Hi everyone this is my first time making a story of my own ever and it took me a lot of time and effort and well I hope you enjoy it...let me know what you guys think about it and such alright I wanted to make this story a little different as you know I do not known naruto at all the only thing that is mine is my oc I wanted my oc to be different because a lot of oc I have read are either transported into naruto world or has been reincarnated there and a lot of them die young with no family or a love life and such and don't get me wrong I love some of the story and such so I wanted mine to have a family of her own and that she has a purpose to try hard and to get back to her home. So this is gonna be in the Era of the war with Madara and his clan as well as Hashirama and his clan so I was thinking that there is barely any story of them so I figure why not give it a try so yeah let me know what you guys thought about and well I hope for the best anyway please enjoy the story and also this is gonna be rated M for many reason k much love! ;p

Wait?! This is my mission?! What the hell did I get myself into?!

The third party POV:

A young woman is running as if her life depends on it and it truly is, she is running with all her might and strength to catch up to the man that is going to the cliff side, while hoping and praying that she is gonna make it on time. She is completely soaking wet and a bit muddy but she doesn't care, right now her adrenaline is fully kicking in, in high alert, she is so close...so close to her destination once she has made it to the cliff side her worst fear has finally come true...this situation that they are in is a complete nightmare to her...the sight alone made her wanna vomit, right in front of her stood a man that she once thought she knew is now pointing a gun at 8 year old boy head. The little boy has chestnut hair with dark blue eyes and a beauty mark at the left side of his eye the same mark that the young women has on her eyes as well...the young boy eyes that once held full of hope and happiness is now full of fear and anguish not only that but he is soaking wet as well but he wasn't just any boy...no this is far worst...this boy near the cliff side having a gun aim at his head is her son. Seeing him there shaking out of fear with tears running down his face...broke her heart...all she ever wanted is for her children's to lived there life with happiness and for them to be safe, for them to have a wonderful career and there house full of laughters and love with her beloved husband...she doesn't understand why this is happening to her or why this man that once used to be her friend is doing this to her... is it because of her husband, is it for money?! power?!...she does know that her husband does some shady business at time but it provides them and give them a good life for her and her families at time she knew it was wrong but she love him so much, she loves her life and her children's...so she ignored it...and learned to be okay with it but right now seeing her son like this bring so much anger and rage because he has nothing to do with this...he is innocent and she swears when this is over with she will make sure that this man suffer if he so much harm a hair on him…..

(Mother POV)

The mother is pointing her gun at the man…

"Let him go! He has nothing to do with this!"

The man still had his hold on the boy and the gun still aim at his head "Oh he has everything to do with this"

The boy still couldn't stop crying and calling out to his mother "mami (mother)...I'm scared (still crying)"

The mother is looking into her son eye seeing him like this is truly breaking her heart bit by bit but she has to stay strong for his and her sake as well "it's okay mi cielo (my heaven) everything is gonna be okay"

The man is looking into the mother emerald eyes "Drop the gun or I'll shoot the boy" in a deadly tone.

The mother could tell that he is being serious about it, so without giving much of a second thought she made a surrender hand gesture and slowly putting her gun down to the ground.

The man just kept looking at her "Now kick it towards me" still giving her the same deadly tone

She does what she is being told to do because she couldn't bare if anything happen to her son

Her son keep looking at her, he keeps calling out toward her hoping that she will save him "mami?!" (mother)

She looks at him again giving him a sad smile

"It's okay baby...your gonna be okay" she looks towards the man eye once again "Please let my son go...I'll do anything...take me instead...but please let him go...he is innocent and has no part of this…(starting crying a bit)...please…" she feel so helpless right now, she feels like she has failed as a mother because she couldn't protect her child from this dangerous man in front of her...

The man never stop looking into her emerald eyes "I'm sorry...I never wanted this to happen…( looking at the boy) to him...or to you" Giving her a guilty look it was the first time he ever show his emotion.

The mother couldn't stop her tears from falling from her face "then...please...let him go….please...if not for him...then please do it for...me...if our friendship meant anything to you...then please...let him...go" desperate to save her son she is willing to give him anything.

The boy couldn't help himself but to cry even more because it hurts him seeing his mother like this...never has he seen his mother cry like this before "mami!" (mother)

The man just look at the boy then the mother "I can't do that...I betrayed your husband trust for money...all I wanted was to have what he has...the money...the power...but most of all...you" giving her that sad longing look...

"Even if you did get rid of my husband...I would never be with you! I always consider you as my friend but after tonight you are dead to me now" giving him an angry look promising him he will pay for this...

He looks so sad and so hurt "Heh (sad laugh)...I guess what they say is true...you came at the wrong place and at the wrong time...it's just...why.?!...why did it had to be you of all people...even if it pains me to do this...I have to kill you and your son" looking like he is so broken by now...

The son just kept crying out to his mother stretching out his little arm towards her hoping that he can reach her "Mami!...mami!...maaaammmmiiiii" (mother constantly)

The mother just kept crying "PLEASE! PLEASE! JUST LET HIM GO! TAKE ME...NOT MY SON! PLEASE!"

The man just looked into her emerald eyes once again...just as he was ready to kill the boy he said to her "I'm sorry" with tears in his eyes

The boy cried "MAMIIIIII!" (MOTHER!)

The mother cried as well "NOOOOOO!"

Just as it looks like all hope is lost...a helicopter appears and flash it light at the man...and the man was so surprised at the copter but it was enough of the distraction that she needed so the mother tackle the man toward the ground she then take away his gun just as the boy was about to make a run for it...the man grabbed unto the boy once again...the boy struggle to get himself free but the man wasn't gonna let that happen...the mother pointed her gun toward him and yelled with all her might

"Let my son go...NOW!"

