The mighty relics made by the gods are unparalled compared to even the finest earthly materials and riches of Remnant's finest kingdoms and city-states. Absolute divinity whispers with every essence which was engraved by time and holy light, a treasure invaluable to even those at the highest of Remnant's enriched echelons.

But for every ray of shining fire, there is a blot of eternal shade. The world itself revolves around this balance, the humans worship all that is good, blind faith and uimpressionable belief, every hero walking towards a beacon of light, promised a safe haven from the signals of said shade.

The Blot of Darkness' eyes are the stars and sentinels of a pretentious world, because all it sees and unveils is the truth, of death, to the Darkness, a beginning and an end almost never differ, to the eternal shadows they change and develop not.

A maiden's death happens alongside another maiden's birth.

A family is dead the moment the grimm that slaughtered them were spawned.

A man who dies from a gunshot wound was dead the moment the bullet was made.

All of these things, whether as short as a few seconds, or as eternal as the gods of light and darkness themselves, come and die as quick as the wind in the eyes of whatever stands in the infinite shadows.

All of them are tied together on a course plotted by Destiny.

That is how one can know that the faunas race went extinct the day Cardin was born.

Cardin Heinrich B. Winchester was born on a Sunday in Atlas, there was a sunshower outside, where a light fall of rain fell onto the earth as the sun casted down a fine warmth.

Cardin was born to the rich, aristocratic and noble family, The Winchesters, with his mother coming from another rich and noble family, the Beauforts.

An eerie feeling beset both of his parents however, for the newborn had arrived... strange. The newborn was larger than the other ones being born that day, but that was not it. Perhaps it was how unlike other newborns Cardin did not cry, the silence. Or maybe it could be Cardin's eyes, his starry indigo eyes were so rich with the colors of the empty universe during the first few yet precious seconds he was born, the eyes of destiny.

Or perhaps the eyes of doom...

They say Cardin's mother, Marion, went insane when she laid her eyes on her child's, saying she received a vision, the vision of the mass desolation. The eradication of everything that stood in the way of the Winchesters, it was... a euphoric inducing madness, a madness that immediately lead to a lust that would kickstart one's furious pursuit for death.

That is not entirely true.

She went insane when she whispered something, before she said Cardin's name, she whispered something else, another name.


Only a few seconds after she whispered it, a whisper shrugged aside as inaudible, would she name him Cardin. But when she saw his eyes, it was all she could say.

She had never heard the name before, and she didn't know where it came from, but it was like the stars themselves sent a messenger to tell her that whoever this boy was, he was something, something that was a perfect reason to become insane over.

You would become insane too if you gave birth to destiny, or worse yet, to doom.

Either way, she died when White Fang raided the Winchester summer house and killed her in front of him when he was twelve.

From there, things escalated. Raised by a racist family in a state that promulgated racism left a sure mark on the impressionable boy, and with the trauma of losing the people he loved to the people he's supposed to hate only sent him into a spiteful overdrive.

As he grew, Cardin preyed on the weak and traded blows with both the strong and the foolish. All that enriched rage mixed with power training increased his strength, stamina, vigor, as well as his apathy, ruthlessness and cruelty.

And it's no secret on how he's used any of those traits and abilities. The blackmail, the oppression, the violent beatings, the many times he's been sent to the higher ups for his behavior, the many more times he preached his religion of revenge.

Alliances, betrayals, defeats.

And rage.

Always, always there was rage.

And despite all the chances for him to perhaps change his view, be able to see that not all faunus were aiming to destroy the humanity he championed, Cardin's rage persevered, every thunderous step he takes towards his goal of making the faunus pay.

So as people like Velvet Scarlatina came into his view, or heroes like Jaune Arc tried to stand up to him, Cardin only grew stronger with every time he was humbled, quieted or silenced, his diatribe, which glorifyingly and earsplittingly roared his manifesto to the masses, only served to make him stronger.

Eventually, with the decision to read, with the very moment he saw the page about the stones, and the very moment he realized his deceased mother had one lying around in a forgotten jewlery box, he became, finally, what he was always meant to be.

