'How could this happen?' He had the strongest quirk in existence. No one could compare to his power. Any quirk was his for the taking. He had no equal. All those who dared to challenge his rule fell before him. Even the six who came after his foolish little brother were no match.

'How?' Yet this man. This titan of a man. He threw everything at him. Every single quirk at his disposal. The eighth user of his opposite was somehow matching him. Not just matching, over whelming him. Even injured and bleeding this man kept going stronger than ever.

'How?' He couldn't even try and take the quirk. Every attempt was met with a violent crushing blow to his body.

'How?' Finally having enough he charged up and fired his biggest attack yet. The very same one he used to destroy the blonde man's predecessor. The man powered through it. The sight was so impossible he almost didn't believe his eyes.

'How!?' Next thing he knew he was grabbed by the wrist so hard it turned every bone in it to gravel. He was then thrown to the ground with enough force to leave an impression of his body. As he tried to get up he was met with a fist to the chest that knocked him back into the ground. Then another that made his lungs collapse if the agony was anything to go by.

'HOW!?' Over and over the hulking man who wielded One for All drove his mighty fist into his face. Each time he did his vision would get blurrier and each punch caused him to see flashes of different people delivering the blow. First that Shimura woman whose grandson that he recently took under his wing, then that bald man who had the black whip quirk, the rest of the users followed. The last of which was his own brother bashing his face in with his scrawny fist.

'HOW!?' It wasn't his own mind asking that anymore. It was as if his quirk was screaming that repeatedly. Who the question was directed at, he had no idea.


At this point all he could do was hold his least damaged hand up, body shaking in fear and pain, in a futile attempt to stop this man. Like a helpless child trying pathetically to defend himself from bullies. He didn't think it would end like this. Sure he planned for his possible defeat, but he always held the confidence that he would still come out of this fight on top.

The last thing he ever saw was his own reflection in the blonde man's eyes. Only it wasn't himself. It was a teenager with dark green messy hair, emerald eyes wide in terror, bloody face, and a mangled broken body. His raised hand was covered by a gold plated gauntlet, with five glowing stones attached.

As the man's fist crashed one more time into his skull, his vision went permantly dark.

All for One suddenly woke from his dream, or more accurately nightmare. He started coughing and wheezing almost uncontrollably. Even with the life support machines keeping him alive he still found the sheer act of breathing a hassle. Sometimes he thought it would be best to just let go and finally die, but no he couldn't do that. He'd stay alive as long as possible just to spite Allmight and all of hero society.

"My apologies." The faceless man finally got his cough under control, noticing the turrets trained on him. "I've been having some…bad dreams lately." He smirked to the guards he knew were watching through the security cameras. "I'm sure you can understand." Calming his racing heart, his mind wondered back to that dream. He remembered that moment. When it seemed he was defeated, the only thing he could think of to do was to taunt Allmight about Nana Shimura. It worked like a charm. The hero's anger got the better of him and he dropped his guard, giving All for One the opportunity to blow a hole through his midsection and then launch his own body as far away as possible. Even while blinded he was able to make his way back to the doctor.

'Izuku.' His dream ended with a vision of the boy he liked to think of as his other student. While Tomura was his true apprentice. Izuku was more like an independent pupil that he mentored for a brief time. Tomura needed his guidance, but Izuku already had his own goals and ideas. The boy's devious mind and ambition reminded All for One of himself in his younger years. Even though Izuku didn't really need him. He still couldn't help but point him in the right direction for those stones of his. Despite being quirkless he found a way to be the strong all on his own. Truly a remarkable boy.

'Perhaps I should have told him.' He chuckled to himself. 'The secret about One for All. Oh well. He'll have to figure that one out by himself.' There was one little tidbit of information he purposely neglected to tell Izuku when they were discussing the quirk. What kind of teacher would he be if just handed everything to his students? Sometimes they have to help themselves.


"So what are we doing again?" Twice asked nervously. "Something devious I hope!"

"We're here to get the files." Himiko Toga explained as they snuck into Chisaki's lab.

"I don't remember Shigaraki telling us to do that." Jin followed her.

"Oh he didn't." She smiled at him. "Izuku-kun asked me to do it." Finding the computer she pulled out a small drive from her pocket. "Let's see he said plug it in and wait for the light to turn green." Finding an open computer port she plugged it in and waited.

