Izuku stared into the abyss that he suddenly found himself in. He'd been having this dream a lot lately. This time he felt more lucid than a typical dream. As if he was more aware of himself and where he was. When he turned around he saw the same group of eight people standing in the darkness. Sometimes he got a brief look at them, but he still didn't recognize these people and he normally had a good eye for faces.

The one in the center walked towards him. This one seemed to be the leader as he was the only one that ever spoke to him.

Izuku's eyes followed the man as he approached. He had white disheveled hair that seemed to obscure the top half of his face, leaving it shadowed, but Izuku could see his mouth moving clearly. No words reached him, so Midoriya had to try reading his lips.

'…Enough…' That word was all he could make out.

"Enough?" Izuku said aloud. "What do you mean? What are you saying? What's enough?" He tried to ask, but got no response. Before he could demand more answers the figures vanished into darkness as the dream ended.

Izuku woke with a start. Sitting up in his bed his ears finally registered the beeping noise coming from his nightstand. Grabbing the digital tablet he smirked seeing exactly what he was waiting for. The documents from the Prime Minister himself, signed and approved, were finally sent to him. It looks like the Deus Ex Machina protocol was a go. Full permission to use his powers and knights to take down the Shie Hassaikai.

"Finally." Pressing a button on his tablet he sounded the alarm throughout his facility. Todoroki, Uraraka, and Iida knew the drill. Wake up, put on your uniforms, grab your gear and meet on the helipad. Jumping out of bed Izuku made his way over to his bathroom to splash some water in his face and get ready.

His bedroom was the most secure chamber in the base. The entire room was sealed, covered top to bottom in the best security technology, bio scanners and quirks scanners, and the only way in or out was a heavily vaulted blast door that even Allmight would struggle to rip open. A sleeping Midoriya was a vulnerable Midoriya after all. If he wanted to get a good night's rest without worrying about an enemy coming in to kill him or worse steal the gauntlet off his unconscious body, then he needed all that extra protection.

Looking into the mirror he examined his shirtless muscular torso. He'd been training extra hard lately in an effort to master One for All. So far he still couldn't use one hundred percent of it without damaging his body. Luckily he had the time stone to undo that damage. One thing he did figure out was that he could channel a small percentage of that power throughout his entire body and not suffer any harm. He just had to improve that in small steps. Annoying, but progress none the less in Midoriya's eyes.

Looking away from the mirror he examined the gauntlet still attached to his left arm. His eyes trailed over each stone carefully, coming to focus on the green power stone placed in the outside palm. From an outside perspective One for All was really an incredible quirk. Where All for One could get powerful in a short amount of time, depending on the quirks that were stolen, One for All became stronger over a long period of time by being passed along through eight inheritors. Eventually surpassing even All for One and defeating its original user.

Personally he found One for All a tad bit disappointing. While the super strength was impressive it wasn't what he wanted this quirk for. In theory all that stock piled power should amplify all the other stones immensely. For the most part it did, but for some odd reason whenever he tried to boost a quirk that was stolen with the soul stone, the strength of the quirk while enhanced was nowhere near what it should be. It was almost as if those two quirks were not compatible, which he Izuku found hard to believe.

Turning the sink on he splashed some water in his face, putting those thoughts to the back of his mind for later. Right now he had a yakuza group to take down and a little girl to save.


"I suppose it couldn't be avoided." Chisaki sighed as he walked with his second in command. They were headed to Eri's room. The fighting up above had just begun and now was the time to take their leave while the enemies were distracted. "I had hoped we'd have more time, but it seems these heroes wanted to catch us off guard."

"We're a step ahead of them, so they didn't." Chronostasis remarked. "Good thing our informant gave us the heads up."

"We're also lucky that the potentially biggest problem isn't involved." Overhaul though back on his initial meeting with the head of the H.R.D. He also remembered the conversation he had with Shigaraki concerning him.


"Tell me about Midoriya." Kai Chisaki asked as he sat across from Tomura Shigaraki. They had just now solidified a rather shaky alliance which led to the leader of the league agreeing to lend the yakuza group Twice and Himiko Toga, but when Chisaki asked for Kurogiri that was where the hand covered villain drew the line. Which was fine for now. He'd get him sooner or later.