You see, for eons Cardin has been labeled as "racist", "brutish" and "mad". An abberation, evil.

But perhaps the truth is that Cardin is no more abberant than the grimm that slaughtered billions.

He is no more evil than a cancer cell.

He is no madder than his mother before him.

The sun burns.

Salem plots.

Branwens thief.

Ozpin judges.

Cardin lives. Cardin denies.

Cardin wins


Cardin opened his eyes, and he swore the last thing he remembers is a shattering light. He felt water all around him, when he tried to stand upright, he realized he was in some ocean or sea of sorts, a vast expanse of black water, with white petals, a light red sky and a blaring light to his right, and a calming void in the left.

Cardin looked at his gauntlet, or rather lack thereof, the gauntlet itself was gone and the stones with it, all he had was the sword he made.

Cardin could hear faint whispers brushing upon him like a cold deathly wind, he could see white trees on odd plots of brown orbs, with shining branches of different colors, Cardin couldn't see a thing in the water, and couldn't understand why his heavy sword did not sink in it.

Regardless he swam towards the nearest tree, and upon touching it with his right hand visions began to pour in.

~~ To Weiss ~~

Weiss looked at the breathtaking sight before her, a light greater than its supposed god, and a cloak of darkness to consume its god if it ever came. And there stood a wall.

The wall was huge and jade. Emblazoned on it were symbols, and many parts of its design were what she could only describe as humanoid figures absorbed to become part of the wall. Every now and then a bronze shine passed by, every now and then a shooting star of an unknown color would bounce off of it.

The time stone was gone, Weiss didn't know where she was, and there were unsettling voices that said things she couldn't hear, and if she did, could not understand.

The many faces on the structure were calm yet disturbing, she looks away and faces the light. Weiss immediately couldn't take it and shieldd herself, hissing a tiny bit before looking back at the barrier.

Weiss didn't know how tall the wall was, but it was certainly around a million meters, so tall and so wide that the edge was cloaked by the sheer volume of it. She would still wonder why she was here, up until now she was completely silent, both speechless and breathless at the sheer ominous amd cthonic majesty of what was before her.

Weiss slowly approached the wall, her soft tender hands extending forwards to touch said structure, only for her hand to be stopped by another hand.

Weiss immediately pulled her hand back, with a gasp she rushed backwards, and looked at who was beside her, it was a yellow hooded figure, floating in the air.

"What the... Who are you?!" Weiss demanded, finally she could speak, the dark weight she felt as she tried to touch the wall was now gone upon this person's mere touch, like an illusion broken with a wave of a hand.

"Hello, Weiss Schnee, I am the Ancient One" a womanly voice was the reply, the figure was a woman, said figure pulled down her cloak to reveal a thin bald lady, "It's best you do not touch The Absorption Wall".

"The.. Absorption Wall?" Weiss asks, she was mystified by this lady, she couldn't bring herself to trust her just yet, after all she doesn't know who she is, that and the other mysteries that had transpired today.

"The Absorption Wall, the very edge of our universe, absorbing Remnants of a long shattered whole to make it whole once more" the lady explains, as she touches the wall, yet she was unabsorbed, "All those of remarkable integrity are not affected by the wall, but those that are are absorbed and become part of thr God Quarry".

"I don't even want to know what that is.." Weiss replies, "Look, I'm looking for a man named Ca-"

"Cardin Winchester, the ender of days" the Ancient One interrupts, "You have used the time stone to see how to defeat him, yes?"

"Yes, Me and my team are still on the process of undergoing that path, please, you have to help us, or else he will destroy the world!" Weiss tells the Ancient One, the Ancient One sighs as she stares deeper into Weiss' blue eyes, the Ancient One brings forth a circle of orange energy, and it opens a portal to another place.

"You have understood nothing at all, Ms. Schnee, you spite the same thing he spites yet you do not act the same he does" the Ancient One speaks to Weiss calmly, trying to get a point across.

