"So Kurogiri was captured then?" Izuku smiled as he heard the report through his phone. The commission didn't supply him with info he didn't need to know in their eyes, but his informants in the police were so eager to please. Even though this was good news for society it secretly annoyed him that the warping bar tender was arrested. He really needed the league to exist for a bit longer and without their escape, their moves will be severely limited. "Thank you." He switched off his phone. "Now where were we?" He looked over at Stain who stood frozen in mid attack covered in a blue stasis aura.

"I know we are training, but if you had just let me answer the phone I wouldn't have had to lock you in space." Izuku smirked. Releasing the power of the space stone, he freed the hero killer from his control. The man wasted no time and attacking him immediately with his sword. Izuku forced him to back off by creating a wall of flames with Endeavor's stolen quirk.

"I thought you wanted a simple exercise." Stain mocked as he evaded the flame.

"I'm sorry, am I pushing you too hard?" Izuku replied with a smirk. The killer charged towards him, dodging fireballs. The gauntlet user levitated himself into the air. Getting some distance from the man's blade, he pointed his right hand at him and activated two quirks of the soul stone. A large mass of crystals extended out from his limb, nearly burying the hero killer.

"What the hell?" Stain dodged the sudden attack. It covered so much area that it was extremely difficult to evade even in the large open training room. Izuku retracted it and then extended it again.

"Crystal plus Overgrowth." The boy supplied. "What a wonderful combination." Or it least it was until the killer started hacking away at it with his sword, shaving pieces off with each swing. Izuku tried strengthening it with the power stone, but One for All refused to cooperate yet again. This had been happening more frequently lately and he still had yet to isolate the problem. One thing he did finally conclude, was that this glitch only happened when he combined the soul and power stones together.

Drill + Gigantification + Hell Flame

In an instant the crystals retracted into Izuku's body and his entire right arm transformed into a large flaming drill. He met Stain's charge with his now weaponized appendage. The man's sword bounced off his fire clad drill. Izuku just smirked at him and pointed his gauntlet to the left.

"Vector!" Using the copied power of all for one again he launched Stain to the left. Izuku ignored the bit of blood that dripped from his nose as he pressed his attack, turning his weapon towards the killer. Stain found himself backed against the wall of the training room with a giant flaming drill inches from his face. "I win!" The man glared while the teen smirked.

"Of course you won." Stain spat. "Nobody can match up to that kind of power."

"Not to sound rude, but that was the point." Izuku replied.

"So what's the point of training then? You don't even need it anymore." The killer questioned.

"I like to keep my skills sharp." Izuku just shrugged as he deactivated the quirks, returning his arm to normal and wiping the trail of blood running out of his nose. 'Three quirks, the brief use of the forth one nearly pushed the overload.' He noted. Using too many quirks with the soul stone at one time always carried risk. "Anyway. That's enough for today. I need to get ready."

"You're still going to that damn hero ranking event." Stain growled out distastefully.

"I don't like it either." Izuku agreed with him. "If it were up to me I'd abolish the whole thing. However I don't have the political pull to do that…for now." He was practically being forced to attend this event by the prime minister. Toriyama knew how much he disliked the hero ranking system, so he made a point in saying that as the director of the H.R.D he was obligated to attend. A small bit of petty revenge for what Midoriya pulled to get where he was now, he was sure.

"One more thing Stain." Izuku paused and looked to his loyal shadow. "After your finished tracking down the rest of the trigger supplies. I want you to look into this Meta Liberation Army." He explained the next covert assignment. "I just want to know where they are and what they hope to accomplish."

"I've heard of them." Stain remarked as he collected his blades from the training room floor. "Some cult-like organization."

"Of sorts." Izuku looked away. "I was never interested in them back when I was Apotheosis, but based off some of the things I've heard I want to know if they might become a potential annoyance in the future." The hero killer just stared at him for a bit, then nodded in acceptance of his mission.


Iida frowned as he walked passed the tall imposing Titan robot that guarded the entrance to his family home. One of the handful assigned to patrol the area and protect his family. These soulless metal machines were supposed to be the replacements to what Midoriya believed were false heroes. Walking into the house the boy saw his brother in a wheelchair waiting for him. Tensei was receiving the treatment that Midoriya promised. The bionic exoskeleton still required a lot of adjustments and physical therapy before the former hero would be able to properly walk again.

"Tenya." His brother greeted.

"Tensei." He responded back. "It's good to see you."

