Prime Subject: Lightning Farron.

Age: 14

Height: 4.5 feet.

Occupation: Kingsglaive trainee, 11th generation.

Sensei: Nyx Ulric.

Age: 20

Height: 6.1 feet.

Occupation: First Sergeant of Insomnia´s Army, Kingsglaive Division. Commission: coach of the 11th generation of Kingsglaive trainees.


Uff… uff… argh… uff…

Lightning´s body was aching all over, her lungs burning as if they were on fire, every breath seemed like she was breathing acid, and she even started to smell blood… to taste blood on her already dried saliva. Shouldn´t be sad that, at 14-years-old, she could already recognize its taste perfectly well?

Ungh… uff…

The 25th lap was weighing deeply on her legs, her arms felt like jelly, but one look at the gray eyes of her torturer was enough to set her heart on her focus, and to will them to push forward… only, with every lap, the pushing lasted even less than before, the adrenaline pumping on her bloodstream losing its effects sooner.

Agh… uff… ha…

26th lap and she purposefully turned her eyes searching for his frame, looking intently for his cheeky and hated smirk which she just couldn´t make go away no matter what she did.

She found him leaning against the wall, his eyes fixed on her while he ate a big chunk of pizza, exaggerating the action, knowing full well she hadn´t eaten at all, not even breakfast.

For a moment the plan worked.

Her ire inflamed at the look of his inconsiderate teasing, she immediately breathed in deeply, and lowered her head, forcing her legs to go faster.

Urgh… uff… ack…

"C´mon, Sparks! Give it up!" She easily heard his devious tone, the mirth in his voice, and she growled.

Nyx Ulric.

A rising star among the Kingsglaive Forces who, by an unknown twist of fortune and even less understood decision of the council, it was the second year he had been commissioned as first years trainees´ coach. And immediately after meeting her, he had proclaimed himself as her sensei.

Make that her torturer.

Never in this world would she ever give him such a magnificent title to a stupid prick like him. He didn´t deserve it.

"You know you won´t be able to complete all the laps." He kept on screaming at her. "Stop this already and accept defeat. I might even share with you a piece of my delicious meal, if you were to stop running and apologize to me."

Did she say prick? She really needed to learn how to swear better. Because Etro help her, he really deserved something much worse.


She heard the scream, made by a deep and commanding voice, their tone making her shiver in spite of not knowing the owner.

She took a glance at Nyx, her sight becoming blurry, but she forced herself to focus. She noticed the young man hastily standing up on attention, an evidently terrified expression written on his countenance, his obviously alarmed action making her smirk at the man. There was another man approaching him with fast steps, his back towards her; the new man was as tall as Nyx but more imposing, and evidently his superior. It was obvious he was scolding fiercely the Sergeant, apparently spitting in his admonishment to the younger man, since she could see how Ulric, from time to time, had to flinch while he spoke to him. Or rather, yelled at him.

She finally reached closer to where they were standing, and the girl smirked at the scolded sergeant, earning a glare that made her smile gratefully.

Ha! Serves you right, moron!"

"Sparks, stop!" Nyx barked at her as if she were a dog, his words erasing her offending smirk. Lightning complied only to glare at him. The girl approached with every purpose of giving him her own well-deserved words, but her body, having lost the adrenaline pumping on her bloodstream that kept it going, simply gave up on her.

Lightning didn´t know what happened, only saw darkness coming from all corners and hastily closing in on her. The last thing she saw was Nyx Ulric´s boots running towards her.


"That´s it! I´m done with her! I can´t stand that little imp!"

The young man´s sudden outburst startled the group of Kingsglaives who were assembled at a small table, and enjoying a few rows of beer in the most popular beerhouse in Insomnia.

But Crowe Altius only rolled her eyes, already used to her friend´s tantrum.

"The little devil? You mean to say the great Nyx Ulric, the promising star, the only one in the Force promoted to First Sergeant at 20 years of age, is not able to keep under control an innocent 14-year-old girl?"

"Innocent? What does she have on innocent!?" The addressed man, the youngest member of the table, yelled at her, louder if possible, as he took his seat right next to his partner, and ordered with a gesture a beer for himself. "As we speak, she sure is planning new ways of making me suffer! What did I ever do to Drautos?!" He dramatically extended his hands towards the sky. "He must surely be torturing me on purpose by sending me that little demon!"

