~The time when Order and Nebular just steps into the throne room.~

~Theif's P.O.V.~

Just when I say that we're scrude without Percy, a portal opens up ones again and the most gorgeous and handsomest man I've ever seen steps out.

He has short, messy, pitch black hair it seems to absorb the light that hits it and eyes that has every color I can imagine that swirls, switches and turns in a random pattern and seems to swallow your very being and will. He as warm milk chocolate brown skin that looks as smooth as silk and a muscular but lean body. Much like a swimmer's.

I can't take my eyes of him.

There is a shocked silence in the throne room.


Lady Chaos and Lord End shoots him a death glare that could have literally sent a mortal to the Underworld. Zeus swallows his pride in fright.

"Well?" The man says after some seconds, his voice so beautiful and silk-like that it made you want to what ever he wants.

"Don't you want to give your old man a hug?" He asks in what's seems as a playful manner and stretch out his arms.

Lady Chaos and Lord End sprint toward him and the man envelope them in big hug.

I suddenly see a movement and succeed to tear my eyes away from the beautiful man and instead see a child, about eight years, that wears a midnight blue cloak with the hood up, hide behind the man's legs.

I hear the man chuckle, as the child hugs a... a raven? Yeah, a raven that is midnight blue as the child's cloak. The child glares up at the man and manage to see his/her eyes. Their as breathtakingly beautiful and swallowing as the man's.

The child turns his/her head toward the hearth and I see that Hestia looks shocked but not surprised. Does she know who the child is?

The child waves at Hestia shyly and she waves back with a smile on her face. Now that I think of it, I haven't seen Hestia smile like she usually does. This is the first time she has smiled since we come here. She didn't even smile at Lady Chaos.

I look around and see that everyone now have noticed the child too.

The man breaks free from the hug with Lord End and Lady Chaos and bends down to the child's level. They seems to have a silent agreement as the man stands up again, places the child in front of him and places a hand on his shoulder.

"This is my son Nebular." He says. Ok... so what?

"Your son!? Lady Chaos and Lord End shouts in choir.

"Yes, in fact he's my firstborn."


"Yes, firstborn. He may look like eight, that's just because he likes this appearance, but he's more than a trillion years older than all of you and much more powerful. I've sent him here to aid you in the war." The man's, now identified, son looks at the floor in embarrassment. He seems to be humble for a primordial... Wait What!? More powerful than Lady Chaos and Lord End!?

Suddenly the bastard of a child Hector steps forward with disbelief clearly written in his face. And... disgust?

"Is he suppose to be powerful? He looks as weak as a baby and just as young. How can he help us? It seems more likely that we will lose because of the enemy out numbering us as we'll need men to babysit him. I bet he isn't even more powerful than a one year old." He says.

Nebular quickly looks at him and I look into his eyes. They're just as breathtakingly beautiful as his father's and they seem to suck my soul and focus into them. I can just see his eyes, and I want to do anything that he says to he stays happy. Deep in my consciousness I know that everybody in here has been sucked into his eyes. With the exception of his father and the raven.

Nebular starts to walk towards Hector and as he comes nearer his eyes just seems to become even more beautiful. Now I know I can't look away.

As he stand in front of Hector, he smiles and I become relaxed and sleepy and just feels so good and calm that I can't stop a smile to come on my face.

He motions for Hector to bend down to his level and I don't think Hector has ever done something that eagerly.

"What's your name?" Nebular asks Hector in a silk-like voice, filled with power. The sound washes over me on a so delightful melody that even that it isn't directed towards me, I still want to tell him my real name.

"Hector Holmes" Hector answers so fast he almost stumbles over his words.

Nebular tilts his head in a super cute way, and I'm a guy that says that, and gets a little faraway look in his eyes and a small smile tug his lips upright. Like he's thinking of something funny.

Hector's eyes practically glows with happiness as he looks at Nebular.

"Like Sherlock Holmes?" He asks with his smoothing and delightful voice.

I hear distantly as someone chuckles as Hector nod his head.

Suddenly Nebular's smile is gone and power as well as hate radiates from him in so powerful waves I, the rest of the elite group and even Lady Chaos and Lord End have a hard time not to flinch away from him.

Nebular puts his finger under Hector's nose but Hector doesn't look at it as he, as well as everybody else, can't look away from his eyes.

"I'm gonna be so nice that I give you an advise today. Never, and I mean never, accuse me for being weak or powerless, it will likely be your death. I did come here to aid you as my father said. I came here to save the Earth I love from total destruction. But I can always regret it and leave. Then we'll see what you think of me when your getting tortured by Tartarus and Ouranus." He hiss quietly but just high enough for everybody in the deadly silent throne room to hear.

Then he quickly hide behind Order.

I'm shocked.

I would never have guessed that he could do that when Order first introduced him.

As I get over my shock a look around and see that everybody in the throne room has a shocked look on their faces, except Order. I think you could have hear a needle get dropped to the ground in here if someone would have wanted.

Suddenly there is a quiet laughter in the room. And it got louder quickly. Eventually a belly out laughter echoes through the throne room.

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