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Third Party POV:

As the days turned into months and months turn into years nexts thing she knew it has been 3 years now since she has been transported into the Naruto Universe, she is now 24 years old...Izuna is now 25 and Madara is now 30 years old...over the years the village has change drastically ever since Ru has been brought by Madara, she still continues on living at the compound with both of the Uchiha brothers.

Every day she would wake up early in the morning to make breakfast for Madara and Izuna in the beginning they would always invite her into joining them but eventually she just joined them without being as to do so ever since she been living with the Uchihas brothers Ru and Izuna relationship has grown into a brother and sister type of relationship. (Yeah that right it can happened)

Since Izuna still believes that Ru has no living relatives he has decided take the role as her big brother and he takes it very seriously he became very protective of her they would always talk, laugh and tease at one another. Izuna always felt grateful that Ru came into their lives because now the compound is no longer gloomy or empty it is now full of laughters and happiness so full of life something he hasn't seen or felt in many years.

Izuna finally feels like he has a purpose again at first he always thought his purpose was to protect his clan and to always stay by his brother side now he feel like it more than that while it still true he will continue on protecting his kin and his brother but now he want to protect Ru as well because to him she is family now she has brought him an even bigger purpose to his kin's she gave them prosperity and energetic to their village but most importantly she gave his brother Madara happiness and a friend.

For so many years that has passed Ru and Madara relationships only grew to friendships at least to her it seem that way but to Madara it is more than that...for so many years he has been watching her, getting to know her, seeing the kind of person she truly is and because of that it only made his feeling for her grow even stronger than ever before at first he realized that he did liked her even though he would never admit to it but in time he eventually acknowledged that he does and because of those feelings he is not sure how to act around her let alone admit his feelings to her...

He never had a problem with women's before but soon he realized that Ru isn't like any other typical women he has ever met to him she is so beautiful inside and out. She knows the difference between right and wrong, she would always admit her opinion to others it doesn't even matter if they are welcome or not, she would always help his kin's in any possible way that she could, she is also stubborn and hardheaded yet she is so kind and gentle she has no problem being honest or blunt about something. She would always try to bring him and his brother Izuna together every once a week to do what she called it family time by watching different type of movie and just relax.

Being with her always made Madara happy she is never afraid to talk to him she would even help him with his paperwork so he could sleep early and when Madara has nightmares she would always come into his room in order to comfort in anyway that she could safe to say Madara trust her completely but not just him or Izuna all the uchihas in the village as well...

At first everyone was a bit perplexed about her especially because no one is used to such kindness from an outsider but over the year that went by the people start warming up to her she would always come and help them however she could...she would even go to the orphanage to make sure they are always safe and provided much to say all the uchihas welcome her with open arms she made friends with everyone uchihas except one...Akira Uchiha.

She still disliked Ru and over the years her disliked only grew more but it never bothered Ru because she knew that not everyone is gonna like her and she accepted that she just think it sad it has to be that way for them but there's nothing she can do about it because she did try to befriend her but nothing work in the end she has to give up because it's not up to Ru it's up to her…

When her morning routine are over she would then go to training until it is time for her to make lunch at first Madara didn't like the idea of her going out on her own but she rest assured him that she would be okay and that it is necessary in order for her to get stronger. She would practice for hours with Castiel and each day she grew stronger and stronger...and the proof of her strength is by her appearance...when a year of her training has passed by her right eye suddenly turn into the color topaz while her left eye still remains emerald at first she freak out about it and didn't understand why it happened but Castiel reassured her that it's normal because of her magic is growing so her body is changing because of it he doesn't know what else can change it just depends on each person kinda like going into puberty all over again except this time it's called magberty...(magic+puberty= magberty...yeah yeah I know that probably was lames but hey give me some credit at least I did try)

So now every time Ru uses her magic her eyes start to glow topaz and emerald she didn't mind her new eye color to her it looked pretty cool but to Madara he wasn't so pleased about it he wanted her to have her eye color back and she tell him that he can't tell her what to do and that she is a grown woman and can do as she pleases the two then went into a heated argument about it and Izuna just watch the whole thing in the sideline he was truly enjoying himself because to him they look like an angry married couple it was hilarious.