"You too." Tensei smiled at him. "Everyone else is out. Come on let's talk. I've not seen you in quite a while." He wheeled himself towards the living room and Tenya followed him. "So how are things at the H.R.D?"

"Training is going well." Tenya responded dispassionately. "Director Midoriya wants to send us on trial patrols soon."

"How are things really going?" Tensei now wanted his honest answer.

"I don't…" He looked at his brother seriously. "I don't know what I'm supposed to do anymore." Tenya sighed. "I don't believe that Midoriya is evil but I know he's doing something behind the scenes that he's not telling us."

"Like what?" Tensei asked.

"The villains that he has working for him are out there doing who knows what." Tenya answered with concern. "His information doesn't just come from nowhere. The only reason I joined his organization in the first place was so I could get inside and find out his secrets and hopeful put a stop to him and whatever he's planning."

"Tenya. I personally think Midoriya is not the villain that people are making him out to be." He told the younger boy honestly. "Yes he did a lot of bad things to get where he was that I can't agree with. However his department has done a lot of good for society."

"You haven't seen what I've seen though. You don't know the real danger he poses to society." Tenya argued. "I've seen the good he's done as well, but there is a dark side to his organization. He's ruined the lives of any who defy or don't agree with him. He's blackmailed and extorted people to get more political power and influence." He shivered a bit at the memory of the few things he did find out. "I'm scared of what will happen if this continues. All that power shouldn't be in the hands of someone as morally ambiguous at Midoriya. That's why I think we need to stop him soon before it's too late."

"Well I can't help you with that, but there's someone here who can." A knock at the living room door proceeded his words. "Come in." The door opened revealing the underground pro hero and former teacher to Tenya Iida.

"Aizawa-sensei." The engine quirk boy was surprised to see the man here.

"Iida. It's good to you safe." Aizawa told him. "Sorry about the sudden visit, but it was the only way to meet with you without Midoriya knowing."

"He had to camp out all night outside and wait for a window in the Titans' patrols to slip inside." Tensei explained.

"Nezu decrypted your message." Aizawa explained. "So what do you got for us?" Tenya Iida nodded and went on to explain everything he was able to find out while inside the department.

"The masked agent. It is the hero killer Stain." He confirmed with anger in his eyes. Iida despised having to train and work alongside the man who put his brother in a wheelchair in the first place. "There are two more though. Dabi and Himiko Toga are also part of this."

"Weren't those two part of the League of Villains? Why are they working for Midoriya?" The underground hero questioned.

"As far as I know Dabi doesn't have anything to do with the league anymore and exclusively answers to Midoriya. Himiko Toga on the other hand seems to be still affiliated with them and is acting as a go between." Tenya explained.

"So he's still in contact with the league. That's concerning." Aizawa frowned in thought at the potential implications.

"There's one more thing." Iida began. "That special project. The one that Allmight fought and defeated on the day of his fall. Hatsume and Midoriya have made a new and improved one and are planning to release it in a few days."

"Nemesis." Aizawa said solemnly. The fact that the original machine lasted as long as it did against the number one hero was shocking and impressive. He couldn't imagine what the new version would be like. That thing was going to be released to the public.


Izuku sighed as he watched the top ten heroes parade themselves on stage. Each of them gave a little statement which he barely paid any attention to. Until it was Hawks' turn.

"Wow I never thought I'd ever make it to the number one spot." The winged hero announced.

'You only got that spot because Allmight and Endeavor are out of the picture.' Izuku thought to himself as he continued to observe.

"We've been through a lot haven't we? The whole hero profession got shook up." Hawks eyes landed on Midoriya up in his personal skybox above the crowd. Izuku met his gaze with his own piercing one. "We got a new government department the same day we lost our original number two hero. Speaking of our new department director I would just like to say…" The gauntlet user leaned in eager to hear what the man had to say about him. "His changes to our society and system have done wonders for everyone." The heroes in the audience were honestly surprised by his words and even Izuku was not expecting him to say that. "I would just like to thank him for everything. I'm glad we can all live a little easier with him watching over us."

'Interesting.' Izuku thought as he watched the new number one hero end his little speech. After the hero billboard was finished the top ten heroes were invited to the upstairs lounge area to mingle with each other. While they talked they were interrupted when the door opened revealing Director Midoriya himself. The entire room went silent as green eyes landed on each and every one of them, lingering a bit on Hawks until they moved on landing right on the rabbit hero Mirko. He slowly approached her making everyone including her tense up. Hawks watched and his feathers almost flinched when Midoriya reached into his suit pocket.

