Take Your Time Part 2: Sam Hunt

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Beca stared at the new text, blinking a few times to make sure she was reading it right.

CB [7:42PM]: Hey! I'm back in NYC next week. Dinner?

"Well that was faster than I thought," Beca muttered to herself, earning a strange look from the person seated across from her on the subway.

A little over a month had gone by since the night she'd met Chloe Beale, and Beca still wondered sometimes if she had dreamed the entire experience. What are the odds she'd get stood up by one of her best friends only to end up making out with a famous actress in her empty studio at two in the morning.

They'd exchanged a few texts since then, but Beca never thought Chloe would actually want to see her again in person. She was totally fine with being the redhead's random hookup one night, knowing that people like Chloe didn't end up with someone like her. Not in real life anyways.

Shrugging and figuring she had nothing to lose, Beca typed out a quick reply.

Beca [7:50PM]: Sure. Sounds good

Short and to the point. Solid.

She felt pretty good about that, not wanting to sound too eager to see the beautiful actress again. Dating hadn't been at the forefront of her life, not that she'd actually consider this a date, but it would still be nice to get out for an evening instead of holing back up in her tiny apartment.

Her phone chimed with a reply far faster than she expected.

CB [7:51PM]: Awes! How's Tuesday? That's my only free day

Ah yes, Tuesday. The obvious choice for a date night. Any chance of it being an actual date in her mind went out the window with those words, allowing Beca to relax a bit.

Beca [7:53PM]: I'll have to check my schedule. My Tuesdays are usually slammed

CB [7:54PM]: I'm sure

CB[7:55PM]: Don't hate on Tuesdays

Beca chuckled, happy that Chloe seemed to pick right up on her sarcasm.

Beca [7:57PM]: Wouldn't dream of it. Most important life events happen on a Tuesday

CB [7:58PM]: Well I wouldn't want to take you away from something important. I can try to clear off Wednesday if it means that much to you, but I fly back to LA Thursday so that's my final offer

Beca [8:00PM]: It's a tough decision, but I'll stick with Tuesday.

CB [8:02PM]: Done. See you next week ;-)

Beca raised an eyebrow at the winky face emoji, definitely feeling like the redhead was sending some flirty vibes her way before coming back down to Earth.

"Relax idiot… it's a fucking Tuesday."

The woman across from her shot her another nervous look, making her smile awkwardly to cover up for the whole talking to herself thing before resigning herself to the fact the woman definitely thought she was insane. Then again, she was debating whether or not her plans next week to hang out with a superstar actress counted as a date or not, so maybe the woman wasn't so far off.

"Wait, what? Say that again."

Beca shrugged at Jesse's incredulous tone, repeating, "I'm hanging out with Chloe Beale tomorrow night."

Jesse shook his head as if he still didn't quite understand. "Chloe Beale as in Chloe Beale the Oscar-winning actress? As in the EGOT-winner Chloe Beale? No fucking way, dude."

Beca hummed thoughtfully, "Does she really have an EGOT? I didn't know she had a Grammy."

"That's what you're focusing on right now?! How do you even know her?" Jesse looked beside himself at the idea of his best friend dating the actress.

"I mean… I met her this one night about a month ago when Fat Amy stood me up," Beca explained. "We got tacos from La Cucaracha and then I showed her my studio."

Jesse shook his head, "I can't believe you eat at a place called The Cockroach. Disgusting."

Beca rolled her eyes, "That's what you're focusing on right now?"

Jesse flipped her off for using his words against him, scratching the back of his head.

"For the record, that place literally has the best tacos of my life," Beca argued, pointing a finger at him. "The owner is awesome and told me he chose that name because his restaurant would never die and with tacos like that it never fucking will, believe me."


"Whatever, you don't know anything."

Jesse waved his hands in front of him, "Wait, stop distracting me. What does hanging out mean, exactly?"

Beca shrugged again. "No idea. I actually don't even know if it's still happening. We texted last week about getting dinner Tuesday, but I haven't heard from her since yesterday when she told me she landed at JFK."

"So wait… dinner is more than hanging out, dude," Jesse reasoned, shooting her a look. "If she asked you to dinner… that's a date."

"It's Tuesday, Jess… it's not a fucking date," Beca retorted, leaning back against the couch.

Jesse laughed, "Are you seriously saying it's not a date because of the day of the week? That's got nothing to do with it."