After the argument was over Ru ignored Madara for a week then 2 days later she stop talking to him completely for a whole 3 weeks it continue to stay that way for awhile and Madara being Madara didn't like it one bit he didn't like her ignoring him he didn't like it that she doesn't wanna see him or talked to him it drove him mad and he didn't know what to do Izuna suggested that he should apologize to her and of course Madara being him refused to do so saying that she should be the one to apologize to him because he knows that he is right and that she is wrong but his brother told him that if he continues like this then he can forget about ever seeing her again.

Four days later after that he finally decided to do something about it he finally began to seek her out and when he did find her he then grab her hand and took her far away at first she resisted but soon after she realized it was futile he then took her to his mother garden knowing that she loves going there when they did arrived and making sure that they are all alone he was ready to say he was sorry but he felt like his tongue was tied he didn't understand why he was struggling just to say two simple word he truly did felt like an idiot.

But to Ru seeing him like that only made her smile because she realized she was being a bit childish but it was something she has no control over it because her body is changing...she is getting more and more stronger with each passing day that is coming so she told him that he is forgiven and that he doesn't have to say the word she even explained to him that he has to get used with the idea that her appearance may change a little but no matter what she is still herself just as she was about to leave suddenly Madara hugged her very tightly as if afraid she would suddenly disappear he even whisper the word sorry next to her ear saying that she is right and that he doesn't want her to be mad at him anymore with those word alone it made Ru happy and return the hugged saying he is forgiven and that she isn't angry anymore for a while the two continued on hugging at one another until it was time for bed.

After that everything returned the way it was as if the argument never happened in the first place she would then continue on doing her regular routine after her training she would then leave the compound so she can talk to the other uchihas getting to know every single one of them and being friends with them when her time with them is over she would then make dinner and they always have a good time together and once she was done cleaning up she would go hang out with either Izuna or Madara whoever is available and isn't busy with something they would talk about ideas how to improve the village and such…

When summer came Ru begin to notice that the uchihas are going to struggled with food when fall and winter come so one day when Madara and the councilman's are having their monthly meeting Ru decided it was time to help them with their lifestyle so when she enter the meeting unexpectedly she explained to them that there should be a least a family of a farmer in the village so that the village will be provided and that there should be a blacksmith as well at first they didn't agree because they didn't see it was necessary but when she made her point about how all the men's and some women's do go out to battle they are not strong or healthy enough and because of that they keep losing more and more of their comrades.

She would tell them that this can all be avoided if they pay attention to there people that instead of trying to conquered more land they should focus more on their kin healths once she was done explaining to them about how beneficial to have a farmer and a blacksmith in the village they all finally agree to her and so Madara made an announcement to see who will volunteer to be a farmer and a blacksmith.

Both positions has been accept by two different family of uchihas and because no one has experienced in this Ru has taken the role to teach it to them she read a lot of books and worked her magic very hard she grows all the fruits and vegetables all they have to do is always make sure they are always harvested then she would created her magic to make a cave so that there is always iron in it as well as copper and rock salt she can make some jewels but trying to created silver, gold, platinum, and diamonds will take some time but until then they are happy what they have receive from her.

Ru then made the orphanage it's own vegetables and fruits garden so that they are always provided she also did the same to the uchihas hospitals she not only made their own vegetables and fruit gardening but different type of herbs as well. And when winter come just made a huge garden house for the farmers, the orphanage and the hospital so they never have to worry about food. For the farmer she asked Castiel to find some cows, chickens, sheeps and much much more so now they even have an uchiha to start making clothing.