"Well of course I don't, he's just some brute who-" Weiss was then silenced again, the dark weight crashing upon her shoulders.

"You still hate the faunus, you tolerate but you still hold the same view as him, only separate degrees, and you use his belief to justify yours" The Ancient One retorts as she walks towards the silenced girl, "Your foe is many, many things, racist, lover of genocide, self-obsessed and self-proclaimed champion of humanity, but if there is one thing he is not, it is a hypocrite"

The Ancient One touches Weiss' face, and she freezes still, "Destiny does not defy itself"

"When I told you only those of great integrity could survive the wall, you thought you could as well, did you not?" The Ancient One asked, rhetorically of course.

"A shame, really, but all of that aside, you must see what he plots" and with that the Ancient One brings Weiss through the portal.


The weight Weiss felt suddenly disappeared once more, and Weiss felt lighter than ever before, The Ancient One walked, not even looking back at her.

"What the hell was that?!" Weiss managed to speak out, she recomposed herself, dusting the nonexistent dust supposedly on her skirt off as she darted after her.

"The truth, it will allow you to succeed touching the Absorption Wall one day" The Ancient One replied, as calm as ever, Weiss was just about to reach out and grab her by the shoulder before realizing where she was.

Before her was a tree, a tree colored the brightest of ivory, with ebony leaves and what seemed to be noncorporeal orbs as fruit.

"We are now on the roots of Yggdrassil, the World Tree, here the roots of the universe spark to life a mighty trunk, and from it are branches, which are alternate timelines for what all Remnants become" The Ancient One explained, "Your task is to stop Cardin, well, first you must understand what is at stake"

"The faunus"

"It appears you did not look further into the futures" the Ancient One says in a disappointed tone. "Do you know of The Big Bang, Miss Schnee?"

"The Big Bang? I'm sorry but no I don't"

"Long ago there was a lone planet in the void of chaos named Midgard, there both light and darkness coexisted, its inhabitants the gods that were making new elements day by day" The Ancient One told her, "When Midgard underwent war, it created a huge god wave across the multiverse, scattering both the primordial darkness.."

The Ancient One stared into the abyss.

"And the First Light" The Ancient One looked at the shining light in the distance.

"The wave tore the gods asunder, and turned the planet into seeds, which would eventually be this very tree" says The Ancient One, "I am one of the last few of the surviving gods, and I already see what your friend aims to do the moment he had discovered this tree"

Weiss didn't utter a word, she could but she wouldn't dare right now, the tension rose between the two as The Ancient One locked eyes with Weiss once more.

"When Cardin collects all the stones and snaps his fingers, he will trigger a decimation that will chop down this very tree" Weiss began to hear the whispers as The Ancient One told her what would happen.

"And when that happens all of these worlds, the tree's fruit, will be blown away by the wind..."

"The Whispers..."

Weiss pieces it all together, "And when they reach the wall... They will become whole again, and.."


"You'll destroy my world!"

"Your world has ended a centillion times and more, as The Ancient One I've witnessed the end like a record, and it got old very, very fast. Finally there comes someone who is able to get his grubby hands on those stones and finally set things right."

"You don't know that!"

"I'm the only one who knows that, in the googol amount of worlds I've searched I never found even a single stone, now that I see it comes so close, I cannot afford to lose"

Weiss snarled, but before anything could happen, a sword stabs through Weiss's chest through her back.

Cardin stood behind her, Cardin kicks her down, unsheathing his sword from her corpse, Weiss looked at her murderer with fearful eyes.

Behind Cardin was a massive entity, purple and huge-helmeted.

"Galactus, fancy seeing you here" The Ancient One spoke.

"This Mad Titan will absolve the wrongs, I will be free of my ravenous curse soon" was all Galactus, eater of worlds, had to say.

They all watched as five shooting stars of different colors all entered into one orb, one world.

"That's the world you came from, if I remember, it's best you finish what you started"

Cardin nods.

Galactus carried Cardin to the top, putting him infront of the orb that is his world.

Cardin looks back at both of them, before jumping back into his own world.