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"It's been a year since The X-Keepers' first adventure, and the worlds have been kept peaceful. The team have joined their masters in Disney Town for the Million Dreams Festival, where Cynical met a lovely flower girl named Kayla, and SoraAlam and HMK reflected on their positions has incarnations of both Sora and Xehanort, respectively. However, before the night can truly get underway, a gummi fleet begins invading the town, leading our heroes into action once again..."

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CHAPTER 2: Hunters

Chaos erupted from Disney Town's square almost immediately. Citizens were running for dear life as the gummi fleet slowly made its way closer down toward the town, where numerous Gigas robots started dropping into the streets. Their glowing red eyes scanned the area, with their programming dictating the havoc they had to enact.

Quickly, they activated their arm turrets. However, before they could even fire a single shot, a Keyblade sliced through the arm, before beheading the robot altogether. The Gigas fell backward, deactivated, as SoraAlam looked around the square, noticing more bots starting to set the town ablaze.

Fire sprouted from their flamethrower arms, as the Gigas stomped all around. A determined look flashed across SoraAlam's face, as he dashed for the Gigas. Thankfully, HMK swooped in, jumping overtop the Gigas and absorbing the fiery attack into his hands. The robot ceased it's attack, as HMK, holding the newly formed fireball in his hand, grinned devilishly at the Gigas, before blasting the bots away with the massive fireball.

SoraAlam approached his comrade, who let out a heavy sigh. "You ok?" He asked.

"I will be once these buckets of bolts are taken care of." HMK responded, readying his Keyblade for another bout.

Behind the two, another Gigas started approaching them, but was walking in a more limped fashion. The two lowered their stances as the bot eventually toppled over, with Skyward Wing sliding down the robot's back toward the duo.

"Showoff." HMK playfully jabbed.

"Comes with the skills." Sky said with a shrug, "but we can't keep fighting these things forever. We need a plan."

"Kind of late to be coming up with one right now." SoraAlam said, motioning to the havoc around them.

"Well, what are our options?" HMK asked.

Suddenly, behind the trio, a sheet of ice glided across the area, as Aqua slid along the frozen slope, blasting the AWOL machines around her with powerful magic, before acrobatically landing near the team.

"Mickey unlocked the castle gates. Get everyone you can inside, now!" Aqua called out, rushing back into battle without a single thought.

The trio, meanwhile, just stood dumbfounded. "Well, I guess that's one option." HMK admitted.

"C'mon, we gotta move!" SoraAlam stated, as he and the two boys took off toward the castle gates.

Meanwhile, across the square, Cynical tried everything to draw the Gigas' fire. With his Emerald Pride shield summoned, the heuristic one darted as fast he could across the cartoonish street as the Gigas' railgun fired at the lime-coloured target. Listening to the hail of fire bouncing off his weapon, Cynical dashed into the nearby pavilion, ducking behind the covered railing, as the robots continued to attack his position.

Ducked behind cover, Cynical assessed his options. "Well, this is a tight spot." He muttered.

"AHHH!" A shriek of fear echoed from across the square. Cynical, concerned by what was happening, looked around to see Kayla, the flower girl from early, running from two of the Gigas, before she lost her footing. Now on the ground, Kayla looked up at the now towering robot with a fearful twinch in her eyes.

Cynical, knowing he couldn't waste any time, immediately began to move in her direction, jumping from the pavilion, before a missile attack from a nearby Gigas caused the structure to explode, launching Cynical high in the air.

"Way too high! Way too high!" Cynical shouted, before he started to plummet back down to the ground. Adjusting his position, Cynical, a sense of determination flashing across his face, started to dive toward the Gigas, before swinging his Keyblade hard enough to hook onto one of the Gigas, bring it down to the ground. With the robotic face smashed in, Cynical wasted no time in slashing off the rest of its head, shutting down the Gigas.

Breathing heavy, Cynical didn't notice the second bot taking aim at him from behind. However, before the boy could attack, a lightning fast slash caused the Gigas to stumble, toppling backward, shut down. Cynical, surprised from where the attack came from, looked around, only to find no trace of the attacker. Though, out of the corner of his eye, he did notice a figure, a girl perhaps, dressed in red and white, sprinting far away from the scene into a nearby alley. Cynical, curious, was hesitant to follow her, but another voice caught his ear.

"Jared!" Cynical turned back to see Kayla collecting herself from the ground.