"You know I've been meaning to ask." Twice broke through the awkward silence. "Why are you working for Midoriya? What does he have that I don't!?"

"Why wouldn't I work for Izuku-kun?" She cocked her head curiously. "He's super smart, super strong and super cute. Plus he introduced me to mister Stain."

"Those doesn't seem like good enough reasons." Even that all sounded superficial to him. Nothing that would inspire loyalty.

"Well there's a bit more to it than that." Himiko toyed with a lock of her blonde hair as she thought about what Izuku told her.

"They called you a monster? Because of your quirk?" Izuku scoffed. "That's ridiculous. The absurdity of people sometimes. To label a quirk as abnormal and to claim that person is monstrous. In today's world."

"Listen to me Himiko. You may be a bit…extreme sometimes, but I think your quirk is incredible. Everyone has a place in this world and so do you." He said while holding his hand out for her to take. "Come with me and I'll show you."

"He just won me over Jin." Himiko grinned from ear to ear. "He also gave me some new toys to play with."

"Hey what are you two doing in here!?" They both turned to see one of Overhaul's underlings at the entrance. He must have come to erase all the files and destroy the hard drives, disposing of all the evidence.

"We're stealing your files." Himiko said nonchalantly as she snapped her fingers.

"You traitorous little-" He was cutoff as four needles attached to small rubber hoses shot into his shoulders and neck. More and more of these needles stabbed into him as they started to rapidly drain him of his blood. In a matter of seconds the needles retracted leaving the man a bloodless husk.

"What the hell was that?" Twice didn't understand how she did that until his eyes followed the retreating needles up to the ceiling where a group of about eight small mechanical spiders where stealthily hidden in the shadows.

"My new toys." Toga answered. The light on the drive turned green giving her the go ahead to take it out. Just as she did the room started shaking from a loud booming rumble that came from bellow. "Oh looks like Izuku-kun is getting to work. Damn I really wish I could see it." The blonde girl bit her lip in frustration. "Let's go."

'Is it me or did she get scarier?' Twice thought as he watched her step over the dead body of the man her robot spiders just killed. 'I like it.'


Izuku stared Chisaki down while simultaneously taking stock of every individual in the area in a matter of seconds. Erasure Head and Nighteye were beside him. Lemillion was standing protectively in front of Eri. Chisaki was by himself. The one known as Chronostasis was unconscious. The one that tried to shoot Lemillion was pinned down, but still awake.

'Alright I can work with this.' Izuku thought as he processed everything in his head. He was aware that he couldn't just fling his power around with this many allies and a child close by. He would have to hold back.

"That's right I hear that you named yourself after your quirk." Izuku remarked. "Not very creative if you ask me."

"I suppose Apotheosis is?" Chisaki fired back. "Ascendance into godhood."

"It had a nice ring to it." Izuku smirked taking a few steps forward. Without any more hesitation he thrust his armored hand upwards, and with the power of the reality stone peeled up a section of the floor and hurled it at the beak masked villain. In his next move he opened a portal close to Lemillion and Eri. "Go! Now!"

The wall he threw at Chisaki was obliterated into rubble, followed by a row of spikes that went right for the young hero and child. Mirio picked Eri up and jumped out of the way. The spikes missed them, but managed to hit the outer edge of the portal, forcing it destabilize and close. Something that didn't go unnoticed by many there.

"Erasure!" Izuku ordered.

"Right!" Aizawa didn't need to be told twice. As soon as Chisaki was visible he activated his quirk to temporarily erase the villain's. Night eye ran over to help Lemillion while Izuku and Aizawa rushed in to detain Overhaul.

"Chrono!" Chisaki shouted when the two were close enough. Suddenly a pair of arrow shaped tendrils shot out of the back of the unconscious underling's hood. Izuku dodged the one that was aimed at him, but Erasure Head wasn't so lucky. One managed to scrape against his side, causing his movements to turn slow and sluggish. Overhaul took advantage and quickly moved out of his line of sight, using his quirk again to create a forest of spikes around him. The teen was forced to flash warp out of the way as the entire floor was turned sharp and hazardous.

'Dammit!' Izuku silently cursed himself for being nearly caught by surprise. Glancing around he realized that he lost sight of Erasure Head. Chronostasis was also gone, probably having captured the underground hero. He'd have to deal with that later.