"Hello Mirko. Would it be too much trouble…" He pulled out a small notebook with a pen between the pages. "To ask for an autograph."

"Huh!?" The rabbit hero was taken aback. "Are you for real?" This seemed hard to believe.

"This is embarrassing." Izuku flushed a bit as he rubbed the back of his head. "You were always one of my favorite heroes. I always wanted to meet you and ask for your signature. If you wouldn't mind."

"Okay?" Mirko sounded skeptical but decided to comply. She couldn't exactly refuse someone who had the same level of authority as the commission president.

"You put bunny ears on the 'M', I like that." Izuku chuckled as he examined her signature. "I'll always treasure this thank you."

'That was weird as shit.' Mirko thought to herself, but didn't say it aloud. The gauntlet user pocketed his notepad and left her there dumbfounded. He then approached Hawks next.

"Let me guess. You also want an autograph from me too." He said smoothly with a smirk on his face.

"Oh no. You too flashy for my tastes." Izuku was brutally honest. "You're an alright hero though."

"Alright enough to be the new number one hero." Keigo argued.

"You do realize the only reason you have the spot is because I removed Allmight and Endeavor." Izuku reminded him.

"And I would like to thank you for that." Hawks once again tried sucking up to him as much as it disgusted him. He then remembered what the president of the commission told him to do.

"While you're attempting to infiltrate the League of Villains you also need to pretend to be on Midoriya's side. We believe he's still in contact with them we just need evidence. You need to get that evidence. If he thinks you agree with him, you just might be able to slip under his radar."

"Enjoy it while it lasts." Izuku said under his breath, but Hawks caught it.

'What's that supposed to mean?' The hero couldn't help but wonder. He really needed to get closer to the league. The sooner he could get some concrete proof that Midoriya was still working with villains the sooner they could bring him down.

"Excuse me." Izuku noticed his personal phone was vibrating, so he pulled it out and looked at it.

"Trouble?" Hawks asked with a raised brow.

"No…just a glitch." The gauntlet user pocketed his phone. "So do you mind if I asked you a bit about your quirk?"

"Sure what do you want to know?" Hawks said in a fake friendly demeanor.


While Midoriya was away at the evening's event, the office was closed down. All employees had left and not a single individual was inside the building. There weren't even any night time security. It was all automated and handled by machines. The entire building was locked tight. Almost.

"Three, two, one, now." A short girl whispered. One of the large metal doors to the loading bay opened up just big enough for an adult human body to slip through. "Hurry Gentle." An older man quickly ran through the opening followed by his younger sidekick.

"We did it La Brava." The man known as Gentle Criminal proclaimed proudly. "Your wonderful skills have allowed us to infiltrate directly into the heart of the Hero Regulation Department."

"It wasn't all me. I just spotted a hole in the security system." La Brava blushed at his praise. "Having the door open just a crack and rigging it to register as a glitch and not a break in wont set off the alarms wasn't that difficult." The two of them strolled through the rather large loading bay.

"Now where are we?" He asked looking around.

"It's a loading area for something." La Brava explained. "I think this where the robots come and go." The two of them approached what looked like a wall-less elevator, big enough for twenty large men.

"And where does this go I wonder?" Danjuro asked allowed.

"I don't know." The short girl said. "We should go up to the offices like we planned Gentle."

"And we will La Brava, but first I must satisfy my curiosity." The two of them stepped on the lift. La Brava was worried about where this would lead while Gentle Criminal was excited to explore and uncover whatever secrets Director Midoriya had hidden down here. The man pressed the only button on the panel and the elevator activated, lowering them down into the sublevel beneath the building. The elevator stopped revealing a dark corridor. Taking a brave step forward Gentle was nearly startled when the automatic light system came on revealing the only available path.

"Just a quick peak and we'll go back upstairs and film our shots." He promised. La Brava followed him down the hall. They found themselves in front of a large metal door.

"Oh well I guess we have…" She was interrupted when the door also opened automatically. And here she was hoping that it was locked so they could go back. The two criminals entered and walked along what appeared to be a wide metal grated cat walk. Looking over the edge they spotted something surprising. Legions of Titan robots lined up in many, many rows. Most were the standard black ones, but some were colored red, yellow, green, blue, gray and white. There was even a troop with what looked like transparent armor and white inner mechanics. "This must be where they store the robots." The young lady said with some trepidation. "Gentle we should go now."