"What are you babbling about now, Nyx? I thought your dream was to become a hero, not a drama queen." An overweighed Kingsglaive, Libertus Ostium, joined them at that moment.

"Libertus!" Everyone in the table stood to greet the man, and interchanged a few hugs and pleasantries, even Nyx forgot for a moment his worries, until they all were seated once again.

"I´m so glad you came back in one piece from that mission! Thought I had to rescue you from Niflheim." Nyx chided his friend.

"As if you were that lucky. Fortunately I needed no heroes, thank you very much. Lady Luck was on my side, so the mission went on smoothly, no nifies sneaking around." The man responded in cheerful tone. "So? What did I miss?"

Luche Lazarus, the eldest of their group, explained to the recently arriving man.

"Sergeant princess here is complaining about Drauto´s new form of torture. Please Libertus, explain to him the world isn´t conspiring against him in the form of a little trainee."

"Whatever you mean, man?" Libertus addressed the childish comrade, not caring he had two ranks above him, the addressed man taking a sip of his beer to prevent himself from screaming once again. "There is no such thing as torture, rather the opposite. Obviously they liked what you did with the last patch of newbies, that being the reason why you got to train this new pack of fresh meat trainees. Stop your rambling about someone conspiring against you." He slapped the man on the back, making him spill a little bit of his beer. "Besides, you´ve been at it for only two weeks, and already complaining? What kind of wimp are you?"

"Oh shut up, man! Try to train the devilish pink-haired midget I got this month, and we´ll talk." Nyx spat at them, still trying to drown his anger on the beer.

"Bwhahaha no thank you!" The huge man raised his hands in mockery. "The honor is reserved only for Sergeants!"

"Who are you talking about, Nyx?" Crowe interfered. "You mean the scrawny little squirt whose head is level to your chest?" the woman snickered at him, eliciting a few laughs from the rest of the table.

"What´s her name again?" Luche asked, snickering some more.

"Sparks." Nyx spat again, as if the sole mention of her persona were an insult to him.

"I… really don't think that´s her name." Spoke Pelna Khara, another Kingsglaive comrade.

"The name is Lightning." Crowe intervened, full smirk plastered on her face at the young man´s reaction. "But I don´t think that´s her true name either. We should ask her little sister. I´m sure we´ll be able to get a name from her."

"How come you know the little sister?" Luche asked, but Pelna asked in a higher tone.

"Can she have a little sister? You mean even smaller than her? So say, the little sister can actually walk?"

They all resumed their laughter.

"And why in the world would I want to know her true name?!" Answered Nyx, already angered at the prolonging of the issue.

"Because you can have payback at her for when she started calling you names."

The young man was about to retort angrily, but the possibility of retaliation stopped him in his tracks.

"I´d like that…"

"Ok, just listen to you guys for a minute." Libertus interfered. "Are we really talking about getting payback from a girl? A 14-year-old-girl?!"

"Yeah, 14 years of nastiness and malevolence, mind you." Nyx answered in hushed tones at his friend, which elicited a minute of heavy silence and then they all burst out laughing out loud. "I don´t see why it´s so funny! You should totally get a minute with her and you´d understand." He growled a bit more, taking another sip at his beer.

"Okay, okay…" Libertus extended his hands in surrender, trying to appease his comrade, "our bad. But what did she do to have you all reeled up about her?"

"Everything! But the most annoying thing is whenever I do something and she goes like 'my commander Amodar would do it this way… my commander Amodar would never do that… my commander Amodar this… my commander Amodar that…' Geez!" Nyx´s personification of the girl, using a higher pitch voice, elicited a new round of laughter, in spite of his suffering. "She criticizes everything I do, comparing me to her freaking commander Amodar. I hate him already!"

"But why wouldn´t you report her bad behavior, so that they´ll throw her away from the training?" Libertus still tried to reason to his friend. "And besides, why is there a child doing the worst training? Isn´t she too young to be a Kingsglaive?"

"I can answer to that." Luche responded. "She´s an orphan, so she doesn´t need her parent´s permission, besides she came with the highest recommendation letter from that Amodar fellow Nyx just mentioned. It would seem that, even when he´s just a Lieutenant and a very old soldier, he´s got quite the status in front of Cor Leonis and even Clarus Almicitia, two of the closest generals to King Regis, as you well know. They wouldn´t deny him anything, and that included this little squirt´s training."

"Well, then why don´t you just make her fail her exams. Or make her quit?"