The man looked at her and said, "If I'm going down then I am taking him with me!" He then did the most horrific action that this man could do the mother didn't expect him to do it but he did, he threw the boy at the edge of the cliff and he immediately fell you can still hear his screaming.

The mother scream as well "NOOOOOO!" She immediately threw her gun out of the way and dive right in the cliff...as she is falling she then see her son and he is still screaming his little heart out...she then pulled him into her arms and then she pulls out her special type of gun it has a hook attached to it she then tied the rope around herself and her son to make sure they are both safely secure she then pulled the trigger...the hook is sent flying towards a tree and once it did it went through the tree and secure itself...the mother started pulling her son and herself up to safety just as she was sure they were safe the man came into view...and pointed his gun at them...the mother is prepared to shield her son from danger. Just as the man was about to pull the trigger he was shot through his chest from his backside he then staggered for a bit but then he fell down towards the cliff...the mother look up at the man that saved her and her son life...the man in front of her eyes, who is also her hero is a man with blond hair and blue eyes looking so soak and panting a lot as it appears he was running a marathon but she knew he ran with all his might to get to the boy and the young women on time and right there on his hand is his gun that shot the man to his death...she recognize the man it is her beloved husband came to there rescue...the husband is so relieved to see both his wife and his son are safe and not harm...the wife just look towards her husband eyes, eyes that are so full of love and said to him...

"What took you so damn long amor" (love) giving him a lovely smile even under the circumstances.

The husband just look at his wife with a smile of his own "Sorry lyubov moya (my love) I didn't mean to take so long...glad I made it on time" giving her the look that always made her heart melt.

Then that looked filled with so much love suddenly turn very deadly, the same look that all men fear, the look of a promise of a whole world of pain that is coming toward his future as she speaks with him full of sarcasm "cutting it up pretty close aren't you dear...you better make it up to me and your family for this! I want a full retribution for this! Do I make myself clear! Now hurry up and get us out of here...NOW!"

The husband can feel a shiver running down his spine knowing his wife is being serious and best to do what she say otherwise there's gonna be even worse consequences for him later on if he doesn't listen to her right away "yes lyubov moya" (my love)

He start pulling the rope up but it's kinda hard since it pouring a lot this late at night suddenly the rope begins to break the husband is starting to freak out knowing if he doesn't hurry he will not only lose his son but his wife as well...the wife see that the rope is starting to break slowly...she knew they won't make it on time...and that both of them are heavy but there is only one thing left for her to do...she look into her son eyes giving him the look full of love and some tears...she gave him a hug and a kiss on his forehead telling him how much she love him and that to make sure he take care of his little brother and sisters...to always protect one another and be there for each other and to also keep on eye on there dad for her but most of all to stay strong together and be a happy family again even when she is gone...the son didn't understand why she is telling him all this...he was thinking everything is gonna be okay wondering why she would say such a thing, that she isn't gonna be with them anymore but even so he promised her he will...then the mother look up towards her husband eyes...his eyes full of tears and fear as well as pain but also full of love...he knew what she is about to do but he didn't wanted to accept it...how can he...knowing he is gonna be the cause of his wife death…

The wife look into her husband eyes and she knew what he is thinking "stop thinking that this is all your fault because it isn't mi amor" (my love)

The husband isn't surprise that she knew what he is thinking...after all they have know each other for 10 years now and she still read him like an open book "How can you say that?! How can you say it isn't my fault!" He looked so broken...

The wife knew he is in so much pain right now but with little time left she has to tell him how she feels "because it isn't love...I don't blame you for any of this...I only asked you for your forgiveness...because I am about to leave you with 4 of our children's all alone...I am about to leave them motherless and you without a wife...and for that please forgive me but know this I love you with all my heart and body and soul...ever since i met you...you have given me the best years of my life...you have given me 4 wonderful children's and you have given me a family, a home, and a peaceful life...I knew what I was getting myself into and I accepted it...because I love you! You have given me a second chance...you have saved me from myself, a life of depression and darkness as well as loneliness...and for that I am eternally grateful (tears are running down on her face)...I love you now and forever" giving him once look loving smile

The husband too is crying so much after hearing what his wife has said to him those beautiful words that will forever be engraved in his memory and his heart "Please...don't leave me...please...we need you...I need you...you have given me everything I have ever wanted...you have given me happiness, laughters, smiles, pains, tears and love...you have given me so much more and you have given me the one thing I always wanted in my life and that is to have a family with the woman that I love with every fiber of my being as well as my body and soul...you have my heart and you are my everything...so please don't leave me...I love you...I forgive you...please don't go" begging that this is all a nightmare and that he will soon wake up from it and be back to his room with his lovely wife in his arms and his children's are all safe and sound but that isn't the case.

The wife is touched by his word she couldn't stop the tears of both joy and pain "promise me you will look out for them and protect them...promise me you will be the father I know you can be" still giving him that beautiful smile he loves so much.

The husband knew this was there final goodbye but he still refuses to let her go "I promise lyubov moya (my love)...I promise you! I love you!" Crying so hard with so much pained in his very soul.

The wife smile then she took out her pocket knife and held it on her side of the rope and look at her husband one last time "I love you too mi amor (my love) now and forever more...goodbye my love" and just as she said those last word she cut off her side of the rope and then she start falling towards her doom even when she is falling she can still hear her husband and her son screaming for her, there screams are so full of pain and anguish...calling out towards her. While she is falling she has a smile on her face she will die with no regrets knowing that her husband will protect and take care of their children's and that she will always watch out for them in heaven and with that in her thoughts she finally closed her eyes and accepted her faith and then everything just went dark after that...until a bright light engulfed her and turn her into a tiny speck of bright light and went shooting up towards the sky as if it was a falling star and that where something unexpected is gonna happen to her.