"The strategist?" Shigaraki sounded annoyed. "What interest is he to you?"

"He used to work for you, did he not?" Overhaul stared at him. "All that time you didn't know he was building his gauntlet. Right under your nose." Before Apotheosis joined the league he had sent Chronostasis to bring him in. Unfortunately the kid refused and was being protected by a group of small time thugs called the Chain Gang. Thus Overhaul himself went to the garage to personally meet this genius consultant and maybe teach him a few valuable lessons. After killing the gang he found out Apotheosis was recruited by another villain organization and was for now out of reach. He didn't hear anything about the kid until the footage on the news of him tearing a hero tech building down and his identity being exposed. After that the boy went on to force his way into a government position, which was quite an impressive feet. "So what kind of person is he?"

"He's a brat that doesn't know how good he had it with us." Shigaraki growled. "However he is incredibly devious, calculating and isn't afraid to go for the cheap shots to get what he wants. He pisses me off most of the time, but it was those very traits that made me want him in my league in the first place."

"I see, so he's very dangerous then." Chisaki thought back to his encounter with him the other day. Midoriya was powerful, but he was weighed down by political and legal restrictions.

"Extremely dangerous, so I wouldn't go putting myself on his radar if I were you." Tomura warned him.

'A little late for that.' Chisaki thought bitterly. Chasing after that naughty girl Eri had put him right in the line of sight of Izuku Midoriya. The boy with the gauntlet that could crush cities and take away those abhorrent mutations people called quirks. He would have to be carefull how he conducted any future moves from here on out.


"It's time to go." Chisaki said to Chronostasis as his subordinate picked up Eri from her room. Thanks to some inside information they were able to prepare an escape from the heroes and police that just came to raid their base. While the underlings were keeping them busy Overhaul planned to make his way out along with the source of his bullets.

"We need to hurry." Chronostasis warned. "They heroes won't be kept at bay for long. Especially with those robots supporting them." Just as he said that the corridor began to shake and violently. Holes were torn open in the ceiling ahead of their path and out fell what at first looked like large drilling machines. As they hit the floor mechanical parts shifted and reshaped themselves into tall humanoid forms.

"Should have known they built robots that could do this." Chisaki scowled at the three Titans that now stood in his way tracking dirt everywhere. Of course Midoriya, the genius who thought of everything, designed an underground infiltration model. One of the metal drones stomped forward and made to grab Overhaul. "How annoying." He removed his glove and let the robot get in close. One touch and it was over. The Titan was reduced to a pile of metal bits, broken circuits and shredded wires.

"Is that it?" Chisaki taunted as Eri watched in terror as the next two machines marched forward to attack only to be instantly destroyed just like the first.

"Stop right there!" A new voice shouted. Overhaul and Chronostasis spun around to spot a young blonde hero.

"I remember you." Chisaki recalled. "You were that hero boy that was with Midoriya." He had a vague memory of another person there when Izuku Midoriya called on his bluff about being Eri's father.

"It's Lemillion." Mirio introduced himself while calculating his next move.

"Should I care?" Chisaki questioned. "You'll be dead a minute, so what does it matter?" Without another word Mirio took a stance, ready to spring into action to save Eri.


"Push him back!" The dragon hero Ryukyu ordered. She had transformed in an effort to fight off the yakuza member Rikiya Katsukame. They had seemingly beaten him, but he dosed himself with trigger and drained the police and heroes around him of their stamina to grow stronger. The Titan robots were unaffected by his quirk and were the first to dog pile him. That proved futile as with his newfound strength he plowed through the machinery, ripping them apart into scrap metal.

"GAH!" The dragon woman was bashed away by his mighty fist. Even Nejire-chan was blasted back by his strength. Rikiya went after the next target, her intern Tsuyu aka Froppy. Before he could attack the girl he was cut off by a large wall of ice.

"That's just like…" Tsuyu's eyes followed the path of ice until they landed on the source. Her former classmate Shoto Todoroki. Decked out in his new armor and gear.

