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Two Queens stood a few metres apart, staring each other down. Neither of them moved, one seeking to intimidate the other.

"You don't belong here" Queen Beryl said smoothly, her red eyes narrowing as her four newly acquired warriors stood behind her.

"Oh, I think I do" Queen Nehellenia said, smirking. Beryl clenched her fists, but only for a moment as she started to walk around Nehellenia. Nehellenia held her delicate right hand up to stop her own warriors from coming in.

"I am originally from Earth, you are from the Moon, why don't you go back there, maybe the Moon brat is still up there with her mothers' corpse" Beryl had a gleam in her eyes as her words flowed out like honey. Closing her eyes, Nehellenia giggled.

"Back to the Moon? Nothing but ruins now, only the power of the Silver Crystal can resurrect it. The same power you desire I presume along with your Prince Charming" Beryl stopped walking and glared at the back of Nehellenia who stood tall, poised and regal. Oh, Beryl hated this woman.

"What do you want with the Prince?" Beryl asked calmly, keeping the edge away from her voice. Again, Nehellenia giggled.

"Prince Endymion? Oh, maybe the Golden Crystal if he posses it, much like Princess Serenity holding the Silver Crystal…Oh…You do know about the Golden Crystal, right?" Nehellenia asked in an innocent voice, Beryl wanted to strangle the woman. How did she know about Earths' great power?!

"You can't get to it, I can't reach it, so you certainly can not have it" Beryl snapped 'the power-hungry succubus' Beryl added mentally for good measure. Beryl had never thought about going after the Golden Crystal. Its power was sacred to the planet of Earth, linked to the life of her beloved Prince. Why would she try to attain it and harm him in such a way?

Nehellenia turned around and faced Beryl, her eyes staring straight into Beryl's. The two Queens both stood their ground.

"I don't care for his life, I only want what I desire. I will kill the Moon Princess and take her powers as well, becoming the most powerful being in the galaxy, if you're lucky and I am merciful, I might allow you to be my pet" Queen Beryl ground down on her teeth as her face went red with anger. This woman!

"I will never allow you to get the Golden Crystal, I will be the most powerful and when I reach my full potential, I won't even keep you as a pet, I will kill you!" Beryl shouted. Nehellenia's eyes went cold as she nodded.

"Seems we 're in a race then, make no mistake, this fight will be the ending of you or me" Queen Nehellenia said as she turned her back on Queen Beryl to leave.

"I am counting on it" Beryl muttered darkly.

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I'm sort of back now after a long break. Had a lot of studying and just writers block sadly. Thought to put this prologue up for my new story. I don't know if this idea in a story has been used but please know this is my own version, I haven't seen a story like this on here but there probably is. I am doing this story as I go along so always open to new ideas on it as I am hoping to make this a longer one. Its AU as well but will try to keep to their characters in Crystal and mostly the Manga.

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