"La Brava get the camera out. We'll film our video here." Gentle ignored her worries, eager to make what would soon be his greatest achievement. La Brava did as she was asked, retrieving the video camera from her bag.

"We're rolling." She said quietly.

"Good evening my most wonderful viewers." Gentle smiled. "Take a good look." La Brava shifted the camera to view the deactivated robots down below. "We have successfully infiltrated the Hero Regulation Department." He began walking further along the catwalk as he talked. "Not a single villain in today's society would dare attempt this for fear of being caught and having their quirk taken away by Midoriya himself." The man spoke dramatically. "I Gentle Criminal have no such fear. With my talents and the help of my wonderful assistant, I shall make my escape and Midoriya will be none the wiser that his base of operations was broken into." He thought about the publicity internet popularity that this would net him. How his views and subscribers would go through the roof when this was posted.

"Now, shall we…" He stopped when he approached a large round platform with three more catwalks connecting to it. In the center a cylindrical metal pod, obviously hiding something inside. The whole thing just screamed important. "Is there a way to open this? I want to see what's inside."

"G-Gentle, I don't think we should be messing with that." La Brava tried to protest.

"Aha!" Gentle found a button. Without hesitation or knowing what it did he pressed it. Several red lights began flashing as the cylinder raised up. A cold mist spilled out from the pod, chilling the very air around the two criminals as it touched their skin. When it cleared they finally got a good look at what was stored within the pod. A Titan robot unlike any of the others down below. This one was easily bigger, and covered in gold armor. The head held a vaguely human shaped face with two eyes, a slit where the mouth should be and long triangular plates on the sides of the head almost resembling horns. "What is this?" Danjuro carefully examined the tall hulking robot.

"I think this is the new Nemesis." La Brava realized. "Director Midoriya promised a new one soon, after Allmight defeated the first version."

"So this is the new symbol of balance that Midoriya made. The new advanced anti-villain robot. The only one of its kind." This machine looked powerful and very intimidating. "I think we should go now." Finally realizing that they had stayed too long Gentle thought now would be a good time to make a break for it. "Let's just film our escape." The two of them left the robot, eager to return to the elevator and leave this place before they got caught. While they had their backs turned away from the golden machine they didn't notice the eyes suddenly light up an eerie blue. Gentle Criminal and La Brava were halfway across the catwalk when suddenly an oversized metal hand grabbed the man from behind and threw him back the way they came.

"Gentle!" She screamed as he crashed into the metal railing. La Brava froze when Nemesis turned its sights on her next. The camera shook in her hands as she stared up in fear at this thing towering over her. From the machine's point of view it was rapidly scanning her as it had already determined that she was with the villain and now it was seeing if she was a threat. The computer came up negative in that regard all in a second.

"Stay back." Nemesis warned. Its voice was deep and metallic. It turned away from her and stomped towards Gentle Criminal. The man grunted in pain as he stood up from where he was thrown. He looked just in time to see the robot charging towards him. On instinct he used his quirk to create a rubber wall in the air between them. The armored machine's fist stretched the barrier and pulled back when it deduced what had happened. Gentle then bounced over Nemesis after turning the metal grating beneath him into rubber, landing safely next to La Brava.

"We need to run my dear!" He shouted. The two of them turned tail and fled the way they came in.

"Emitter type. Air and surfaces…gain elastic qualities." Nemesis spoke again. The quirk analyzing A.I that Izuku programmed into it gave it the ability to rapidly understand quirks based off the information it sees and experiences. A piece of its shoulder armor opened revealing a canon that immediately fired at the retreating villains, launching a football sized capsule.

"Gently Rebound!" Gentle created another rubber transparent wall to deflect the attack and continued to run. The capsule bounced off and exploded into a mess of Midoriya's patented trap foam. "Long range attacks…ineffective." Nemesis growled out as he started to run towards them. The robot leaped over the elastic wall and made a line straight for the Gentle Criminal and La Brava.

"Get through the door!" She yelled as they passed through the metal doors that led them to the Titan storage room. La Brava spotted a button that looked like a closing mechanism and pushed it. Luckily it was and the doors started to shut on their pursuer. Unfortunately as Nemesis reached the closing doors its big metal hands reached between the closing gap, gripped the edges and proceeded to pry the doors open with surprising strength. The metal groaned as sparks flew out, most likely damaging the door mechanisms.