"Kayla!" Cynical returned to the flower girl with haste, helping her to her feet. "Are you alright?" He asked, "are you hurt?"

"No, I'm fine. I'll be alright" she reassured him.

"Cynical!" Across the street, the heuristic one looked to see SoraAlam, alongside Sky and HMK, rushing across the square. "C'mon, we gotta head for the castle!" SoraAlam hollered out, as the trio moved forward.

"Right!" Cynical agreed, looking back to Kayla, "Follow me." Thus, quickly grabbing Kayla's hand, Cynical led the flower girl toward where his friends were heading.

Meanwhile, off in the distance, the mysterious girl in red and white, hiding behind some debris, watched as the group of Keyblade wielders escaped the destruction around them. She studied them curiously, wondering how they will get out of this situation.

Across town, Aqua and Lea herded their students through the castle gates, while trying to push back the attacking Gigas. With one throwing fire, the other throwing ice, the two masters blasted back the bots as much as they could. "We only need to hold them off a little longer." Aqua stated, turning to Lea, "How are you holding up?"

"Me? Never better." The redheaded pyro responded, blasting more fireballs toward the Gigas, "It's just like that Fruitball game a few years back."

Despite the terror around them, Aqua couldn't help but smile, "You and I remember that Fruitball game very differently." She responded, throwing another massive sheet of ice at another bot, freezing it in place and short circuiting it.

As the last of the Gigas fell, The X-Keepers emerged from the destruction, practically sprinting for the castle. "What took you guys so long?" Lea hollered as the team raced through the doors.

"You ever tried running through a warzone without a plan?" HMK retorted.

"I have, actually. It's practically my main maneuver." Lea joked back, blasting off one last Firaga spell before he and Aqua joined in their retreat, all while the castle gates slowly closed behind them.

To say that Disney Town was in shambles would be an understatement.

Debris scattered everywhere, structures on fire, and not a single living soul to be seen anywhere. Most of the Gigas had been disposed of, but the ones that were still standing began to shut down on their own, almost as if whatever was controlling them was shut off.

Then, from high above in the Gummi fleet, several figures began to float down to the surface. Reaching the square, the figures, soldiers dressed from head to toe in black armor, began scanning the area. Their numerous HUD's showed no signs of their targets anywhere.

One of them started lifting most of the debris out of the way themselves, carrying the weight of the destruction on their shoulders like it was nothing. They tossed it to the side with a loud THUD, as one of their partners wandered by to hear the racket.

"Jeez, Meadows, we just made a mess already today." She groaned, "Mind saving that strength for when we need it?"

The large soldier, Meadows, shrugged sheepishly. "Oops. Sorry, Ellis." He apologized, as another of their comrades wandered through the area.

"Anything?" He asked through his thick Irish accent.

"Nothing on this end either." Ellis answered.

The soldier sighed, bring up his arm to display a holographic screen. "I figured." He responded, pushing several buttons on his screen, "Sanders reported similarly."

"Well, they couldn't have gone far." Ellis said, as the two walked and talked along the destroyed street, "I mean, where else are you supposed to hide that many Keyblade wielders?" The two stopped as they looked ahead at the mountain of debris, and more importantly, who was atop it.

The figure was also clad in black armor, but with a hood draped over their head. They were kneeling down, scraping the rubble into their gloved hand, until they picked up a small pin. It was in the shape of the king's insignia. Their eyes scanned the item, only their eyes were but two single blue pixels on a screen where their face would be. Their 8-bit expression never wavered, only calculating scenarios for the future. After studying the item, the figure placed it in one of his numerous pockets before standing to look over the carnage he and his team caused.

"Walker!" The cloaked figure turned slightly at the sound of his name. He caught sight of Ellis approaching, alongside the other soldier. "Still no results." The soldier reported, "None of us have been getting any readings from in town."

"Then I guess they're not in town, are they?" Walker joked, a small chuckle emitting from his raspy but youthful voice.

"So, what's the plan, then?" Ellis questioned, "If they're not in town, where else would they be?"

A pixelated eyebrow arched on Walker's LED face, as he smirked at Ellis before stepping forward. "You clearly never stormed a castle before have you?" he slyly asked.

"What does that have to do with…?" Before Ellis could finish her thought, she looked ahead toward where Walker had his eyesight: Disney Castle. She instantly knew what he was planning. "Oh no," she groaned.