The village has grown prosperous the men's are much more happier and stronger the women's are more thicker and beautiful the children's are more playful and energetic and the eldest are much more calm and relaxed. Ru then decided to make a movie theater night every once in a 2 weeks for the whole village to enjoy not only for themselves but with each other as well. And they enjoyed it quite a lot Ru always make sure there is plenty of popcorns, burgers, chips, and sodas for everyone thank to Ru magic she is able to created 3D images in front of them she made them felt like there were actually there she wanted to give them the same experience she gotten when she went to Walt Disney with her family a place full of magic

They have watch a lot of the old classic Disney movies like Mary Poppins, Jurassic Park, The Lion kings, Aladdin ect and she even show them Iron Man, Hitman, Bourne and so much more. She even used her magic duffle bag to bring lots of toys for the children's, make up for the women's comfy clothes for the men's and the elder a boy tub! (Yeah she made it happened) life for them have been great they adored Ru and respect her greatly even though she isn't married to Madara she is still consider the Lady of the Uchihas they even made her a cute shirt with there logo on it to show her that she is one of them.

As years passed in peace it finally happened in the middle of summer the senjus clan are closing in and Madara has no choice but to get his shinobi ready for battle Ru wasn't happy about it at all not because of the battle but because she think today is the day that Izuna is supposed to die

She has work hard and to make sure that doesn't happened she try to tell Madara that they don't have to go but Madara always tell her they need to stop them otherwise they will be too closed to the village Ru realized she has no choice but to let them go but not before she warned Izuna not to get ahead of himself and to always be careful then she went to Madara and told him that if he ever in a situation where he needs some help then all he has to do is grab the necklace she has given him and called out her name…

A while back she wanted to do something special for them so she given the brothers a special kind of gift it's a pendants (picture Hitomi pendant from escaflowne yeah like that but instead of pink it's the color of aurora) the necklace is special because inside of the pendant is her mana so that way she know where they are at and they are always protected the pendant has a magic barrier but because she is not strong enough yet she has to keep charging the pendant with more of her mana whenever she get the chance.

Anyway Madara promised her that he will do what she is asked if he ever need to do so before he and Izuna left they both hugged her a goodbye and to take care of the village while they are away she promised she will when they left she continued to stay at her same spot until she couldn't see them anymore then she went back inside the village continue to do what needed to be done

As days passed by Ru keep sending messages to both of the uchihas brothers she used her magic to be sent to them and whenever they want to sent something back they just held the pendant and tell her she even sent them food so she knows they are well taken care off Izuna always tease her about it saying how much she is like a mother hen too bad he doesn't know how right he is because she is a mother and she can't help herself it has become a habit for her so anyway the day passed by until finally it happened the day the event is about to be unravel...


Madara POV:

The battle is intense as it is always...I am clashing my sword with Hashirama I am looking at him with so much anger and resentment (How did it come down to this?! *oh you know how* Shut up!) Over the years my inner voice hasn't gotten any better only worse and unfortunately I have gotten myself used to it by now but that's not what's important right now what is important is the battle between the senjus and the uchihas

Over the years Hashirama and I have kept battling to one another, we both have lost so many fine shinobi warriors fighting for our cause...and yet over the passed 3 years, Ru kept asking me and my brother for what reason we are doing this and we always answer to her the the same thing for the land, for honor, for peace but eventually even I am starting to questioning myself (Why are we doing this?! Why do we hate them?!)

No one truly knows all we know is that the senjus and the uchihas have hated each other for many generations we don't know why, how, or even when it started...it just does...she even asked us what is the purpose for all this and even I can't answer her that because honestly I don't know anymore if someone else have asked me I would answer without hesitation but now I can't even say.

Hashirama keep battling me with so much force while I do the same it's seem we are at par and while I am distracted by him...suddenly I hear my brother cries...I stop dead in my track...dread begin to consume me (No no no! I cannot lose my brother! I will not!)