"We're almost there!" Gentle picked up his partner used his quirk to bounce across the floor and get some distance. They reached the lift that took them down here in the first place and hit the button to take them back up. Nemesis reached the shaft as they escaped and stared up as the ascending lift. Exhaust flames emerged from its feet and back, launching it up into the air after its prey. The two villains stepped off the elevator just as the robot crashed through it with a mighty punch. Gentle Criminal and La Brava ran for the exit. The small girl pulled out her portable computer and tried to hack the door like she did before. It opened just a bit for them to escape and not trip the alarm. However a capsule was launched between them that exploded and covered the exit in trap foam. The two stopped and turned around to face the machine that prowled towards them.

"What do we do?" La Brava panicked.

"We have no option now." Danjuro resolved himself. "We have to fight."

"But Gentle! Director Midoriya said that this thing was designed to fight some of the stronger villains." As much as she loved and respected him, she was aware of the reality that he wasn't physically a top tier villain.

"Yes, but I doubt it was designed to fight me." He proclaimed proudly as he approached the robot with renewed courage.

"Surrender yourself villain." Nemesis demanded as he stood over him, making an intimidating form.

"Sorry robot, but I have a dream to accomplish and I can't do that if I'm behind bars." Gentle Criminal leaped into action just as the machine made to grab him. Using his quirk he ricochet off of the floor, ceiling and walls of the loading bay. Bouncing circles around the robot looking for an opening. Nemesis easily calculated his trajectory in a matter of seconds and close lined him out of the air with its arm.

"Gentle!" La Brava shouted for her friend as the robot stomped over to the man's fallen body and roughly placed its large metal foot on his back pinning him to the floor. He tried to get up, but Nemesis just pressed his foot harder to keep him down.

"Resistance is useless." The robot stated as it produced a pair of cuffs from a compartment on its leg.

"Not completely useless." Gentle grimaced as he looked over to his partner in crime.

"Gentle." La Brava cried as she watched him be manhandled by the autonomous machine. "I love you!" She proclaimed loudly. As she said that a pink aura surrounded the body of Gentle Criminal. With the dramatic strength increase he stood up throwing Nemesis off of him. The gold armored robot was not deterred he merely applied the new information into its strategy. It quickly calculated that the girl that it originally deemed a non-threat was the source of this increase of power and turned to target her. Its arm transformed into a cannon which it immediately fired a blast of compressed air.

"Look out my dear!" Gentle speedily scooped her up and dodged the blast. He maneuvered around several more blasts using his quirk to deflect a few when he needed to, all while protectively carrying La Brava in his arm. Danjuro closed in on the robot and delivered a powerful punch to its face. The head was only turned a few degrees to the right. Nemesis simply turned his head back and continued its assaut.

"Gentle we can't win this." She told him. Seeing that her love quirk wasn't enough to defeat this mechanical monster.

"It seems your right La Brava." Gentle agreed. "So we'll have to make a grand escape."

"We need to get to upstairs." La Brava said as they evaded Nemesis' attempt to launch a capture net at them. "We can lose it in the offices and then escape through the main entrance." She whispered in his ear.

"An excellent idea!" Gentle smiled as they formulated the plan. He ducked a swipe from the robot's large arm, but was not expecting the kick powered by the engines in its feet. Luckily he threw La Brava just in time so she wouldn't be hurt and took the full force of the kick.

"Gah!" The man yelled in pain as he was knocked across the room and into a wall.

"Warning: Further resistance will result in more forceful measures to ensure your capture." Nemesis somehow sounded even more threatening than before. It took a step towards the villain and nearly toppled over as its leg turned rubbery. The same leg that it used to kick the man. He must have used his quirk on the entire mechanical limb when they made contact.

"Let's go!" Seeing the robot was momentarily slowed down he sped past it and picked up La Brava while he was still under the effects of her quirk and made a line for the doors leading deeper into the building. They ran through what appeared to be a utility hall with various pipes running along the ceiling and walls. They felt relief when they spotted an employee elevator and quickly made their way to it. Their relief was short lived when Nemesis rounded the corner they just passed limping after them. They entered the elevator, however as the doors closed the robot used another of its new features. It reached out with its hand and from a distance managed to rip the doors right off with a magnetic energy beam emitting from its palm.

