This some ideas I'm developing and thought someone might want to add something to it.

Android linka- that levi creates a robot girl to see how his family reacts to her. Yea maybe baby just wanted to write maybe baby.

Vampire lucy- a vampire hides in the attic of the loud house. Not gonna lie this idea is also noy gonna be finished.

Mutant loud house - already done to death so yea the name says it all.

Age swap loud house - agian the name says it all

alien in the house - another gender bend with levi being a alien you thought linka right ?

personality swap- kinda like age swap but not planing to expand further.

loud wars:mars - mars goes to hell after is colonized and declears independence alot of children are orphaned luckily one boy and one genius do everything to keep their orphanage, new family together and lincoln a almost emotionless boy will do anything to protect his new family. Yea this might become a full fanfic and might look for beta readers first.

Falloud- a family is released from a fallout shelter after 2 hundred years luckily with little genetic corruption and they need a guidance from a white haired boy with some of the family calling him a mutant will they survive the modern waste lands? Yea this also might become a full fanfic cause i love fallout and I'm not going base the placing on a game cause there would be no surprises.

A Little preview just to see who likes it

Lincoln stood there holding his little sister lily who was crying her eyes out as the saw the destruction a young Boy lost his parents and home no one was there but destroyed mechs and tanks he saw nothing not even one person this was war and it nevers changes...true but it always changes the people.

Years later

lincoln shot a man yelling at his sister for not making him the drugs. Lisa looked scared, fear in her eyes but lincoln the only thing seen was emotionless, a dead stare at the corps of that thug " so sis what are we gonna do next ?" Lisa recollected herself and stood up

she looked at her brother and said " survive dear brother" Lincoln nodded to his little sister and carried her on his shoulders, lisa smilled and feel asleep " i love you bro" lincoln smiled and walked back to the orphanage