Overhaul pondered his situation carefully. Apotheosis was on the scene yet he hasn't been immediately defeated by him yet. He must be holding back for his allies' sake. Maybe he could take advantage of that. Looking down at his feet Chisaki found Nemoto's injured unconscious body. "Even if we are facing the unstoppable Midoriya, I won't go down without a fight. Isn't that right Nemoto?" Reach down he used his quirk on his subordinate.

"Why are you still here!?" Izuku yelled at Sir Nighteye, seeing that he had yet to leave with Lemillion and Eri. Before he could attempt to open another portal for them something exploded behind him. Spinning around he laid eyes upon the horrific consequences of Chisaki using his quirk to fuse with his underling. The end result was a hideous forearmed monstrosity. 'His quirk can do this?' Thinking quickly he opened a portal for Nighteye to escape with the other two.

"Oh no you don't!" Overhaul shredded the ground between them. Forcefully closing the portal and causing Lemillion, Eri and Sir Nighteye to be split up from each other. It seemed he figured out the portals could be destabilized if something solid hit them along the outer rim.

"Bastard." Izuku used the soul stone to launch a wave of fire at the man. While they continued to fight Mirio ran over to Eri, still wrapped up in his cape. He knew it was best to stay out of the way. As much as he wanted to help, Chisaki and Midoriya's abilities were too dangerous and if someone interfered they'd be caught in a deadly crossfire.

"Sir we need to leave!" Mirio called over to his mentor. There were no exits though. Overhaul had sealed them off and the only way in or out was through one of Midoriya's portals. A burst of flames interrupted their thoughts.

"That quirk of yours is very versatile." Izuku complimented.

"Let me ask you something." Chisaki began. "You were quirkless originally. So why would you corrupt yourself with that gauntlet? Why would you willingly infect yourself with a disease?"

"I don't see quirks as a disease." Izuku replied. "Quirks are the next step in human evolution and poor little me is just struggling to catch up. That's why I built the infinity gauntlet."

"I see." Overhaul scowled. "You're just as sick as the rest of this hero society!" He charged towards the boy.

"I'm sick!?" Izuku shouted back. "Look at what you turned yourself into!" Izuku met his charge. Flash warping behind the man and out of his reach he delivered a powerful One for All amplified kick to his back. Chisaki was sent tumbling across the floor like a rock skipping along the water. Izuku didn't bother moving when the floor beneath him was turned into spikes again. He merely shredded it into bits of rubble with his reality stone, then quickly collected it together to form a giant hand. 'Let's see if he can destroy something that's already in pieces.'

Chisaki looked up in time to see the attack bearing down on him. Raising all four of his arms he instantly turned it into even smaller bits of rubble as soon it made contact. Izuku frowned seeing that his construct was reduced to practically dust. This would be so much easier if he didn't have to hold back.

'He's definitely holding back.' Overhaul confirmed. 'He's also completely focused on me.' The masked man knew that if he didn't make an escape soon more heroes would probably show up. However he wasn't leaving without the source of his bullets. Glancing across the area he spotted Eri being carried off by that irritating blonde hero. That gave him an idea. With his two right hands he sent a barrage of stone pillars aimed at the pair.

"Really?" Izuku said dryly as he stopped the attack with his reality stone. Chisaki without a moment of hesitation slammed one of his left hands on the ground creating a giant wave of stone that attacked Izuku on his right. While holding off the first attack Izuku stopped the next one with his right arm enhanced with one for all. Both of his hands were occupied, but Kai Chisaki had one more he could use.

"Die!" Overhaul created what looked like a giant dagger out of the environment headed straight for Midoriya's unprotected chest.

'Interesting.' Izuku saw the attack coming, but didn't do anything to stop it. He let out a choked gasp as he was run through. The attack was strong enough to go right through his invisible protective barrier. Izuku slumped forward still impaled on the large rocky pike, apparently dead.

'It can't be.' Sir Nighteye's stared in shock at what he was witnessing. 'There's no way somebody who destroyed Allmight's life and stole his legacy could be slaughtered so easily.'

'No.' Eri clutched on to Mirio's cape tighter.

