Binas: Hello. Long time, no see. This is story just had to be made. It will be the first Naruto-Stranger Things crossover and I will make sure that it will set the bar for high quality! I want to make it a pure splash of goodness!

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The title has multiple references. One being Team Seven, the Nine Tails, and Eleven in order. It is also counting up by odd numbers.

Chapter One: The Pinwheel

The sound of small, soiled and slimed, once-white, high-top tennis shoes tapped along the aged dirt path with every step Eleven took. Her tired feet shuffled forward as her legs and feet cramped from being pushed to the brink.

She had been walking and trying to survive for days in this bizarre place. She remembered pulverizing the Demogorgon into floating particles, and it retaliated by doing something similar to her along with its ability to make gates with ease. It was horrifying. Losing all of her senses and awareness for a time and then waking up somewhere that was not with Mike by herself was terrifying. She felt so alone and had no idea what to do other than robotically push forward in hopes of surviving.

Everything, despite the peaceful appearance, felt alien and unsettling no matter how familiar it tried to be. She could sense the foreign energy all around her dance from the flora and fauna around her. It made her jump at every moment that she relaxed just the slightest. It brushed against her mental senses in a way that made her flinch every time she tried to reach out to Mike with her mind. Without a bath to enhance her powers, she knew she needed to find a way to just even hear Mike for a mere second. The energy around her just seemed to wish to prevent that. She wanted Mike. She wanted her friends. The ones who took her in and kept her safe from Papa and the bad men.

Eleven felt her chest tighten. Her dirt-and-slime-crusted hand traveled to where her heart was and held it. The sensation made her eyes tear up. It felt like the feeling she had when Papa had found her and tried to take her away. This thought sent silent whimpers out of her mouth and she wanted the pain that swelled inside her to stop. She could not bear it nor push it away. It pinned her down like how the Demogorgon pinned down its next meal to keep it from fighting back. It made her feel helpless. It frightened her with how it grabbed a hold of her and refused to let go. The pain in her chest felt like it was killing her.

Her body trembled with weakness as her stomach yelled at her, demanding for something to sate its emptiness. Her eyes looked around her, and all she could see were medium-length grass, some trees, and tiny birds that would not be enough to make the hunger go away.

Feeling as if she had no choice, she grabbed a fist full of grass put it into her mouth. She chewed for a moment just to be hit by the bitter flavor of the greens and the disgusting taste of dirt. Reluctantly, she swallowed with a grimace. She was not going to do that again. After all, on top of the taste, it did little to fill her stomach.

Eleven pressed forward, using every drop of will power she possessed to keep from collapsing from exhaustion and hunger. Eventually this all paid off when she saw the beginnings of a town. She forwent sneaking around and entered the town and used whatever she could grab at any point to stabilize her balance. Some of the things she leaned on were baskets, barrels, and crates, all of which held nothing of use to her at the moment.

All around Eleven, people walked about, going about with what they were doing. No one paid any mind to her, which relieved Eleven immensely. She could not afford being spotted by Papa's bad men. Even without Papa, she had a feeling that the bad men would continue what he had started. They would lock her away in the bad place and isolate her from those who cared about her. They would force her to complete more tasks such as spying on Commies or worse, command her to use her to create more gates. She did not want to create anymore of them. One was bad enough to spawn multiple gates. Creating more than what was already there would be worse than bad. Mike had said that she was not the monster, but she now knew that the bad men would turn her into one if they had their way.

Soon enough, Eleven came across a small cubical. It had food. She did not recognize the foodstuff present, but it smelled good. Some had a sweet aroma that reminded her of Eggos drenched in maple syrup. The food that smelled like Eggos was what she went for without any restraint nor hesitation. Her shaky but nimble hands quickly snagged a handful of the syrup-covered balls on sticks that smelled like Eggos. She instantly began devouring the sweet-tasting food while pocketing a couple completely in the deep pockets of the plaid jacket Hopper had given her prior to leaving the school. The sweet balls did not taste like Eggos, but they were still delicious.

By the time Eleven finished her third stick and began the fourth, someone grabbed her by the wrist with a great amount of force. It was a woman, and she was angry. She remembered Benny and how he got angry at her for stealing and then eating the flimsy, salty yellow sticks. This situation was like it, only this time, the woman did not look like she cared.

"Young lady, you better pay for those!" the woman snapped.

Eleven did not respond right away. Her eyes filled with fear. Her eventual response was a weak, "Pay?"

"Yes," the woman stated harshly. "Those four dango you stole and ate costs 650 Ryo a piece."

Eleven still did not understand. She had no idea what ryo was or what the woman was insisting that she do. The shaven girl quaked in place as tears pricked her eyes. She would have used her powers to break free, but she felt too weak for it to make a difference. This woman was not nice. Benny, despite not understanding what was going on, knew she was in need of help until Papa had him killed.

"Well?" the woman said as she shook Eleven's wrist. "Are you going to cough up the money or do I need to call for security?"

"Actually, that won't be necessary."

The woman and Eleven faced the direction that the voice came from. It came from a man with white hair, just like Papa's, but it was longer and spikier than she had ever seen on anyone. On his face was a smile of sorts, and Eleven could not really pinpoint it.

"Is this your child?" the woman asked.

"No, but here," the white haired man said as he handed a small stack of rectangular paper, giving a wink that made the woman a bit uncomfortable. "This should be enough for the dango she snacked on."

"Thank you," the woman said before turning her attention back to Eleven. "You're lucky this time, young lady."

The woman threw Eleven's wrist back, making the little girl stagger back. Eleven rubbed the wrist the woman had grabbed, trying to ease the pain. The woman gave her one last glare before going back to what she was doing.