"Oh yes!" Walker assured her, before turning to the other soldier, "Rolfe, tell Meadows to meet us a few blocks over. We're gonna need some heavy lifting."

The soldier, Rolfe, sent out the coordinates on his holoscreen before following Walker and Ellis deeper into town.

The massive doors to the audience chamber swung open, as dozens of Disney Town citizens flooded into the giant room. Everyone, including the young Keyblade wielding students, huddled together, as they all tried to gather their barings to what was happening.

The X-Keepers were the last to enter the room, alongside Aqua and Lea, while King Mickey stood in the doorway, facing his magical guards. "Seal the door." He commanded, "No one gets in or out unless I say." The magic brooms saluted to their King before heading back down the hallway, as the doors began to shut closed, a locking sound heard from all corners.

"Is everyone alright?" Aqua called out to her students, to which they all mostly groaned back weakly to.

"Well, at least you're all in one piece. Be lucky for that." Lea reminded them.

"Master Aqua, what was going on out there?" One of the students asked.

"I don't know. It caught us all by surprise." Aqua answered.

"So how do we plan to get out of here?" Another student asked.

"We...we don't know yet." Aqua admitted.

"So we're not getting out of here?" Another student replied, the group of young warriors starting to worry.

"No, that's not what's happening." Aqua assured them, but the panic had already settled in.

"This is gonna be it, is it?" One of the more eccentric students stated, "Just like last year with all the Heartless. They're gonna break through. We're gonna get put in cages again! OH GOD, WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE!" A quick slap across the face brought the student back to her senses. "Thanks, I needed that." She responded calmly.

"We're not gonna die, Buns!" Lea reassured the student, before addressing the heard, "Look. We're gonna figure this out. The least you all can do right now is chill out and not make a fuss. Got it memorized?" The students fell silent, not sure how to respond. Lea smiled, taking that as a response. "Good." He said, "That settles that."

"Look at you, being more stern." Aqua silently joked, "I'm impressed."

"Don't push it." Lea groaned, before moving away from the crowd.

Behind the two masters, The X-Keepers were also trying to get themselves sorted. They were all clearly exhausted from the constant running and fighting, all while trying to tend to any damage they might have sustained.

Amongst them, Cynical was trying to compose himself, before he looked down to notice something: he was still holding Kayla's hand. The young flower girl also noticing this, the two let go of each other's grips instantly, bashfully looking the other way. "Hehe, sorry about that." Cynical said, trying his best to hide his bright red face. Kayla couldn't help but laugh, even if she too didn't know how else to respond.

Sky, meanwhile, approached Mickey, who was trying to use his D-Link with minimal success. "Mickey, have you heard from Oswald?" Sky asked.

The mouse king looked back at his friend, worried. "That's what I'm trying to do. He's not answering his D-Link." Mickey stated, putting away the device in frustration, "Those Gigas were part of his gummi fleet. The same one that's attacking us right now."

SoraAlam, overhearing this, approached the two. "You think someone commandeered the fleet?" He asked.

"That's the only explanation I can think of." Mickey replied. "Gosh, I hope he's ok."

"He will be." Sky declared, "We're gonna make sure of it." Sky then turned and headed for the doors, with SoraAlam standing there, puzzled.

"You're honestly thinking of going back out there?" The stormless one questioned. HMK, who was helping Umbrella Dispatch tend to each other's wounds, overheard the conversation and approached the two, alongside Cynical.

"You do realize there's death and destruction out there, right?" HMK remarked.

"Well there's going to be a ton more if we don't get out there and figure out what's going on." Sky answered, "besides, with us on the job, what's going to go wrong?"

The team looked at each other, uneasy. Sky had a point; that they needed to do what they could to stop this from getting out of hand. But on the other hand, he did just say the ultimate sentence of ironic doom, so the odds might not be in their favor this time. After all, in a situation like this, there was plenty that could go wrong…

Oswald tried to raise himself up from the ground, but was just simply too tired and weak to move. As he laid on the floor, a figure passed by the cell surrounding the unlucky rabbit, their expression changing with every glance at their prisoner. Their eyes shifted back in front as they moved further down the hallway, until they reached the doors to main deck.

As the doors glided open, the figure approached the main controls, where one of his comrades, a young perky girl, fiddled with the different switches.

"Everything looks good from up here." She happily said, "No disturbances from the prisoner, and we even managed to keep the ice cream shop in tact."

