A/N: Well here with a new story. This is a Gwen/Gordy AU very loosely inspired by one of my favorite films Uptown Girls. Liberties have been taken so if you are familiar with the film, there will be differences but they suit the story I promise. And Gwen/Gordy is one of my OTPs so I figured they deserved a story. I own neither Rise nor Uptown Girls. Rise belongs to NBC and the creators. Uptown Girls belongs to MGM and the creators.

Chapter One: Charmed Life

"Gwennie, Gwen Strickland, it is 5 in the evening, on the big two six. GWENNIE, get yourself up and out of this bed or so help me, I will pour this hot caramel latte all over that flat ironed perfection!"

Gwen pulled the pillow over her head as her friend's voice rose. "Lileette!" She whined. "It is my birthday, therefore you should let me finish my nap in peace."

"It is also closing night my friend." Lilette set the latte on the side table as she took both hands and grabbed her friend's wrist. At Gwen's confused look, she sighed. "Oh my Jesus Gwen Strickland, how much did you drink last night? Grease, you Sandy, Simon, Danny. The final final show? This is your big night."

Gwen sat up quickly. "You're right, I completely forgot. How did you let me forget?"

"I did not." Lilette placed her hands on her hips. "You told me specifically to use the spare key to get in if you were not downstairs at 4:45. You weren't so…"

Gwen smiled. "Thank you, you are a lifesaver." Gwen took the latte and took a sip, wincing as she burned the back of her throat. "Oh my god, that is hot!"

"I warned you."

"Indeed." Gwen put on a pair of fuzzy pink slippers. "Okay, Lilette, costume change, let's get this show on the road."

Gwen's costar and the last minute Frenchie of this particular production is a young fledgling starlette on the rise by the name of Kaitlin Mazzuchelli, the eldest daughter of her agent. Many would argue that nepotism is on the rise along with her budding career, but Gwen believes that Kaitlin actually has some genuine star power behind her name and her family's checkered past. She was currently arguing that point with several critics and paparazzi as she makes her way to the stage door after curtain call.

"Wouldn't you say that Annabelle would have been the better choice Gwen? After all, isn't Kaitlin Mazzuchelli just a name?"

"As you well know," Gwen said with barely concealed ire. "Annabelle is ill with the stomach flu, to expect her to perform in that condition is appalling and you should be ashamed of yourselves."

"It truly is so lovely to see you again Nancy, but we've got fans to greet, if you'll excuse us." Gwen feels a hand on her arm and looks over as her romantic lead Simon Saunders gives her a smile. "Nicely handled Strickland, but maybe put those claws down."

Gwen sighed. "Simon, how can you possibly be so diplomatic? It really is…"

"A gift?"

Gwen rolled her eyes. "I was going to say moronic. They're leeches. With what happened last year…"

"Gwen, the show was Spring Awakening, I was Hanschen. Did you really envision it going any other way? Besides, my father never could stay off his political soapbox."

"Oh yes, a bid for mayor is absolutely trashed by having a son who is playing a gay character."

"A son who is playing a gay character whom also happens to be gay?" Simon raised his eyebrows.

"You were out to lunch, there was no need for the ambush." Gwen stated.

"A Broadway actor out to lunch with a newcomer on the Great White Way who is a total mystery? I would have been more surprised if it didn't happen."

The pair had reached the stage door and spent a good hour and a half greeting fans and taking pictures before Lilette met them.

"Alright, joint cast party and 26th birthday bash, party time!" Lilette said. "We are celebrating."

The party was held in a high class club with sleek black countertops and all the drinks one could drink. The first group to greet them upon arrival was the expected pair Robbie Thorne and Jeremy Travers. Jeremy was a singer/songwriter/ actor whom Simon had met out on that lunch date which had turned into an ambush: a blind date arranged by Lilette herself the self-proclaimed matchmaker of the group. Robbie Thorne was Lilette's own beau and a professional football player. Gwen and Simon had been wingfolk to that particular match, one at times like these, Gwen sort of regretted being party to.

Robbie was currently running his hand through Lilette's hair in a nauseating way. It was almost as though he wasn't even conscience of it.

"So Gwen, Simon, you absolutely killed it." Robbie said.

"You almost had me convinced." Jeremy teased Simon. "I thought I was going to have to write a bad breakup song."