Beca scoffed, "Tuesday is like… for trivia, or volunteering at the soup kitchen, or helping your grandma get to bingo night. Tuesday is the least sexy night of the week."

"That's ridiculous," Jesse argued back. "Wednesday is obviously the lease sexy night of the week. It's so far from the weekend."

"Are you actually trying to prove that Hump Day is the least sexy day of the week?" Beca's amusement crept into her tone despite her best efforts. "Good luck with that."

"Fuck, I forgot about that… although the name has nothing to do with sex so technically…"

Beca cut him off, "Losing battle, dude."

Jesse sighed, slumping back in his chair and accepted defeat. "Well, you should at least text her to see if she's bailing on you."

Beca frowned, patting her pocket for her phone before realizing it wasn't there. After a quick search through all her pockets and her jacket, she got up and dug through her bag to find her phone buried at the bottom amongst her wallet, spare change, and a few sticks of gum.

"Shit she texted me this morning! She probably thinks I'm bailing on her," Beca mused, unlocking her phone and opening the message.

CB [10:48AM]: Still on for dinner tomorrow? How's 7?

CB [11:53AM]: Hope the fact it's Tuesday isn't putting too much pressure on you. I promise it'll be low key

Beca chuckled at the follow up text, wondering if she'll ever look at Tuesdays the same way after tomorrow.

Beca [8:12PM]: Tomorrow at 7 is great. I'll be fine as long as you swear it's low key. Where should I meet you?

"So we're definitely on for tomorrow night," Beca said, collapsing back onto the couch.

Jesse asked, "Where are you meeting her?"

Beca opened her mouth to answer, pausing as her phone chimed with a new text.

CB [8:14PM]: How do you feel about staying in? I have a suite at the Michelangelo

Beca froze, looking up at Jesse. "She invited me to her hotel."

CB [8:16PM]: That sounded bad. I'm just not up for dealing with the paps or people. I'm thinking pizza and beer and quiet

Beca felt some of the awkwardness dissipate with that text, deciding to fall back on humor. She held up a finger to stop Jesse from interjecting as she typed out a quick reply.

Beca [8:18PM]: Sure Chlo. Try to play that off like it wasn't totally scandalous

CB [8:19PM]: I know.

CB [8:20PM]: Though that's rich coming from the one who "just wanted to be alone with me" about five minutes after we met

Beca felt the blush rise up her cheeks at the memory of that unfortunate phrase leaving her lips.

Beca [8:22PM]: Touché. Pizza and beer and quiet sounds perfect

"Well?!" Jesse's exasperated and curious tone drew her attention away from her phone.

"I'm meeting her at her hotel tomorrow at seven," Beca said, refusing to indulge him when he winked at her.

"You've totally got a date with a movie star."

Beca stood nervously in front of the hotel room door, wondering if this was actually her life. She'd arrived in the hotel lobby a little early with a bottle of wine and a six-pack of her favorite beer, having insisted on supplying the alcohol if Chloe was buying the pizza. A large man spotted her immediately, escorting her to the elevator and up to her current position in front of Chloe's door before disappearing back down the hallway out of sight.

"Relax, it's not a date," Beca whispered to herself, taking a few deep breaths before knocking purposefully on the door.

It opened after a few seconds, the stunning redhead on the other side momentarily taking her breath away despite being casually dressed in jeans and a simple v-neck underneath a soft cardigan.

Chloe beamed at her. "Hey! Come on in," she stepped aside, letting Beca enter the suite before closing the door behind her. "Pizzas just got here a few minutes ago."

It wasn't long before they were comfortably seated on the large couch, open pizza box between them and a beer each sitting on the nearby coffee table. It all felt surprisingly normal, making Beca feel guilty at how nervous she'd been.

"Are you okay?"

Chloe's voice startled Beca from her thoughts, swallowing her bite of pizza and nodding in response.

"Yeah, I'm good, why?"

Chloe shrugged, "You literally hadn't said a word until just now. I know the pressure of a Tuesday is weighing on you…"

Beca chuckled as she trailed off, her voice playful and sarcastic. "Yeah, I'm trying to move past it, but it's proving more difficult than I thought."

Chloe laughed with her, a musical sound that made Beca's heart race. "Okay, I get it. Really though, thanks for coming here. I needed a quiet night in, but I also really wanted to see you."