"So that's it?" Overhaul almost couldn't believe it. Then again he had the advantage and Midoriya was forced to hold back. Now there was just the other two heroes to deal with. His eyes then drifted over to the gauntlet still attached to Midoriya's lifeless left arm. The power to steal any quirk. Now that would be a very useful thing to have. Walking close to the boy's body he reached out to take the device. He didn't notice the small smirk appear on Izuku's face or the bit of black sparks that formed on his other hand. Mere inches away and Chisaki was suddenly blasted by a torrent of searing fire that sent him flying back.

"GAHHH!" He screamed and thrashed in pain, desperately slapping out the flames on his coat.

"Its funny isn't it? When people think they've won. When they see something they want right in front of them." Izuku chuckled as he lifted his head. "How quickly they develop tunnel vision and become blind to everything around them."

"That's not possible! You're dead! I ran you through!" Chisaki argued.

"Did you now?" Izuku reached up to his black button down shirt, first ripping his ruined green tie off, then slowly tearing the shirt wide open, showing him where he was impaled. "All for One is such a fascinating quirk. As soon as I obtained my copy, I started pouring over every observation and note I made. Experimenting with all the quirks I acquired." Instead of a bare chest it looked like his torso was made of a dark green sludge. "Just like that man did I figured out how to apply those quirks to specific parts of my body." That was the conclusion that Izuku came to when he applied his analytical skills to the footage of Allmight and Sensei's battle at Kamino. The man was able to stack a whole bunch of quirks into a single arm that he tried and failed to punch the former hero into oblivion with. If he could do that then it stands to reason the same could be applied to other areas of the body.

"I saw what you were doing and applied the sludge quirk to my torso." Izuku shrugged as he delivered a chop to the stone still piercing him. He easily removed the chunks from him and then deactivated the quirk, returning his chest to its normal chiseled unblemished formed. "Now where was I?" Flashing warping to where Chisaki lay on the floor he cocked his foot back and gave the man a powerful kick into the side of his ribs. Thanks to the power stone Overhaul was sent flying over the floor, crashing through multiple pillars and spikes.

Slowly Izuku approached the injured villain, levitating off the floor. Descending down towards him he reached out for Chisaki's head. The soul stone glowing ominously, ready to take the quirk presented in front of it.

'No. I won't lose like this!' Overhaul slammed one of his hands on the floor, making it dissolve and swallow him up. Izuku was forced to jump back to avoid the spikes that followed his departure. Glancing around his green eyes sought the man.

"I've lost sight of him!" He shouted over to his two allies. 'X-Ray Eyes.' Using a quirk he appropriated with the soul stone he gazed through the floor looking for Chisaki. He didn't spot him, but he noticed a crude tunnel headed straight for, "Lemillion! Look alive!"

No sooner than those words left his mouth the ground behind Eri exploded and that four armed abomination of a man burst out, wounds fully repaired, reaching out to grab her. Mirio immediately acted, using his quirk to phase through the little girl. With both arms he grabbed Chisaki by the wrists holding him back with all of his strength. Since his quirk was activated by touch of his hands he couldn't destroy the obstructing hero. However his other set of arms had nothing to block him. That was when Nighteye made his move, running up behind the villain and grabbing those wrists to prevent him from killing his student.

"You see this Eri." A mouth opened on Chisaki's palm. "This is what your disobedience does. Do you want to see these two die you little monster?" He said using Nemoto's quirk on the child.

"Nighteye! Lemillion! Move aside!" Izuku hovered over them with his gauntlet pointed at the villain. "Move! Now!" He ordered furiously. The two of course ignored his call. If they moved, if they let go it would mean certain death for them and Overhaul would be just a step away from grabbing Eri.

"How many people will you kill Eri?" Chisaki taunted her. Eri watched with terror filled eyes as these heroes risked everything for her. Why were they doing this? She asked herself. Her life didn't matter in her mind. Not after everything that happened. Eri truly believed she was a curse.

'Idiots! This is why I prefer to work alone.' Izuku flew towards the villain they were restraining in another attempt to take his quirk. Chisaki saw him coming and with the enhanced muscles in his newly reconstructed arms he spun around throwing Mirio away and hurling Nighteye directly into Midoriya.

"Move it!" Izuku roughly shoved Nighteye off of him. Reaching out with the reality stone he manipulated the stone floor to grab ahold of Overhaul's legs. He would have just blasted him, but Eri was inches away from his reach and still frozen in fear. "Lemillion! Get her away!" He screamed at the hero while channeling fire into his other hand.