"That was close." The now door-less lift ascended upwards escaping the persistent machine. They reached one the office floors finding themselves in a dark open room full of cubicles, with no other option the two villains decided to hide among them. The elevator doors were ripped open as Nemesis forced his way through. Its head turned left and right, scanning the room for its prey. The robot began marching around the cubicles, its leg almost back to normal at this point.

"Go that way." Gentle whispered as quietly as possible. Sadly not quiet enough as Nemesis' sound detecting scanner picked up on it and began rapidly tracking the source. The cubicle walls and employee desks didn't slow it down as it plowed through them all. "Run!" Gentle panicked as they took off through another door that he kicked open with his enhanced strength. Nemesis didn't even stop to duck down under the threshold, its head simply tore through the wall like it was paper as it continued to chase them. They made their way into a break room and more offices as they ran.

"Where's the exit?" La Brava cried out. This place seemed like a maze. At least in all the twists and turns the robot lost their trail. Finally after frantic searching they found an emergency stairwell. Their luck ran out when several levels down Nemesis exploded through the wall having figured out where they were going and decided to cut them off. It peered upwards glowing blue eyes staring at them menacingly.

"To the roof!" With the last of the strength La Brava's quirk granted him he carried them up the stairs using his elasticity quirk to bounce off the walls giving him more momentum. Nemesis strangely didn't follow them. It merely went back through the hole it made. "We made it!" Gentle exclaimed. He'd never had to work so hard to escape from somewhere before. As they opened the last door that led to the roof of the building all their hopes were suddenly crushed in one fell swoop.

"Well this is quite a surprise. I certainly never expected this." There standing in the center of the helipad was the director of the HRD himself Izuku Midoriya, in his immaculate gray suit, arms folded across his chest as he stared in amusement at the two intruders.

"But how!?" La Brava trembled as she held on to Gentle Criminal's leg. "I was so careful not to trip the security alert."

"And you didn't young lady." Izuku smiled at her. "Nemesis on the other hand. Well since he's not plugged into the Nexus he's technically always active and when he engaged you his AI sent me a little message that an intruder had entered the building." He explained. "So I give you an 'A' for bypassing the building's security, but unfortunately you didn't know the robot could tattle on you now did you?" He noticed them slowly inching their way to the edge of the roof. "Speaking of whom." Nemesis suddenly appeared from over the edge near where they were standing using its jets to hover in the air. Gentle and La Brava backed away in fright. The robot landed on the roof as they realized they were trapped.

"Oh my. It looks like you two are stuck between a rock and a hard place." He brandished his infinity gauntly, the stones glowing ominously. "Which one am I? The rock or the hard place I wonder?" His grin widened even further. Gentle approached the opposite edge of the building and prepared to make his final attempt to escape. With his quirk they could easily jump to another building and if they moved fast enough they just might be able to allude Midoriya and his robot.

"I wouldn't do that if I were you." Izuku said as he saw what they were about to attempt.

"Well then it's a good thing you're not me." Gentle smiled back. "La Brava! Hold on tight!" She did as she was told and he leaped over the side of the building. They got only a couple of feet when a yellow bubble encased the entire roof and surrounding space around it freezing them all in place, except for the one who cast it. "I told you." Izuku sighed after he activated the time stone. He levitated himself in front of them and simply waited for the effect to run out. Right when it did he pointed his right hand at the criminal duo and channeled some of that stock piled energy from the power stone. Once they were released he flicked his finger at them sending them flying back towards the roof and right into the waiting grasp of Nemesis. The machine grabbed the two of them with its big hands and forced them both to floor pinning them both in place.

Gentle didn't struggle having accepted his loss. There really was no outwitting or outfighting Midoriya, so what was the point in resisting anymore. It seems his dream would die here.

"Villain capture complete." Nemesis said.

"Well done." Izuku clapped his hands together. This little break in worked out great for the robot's first field test. He couldn't help but wonder how well Nemesis would do when it was soon released out in society. His future goals were getting closer to being fully realized.

You all thought Izuku would be the one to deal with him. That'd be too easy. I wanted to use him to show off the new Nemesis and give you all an idea of what it can do. The first model of Nemesis was silver. This one is gold and the last one is going to be platinum. The last one is probably my favorite, you'll see why when we get there.

I also kind of let slip the weakness of the soul stone. Did anybody catch that? He can only stack a certain amount of quirks on to himself at one time. Any more than that and well…bad stuff happens.

Thanks for reading.