"Are you alright?" Shoto asked as he walked towards her while holding his two matching swords. One covered in flames the other emitting an icy mist.

"Todoroki? What are you doing here?" Before her question could be answered the large hulking brute of a man punched through the ice. The force of which sent the frog girl flying back. Luckily she was caught by another surprise appearance. Tenya Iida scooped her up while in midair before landing safely on the ground. Meanwhile Todoroki sent another glacier of ice to impede Rikiya's charge. "Ribbit." Tsuyu watched as she was carried safely out of danger while Uraraka passed over them, flying on mechanical wings.

"You're in my way!" The yakuza thug punched through the ice again. Todoroki merely generated more for him to tear apart for some odd reason. The half and half boy didn't say anything and kept up his assault.

"What are you three doing here?" Ryukyu landed right next to Iida. She of course recognized Director Midoriya's hero trainees. They were quite popular lately, yet little was known about them or what kind of training they were conducting at the Hero Regulation Department headquarters.

"Not to worry! We are under orders to assist however we can!" Tenya Iida aka Quicksilver exclaimed very dramatically.

"Uh…Iida you can put me down now." Tsuyu said when she realized he was still carrying her.

"It's alright I'll take you to safety while my comrades take down this villain." Tenya ignored her request and took off with his engine quirk to take the U.A student somewhere away from the battle.

"Are you in position?" Todoroki murmured into the communicator hidden under his scarf.

"Ready to go!" Uraraka replied with enthusiasm. The two of them had been practicing this move for a while ever since they came up with a way to combine their quirks. "Where's Iida? He's going to miss this."

"He said he was going to help evacuate the injured heroes and police from the area." Todoroki explained as he threw more ice at his oblivious opponent. "I saw him getting Asui out here."


"What's going on here?" Tsuyu stared at him suspiciously. Her former class president brought her to this shadowy alleyway where he finally set her down. Taking off his knight-like helmet he switched off his communicator.

"I'm sorry but I had to get us away from the robots." He told her. "I don't want this conversation heard by anyone." Reaching into the pouch on his utility belt he pulled out a folded up slip of paper. "I need you to get this to one of the teachers at U.A." Before she could ask what was on it or why he was handing her a note he continued. "Don't say a word of this to anyone. Keep this letter in your pocket and don't take it out until you're at U.A." His voice was stern and harsh leaving no room for arguments.

"Okay." Tsuyu croaked nervously, but did as he told. Slipping the note into her pocket she looked back up at him.

"This conversation never happened." Iida commanded while putting his helmet back on. "Carry on as normal." Taking off from the alley he returned to the field, switching his communicator back on.


"Alright get back." Uraraka told him through their coms. The dragon hero watched in fascination, wondering what they were planning. So far the young Todoroki only used the ice part of his quirk to attack. It didn't seem effective though. Katsukame just kept tearing through it while laughing psychotically. The dual quirk user suddenly launched himself to a safe distance with his fire sword. That's when she noticed the lack of ice blocks that should have been present scattered about the street.

"Ready!" Both Todoroki and Ochako called. It was then that Ryukyu found where all the ice went. Directly above the villain, floating in the air, frozen chunks hovered around the girl with metal angel wings. "Mega Hail!" Placing her fingers together she released the hold her quirk had over the gravity suspended objects. Her jet powered wings kept her in the air while the boulders of ice rained down upon their target.

"GAHHHH!" Katsukame roared as he was repeatedly battered by the falling ice. When it was over the man lay unconscious among a pile of frosty rubble that covered the entire street. Ryukyu landed back on the ground behind Fahrenheit still in her dragon form.

"That was impressive." She complimented the young hero.

"Thanks." Despite the changes in how he perceived his quirk Shoto still kept his cold demeanor towards people. He didn't do it to be condescending towards others, but he had it for so long it just came naturally at this point.

High up above the street Ochako aka Angel kept a vigilant eye on the area. It seems the police and heroes had gained control of the compound. The Shie Hassaikai's underlings were being rounded up and arrested at this very moment.

