Violet and Klaus liked adventure. That's why they were walking around the Sandy town of perfection valley. "Hey Klaus, do you think we'll find anything strange here?" Violet asked. "No." Klaus replied as he read his book. "Eyurb" sunny said, which meant something like, "maybe we will find something.". They heard something, it sounded like sheep baaing and a strange rumbling noise. Out of nowhere count olaf came running out of a dust storm of sand. "RUN FOR YOUR LIVES!" He shouted like a maniac. "What's wrong?" Violet asked olaf. "Everything! There a some-" he stopped talking when a pink snake-like, saliva covered, sharp toothed thing wrapped around olaf's ankle. "OH NO!" He yelled as he fell to the ground. "WHAT IS THAT THING! Violet yelled. Klaus dropped his book and started in horror as the thing dragged olaf down into the sand. "HELP ME!" His voice muffled until he was completely in the sand. "WHAT THE $!? WAS THAT." Klaus yelled. They heard rumbling again. "I don't think the monster is the pink snake thing, I think that's just part of the thing." Violet quickly explained. Then a massive graboid shot out of the ground and flopped down onto the ground. " .God." Violet said. The graboid opened its big beak and 3 of the snake things came out." The snake things are its mouth tentacles." Violet noted. The monster and it's tentacles played there. "I think the thing is tired." She said as she knelt down next to the thing and placed her hand on its back. The graboid quickly turned it's beak to face her "don't worry." She reassured the monster. "That thing has no eyes, so it must only hear and feel and taste. Klaus noted. Violet looked inside of the monster's mouth. " that thing is jam packed with saliva." Violet gagged while she started at the saliva dripping in the Graboid's mouth. (Timeskip). Violet laid down next to the monster as it slept. "Maybe I'll see something cool." Violet wondered. She leaned against the graboid. She yawned. "But, on the other hand, I'm tired." Violet said as she drifted off into dreamland.