"Oh dude, it's fine. I can imagine it gets pretty intense out there with your fans and all," Beca replied, reaching for her beer. "I mean, I remember how many people approached you in the bar… I imagine that gets old."

"It does," Chloe answered honestly. "But it's also tricky, because I do love my fans and their support means the world to me. I get really torn between supporting and getting to know them and wanting privacy and space."

Beca sipped her beer and placed it back on the coffee table, completely understanding how that could weigh on a person. "I don't know how you do it. I don't know if I could."

Chloe smiled at her. "It's a small price to pay for getting to do what I love. And you never know… you might get a taste of it when one of the songs you produce blows up."

"Nah, I'll be like Marshmello and hide my face," Beca shot back, "Except I'll stay anonymous forever."

"Good luck with that… fans are relentless. Sometimes it's better to give them the truth than let the rumors run wild," Chloe said, something in her voice making Beca take notice.

"Sounds like you're speaking from personal experience," Beca suggested, studying Chloe's face. "Anything you want to confess."

"Now that you mention it, there is something," Chloe said, turning a little serious. "I'm starting to regret asking you out on a Tuesday… the pressure is getting to me."

Beca laughed, rolling her eyes at the redhead's antics. "Well lucky for you there's no pressure at all. I do have a question for you, though."

Chloe raised her bottle in the air. "Ask away," she said, taking a sip.

"Well, I mean… this is a date, right?"

Chloe raised an eyebrow at her, setting the bottle back down. "I don't generally just invite anyone back to my hotel room, regardless of how innocent it may seem. Does that answer your question?"

Beca swallowed, feeling the nerves come back but not strongly enough to dissuade her from her real question. "I guess I'm just curious… why me? I mean, you probably have people lining up for a shot with you… and not that I''m complaining, but why me?"

Chloe leaned back into the cushion, studying her for a moment. "I suppose that's fair. Do you remember the night we met?"

Beca nodded, "Of course. It was one of the best nights of my life… which now that I've said it out loud feels kinda pathetic…"

Chloe laughed, interrupting her, "No! It's not at all because I feel the same way, Bec. Do you know how many people approach me and either can't form words, or remember their own name, or can't see past picturing me as whatever their favorite role of mine was? It's… well, it's really fucking awkward for starters, but it's lonely to never have people see me. The real me."

Beca let those words sink in, having no idea what that would feel like.

"You were so refreshing… I remember everything about that night because even though you recognized me and knew who I was, you treated me like a normal person. You were genuinely curious about me, not Chloe Beale the actress but Chloe the person. The girl from Florida who wanted to be a vet, who loves her family and her friends and would so much rather stay in and have pizza and beer over a meal at a fancy restaurant. Do you have any idea how much that meant to me?" Chloe was smiling lightly at her, seemingly waiting for Beca to figure it out.

"I'm guessing a lot?" Beca supplied, breaking into a small smile herself. "Honestly, I was nervous as hell at first, but you'd be surprised what you can get me to do after a few beers."

Chloe winked at her, "I'll keep that in mind."

Beca chuckled, nodding, "You do that. No, I mean, I wasn't planning to do anything other than say hi, but you're so beautiful and then that guy interrupted us and I guess I was just buzzed enough to do something crazy… well that seemed crazy at the time and now I'm really glad I did."

"Me too, Bec," Chloe's voice turned soft and vulnerable, bordering on shy.

Beca thought for a moment, eventually teasing, "So you only like me because I treat you like a regular person… I think you need to up your standards a bit."

Chloe grinned, "I mean, you're also sexy as hell. That didn't exactly hurt your chances."

"Oh, now I know you're lying," Beca replied, shaking her head. "I've never been sexy in my life."

Chloe not so subtly moved the pizza box from between them, placing it on the coffee table and slid easily across the couch.

"I'm gonna have to disagree with you there, Bec," Chloe murmured, her hand coming up to gently brush Beca's hair back from her face.

Beca felt her breath catch in her throat, whispering, "So this… this is actually a date then?"

Chloe smirked, "Hopefully the first of many. You okay with that?"

"Well, technically wouldn't this be our second…"

Beca barely registered Chloe leaning in to cut her off, her eyes closing at the feeling of soft lips pressing against her own before pulling back a fraction.

"I'm great with that."

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