"That was so cool!" A voice shouted from directly behind her. Uraraka was so startled that she almost lost her balance with her jet powered wings. Rotating around she spotted an older girl that seemed to also be able to fly using her quirk.

"Oh…um…hello." Uraraka awkwardly greeted the blue haired blue eyed girl. "I'm sorry I don't know you."

"You can call me Nejire-Chan." She introduced. Uraraka noted the yellow spiraling energy that seemed to emit from her feet. That must be her quirk.

"I'm-" Nejire interrupted before she could also introduce herself.

"Your that zero gravity girl from the sports festival. The one that got expelled." She said rather bluntly.

"Y-yeah that's me." The winged girl nodded dejectedly.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to sound insulting." Nejire apologized.

"It's alright I'm over it now." Uraraka smiled back at her assuring no hard feelings. "We should probably head down there and help round up the rest of these thugs here on the surface while Izuku takes care of the leaders."

'Izuku? She's on first name basis with him?' Nejire snapped out of her thoughts when what the former U.A student just said. "Wait a second! Midoriya! Director Midoriya is here!?" She exclaimed loudly. Nejire glanced around for the green haired boy.

"He's already inside." Uraraka pointed down at yakuza compound. "This will be over soon."


Tamaki grunted in pain as he was slammed into to the wall by his opponents crystal clad arm. He was stuck in a three versus one fight against two villains with quirks that could counter his while the other was obviously the muscle of the trio and strong enough to knock him around.

"Looks like you're the one who needs saving now!" Yu Hojo mocked. Tamaki's protective shell armor was easily stripped away by Toya Setsuno's quirk Larceny. Any tentacles that he manifested were quickly devoured by the third member of this trio Soramitsu Tabe. Suneater realized he was backed into a corner, but just when he was about to attempt a counter move something else happened instead.

A small portal suddenly appeared directly above the bald crystal wielding man's head and a gold gauntlet covered in green sparks reached down and grabbed the yakuza member by the face. The guy was startled as he was suddenly picked up, his head pulled into the portal which instantly shrank down around his neck to prevent him from slipping out. His two partners watched in horror as their allies body started to thrash and spasm as purple veins spread across his body. They couldn't hear his scream, but could tell he was in a lot of pain by his movements. The crystals that covered him retracted back into his body as his quirk apparently vanished. His movements stopped and his body was released, falling to the floor like a rag doll.

While they were distracted another portal opened up, this time above the carnivorous bagged masked one. A Titan robot came crashing down on top of him. Pinning Soramitsu to the floor the machine grabbed him by the back of the head and slammed his face into it, knocking him unconscious. Tamaki wasted no time and whipped the last remaining yakuza member in his terrified face with his tentacles, taking him down as well. With all targets neutralized another portal opened. Instead of a robot this time it was Izuku Midoriya. Walking out so casually as if he wasn't standing in the middle of the Shie Hassaikai's base.

"Are you alright Suneater?" Tamaki noticed his eyes looked rather odd. The color seemed to be inverted, the sclera being green and the iris was white. "I'm sorry that I couldn't step in earlier, but this one's quirk might have been problematic for me." He pointed to blonde one.

"How did you?" Tamaki was relieved but also very confused.

"X-Ray eyes." Izuku pointed at his sockets. "One of the quirks I appropriated, let's me see through walls. I watched your fight from a few rooms away and waited for the right moment to intervene."

"Thanks for the help, but why are you here?" The older boy questioned.

"As you just said. I'm here to help and that's all you need to know." Izuku smiled at him while pulling out a medical pack and tossing it to the young hero. "My apologies for leaving you here, but time is of the essence." A portal formed behind him which he stepped back into before shutting it. The older boy watched him leave warily. Tamaki hissed in pain as he felt his fractured ribs.

He took a minute to contemplate the situation. Now director Midoriya, the head of the Hero Regulation Department was involved. Tamaki thought he wasn't allowed to interfere with hero work.


