lisa's labatory- Leni somehow sneaking into lisa's bunker idk is just a name that this point.

Loud as Hell - all the loud siblings are diffrent types of demons and might be in a rockband

End of the loud - the world ends, I'm actauly debating my self here, between a supernatural end of the world or sci-fi end of the world and its the fault of one sister.

prequel to "The teacher is our bro !"-Might happen just don't hold your breath or stand outside of my house holding sings telling me to write it. but this will tackled in the christmas chapter

baby brother Lincoln- Lincoln is the youngest instead of lily and Im surprised this is rarely done cause this has potential, but I'm a bad writer so me trying this will cause it to turn to dust Like spider man. Speaking of characters not existing.

Oldest brother lincoln- Yea this won't have Liz, Lisa, Lily Because Will take place while lincoln is still in highschool and he never got thrown off the cruise, never meet paige and they didn't have Liz. You could hear the three screaming as they turned to dust. But they will return no worries.

loud reapper - A spoof on The grimm adventures of Billy and Mandy with them being replaced by Lana and Lola while grimm will be played by an adult lucy ha ha ha No worries rita won't go insane, But lynn junior will cause she is my least favorite character.

Last loud - Lincoln is the last surviving member and the worlds turned into a junkyard

Lisa paradox - Lisa is born to family of geniuses and after she and her brother try out his time machine they are sent to the start of the universe, while their intire world is destroyed. Lisa and Lincoln bodies are destroyed as the big bang happens while their consciousness are still there, after a billion years later Lincoln reforms his body first and then teaches Lisa how do so as well. Now they find out that their family is gone while Lisa accepts this, Lincoln does not and plans to destroy other universes to revive his own.

loud hous: Super multiverse - this isn't a real idea just something i hope might happen with every loud house super heroes making a cross over with eachother, Maybe Each chapter being released on a diffrent writers account, based on how much a character appears in the lastest chapter- that would be a lot of work to be honest.

loud hut- Middle ages kinghts fantasy and magic!

authors note: Oh to the the person who gave me that loud house shrinking thing yea im working on that but will most likely a one shoot. and Lisa paradox thing it's mostly because I hate what some writers do by just copy and pasting undertale muliverse to loud house.