I push Hashirama away from me and immediately left him there because I need to be where my brother is at he needed me more once I was there I see him on the floor cover in blood I immediately went by his side I notice his wound that he received from Tobirama and they were very deep and if have to be honest with myself then I knew right then and there that my little brother will not make it even if I am able to bring him to the compound he will be close to death door because he is losing so much blood…

I notice that Hashirama is also here now telling Tobirama to stop then he look towards me begging me to do the peace treaty with him but my brother tells me not to do it and then suddenly he went limp in my arms

"No no no! Izuna! Come on brother! Wake up! Stay with me!" I decided to put him on the ground I didn't care if the senju brothers are here my brother is dying and there is nothing I can do about it...I am losing the last thing that matter to me but then suddenly I hear Ru voice inside my head

("Promises me Madara…promised me that if anything happened out there...you will grab the pendant and called out my name...when you do that I will appear...I have been practicing my teleportation magic...so I can returned you all back home immediately...so please promised me you will put that pride of your aside and called me out so I can help you k...please…" giving me that pleading look that she is displaying

"Alright...I promised" giving her my word)

That right I promised her so without a second thought I grab the pendant I held it firmly in my hand and then I called out her name not caring if both of the senju brothers heard me or not my brother need help and I know only she can do it

"Ru...please...help me...I need you" praying with all my might that she heard me



It has been days now since Madara and Izuna have left the village and I can't help myself but to begin thinking about Izuna because I know he will be killed by Tobirama but the problem is when?! They never said what day or when it will happened only that it will but it's okay I have practice my magic for 3 years now and I have gotten myself even stronger now so for now all I can do is continue on what I am doing...I am just hanging out with Kagami Uchiha that right folk! Kagami as in Shisui father! (Epppp)

I met him 3 years ago while I was helping the farmers with their gardens...I felt like I was being watched so I decided to investigate and what I found is a small cute little boy hiding out behind the bush so when I asked his name he told me it is Kagami Uchiha so as soon as I heard that name my inner fan started to squealing in my head because I couldn't believe I was meeting Shisui father and he look so much like him.

I asked him why he is following me and he told me he found my ability very interesting so he wanted to see more I couldn't help myself but to start hugging him telling him how cute he is so I told him he can follow me around so I can show him more and we'll ever since that day we became fast friend he consider me his big sister and it also turned out that he is Madara pupil, his parents die protecting both him and Izuna when an assassin invade the village so to show his gratitude and respect to his parents he decided to take Kagami in and become his pupil he personally trained him constantly which is fine and all but when I am there I make sure he has time to be a kid as well and we do all kind of trouble because it's fun I really love that kid he is just so adorable! I always wanted a cute little brother and now I do! Yay!

Anyway Kagami and I are at Madara mother garden because it is a beautiful day we just want to enjoyed this peaceful afternoon until suddenly my pendant start glowing and I can hear Madara calling out to me "Ru...please...help me...I need you" I can tell immediately that something is wrong and if I am right it's about Izuna I turn my head towards Kagami

"Kagami go tell Lady Tokie to get everything ready in the infirmary and if she asked why tell her that Madara is calling out to me and I am heading to him right now" he looked scared so I gave him a kiss on his forehead "I am counting on you, stay strong alright" he gave me his determination look then he start running to the hospital to do what I asked him to do

I then brought out my book and look for a spell once I found it...I then begin concentrating on my mana (mana is the source for all magic) my arms spread wide my body begin to glow

"Fire magic: Phoenix Transformation" my whole body begin to glow and the flames begin to dance around me then it consumed me I transform my body into a Phoenix but with flames I then spread out my wings and begin to fly

(I got this idea from one of my favorite anime it's call Ancient Magus bride we're a girl name Chise transform herself into a fiery Phoenix I love that show and idea so much I wanted my oc to do the same check it out on YouTube and see how amazing it is also love the music too I am listening to it right now while I am writing my story that how awesome it is! Yay!)