"This all you have?" Rappa asked as he battered Fat Gum with another barrage of punches. The hero collapsed to one knee as he stood protectively over an unconscious Kirishima. The red headed boy did everything he could to break through the barrier protecting Rappa, erected by his partner. Luckily it was just enough to give Fat Gum the opportunity to knock the member of the eight bullets out for the count.

Interestingly enough Kendo Rappa did nothing to protect the other guy. He said he was glad Tengai was out of the picture and now he could enjoy the fight without anyone else getting in the way.

"Come on! Get up! A real man dies on his feet!" He taunted. Before the pro hero could get back up and continue this fight a portal opened underneath Rappa's feet. "What the!?" He had enough sense to jump away before he fell in.

"Nice reflexes." A new voice complimented. Fat Gum recognized it and turned to face the figure approaching from the shadows. He revealed himself to be Izuku Midoriya, the villain turned government official.

"Who the hell are you?" Rappa demanded.

"Are you joking?" Izuku asked. "Is he joking?" He looked too the hero as he asked again. "I'm Director Midoriya, head of the Hero Regulation Department."

"Doesn't ring a bell." The muscular villain said honestly.

"I defeated Allmight a while ago." Izuku tried again and still got no recognition from this guy.

"Don't watch the news." Rappa replied. However if this kid defeated Allmight then he must be extremely strong.

"Well then allow me to educate you." Izuku walked calmly towards him, coming to stand between the now skinny hero and muscular thug. Rappa wasted no time in throwing a punch at the kid before he could get another word in. The haired boy simply caught the fist in his gauntlet, his feet didn't even slide back an inch. "You're the attack first, ask questions later type I see." Izuku smirked as he pointed his bare hand, now covered in black sparks, at the man. "Vector." Rappa was instantly sent flying in the direction he pointed.

"Ha! Throwing me won't be enough!" Rappa jumped back up and charged him.

"You know." Izuku flash warped out of his reach. "You remind me a bit of a villain I fought some time ago." He again warped away from the swinging fists. "His quirk was very different from yours, but both your aggressive styles are very similar." He repeatedly warped to avoid the hits much to the man's frustration.

"Fight me dammit!" Rappa demanded. Izuku just chuckled at his words.

"You meat heads are all the same." The teen warped directly behind him and jumped on his back. "Thinking with your fists and your quirks." Rappa tried to shake him off, but Izuku had super strength so he could hang on all he wanted. Gripping the back of his neck with his gauntlet he activated the soul stone.

"GAHHH!" Fat Gum watched wide eyed as the villain he was fighting screamed in agony. Purple veins covered his body as he thrashed around, but not because he was losing his quirk.

"Do me a favor and hold on to this for me." Izuku finished his work and leaped off of him. His eyes held cruel amusement as he observed the effects of what he'd just done. Rappa's body began to flatten out, becoming pancake thin, limbs flopping around, bending at multiple angles as if he was now made of flimsy paper.

"My body!" He collapsed on ground unable to stand or properly move.

"Looks like I found a use for Origami after all." Izuku left the man there and walked over to the pro hero and unconscious U.A student. "Are you alright Fat Gum?"

"Yeah we'll be fine." The hero picked his young intern up in his arms. "What did you do to him?" His eyes landed on the flattened Rappa on the floor who still struggled to move his body and failed.

"I gave him a quirk that basically makes a human an invalid." Izuku simply explained. "I'd love to stay and chat, but I'm in a hurry. The police will be here momentarily." He opened a portal and quickly walked through it.

'He beat the villain I struggled against so easily.' Fat Gum wasn't angry over that, but he was very impressed and a little scared.


"Keep an eye for him and let me know when he shows himself!" Aizawa ordered as he regained his footing. The walls, floors and ceiling continued to shift and move like liquid. The result of Joi Irinaka aka Mimic's quirk. Sir Nighteye was also attempting to help and spot the villain, while at the same time worrying for his student Mirio who went on ahead to find and rescue the child.

Rock Lock was there as well, another member of the raid team, using his quirk to lock down small sections of the corridor to keep Mimic from crushing them to death, but even he couldn't hold it for long. Just as his quirk gave out the entire corridor was covered in a light blue aura that encompassed everything that Mimic's quirk affected.