"Right!" Mirio ran over and scooped Eri up to get her out of the line of fire. Izuku started to amplify the heat using One for All when something strange happened. The power stone, instead of strengthening what was once Endeavor's quirk, suddenly caused the fire to nearly fizzle out.

'That's not supposed to happen.' The green haired teen mentally panicked. In that moment of distraction Chisaki broke free and hit the floor with his quirk, creating a row of spikes chasing after the hero that took his prize. Mirio had his back turned, so he couldn't see the attack, but he could definitely hear it. He couldn't use his quirk, which would save him however would leave poor Eri to take the blow. The best he could do was shield her from the attack with his own body. As long as he saved her nothing else mattered.

That blow never came. Instead another body crashed into his, shoving him out of the way. Spinning around on his feet he saw his mentor, impaled and missing an arm.

"Sir!" Mirio watched him cough up blood. Unlike Midoriya he didn't have a quirk to cheat himself out of this situation. Izuku quickly warped next to him and chopped the spike in half. He slung the hero's remaining arm over his shoulder and pressed his gauntlet to the wound. Activating the time stone he frowned as nothing happened.

'As I feared. Organs are too badly damaged for restoration to take effect.' Nighteye's blood spilled over the gauntlet's metal plating. "Why did you do that?"

"My legs…moved on their own." The former sidekick chuckled, remembering what Allmight told him about true heroes. Tilting his head up he looked Midoriya in the eyes. With the conditions met he was finally able to use his quirk on the boy. Taking a gander at his future Nighteye was shocked and eventually horrified by what he witnessed. If he survived this then he needed to let someone, anyone know.

Glaring over at Chisaki Izuku prepared to make a counter attack. Former sidekick of Allmight or not, the villain wouldn't get away with nearly killing a hero on his watch. Before any move could be made by either side a hole in the ceiling was blown open. Out of that hole fell the large body of Rikiya Katsukame, covered in burns, bruises and pieces of ice. Coming down with him was the dragon hero Ryukyu along with Angel aka Uraraka.

The unconscious villain's body crashed onto the floor creating a big enough distraction for Chisaki to make another grab for Eri. This time he learned from his mistake and instead of running up to the hero that was guarding her, he reshaped the floor underneath them. The poor girl was launched into the air by a pillar that formed beneath her feet. Overhaul roughly caught her midair and placing one of his remaining hands on the back of her head.

"Follow me and she dies!" He threatened. Glancing up at the newly made hole he decided that was his escape route.

Izuku cursed through his teeth. He was still carrying Nighteye when Ochako hovered over to him. "Angel! What happened!? Where's Fahrenheit!?"

"He's injured." Uraraka said quickly. "We thought the villain was beat, but he got up again and Todoroki got seriously hurt. Iida has him."

"I need you to take Sir Nighteye out of here." She lowered herself down to his level. "He needs immediate medical attention." Izuku handed the injured hero over to her.

"Let me." Mirio tried to say, but Midoriya cut him off.

"You've done enough here." The gauntlet user said rather harshly. "Unless you can use your quirk with other people then do your job and go rescue Erasure Head. The enemy captured him remember. I'll save Eri. Ryukyu go secure that big guy so doesn't get back up again." He dismissed them without another word. Izuku looked up towards his target focusing on Chisaki as he elevated himself towards the hole, keeping a tight hold on his captive.

Izuku leaped into the air, soaring extremely fast while dodging pieces of falling rubble. Overhaul was turned away from him and yet to notice the incoming threat. Eri however could see him perfectly fine. Izuku looked her right in the eyes and smiled. It wasn't his normal arrogant menacing smirk that he gave his enemies. This time it was a true genuine smile that he reserved only for those that he actually cared about.

For some reason something awoke in Eri. A desire to be saved, or a new hope bloomed perhaps. For whatever reason she reached her hand out towards him, accidentally activating her quirk in the process from all the stress.

"Guh!" Overhaul gasped as Eri's power affected him, forcing him back into his original body while Nemoto was returned to form, falling off the side of the platform. Eri also slipped from his grasp during the prosess. Still reaching out for Izuku she didn't notice Chisaki turning around to grab her again.