"You wouldn't." Simon said kissing Jeremy's hand. "It's called acting for a reason."

"It helps that we've been friends since college." Gwen said. "But I think you and Lilette would've been better scene partners. For you guys wasn't it since kindergarten?" Gwen turned to Simon.

"See, that is exactly why it wouldn't work." Lilette said. "We're like siblings. Sandy and Danny are not at all like siblings."

"Well they do have the back and forth and avoiding each other thing going for them." Robbie said.

"You totally lost the point, nice try though." Lilette laughed.

"Hey, I haven't seen that movie since high school."

"Oh good lord Thorne, are you already drunk?" Gwen asked.

"How much would it help my case?"

There is silence save the music for a stretch of time until more people arrive.

"Simon Saunders and Gwen Strickland." The director of the show, Tracey Wolfe proffered air kisses. " Happy Birthday Gwen my Dear. Fantastic job you two. It really was great."

"Thanks Tracey. It was great to be a part of." Gwen replied. "And it helps to have a fabulous director."

"Having a great cast to direct is half the job." Tracey replied. "Speaking of…" Tracey turned around as the three Mazzuchellis approached. "There's the breakout star!"

"Hi Ms. Wolfe," Kaitlin greeted.

"I've told you once, I've told you two hundred times it's Tracey." She hugged the girl before turning to Lou and his wife. "How are you?"

"Proud." Gail replied. "You all did wonderfully. Happy Birthday Gwen."

"You're going places." Lou added. "I've said it before and I'll keep saying it."

As The Mazzuchellis are talking, Gwen hears the familiar sound of Robbie's ringtone. He looks disturbed for a moment as he looks down at a text message. "Sorry to cut this celebration short, but I've gotta jet."

"Everything okay Robbie?" Lou glanced over at the younger man.

"All good Lou, just gotta feed Rocky."

Lilette looked at her boyfriend raising an eyebrow. "I'll text you."

"I'll look for it." Robbie planted a quick kiss on Lilette's cheek as he grabbed his jacket. "Good job again you guys. It was definitely worth seeing. And Happy Birthday Gwen." Robbie gave Gwen a hug and shook Simon's hand before he left.

Robbie stared again at the text on his phone.

Currently getting my ankles bitten off by an angry loofah, send help.

For fuck's sake Mazzuchelli at least text in English. Sometimes doing favors for an old friend really sucked. Robbie pulled his letterman tighter around him as he began walking to his car only to see something that caused him to pull back.

Gordon Mazzuchelli a half a block away from the club where his friends were currently hosting their cast party, and nipping at his heels quite literally, Rocky.

"Christ's sake Mazzu!" Robbie called. "You do realize your folks are less than a yard away. And why did you let Rocky out?" Robbie quickly grabbed the ankle biter by the scruff cradling the Shih Tzu mix like a toddler. "Hey fella." He stroked the pup.

"You expect me to miss the party. And that is not Rocky, that is a demon shower loofah with drool issues. Actually, you should name him Demon Shower Loofah, where did you come up with the name Rocky anyway?"

Robbie leaned in and exhaled. "Dude, that's your problem right there man. Rocky doesn't like alcohol. And how sloshed are you that your mind is going there?" He placed the dog down and gripped his leash.

"So you and your girl got the dog from alcoholics anonymous then?" I thought you found him outside the theatre?"

"Shut up. And speaking of AA, you my friend should not be here. You remember what happened last time?"

"Ya...you're one to talk." Gordy teetered slightly.

"Six months sober, you should try it sometime. Might be good for you. And your next family reunion" Robbie lifted Gordy's arm allowing himself to support the other man's weight. "Come on, let's get you home."

"F...fuck you Robbie. I came to party." Gordy turned and proceeded to hit Robbie in the mouth before heading in the direction of the club.

Well shit.

A/N: So this was just a bit of set up. As you may already be able to tell, there are differences but I will be using the film as a base. Anyway: So Gwen is coming off a successful run of Grease. Simon is her costar. Lilette is her best friend who is dating Robbie. Robbie is roommates with Gordy who is going through trouble. And Robbie's dog Rocky is a demon shower loofah with a drool problem.

Next up: Jeremy has to deal with a particular problem as Gwen has several first encounters during her birthday bash.