"Yeah, cause that's what's important right now." The figure said in a somber tone, approaching from behind.

"Y'know, Sanders, with a tone like that, you could use some ice cream." His comrade responded.

"Chambers, do we have an opening or not?" Walker spoke from the other side of the coms.

Clearing her throat and back on task, Chambers swiped at the commands, seeing a holographic map of Disney Town. Swiping to Disney Castle, she pressed a few LED buttons to zoom in on the area, until she found what she was looking for. "You're right on top of a sweet spot." She said, "Drill a whole or something, and you're in, no sweat!"

"Excellent." Walker said, turning back to his crew, who were positioned outside the castle walls. "Meadows, you're up." He said to his tall comrade.

"Sweet." Meadows grinned, cracking his knuckles before stepping toward the wall. Winding up, Meadows, threw his fist through the wall with a sudden SMASH! Bricks flew everywhere, as there was only a gaping hole left in the castle wall, while the team looked unfazed; like this was something they watched a million times.

"We really didn't want to go the subtle way, did we?" Ellis pointed out, to which Walker waved off.

"They already know we're here." He said, as everyone started to funnel through the hole, "Now we just have to go and meet them all…"

A smaller portion of the massive audience chamber doors opened up, as Sky peaked out to look around. "All clear." He whispered, as he and others slowly made their way into the hallway. While the four heroes stood on guard, Sky moved closer to the guardrail, looking out at the open courtyard. Or rather, above it, up to look at the fleet above.

He pointed at the massive ship towering over all the others. "That one." He said, "that's the main ship. That's most likely where they're keeping Oswald."

"As well as maybe controlling the fleet." HMK added.

"Exactly," Sky looked around, forming a plan. "I say we use our gliders to get up there. Try not to draw attention."

"Yes, nothing says drawing attention like four keyblade gliders randomly wandering about." Cynical sarcastically remarked, to which Sky shot the heuristic one an unimpressed look.

"We'll go one at a time." SoraAlam interjected, "wait to get over the castle walls, then the next person goes."

"Sounds good to me," Sky agreed, "I'll lead." Sky then summoned his Keyblade glider, jetting off the guardrail and speeding toward the castle walls, his friends watching him take off.

As Sky flew over the courtyard, he looked down to see the empty area, except for a small detail he noticed out of the corner of his eye: there was a large hole in the wall. Noticing the shape of the hole, and the small debris surrounding it, Sky could only make one assumption, and it wasn't a good one. "Oh no," he muttered, as he looked back toward the castle.

Meanwhile, back in the hallway, Cynical was next to summon his Keyblade. "I'll go next. Make sure Sky doesn't get himself hurt." He said, stepping onto the guardrail.

However, just as the heuristic one was about to take his leap of faith, a sudden blast of energy hit the guardrail, blasting SoraAlam and HMK back, and Cynical off the guardrail. Thankfully, the young boy managed to summon his glider in time to blast off, even if he was now hanging off of the side of the glider's wing.

Getting to their feet, SoraAlam and HMK looked to see the group of mercenaries in black, with Walker aiming his smoking blaster at the two, with a pixelated grin on his face. "The X-Keepers," he cooed, shifting his blaster into a large machete-shaped dagger, "my lucky day." SoraAlam and HMK, wasting no time, summoned their keyblades, preparing for the fight at hand.

Up in the air, Sky watched the encounter take place, all while noticing Cynical speeding toward him, still dangling from his glider. "Don't just float there, Sky! Keep going!" Cynical called out, pulling himself back onto the glider's seat and blasting past his friend. Sky, though worried for the other two down below, knew they had a job to do, following closely behind Cynical.

Looking up to see the two gliders over the wall, Walker spoke into his earpiece. "Chambers, you and Sanders are going to have company. Take care of it." He commanded, before beginning to motioning to his other comrades.

However, Meadows starts to grin. "I got this!" He proclaimed, as he boosted off with his jet boots toward the two, much to Walker's shock and surprise.

"No, wait! Meadows, we need you-" Walker tried to call after him, but the childish brute had alright blasted off toward the other two boys. "...here." Walker finished, looking over to see SoraAlam and HMK, still in their battle stances, though looking extremely confused. Walker aggressively sighed, trying to hide his embarrassment. "Well...this is awkward." He said, before shifting his dagger back into its pistol form and blasting at the two Keyblade wielders.

