~Percy's P.O.V~
'I think today can be the worst day of my life', I thought as I ran. Wait, I said wrong, I mean 'it is the worst day of my life'.

I heard roars and screams as I ran through the cold autumn forest. The trees was only a blur as I ran as fast as I could from the monsters.'Wonder that they think of this' I though. 'Probably about how I'm gonna taste'.

I thought of how my life has gone from what I thought was a loved two times savior of Olympus, to an homeless, dirty demigod that everyone that I loved threw away like yesterday's trash.

'What's the point?' I thought as I slowed down and thought of how I was betrayed.

~ Flashback to three weeks ago, on Olympus~

I stood in front of the gods confused to why I was here.

All the gods, even my father, had a angry look on their faces, as well as all the campers and even Chiron and Annabeth that was behind me, but also Katie, Connor, Travis, Grover, the rest of the seven, even Hazel, Nico and Thalia.

Except Hestia of course. She had a sad face and glanced at the council members with disgust and disbelief in her eyes.

"PERSEUS JACKSON!" Zeus boomed. Drama Queen.

I stepped forward and bowed at him and the other gods.


You could say I was surprised. But what would be an understatement.

"What!" I said in disbelief. " What proof do you have?"

"We have found papers in your cabin with an unidentifiable languages that is about Olympus weaknesses!"

"What!?" I said again. I couldn't believe them. My fatal flaw was fricking loyalty!

"Your loyal brother here heard you talk about it when you thought you where alone in your cabin..."

At this my father, my pig for a brother and, incredibly, Annabeth smirked at me and looked proud. Annabeth then swinged over to the pig and threw her arms around his neck and kissed him! She damn KISSED him! Hehe... damn... dam... Agh focus Percy!

I could feel my heart broken into a thousand peaces like Zeus did to Kronos and feel my eyes dim over.

"...and there for the council shall vote about you fate. All yes for banishment?"

All the council members raised their hand immediately. Then my father spoke up.

"I, Poseidon, god of the sea, here by disown Perseus Jackson as my son."

At that my heart over again shattered in another thousand peaces. The demigods gasped but I didn't care anymore. Then Drama Queen took forth his bolt and shoot it at me. After that I lost conscious.


When I woke up I saw that I lied on the floor inside the entrance hall of Empire State Building and that mortals just passed by without notice me.

I slowly got up and walked outside and started walk towards mom's apartment.

It was raining outside and I got soaked and cold in to the bones.

As I got to the apartment building I walked inside and got up to the floor where mom, Paul and my, soon to be born, sister lived.

When I came to the door I could hear that the TV was on, I rang the door bell and waited as I heard someone pause the TV and approach the door.

The door opened and there my mom stood and looked at me in confusion.

"Hey mom" I said casually.

"Do I know you?" she asked.

I laughed nervously."Emm... Well you should as I'm your son."

Now she looked even more confused.

"I don't have any son." She said carefully.

I stood there shocked and asked the question I thought I never would have to ask."Y-you don't remember having a son named Percy Jackson?"

She shocked her head slowly still with a confused look but now also a slightly scared one to.

I could feel my eyes water as I turned around and ran through the corridor, down the staircase and outside the building. I saw a water puddle and looked into it but what I saw was not what I expected.

Instead of the untamable, jet black hair and the sea green eyes that I expected, I saw what I would believe my mom would look like if she was a man. I still had my untamable hair but instead of jet black it was a warm milk chocolate-like color like my mom's but without the grey streaks and ever changing warm but broken looking blue eyes.

~Back to the present 'hunt'~

I had now come to a stop as I let the monster catch up. I sat on the wet grass thought of the purpose of life.

'What's the point with living when you don't have anything left?'

By this time the monster had catch up and was fighting with the other monsters on who should kill me.

Finally one monster was left and approached me slowly. I just smiled a sad smile and close my eyes.

Waiting for the pain and, then as fast as the pain should come, be gone and I would float to Charon and enter the Underworld.

But instead of pain I saw a light though my eyelids and then I heard the most beautiful and calming voice I ever heard in my life say a meaning that that send my conscious to a path of long lost memories.

"My son."

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