glared at her. " enough bickering let's move out. I said as drew our blades and took off.

Time skip no pov

Boom! as another titan fell dead as Ymir landed on the roof with her sqaued mates

"that's the last of them. Conny said as he stared at the three corpses of the titans they had killed. "should we head head to the rendezvous point?" Christa asked I don't think so we haven't been given the order to retreat yet so I doubt it. hey where's Zoro at could've sworn he was just here a minute ago?Conny asked

" up here " as they looked up at zoro who was on top of a chimney looking around to see if he could spot any other squads as his eyes widen as he sees bright yellow ahead. " hey guys I think I see someone ahead. as he took off the others following behind him

scene change

" is that Armin where are Eren and the others? Christa asked as they landed on the roof with Armin as Conny ran to him and began shaking him. " Hey man you okay ? Conny asked " He's in shock. Zoro said as he got some water from his canteen and threw at Armins face. bringing him out his shock as tears began to form in his eyes and began choking sobs. as Conny tried to get answers out of till Ymir had enough. " Isn't obvious? They've been wiped out! Every last one of them! except this poor bastard. Ymir stated with an almost cold look in her eyes. " Shut up! let Armin speak okay? Conny yelled not wanting to write off his comrades " This isn't the place for a chat We're far to exposed. if we stay here then we're as good as dead! Ymir said as Zoro had enough " Enough you two! you can have fight later right now we need to find cover. He said it was clear he wouldn't take no for answer but if you looked in his eyes you would see a haunted look. " let's just go regroup with other cadets they should be close to headqauters he said as they took off.

hours later zoro's pov

"( well this is a fine fucking mess) I thought to myself as watched everyone with the same gloomy expression on their face. It had turned out headqauters

was over tuned with Titans and almost everyone was practically running on empty. as I sat next to jean with Conny and Sash trying to lift everyone's spirits. "Well this is horrible the order to retreat finally comes in and we can't even scale the wall." jean said in a defeated tone

" then it's sink or swim we've got choice but to attack the titans at headqauters we can resupply at base. but if all we do is go place to place them were fucked!" Conny argued "Look I'm with you there Conny but the fact of the matter is that we don't have the manpower to take back headqauters without almost all of us dying." I told him

"Besides who among us cadets could lead such a mission?" jean asked him as mikasa arrived and talked to Arimim. " Armin are you okay …wheres eren… she asked as Armin began to cry and looked up to her tears freely floating down his face and looked down

" three members of 104th died heroicly on the field of battlefield!" he said for all to hear as people began walk up to the scene with sadness in their eyes myself included as we all bowed our heads inmemory of our fallen comarads and friends. " Eren died in my place he sobbed as mikasa bended down to her knees and put her hand on his " Armin she said as he looked up to her and she looked him with dead lifeless eyes. " theres no time to get emotional. she said. as she began walking infront of us as we all stared at her " I am strong .. incredibley strong! she yelled as she drew her blades and raised one in the air " even if I have to do it alone I will rout those Titans. you are all weak and cowardly. she yelled as she pointed her raised sword at us you can suck your thumb like a baby and watch how I do things." she said as she took off and leaveing us all dumbstruck as jean looked down " so the plans to blast with that… as he turned to with his blade raised " Hey when did we learn to let a comrad fight alone?! he yelled as he started running after her as I looked down at my blades and smiled stood up and looked at Armin we were the only two left I watched him wipe away his tears and nod at me as we charged after the rest of them ( do or die Huh I can live with that but not before that abomination is dead.) I thought to myself as I took off after them.

scene change (Zoro's pov)

it went to hell so fast we hadn't even made halfway there when Mikasa ran out of and disapered with Conny and Armin looking for her and now here we were watching our conmrads be devoured and I was fucking Useless! why couldn't I save them watching two of my comrades being eaten in front of me ("god dammit') I thought to myself. as my grip tightened on my blades and they began to shake.

"Lets go!" A voice yelled snapping me out my despair "make a break for HQ while they'er destracted!" Jean yelled as he made a break for HQ the rest of us following him (" i swear ill make your deathes were not in vain even if it kills me") I promised myself as the faces of my comrades and friends made there way into my mind and in doing so I fought back the tears as the face of Thomas,Mina and Eren plagued my mind and were burned into my memories.

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