Being in the sky is so amazing I feel so free not only that it's so beautiful up here I decided I should do this more often I am heading towards Madara it's easy to find him since he is wearing the pendant it didn't took me so long once I was there I can already sense a lot of the uchihas are injured I am right above them my wings are spread far and wide and because of that I am blocking the sun I can already tell I gotten everyone attention but I didn't care I needed to find Madara and Izuna once I did I headed towards them

I am right above him he then stand up from where he stood and turn towards me and just kept staring at me and not just him but everyone as well he just kept staring until I hear him say my name in a gentle whisper "...Ru…." I then transform myself back to the way I am and since I am above him I then begin to fall right into his opening arms he then just kept staring at me even more

(Okay this is beginning to feel a little weird)

"You called?!" Giving him my teasing smile I thought he was gonna say something back but instead he begin to hug me tight

"I'm glad you here...Ru" he start hugging me really tight as if I will suddenly disappear on him so then I hug him back "Always" even though I can't see his face I can tell he is happy that I am here

Once we were separated I look around and see a lot of people are staring at us both the senjus and uchihas I then look towards my right and see the senju brothers are also looking at us, Hashirama mouth is open completely wide and so are his eyes I then look towards Tobirama and notice even his mouth is open but not completely like his brother but his eyes there is something about his eyes I can tell that he is shock and surprised just as much as his brother but there is something else in his eyes that I couldn't describe but I knew it has something to do with me I just hope it isn't anything bad but one thing for sure this is the day where everything is gonna change…


Tobirama POV:

I finally did it...I finally defeated Izuna Uchiha just as I was about to finish him off his brother Madara came to interfere but at the same time so has my brother Hashirama he told him that he cannot defeat him but instead of finishing them off while they are both down he decided to asked Madara to joined him to form a peace treaty from both clan

My brother is such a idiot sometime like they could ever form a treaty with us they hated us just as much as we hated them but it also look like Madara is considering it but of course Izuna had to interfere telling him not to do so but then he suddenly start coughing a lot of blood from his mouth even if both are able to escape now he isn't gonna make it that is pretty clear but instead of running he lay Izuna to the ground

(What the hell is he doing?! Why isn't he running or escaping?! Can't he see that his brother is dying or maybe that why...because he knows he is dying and decided to stay for his final hour)

Madara then took out a necklace that look like a pendant hanging around his neck and put it near his lips, the pendant begin to glow his eyes are closed then he begin to speak

"Ru...please...help me...I need you" with so much emotions…(Is he actually calling out for help?! And who is Ru?! What's going on?! Why is his pendant glowing so brightly)

My brother and I just look at one another not sure what to make of this but then suddenly everything turn dark I look up towards the sky and see that something is coming towards us I grab my sword ready to strike whatever that thing is even my brother is getting ready but then suddenly it stop right on top of Madara he then stood up from where he stand and turn towards it I am not sure what I am looking at it but it look like a giant bird covers in flames I couldn't denied how beautiful and majestic it looked...

This gigantic bird just kept staring at Madara and he kept doing the same but then he said "...Ru…" (What) the flames around the bird begin to dance around all over it body and then suddenly it transform into a woman I couldn't believe what I am seeing the way the flames and winds dance around her made her look so beautiful she then began to fall right into Madara arms but what surprised me the most is the way Madara is looking at her...he look like he is completely in love with her (But how is that possible?! Madara couldn't possibly be in love with this woman)