'Nope!' Izuku saw what he was about to do and activated the time stone. Happy that he saved it for this moment right here as he moved through the yellow bubble of isolated time, frozen in a single moment. Right before it reached its limit he picked Eri up, holding her close with his gauntlet arm, while pointing his other at Chisaki. Time resumed and Izuku channeled fifty percent of one for all into his finger and flicked it right at the now wide eyed Overhaul. The attack instantly broke two of his fingers, but he honestly didn't care about that right now.

The pillar exploded into gravel as the villain was sent flying like a rocket into the ground bellow. Izuku didn't give him a second thought as he carried Eri up and out of the hole to the outside world. Gently setting her down in the middle of the street he looked her over to make sure she wasn't hurt.

"Are you alright Eri?" He went to touch her cheek, but flinched back when yellow sparks emanating from her horn zapped his digits. Izuku stared at his right hand in fascination as his broken fingers were miraculously repaired. It didn't seem anything like the time stone's restoration ability, nor did it feel like a healing quirk. This was something else entirely. "Is this your quirk?" She nodded with an anxious look in her red eyes.

"She has no control!" A annoyingly familiar voice taunted from behind them. Out of the hole crawled a colossal fleshy beast with multiple grotesque limbs, and a large beak shaped maw with Chisaki inside at the heart of this abomination. "Her quirk is called rewind! Depending on how she's used she could even turn a human into a monkey!" Izuku frowned finally starting to understand Eri's quirk and how Overhaul was using her to make these bullets. "That girl is a curse! You should hand her over to me! I'm the only one that can use her properly!"

"She's not an object!" Izuku walked towards him, coming to stand between this thing who dared call himself a man and the child. "She's just a little girl you sick freak!" He stared up at the villain without an ounce of fear in his gaze. "I've done a lot of terrible things to get where I am, I'll admit that much, but I've never harmed an innocent child. That's a line I'd never cross!"

"How pathetic!" Raising one of his giant arms he reached out to crush him. "I'm going to tear down this diseased quirk society! I won't let a wannabe hero stand in my way! I don't care how much power you have!"

"Stay right where you are Eri." Izuku glanced back at her. "This will be over quickly." He promised. Izuku had already calculated the change in variables of this battle. They were now out in the open, Chisaki made the dumb mistake of making himself a bigger target and he only had one person to protect. 'Wonderful. I can use a bit more power now.' Aiming his gauntlet at the villain, he combined the power and space stone to project his epidermal barrier outwards to create a giant wall deflecting the red fleshy hand that reached out for him.

"Get out of my way!" Slamming all of his hands on the ground Overhaul transformed the concrete into large tendrils that ended in pointed tips aimed right at the boy that was keeping Eri from him. This time Izuku opened a series of portals, catching each of this spiked pillars, and opening the exit portals directly above the giant monster of a body that was now Chisaki. The man's back was hammered by his own attack.

Izuku took full advantage of him being staggered from that. Using the reality stone, empowering it with one for all, he lifted the villain up into the air. After taking him high enough so that he couldn't use his quirk on anything, the young director slowly clenched his gauntlet covered fist. Overhaul's massive body began to crumple inwards like a paper ball. Izuku smirked as he crushed the man with his own flesh.

'Why?' Chisaki obliterated the tissue and bones around him. Reassembling his new body into even more hideous form, charging out of the sky down towards him.

'Weather Dominator.' The clouds above them darkened as Izuku used the stolen quirk. As he tried enhancing it with one for all, he noticed it attempted to power down the quirk rather then up like it did earlier with hell flame. This time Izuku in his anger poured his will into the stone and forced it to empower the weather manipulating quirk.

"Why can't you see what I'm trying to do!?" Overhaul screamed at him. He thought of all people, a quirkless human would want the same thing that he wanted. A chance to put humanity back to the way it was, before these mutations defiled the world.

"Oh I do see!" Izuku blasted him back with his power. "And I disagree completely with it!" He watched the man break apart and put himself back together again in a desperate attempt to make his body strong enough to contend with the infinity gauntlet. That was fine for Midoriya. It didn't matter how many times this disgusting man destroyed and rebuilt himself. He'd still be crushed in the end.

"I may not be a hero, but that didn't stop me from making a few super moves." Izuku's smile widened further. "Here's one of my new favorites." Channeling lightning from the clouds above, he aimed his now black sparking hand at the villain. "Eri cover your ears!" He shouted without turning back. Eri did as he said just in time. "Lightning Trident!" Three bolts of lightning fired out of the sky simultaneously, striking the giant square in the chest followed by a loud booming clap of thunder. Chisaki was sent crashing down into the street. His entire body felt like it was on fire again as he hit the ground.