"Oh dear." The three pro heroes spun around. There stood Midoriya pressing the fingers of his all-powerful gauntlet against fall, the blue space stone glowing brightly. "You heroes look to be in over your heads on this one."

"You!" Aizawa exclaimed at seeing the boy who pulled the rug out from the hero society's feet.

"It's Director Midoriya. Please, let's keep things professional Erasure Head." Izuku walked up to them.

"Aren't you breaking a lot of laws by being here…Director?" Nighteye asked while putting a touch of venom in his voice when he spoke the boy's unearned title. He too was surprised by the sudden appearance. However Midoriya was known for making unexpected, unannounced entrances, so maybe this shouldn't come as that big of a surprise.

"Under normal circumstances yes. Now however." He pulled out his digital tablet and showed it to the foresight hero. "Things have changed." Nighteye took it and looked the documents displayed quickly.

'What's happening!? Why can't I move!?' Joi Irinaka thought frantically as the stone corridors refused to obey him.

"Wait a second." Rock Lock looked at the frozen walls and floors. "This is the same as my quirk."

"Think of it as an improved version of yours." Izuku explained. Best he not know that it was his DNA that he used to create the space stone. The less people know who went into what, the better.

"Deus Ex Machina protocol?" Nighteye scowled. "The Prime Minister is letting you take over this case?"

"Take over no. Assist yes." Izuku replied. "I've been following these quirk destroying bullets for a while now. I traced it back to the Shie Hassaikai and when I found out that you were also investigating them and were even planning a raid I beseeched Minister Toriyama to lift the restraints placed upon me." He smiled happily. "Any questions?" tilting his head coyly he looked the former sidekick of Allmight dead in the eye.

'I can't believe the prime minister is letting him get away with this.' Nighteye scowled at the gauntlet clad boy who defeated the man who he looked up to most. Not only that but Midoriya took what belonged to Allmight and should have been given to Mirio Togata. Some people had great respect for Izuku Midoriya, but Nighteye saw him for what he really was. Nothing more than a cunning thief that stole what other people worked hard to obtain. 'Then again he let him get away with much more than this.'

"Now this fellow that you've been having trouble with." Izuku deactivated the space stone's power then activated the reality stone, while amplifying it with the power stone. With these two stones it was child's play to force the corridor into a more solid even shape.

"What is this!?" Mimic screamed in rage as his quirk was over powered. Even with trigger he was no match for Izuku's infinity gauntlet.

"Oops is your quirk boosting drug wearing off." Midoriya chuckled as he started tearing chunks out of the walls before crushing them with his telekinetic powers. "Your real body has to be here somewhere."

'So that's it.' Sir Nighteye observed the green stone in the boy's gauntlet. According to Allmight that stone is One for All. It was right there, just a few feet away. He could reach out and touch it if he wanted to. 'I could grab the stone and run.' He might not ever get a chance like this again, but no he couldn't afford to take that risk. Especially while Midoriya had all those other stones and could easily over power him and take not only the stone back, but steal his quirk as well. Nighteye didn't want to think of the possible damage that could be done by a Midoriya with Foresight. Plus there were more important matters right now.

"Thank you for the help, but we have the situation under control." Aizawa told him.

"Really?" Izuku didn't even face as him as he pulled out another piece of the wall. "Because from where I'm standing it looks like you lot bit off more than you can chew with this one. I had to stop and help Suneater as well as Fat Gum while on my way here. Both of which whom were in terrible condition. Still think you don't need my help?"

"He's right." Sir Nighteye found himself agreeing reluctantly. "We all know how powerful Director Midoriya is. With him here this will be over shortly." Even though he said that secretly the former sidekick was plotting to use his quirk on Midoriya the first opportunity that became available. 'I've already made eye contact.' His quirk needed physical contact though to first activate. If Nighteye could just look into his future, he might be able to see what he was planning, maybe even see if he was defeated or if One for All was ever reclaimed.

