I don't know what to do so here's a crack fic or something, it's basically where Cardin gathers the Infinity Stones in an attempt to wipe out the faunus and grimm halves of Remnant, or the universe. That and Cardin doesn't get enough fanfics where he isn't some sort of stepping stone into Jaune become more presentable or a CFVY story side villain.Totally ripped this from Infinity War, and other Thanos comics.Expect the characters to be horrendously OOC, the story abysmally written, blah blah blah.I do not own either RWBY, or the Infinity Gauntlet, all copyrighted material rightfully belongs to its respective companies/creators. This is non-profit.

Growing up, Cardin Winchester knew a lot of things, a massive number of things, one of them was the ability to hate the manbeasts, known as the faunus.

Race, a race above others, his family was a euginist family that only saw the additional animal genetics as... a waste of skin, muscles and organs.

The ginger bully grew up with that, that's how he was taught, and that's as much as he knows, cocky, arrogant, with malicious thoughts here and there.

But then, activists of rights were slowly affecting the generations of the world, race wars, hate crimes, terrorism, Atlas battling the rest of the world, civilization was torn in half as good and evil pass day by day. Good innocent children have to live their lives hoping that the fangs of evil do not bite down upon them, for all it takes is one successful chance in a trillion walks.

On this rise of faunus rights, all the more the Winchesters became... affected, and definitely, more involved.

Cardin on the other hand, the one second in line to the throne, was allowed the backseat, this backseat would be crucial for something...new.

The teachings of his youth were slowly but surely getting under his skin, and mind, and conflicted with whether or not good or evil was done.

Where did the Winchesters lie in the landscape of Moral Sense?

Cardin didn't know, but he did know one thing, Moral Sense, the ability to distinguish what is right from wrong is a key factor in what he believes will be the damnation of everyone against the common enemy.

Unification simply won't work, unifying to defeat the Grimm will only greater body counts, there needs to be a higher solution.

One side was good, the other was bad, and that bad side was sucking up all of the good air. All of the decent food, all of the protection, abusing all the empowerment going on.

Sitting on his bed, Cardin for once in his highschool life read a book out of free will and intent for knowledge. He found it boring to say the least, until legends and history caught his eyes.

It was right there.

The Six Infinity Stones.

That had to be it, right? An answer?

Well, it's time to see.

Cardin read what it had to say.

It said that only three of the stones are found and known where they are placed.

There was a purple one, Power, it was captured by his own parents as a gem to hold for their own, believing that as long as they had that they had power, kept more for superstition rather than cosmic intent, it was deemed too dangerous to wield without some sort of protection, that's why the Schnees (being the generous people they are) created a specialized necklace just for it, in trade for some shares. The Power Stone rested lightly there around her mother's neck.

If the other stones can prove something that these aren't simply mythological powers or blessings perhaps this can be a.. stepping stone forward. No pun intended.

Then there was the Space stone, Menagerie had it, as a crown jewel nonetheless, this one was said to have actual powers, with cases of the Chief's wife Kali, who wore the jewel as her tiara/crown, being able to cover distance without covering time.

There was a world event to happen soon about peaceful negotiations.

Lastly, Reality, Cardin found it odd that there was both Space and Reality, aren't those two the same in a way? Perhaps Space is empty space and Reality is substance. Cardin sees that this one was kept with, the Schnees, in the apparent grand collection, created by the bastard Jacques himself.

The reality stone is seen having odd cases of havoc here and there, being a real pain in general. There were theories, conspiracies and rumors lying around about the Schnees weaponizing the power of the stone.

Considering that they were able to contain the Power stone, could they do it with Reality?

Cardin hated to read, but the pain will have to compensate with knowledge that is worth while. Perhaps it can work, but there were still three stones left, how could he possibly find those?

Well, he has yet to know.

Time lapse

Cardin easily rummaged through his (deceased) mother's jewelry box to find the Power Stone, purple in color, as said.

Cardin, being the meathead he is, acts before thinking and plucks the stone out of the necklace, having completely forgotten it was what kept it in control in the first place.

However, as he felt it in his hands, he felt a surge go through him, it made his aura shake, suddenly, a purple storm happens all around him, he of course, in the eye of the storm.

Cardin could feel his... willpower, determination, Cardin felt it all.

"what is this?!" Cardin looks around him, nothing but a purple storm, did his mother feel this too? Did she experience this too? Possibly.

Caradem was feeling his body slowly fade and turn into bits and pieces of ash or something, as if he was... disintegrating, the pain overwhelmed him as he fell immediately to his knees.