Izuku walked over to him cautiously. Pushing the smoke and dust away he examined the villain's seemingly unconscious smoldering body. The entire chest was covered in severe burns focused where the lightning struck him. Chisaki's real body lay slumped over at the top of a mound of fleshy tendrils. Turning his back to his defeated opponent Izuku unfortunately made the same mistake that he mocked Chisaki for making earlier.

"AAAAHHHHHH!" Overhaul's body leaped up, screaming in pain and rage. One long partially burned giant arm reached over a surprised Midoriya. Eri flinched back seeing the hand inches away from clasping her. Instinctively she lifted her own hands to block him, accidentally shooting the power of her quirk outwards like some sort of projectile attack. The yellow energy spread from Chisaki's hand to the rest of his body. In an instant he was split back into two people again.

"Oops!" Izuku didn't hesitate to take advantage of the situation. Appearing behind the man, he gripped ahold of both his wrists bending both his arms awkwardly behind his back so he couldn't use his quirk. "Well isn't this funny?" With a brutal jerk and twist Izuku dislocated the joints in his arms, before roughly tossing him on his back. With his target immobile he was able to use the space stone to create two small portals, entrapping his now useless arms just in case he tried anything else, keeping the exit portals high in the air, away from any solid matter.

"You called Eri a curse and yet she just brought you back down to size." Izuku chuckled as he walked around his fallen body, coming to stand over his head. "I don't personally believe in things like karma, but it's hard to ignore that kind of cosmic justice." Cocking his foot back he swung it like a pendulum, kicking Chisaki in the face and knocking his plague doctor mask right off. Izuku noticed something sticking out of his pocket. Reaching into the man's coat he pulled out the small red case and opened it. "So these are what you tormented and experimented on Eri for?"

"That's mine." Chisaki snarled up at him as he tried and failed to move.

"I understand you on some level. There was a time that I too despised quirks. Mainly because I didn't have one." Midoriya frowned as he stared at the series of bullets. "Childish envy and all that. It was during my research that I came to the realization that quirks are not really all that special. They are merely tools we are born with. Like hands and teeth. Biological tools that evolution gave us." Using hell flame he set fire to the case. Chisaki watched in horror and fury as his work was slowly melted away into slag. "And evolution goes forward, not backwards." Leaning over the man the green eyed teen reached down with his gauntlet and placed it over his mouth. Activating the soul stone he slowly and painful stole Kai Chisaki's quirk.

'No. No! NO!' His screams were muffled by the armored hand covering his mouth. All he could think about as his vision went dark was his boss. The man who took him in, raised him. The man who he left in a coma. The man who he failed.

"Pathetic little man." Izuku released the quirkless villain and left his unconscious body there. Slowly he approached the child that he was protecting. "It's okay now Eri. He can't hurt you anymore." He smiled trying to be warm and assuring.

"Stay back!" Eri warned him falling to her knees as she held herself.

"What's the matter?" He took a step closer to her.

"Please! I can't…" Yellow energy erupted out of her body.

'That's right. He said she couldn't control her quirk.' Holding up his arm to block the light Izuku ran through his brain trying to come up with a solution. 'Dammit Erasure Head. Where are you when I need you?' The gauntlet user analyzed everything he could about her quirk. He knew he couldn't get too close. The only reason he got away with just a getting his fingers repaired before was probably because of his defensive barrier. That wouldn't protect him for long. Plus he had no way of deactivating her quirk without taking it from her. Which he refused to do to child that had done nothing wrong.

'Her quirk seems to taking the form of energy.' He noted. 'Coming from her horn. Wait! Energy! That might work!'

"Energy Conversion!" Izuku called forth one of his stolen quirks. Pointing his gauntlet hand at her he let the black and purple tendrils extend outwards, latching on to her power and slowly leaching it away. To his relief it worked. Step by step Izuku walked towards her until every last drop of this rewind energy was sucked away. When it was all gone her quirk finally stopped and Eri fell forward into unconsciousness.

"Gotcha!" The gauntlet user gently caught her before she hit the ground. Cradling her small body in his arms he released the breath he didn't realize he was holding. He still needed to do something with all that energy he drained from her. Channeling it into his right hand he formed a small compact neon purple ball. Without any more wait he launched it into the still darkened clouds where it exploded, parting the storm so the sun could once again shine. 'So much power in such a small child.'