"Gotcha!" Izuku smirked as he watched the frightened tall man leap from a chunk of rubble that he just tore from the wall. Reaching out with the reality stone he yanked Mimic's true body towards him with his armored fist open to catch him and take his quirk. Or he would have if Erasure didn't deactivate the yakuza villain's quirk then close line him with his capture weapon before knocking him out.

"Your welcome." Aizawa said gruffly.

"Thanks." Izuku said though his teeth. He really wanted that quirk. The ability to merge with nonorganic objects would have been very useful.

"Rock Lock I need you to go back and make sure Fat Gum and the others are safe." Izuku also ordered the officers and few remaining robots to go with him. "You two are with me. The infiltration units gave me Kai Chisaki's last location." He pointed to Sir Nighteye and Erasure Head. None of the heroes liked taking orders from him, but Midoriya had authority equal to the Hero Commission, so they had no choice. Even though he said he wasn't here to take over he was doing just that.

"Then let's end this already." Nighteye glared at him. Izuku didn't reply, instead he prepared to open up another portal.

MEANWHILE (Was going to end it there, but this is a much better cliffhanger)

'I just need to hold him off till Sir and the others get here.' Mirio though as he drove his fist into Overhaul's face, passing right through his open hand. Luckily the villain's quirk required him to touch a person or object with his hands which Mirio's quirk Permeation was the perfect counter for. However that didn't stop Overhaul from destroying and transforming the environment around them into something more lethal, like an open chamber full of spiked pillars.

'He can't defend himself and Eri at the same time.' Chisaki had tried to fatally injure the girl and force the hero to surrender as only he had the power to fix her, but that proved easier said than done. Any move he made Lemillion was there to either pummel him or pull Eri out of harm's way. Chronostasis was unconscious and out of the picture for now. All he had left was, "Nemoto!" Chisaki shouted while tossing the pinned underling one of the new perfected bullets. "Take the shot!" This one would completely destroy the quirk, unlike the others that just temporarily disabled it.

Loading the bullet into his pistol Nemoto aimed it at the young blonde hero that dared to fight against the Shie Hassaikai. The bullet would pass through Lemillion as they'd all seen, but the child he was attempting to save had no such ability. Moving the sight he now pointed the gun at Eri, still bundled up in the hero's cape, and immediately pulled the trigger. If he wanted to protect her he'd have to take hit.

Mirio saw where he was aiming and without thought or hesitation threw himself in the path of the bullet. He wasn't afraid though. He kept his smile the whole time, it was the only way to assure Eri that everything would be alright.

Strangely enough there was no pain. Mirio heard the gun fire. Did the bullet completely miss? Turning around he spotted the small projectile held in midair a few feet from piercing him.

"That was a close call." Everyone stopped what they were doing, and finally noticed the portal opened off to the side of where they were fighting. Izuku stood at the edge of it with his gauntlet arm outstretched. "But it seems we've made it in time." The bullet flew through the air into his open palm. "Hm. This is one of those quirk erasing bullets." The green haired teen examined the small object in his hand as he stepped through the portal. Erasure Head and Sir Nighteye followed behind him.

"So how exactly were you planning to save anyone without your quirk Lemillion?" Izuku turned to face Mirio with a frown at such a foolish decision the other boy was about to make. He slipped the bullet into the pocket of his suit before facing the leader of this yakuza group. "Hello Kai Chisaki. We meet again." He smirked.

"I don't go by that name anymore, Apotheosis." Overhaul spat the boy's villain name distastefully.

"And I don't go by that name anymore." Izuku's smirk widened further as he pointed his gauntlet at him.

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Yes Mirio doesn't lose his quirk. As I've said before Izuku fights him much later in the story and he needs his quirk for that.

I know I'm glossing over a lot of important character development and moments from the canon series, but this is Izuku's story.

Next AN I'm going to tell you guys about the original version of this story. I promise.

SOUL STONE: All for One: Notice Me Not (Renamed 'Unnoticeable'), X-Ray Eyes, Eye Stamp, Sludge, Energy Conversion, Vector, Quirk Multiplier (Retconned as: 'Overgrowth'), Hell Flame, Weather Dominator, Serpentress, Gigantification, Origami (Gone for now), Crystal.

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