"What... is.. this.." Cardin looked at it, well, this might just end his stupid idea, that was, until he got the answer.

"Power, raw power" says Cardin as he shakes his head, and holds the stone in his hand tight, staring at it, the storm fades, and the purple stone shines in his hands. Everywhere all around him (basically the room dedicated to wardrobes and wears) undamaged.

Cardin looks at his left hand, which held the stone, instead of feeling in pain, he felt more powerful than ever before, like an unstoppable force.

"This'll look good with a gauntlet"

Days pass

Kali wore her little crown, while she, and other faunus royalty don't really wear crowns (obviously because they contradict with their extra pair of ears, or just ears if they don't have any on the side of their head), but this was an opportunity too good to pass up.

She, her husband, daughter and a couple others, were headed to Vale, the "most peaceful" of the continents for a grand meeting involving peaceful negotiations, while sure Menagerie has remained a tremendous portion of its existence with the intense use of isolationism, it was time to break old traditions for the beginning of a new era, one where humans and fauna could easily coexist.

The door opens, she looks to see who it is and it was none other than Blake. Kali gave out a smile as she walks to her daughter, her daughter returns with a warm smile of her own, "hi mom, you look beautiful"

Indeed Kali did, she wore a wonderful dress for the occasion, it wasn't encrusted with jewelry or anything (besides her crown of course), she wore a long dark red traditional dress for fauna royalty, her classic wedding ring, some nice velveteen shoes, a necklace of black pearls. All she really needs left is to do her make up.

"Aww, thank you dear" Kali rubs the top of her head. "Where's Sun?" Kali asks Blake.

"I don't know" says Blake.

"Well then, I guess I should dress you up for the occasion now shouldn't I?" Kali smiles.

"I... I don't think I can-"

"Blake, it's fine, it's okay, they can understand if ever they see you, you need to close things, you need to end things, I don't want you to burn bridges and I don't want you to hide in the shadows and slums, I want you to come clean with your problems, it's a new you, right?" Kali says, she knows of Blake's current status as AWOL in Beacon (because Blake told her)

Blake smiles, reassured, "thanks mom"

While the mother and daughter have their time, Sun was on the main deck, speaking with the black panther of menagerie. (You guys can see where I'm going with this right?)

Sun was told to wear something decent, and apparently Sun's idea of decent is just wearing an undershirt to hide his abs. With his arms crossed and looking out to sea, he looks at Ghira.

Ghira, the chief of Menagerie, with a black beard and yellow eyes, he was wearing a much more... regal version of his usual attire. Ghira still hasn't taken a liking to this boy, especially since this boy is close with his daughter, so he more of distrusts him out of fatherly instinct rather than actually dislike him.

"Say, Mr. Belladonna, what's your animal trait? I don't see any ears or a tail on you, not even teeth" says Sun. Ghira smirks, "look down, at my feet"

Sun looks down at this feet, "you're wearing some sort of boots"

Ghira removes one of his boots, his right one

"Oh..." now Sun knows.

Ghira kneels down to put on his boot again, "yep, it's not simply tail, ears or teeth, there're other aspects too"

"Say chief, is there any chance that a faunus has more than one trait? like I know everyone has teeth and ear or teeth and tail, but what about any pairing besides teeth?" asks Sun.

"Like ears and tail, or scales and horns?" Ghira replies, Sun nods.

"Two traits where teeth aren't involved are a rare anomaly, but yes, it's possible, I had a friend once" says Ghira, "He had fur on his arms and more prehensile hands and feet"


"basically his hands and feet were more adept in clinging on to something, different bone structure"


"Yeah" Ghira sighs

"what was his name?"

"Harambe" Ghira says, "a gorilla faunus, he was a great guy until he got shot by a sniper bullet while saving innocent faunus lives"

"I thought Gorilla faunus were-"

"extinct? a bit, I have a friend named M'Baku, he's a slightly distant relative of him, they're not completely extinct, unlike elephants" says Ghira.

"Say, you think it's a good idea to open Menagerie to the world?" asks Sun.

"yes, it's for the better, we need outside help, or else Menagerie will crumble" says Ghira.

"Okay, let me rephrase that, do you think it's a good idea to reveal the whereabouts of all former and current criminal activity to the world where the White Fang are international terrorists?" says Sun, before realizing that that was probably the smartest thing he's ever said.

Ghira thinks about it, "It's going to be difficult but if it'll stop the terror that comes with the protests then yes"

"Well then.." Sun says, before suddenly gasping at a large sight...

It was a large black ship right in front of their boat.