I then start analyzing her she has two different eye colors one of them is the color of emerald while the other eye is the color of topaz under the eye that has the color of emerald she has a beauty mark near it her hair is a straight shoulder length chestnut brown with what looks like gold designs on them (highlights) in a loose ponytail she is wearing a dark purple haori with a uchiha symbol written on the back, underneath it look like she wearing tight white T-shirt that show her belly button it look her naval has a jewelry on it (14g pronged square cz navel barbell from Hottopic) her shirt has some kind strange designed on them it look like a white dog with black ears carrying a single red rose (snoopy) she is also wearing dark grey pants with black boot (combat boots) on her neck it look like she is wearing to different necklaces one that look like it choking her (a faux leather crescent moon choker) and a pendant that look like its identical to both Madara and Izuna her nail are polished in black and her lips are red as rose normally women's hold no interest in him but he couldn't denied how beautiful this one looked

He couldn't stop staring at her she is just so beautiful and mysterious at the same time, how is she able to transform her body to a gigantic firebird is beyond him not only that but he sense no chakra in her at all whatsoever so he doesn't understand how she is even alive when she turn toward him and his brother she start analyzing the both of us but I could tell she isn't happy to see me, she look angry and for some strange reason it brought a pain in my chest she then turn around toward Madara again giving him a beautiful smile

"Don't worry Madara" she then grab his hand "I promised you everything gonna be alright" continue on holding his hand and I don't know why but it's making me angry that he is touching her and then she let go suddenly her entire body start to glow and a book appear before her it flip through pages to pages then it stop she raise her arms up to the air me and my brother prepare ourselves in case it's a battle she then begin to speak loud and clear even her voice is soothing

"Light magic: orb of protection" suddenly every uchihas that are alive, dead, even injured are in some kind of orb even Izuna is in one she then speak again "Fire magic: Holy Fire of healing" now the orb is cover with white flames you can see the injured ones are starting to heal (Amazing)

She then looked put her hand on Izuna orb and start closing her eyes she then open them and look towards Madara "He is severely injured but thank goodness you call me right on time otherwise he wouldn't have made it my holy fired will make sure he is good as new but it will probably take at least a week to heal him because his injuries are deep and it will take while until he wake up but don't worry he is fine and he will recover k" giving him a reassuring smile she then turn her head towards me giving me a firm look

"Are you the one that did this to him" I don't know why but for some strange reason I am afraid to give her an answer she then start walking towards me, I just stood there once she is close range to me I begin to see that she is very short she doesn't even reach my shoulder I can even smell her scent it smell light sweet lavender with a bit of earthy to it I actually quite like her scent suddenly I feel a painful sting sensation on my left cheek I didn't even notice my head turn when I touch my cheek I can feel it throbbing now

(Did she just slap me?! Does she have any idea who I am better question is why did she slap me?!)

"I am only gonna say this once...so pay attention...if you ever hurt Izuna like that ever again then I swear to who ever god you believe in I will not only castrate you but I will shove your hairy beads down your throat! Do I make myself clear snowflake!" Right up on my face I couldn't believe what I am hearing she actually had the nerves to not only slap me but to threatened me as well

Yet somehow instead of finding myself angry about it I find it very refreshing and the way she look at me I couldn't help myself but to think how cute she is suddenly my brother Hashirama started laughing very loud

"Hahahahaha! Never in my life have I ever witnessed a civilian with such a fiery spirit" giving her a friendly smile, she then turn to my brother

"Sup! Girly man!" I try to contain my laughter from what she called my brother

"Well I love to stay and chat some more but I have more important matter to attend too" she then lift both of her hands up in the air and all the orb that carries every uchihas are being sent to the sky and then she speak again

"Teleportation magic: relocate" then suddenly they were all gone the only one left is her and Madara, she then turn to Madara

"Ready to go" he just nodded at her and then "fired magic: Phoenix transformation" her whole body transform into that bird again and then Madara jump onto her back but instead setting himself on fired he just continued on sitting on her back and then they both soared to the sky

My brother and I didn't understand what just happened all we know is that something unexpected happened we start gathering our troop and prepared ourselves for camp but my mind hasn't stop thinking about that girl wondering if I'll ever see her again

Without anyone realizing it certain path has been created now what will happened with the senjus and uchihas wait till next time


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