Eleven looked around and saw the man had left. She looked around and spotted him heading back to a blonde boy dressed in almost all orange. He looked like he was saying something to the white haired man but could not tell what. As soon as the two began heading off, Eleven tailed them from behind, doing her best to keep up.

Thankfully, Eleven did not have to exert herself too much. The pair entered a large building. It was not as tall as the place she came from, but the building still looked daunting with its sheer height.

She pushed the door open with her hands and watched as the white haired man wrote something on a sheet of paper for the person behind the counter.

Next to the white haired man was the blonde boy. The boy held an excited flare in his eyes and a large smile. Something about him made her feel warm. It was like the warmth that just being around Lucas, Dustin, and, to an even greater amount, Mike gave her.

A second later, the blonde boy's excitement drained away and frowned. The white haired man left out the entrance, talking about "research" as he tailed a woman who he claimed had winked at him.

Eleven had no idea what kind of research he meant as he held an expression that she had never seen on Papa when he mentioned "research." All she knew was that the blonde boy was not happy. His expression looked like the one Lucas had when she was brought back to Mike's home the first time.

The boy took a key from the person behind the counter and walked to a stairwell, grumbling unintelligible words.

Not wanting another incident where someone grabbed her arm, she waited for the person to turn away from behind a potted plant. And it was a long wait. Too long for Eleven. She knew she had not fully recovered, but she tried to anyway. She needed somewhere to hide. Her face slightly tensed as her mind reached out to the person behind the counter, and with it she squeezed, causing blood to begin dripping from Eleven's nose. The person turned the brightest shade of pink that Eleven had ever seen as she made the person defecate. The person scrambled away, hiding the stains along the journey to a bathroom and spouting words of denial whenever someone asked about the stench.

Eleven smiled a bit and wiped her nose clean of blood as she staggered to the stairs. "3-0-8" had been the room number she heard being addressed to the white haired man and the blonde boy.

She climbed the stairs to the third floor and began searching for the specific room number. It was at the very end of the hallway on the right side. She twisted the knob gently to find it locked. She took a small step back and the sound of clacking from inside the knob rang quietly. Eleven's nose once more became bloodied as the door became unlocked, allowing her to open it telekinetically. She let out a small pant as she finished and collapsed at the door. She did not pass out, but she also did not have the energy to keep on standing. The blonde boy rushed to the door, bewildered by what he had just seen happen.

"What the hell?!" the boy exclaimed just to notice Eleven on the ground. "Hey, who are you? Are you okay?"

Eleven looked down at her left wrist. She slowly moved her right hand and grabbed the sleeve. Little by little she pulled the sleeve to reveal a small tattoo that was printed in black ink that said "011" in a squarish font.

The boy gave a confused look at it and said, "I meant what is your name? Like this, my name is Naruto Uzumaki."

"Eleven," Eleven replied as she slowly sat up and pointed at herself.

"Weird name, but whatever," Naruto said as he smiled. "Nice to meet you. Oh, how did you open the door like that? That was so cool!"

Eleven flinched at the sudden loudness Naruto exhibited. Then there was the fact he was really close. It made her feel a bit uncomfortable, so she got up and walked into the room.

She looked around the room to find it a bit larger than what she was used to in terms of a bedroom. There were two beds that we're larger than the tiny cot she had laid upon for most of her life, covered in soft, fluffy blankets. Those fluffy blankets were begging to be touched from how they were cleanly spread out on the beds.

The floor was made out of glossy wood that she had only seen in Mike's house and at his school. The only difference was that this wood was very light in color in comparison to both the wood floors in both places she had thought of.

Eleven was brought out of her thoughts when Naruto shut the door and popped up right in front of her with a confused look on his face, "Hey, are you okay? You looked a bit out of it."

Eleven racked her head for the right response. What she came up with was, "Yes."

Naruto gave a funny look that Eleven was not entirely sure of. The expression seemed say that Naruto could tell that she was lying, but it also seemed uncertain. All the psychic girl could do was hope he did not press for more information. She did not want him to get hurt or killed just because he knew what she was.

"If you say so," Naruto said before grinning again. "If you want, you can watch me practice a bit. Pervy Sage will hopefully get rejected by whoever that lady was soon. Then you can watch me train."

Eleven, not entirely sure what Naruto meant, simply complied and took a seat on one of the beds and munched on some of the dango she took. She looked up at Naruto and saw him cross his first two fingers over each other, making a cross.

Before she knew it, there were TEN Narutos in the room. Eleven gave a startled look as she backed up a bit. The clones poofed away the moment Naruto noticed the startled Eleven.

Eleven went up to Naruto and rolled up each sleeve of his jacket, bewildering the blonde as she examined his wrists.

"Not?" Eleven uttered as she showed her inked wrist once more to Naruto.

Naruto, still weirded out, shook his head and said, "I don't understand what you're trying to tell me. You should try to be less shy."

Eleven raised an eyebrow and asked, "What is 'shy?'"

Naruto was about to reply when a knock sounded on the door. The blonde instantly went from being weirded out to gleeful. He chuckled something under his breath, one of the phrases that Eleven could hear was "Pervy Sage," something she still needed to ask about.

Naruto opened the door to reveal a raven haired man in a long, baggy, weird black coat with red clouds with white borders sewn on them. On his head was a weird plate, like the one Naruto was wearing. The only difference was that the symbol was crossed out with a single, deep gash. Eleven's heart began to plummet, and her breath quickened as memories flashed within her mind from the apathetic look the man held. The more she looked back, the more she saw that Papa had that same look when she made him dissatisfied.

But what startled her more were his eyes. Red irids with three dots with pointy tails revolving around the pupil in a set direction. The dots spun around the pupil just like the little, spinning person in the box that played music.

"Come with us," the man said in an unwavering, monotone voice.