Looking down at her sleeping face he noticed the slight red color. Pressing the back of his hand against her forehead he checked her temperature. 'She's burning up. A side effect of her quirk?' Just then the dragon hero Ryukyu appeared, flying out of the hole.

"Lose track of something?" Izuku spoke sarcastically as he glared at her. Ryukyu gulped. Despite being larger than the teen he was still intimidating. He gestured at the body of Rikiya Katsukame who lay a ways from Chisaki.

"Sorry." The dragon hero apologized.

"I'm taking this girl to the hospital. I trust you heroes can at the very least finish up here." He didn't give her a chance to respond as he opened a portal and carried Eri through it. Leaving the completely decimated yakuza group in his wake.

I had this chapter finished a while ago when the site was down. Since I couldn't post it I decided to keep going and put the whole fight into one chapter rather than two like I originally planned.

I know it pretty much follows the canon version. I just wanted to show what happens when Izuku is forced to hold back. He's not just going to fling his full power around when he has allies close by. He does have some restraint.

I also had to cash in the space stone's weakness. If something solid strikes the outer rim of the portal it forces it to close. Stuff can still strike the inside and nothing will happen. It has to be the outside. I just want to make that clear. I'll go into more detail about the time stone next chapter.

As I promised I'm going to tell you all about the original draft of this story.

Remember that flashback a few chapters ago. Where Izuku meets Chronostasis. Well in the original story Chisaki does come meet Izuku in person before he meets the league for the first time. Chisaki basically forces him to come work for him. At the time Izuku had no way of defending himself so he had to go. He meets Eri and finds out what they're doing to her and of course hates it. While getting close to Eri he still continues working on his gauntlet, but hits a major road block. Eventually an opportunity to escape Overhaul presents itself. However Izuku has to leave Eri behind, with the promise that he'll come back and save her.

A bunch of stuff happens which I'm not going into detail about. He ends up meeting Melissa Shield and she brings him to I-Island. They get to know each other and become very close. Melissa ends up becoming the love interest for Izuku. It's her that supports his idea and she helps him build the gauntlet and the stones. It's important to note that at this time Izuku still wants to be a hero with his infinity gauntlet. The soul stone was also different. It extracted a person's life force and added it to another, so that person could live longer and heal from wounds. Kind of like the philosopher's stone from FMA. This process works both ways.

The events of the movie happen with a few changes. During the disaster Izuku tries to help with his incomplete gauntlet, but he's still new at it and doesn't help much. He tries to move Melissa away from a piece of falling debris, but fails and they both get fatally wounded, Melissa worse than him. Izuku tries use the soul stone to drain his own life and give it to her so she can live, but Melissa, since she helped build the gauntlet, knows how to reverse it and she gives him her own life to save him. The person he loves dies and he's pissed off at Allmight for letting the fight get so bad that it led to this.

After that Izuku goes back to Japan, trains and gets much stronger. He forms his own vigilante type group. Back then they were going to be simply called the Black Order. It seems appropriate for the kind of group that they were. The group consisted of Stain, Dabi, Uraraka and Shinso. Himiko, Iida and Shoto were not part of it. There was no robots either, those things were recycled from a different villain Izuku story that I scrapped. As a group they not only fought villains, but took down heroes that they agreed were unworthy of the title.

Eventually when they become strong enough Izuku leads a full on assault on the Shie Hassaikai, saves Eri and defeats Overhaul. They go on to fight the League of Villains and other stuff. More things happen. Romance between Izuku and Uraraka later down the road, as she helps heal his broken heart. Isn't that sweet?

I decided to not to do this for several reasons. One I was tired of writing romance in stories and just wanted to take a break from that. I also felt that it was a bit cliché that Izuku loses the person that he loves and that's what turns him into the ruthless vigilante Apotheosis. Not that there's anything wrong with that. I just wanted to do something a bit different. Three Izuku was too sympathetic in this version. I mean it was too easy to root for him. I wanted to do this morally ambiguous Izuku that does try to do good, but at the same time can't help but be cruel and vindictive to those that he believes deserve it. I wanted an Izuku that wasn't all good or all evil, that could make decisions that make the readers like him now, and then hate him later when he does something truly terrible.

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