The duo managed to dodge the blasts in time, though, as they darted toward the attackers, ready to engage. Rolfe and Ellis, seeing them incoming, readying their respective weapons. Ellis' electric batons swing at SoraAlam, though the young master is able to dodge just in time, leaping over the assailant while blocking another attack mid-air. All the while, Rolfe's blaster shoots out zaps of lightning at HMK, who zips around, looking for an opening to attack.

While this happens, Walker keeps blasting at the duo, while moving the fight toward the chamber doors. "I have to do everything around here." he grumbles under his breath, switching his blaster back to his dagger. The blade glows a faint bright light, as he jams the weapon between the two doors.

With the large battleship now looming above them, Sky and Cynical pulled off on their thrusters, sitting just underneath the ship. Sky, flipping his glider around so he could stand on it, rubbed his hands together quickly.

"Alright, cover my six," Sky said, "I'll get us in, no problem." Pulling his hands apart, two small flames were now lit in his palms, which he then curved into the gummi material, torching a way through.

Looking behind the nomad, Cynical noticed a large figure blasting toward them, and not stopping. "Sky, your six! Your six!" Cynical cried out, but it was too late. Just as Sky turned around, both he and Cynical were smashed into the ship, bursting into the ship's hull and finding themselves within a small hallway. Trying to catch himself, Sky stood back up just in time to see a battle axe being swung his way. Dodging the attack, Sky helped Cynical to his feet as Meadows grinned at the two Keyblade wielders.

"We're gonna have some fun." Meadows exclaimed before charging at the two.

Watching the heat begin to melt the doorknobs, Walker continued to plunge his dagger between the chamber doors. "Come on, come on, almost there." Walker pleaded, waiting for the heating to complete.

However, a sudden kick away from the door causes his blade to slip out from the cracks. Sliding to his knees, Walker's pixelated face looked up at his attacker, seeing SoraAlam dropping back into his battle stance.

"Not today." SoraAlam proclaimed, to which Walker scoffed at.

"Cute." He said, "But you're really not making this easy for me, kid." Picking his blade back up from the ground, Walker started swinging wild at SoraAlam, the Keyblade master managing to block the attacks.

HMK, meanwhile, managed to hold his own against both Rolfe and Ellis, though the two managed to keep the young fighter at bay. But being the fighter he was, HMK welcomed the challenge to two assassins presented him. Remembering a technique Lea taught him, he channeled his fiery energy into his Keyblade, and before long, the weapon shifted between his hands, with two clawed gauntlets ready on his fists. A newfound rage burning inside him, HMK smiled devilishly at his opponents, with flames emitting behind his sunglasses. Rolfe and Ellis couldn't help but pause.

"How...animalistic." Rolfe surveyed.

"You've seen nothing yet." HMK replied, before leaping at the two with ferocity.

Behind the ensuing battle, SoraAlam kept up his duel with Walker as the two kept trading swipes at each other, before locking blades again. It was then Walker noticed something in SoraAlam's eyes. Something...odd.

"Y'know, you seem familiar." Walker toyed, "Have I threatened you before?"

SoraAlam brushed off the comment, pushing Walker away. "We can't let you do this. There's innocent people in there!"

"Oh, I beg to differ, kiddo." Walker replied, shifting his blade into pistol mode and blasting at the young boy, SoraAlam still managing to reflect the blasts away.

High above in the gummi fleet, Sky and Cynical were still trying to hold their own against Meadows, who was smashing up the hallway greatly.

Within the command deck, both Sanders and Chambers were watching the brawl take place, becoming increasingly worried. "Oh, come on, big guy! You're making a mess of the place." Chambers whined in her seat, while Sanders took an astute look at the situation.

"If he keep mucking about, he's going to bring this whole ship down." He assessed, before suddenly switching to a more proud demeanour, complete with a Victorian Era accent. "In times like these, you know what needs to be done, yes?"

Chambers looked at her comrade, concerned. But she knew too that they had to take the risk. Thus, Chambers, punched into the computer all the commands needed.

"Walker's going to be really mad about this…" She muttered, before inputting the final key…

Within the scout ship beside the fleet, a small pod stood in the cargo bay, untouched, before a small purplish blue light emitted from the chamber. The pod door opened, smoke spewing from it's sides, as a figure slowly began to emerge for it's slumber, with a mission…

SLAM! Meadows managed to jam his axe so hard into the side of the hallway pillar, it got stuck in its place. Having ducked under the attack, Cyncial watched the brute try to comically pull his weapon out to no avail.

"Come on, you stupid piece of junk." Meadows tiredly barked at his weapon, as Cynical took this opportunity to use an Aeroga spell to push Meadows away, into one of the open cells.

"Now, Sky!" Cynical called out, as Sky stood on standby to key up the cell's electric bars. Meadows, coming to, tried to approach the bars, but was knocked back from the electric current, falling unconscious.

"Enjoy your time out." Sky teased, before moving over back to the other cell, were Oswald still laid. Releasing the electric bars, Sky crouched down to left the lucky rabbit up.

"Uh...kid?" Oswald groaned.

"Don't worry, Oswald. We're getting you out of here." Sky assured him, exiting the cell.

Down below, the battalions were starting to tire. Ellis and Rolfe were constantly trying to avoid HMK's rage, and SoraAlam and Walker were getting worn out from who would attack first. Walker, thinking it was time to end this quick, reassembled his blaster, aiming at the young master. But before he could send out a single shot, a beeping went off on his wrist monitor. Looking at the alert, his dotted eyes widened in fear.

"Project: Stormbringer Activated"

"No, no no no no no, not yet! He's not ready!" The assassin mumbled, starting to freak out.

SoraAlam, confused by the man's rambling, decided to take this opportunity to strike. Caught off guard, Walker found himself on bad footing, trying hold back SoraAlam blade. Knowing he was in a tough spot, the cyborg made his call.

"Hunters! We're retreating! Back to the ship!" He called out, to which Ellis and Rolfe gladly obliged to, blasting away from the hallway.

Pushing back his opponent, Walker holstered his blaster, casually saluting to SoraAlam. "I'll be seeing you around, kid." He stated, before blasting away after his team.

SoraAlam chased after him, but stopped at the guardrail, watching the assassins take off, and contemplating who exactly those guys were.

Making their way to the cargo hold, Sky let Oswald down to the ground, as the rabbit professed that he could still walk. "Hit that knob over there! That'll open the back!" Oswald called out, to which Sky did as he was commanded. Switching the knob, the trio heard the back of the ship start to open up, and the wind outside blowing in.

"Alright, let's get going!" Sky commanded, to which both Oswald and Cynical nodded to.

However, as the trio moved down the ramp, a new figure suddenly landed at the end of the ramp. Rising to their feet, they ominously looked toward the trio, as a purplish glow emitted from it's goggles. Black and blue scarfs and rags covered their arms and legs, while also hiding its face alongside a dark purple hood.

The presence of this new mystery figure put everyone on edge.

"Great, now whose this?" Oswald groaned, summoning his Keyblade. Both Sky and Cynical also summoned their weapons, but the figure didn't flinch. Instead, the trio only watched as a flicker of energy started to sprout from the figure's hands.

"Let's not wait around to figure out!" Sky quipped, as he quickly threw out his keyblade, letting of a blast of Thundaga at their new opponent. However, the figure merely raised their hand, and absorbed the blast into their palm. Sky let off the attack as he noticed this, while the figure just held the ball of lightning in his hand, not once letting it's stare toward the trio break.

"Um...Sky? Should we be afraid?" Cynical asked worriedly.

Suddenly, before Sky could answer, the figure phased out of sight, catching the boys by surprise. The trio looked all around, until the heard the figure rephase again, appearing behind the group. And with their new targets aligned, the figure charged up the still buzzing ball of lightning in its hands, and blasted the Thundaga attack back at the trio, a huge gust of energy pushing them all out of the bay to fall to the ground below.

After the screams of panic subsided, Sky, catching his senses again, caught the plummeting Cynical, who had grabbed ahold of Oswald mid fall, as Sky managed to summon his Keyblade glider, halting their decent. Everyone sighed in relief, thinking they were in the clear.

"Yes, Cynical. Very afraid." Sky managed to respond, before looking up fearfully at the still open door to the massive fleet.

High above in the bay door, the figure watched as Sky started to fly back toward Disney Castle with his comrades in tow. The figure took time to watch them, curiously. For he did not know what to make these Keyblade wielders. The only emotions he could feel in his fractured heart were a deep seething rage. For what, however, he didn't know.

Feeling the electricity of the Thundaga attack on hands, the figure shook his hands clean of the energy, before turning away from the scene. It was time to report back to the master.

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