"Because I can´t!" Nyx exclaimed evidently exasperated. "I´ve tried everything! She does all the drills and exercises close to perfection, even being that young she´s already at the top of her class, and whatever punishment I throw at her, she just does it as if it where nothing and slaps it at my face! Like today!"

"Today?" Luche asked. "Now that´s news to me. Haven´t heard of anything happening today."

"This morning," Crowe continued the explanation, as Ulric only growled, "Sensei Nyx here tried to punish her for one of those 'hateful' comments," she emphasized the word, making quote signals with her fingers, "and she just glared at him, as if to dare him, tried to ran all the impossible laps he order her to, and pushed herself so hard she fainted in the middle of the laps, making Titus Drautos scold dear teacher Nyx."

Lirbetus whistled at that. "The kid´s got some nerve."

"The squirt has the devil inside." Nyx spat once again, drinking the last of his beer. Libertus palmed him in the back, as if in understanding.

"Alright, alright. I´ll help you out on this. Tomorrow Drautos is on commission, so I can give them tomorrow´s class," he immediately pointed a finger at his friend, the moment the young man opened up his mouth to speak, "but ONLY tomorrow and only if you help me out on a few stuff. I´ve got some things to do too." Nyx nodded at his friend, relief evident in his countenance. "I´ll tell you about the help I need from you on the training grounds, after I deal with the little squirt, so make sure you wait for me there. Do we have a deal?"

"Sparks." Nyx said, making Libertus blink.

"Excuse me?" Asked the larger man.

"She hates it whenever I call her Sparks. That's my own form of retaliation." Libertus only managed to stare in disbelief at his friend, while Crowe shook her head in a disapproving gesture, the rest of their peers laughing at the exchange.

"And you call her childish." The woman scolded him. "Seriously, Nyx, you´re behaving like a big baby throwing a big tantrum."


The group of 15 male and female teenagers had formed in two rows at the center of the Beginner's Training Field, while Libertus walked back and forth in front of them, evaluating them with a keen eye. Youngsters of all colors, complexion and heights stood on attention in perfectly formed lines, some entirely motionless, hands clasped at their backs and eyes fixed on front, some others shifting nervously, trying to avoid his gaze, obviously in discomfort at his piercing stare. He pitied them, remembering how hard his and Nyx´s first months had been.

Some of the teens looked almost like young adults, men and women on their full blossom, bodies firm and strong; some others seemed barely reaching their early teenage years, skinny and elongated bodies that mimicked trees on the bloom rather than human bodies. But above them all, (or rather, below them) at the far end of the front row, stood out a scrawny little girl, too short to be called a teenager, with the pinkest blonde hair he had ever seen in his life. He snickered at her frame.

Is this really the devilish midget that has Nyx all worked up?

But when he approached her level and looked intently at her perfectly still form, he started to fathom what his friend probably couldn´t notice.

She was so skinny and so small (definitely smaller than 5 ft… Crow hadn´t been joking when she said the girl barely reached Nyx´s chest), that she seemed to be swimming in the kingsglaive uniform. He knew they were forbidden to fix and adjust the uniform officially given to them… but really? He didn´t know if it was the effect of the uniform, but the girl looked 11 rather than 14, given that there were no indications whatsoever that her body was in development. Actually, her frame was plain, looking rather like a skinny boy than a healthy teen girl, even less the body of a growing woman.

He made a mental note: check her true age later. Maybe she had changed it to be allowed into the Kingsglaives Forces? Though it could be too the consequences of malnutrition and deficient care. After all, they had mentioned she was an orphan…

The child´s skin was ivory white, only stained by faint spots of pink on her cheeks and ears, obviously for all the days under the sun, tainted by stains of dried blood under her nose and one side of her mouth. He then noticed a swollen lower lip, and he raised an eyebrow, taking another mental note of his finding in order to ask about it later. Had she been looking for trouble around the city? Did they need a troublemaker like that? Then his eyes fell on hers. Icy blue irises were fixed in front of her, with obvious strength and determination embedded in them; and although he noticed her shoulders where a little shaky, her eyes spoke nothing related to defeat. Even at her short years, he could tell she was a force of nature no one should take on lightly.

So, 'Sparks', eh? Something tells me the name kinda suits her. He smirked at his own joke.

The man kept walking, appraising each one of the trainees, and, deciding it had been enough, he clapped his hands, startling a few of them.

"Well then, I´m Libertus Ostium, Corporal of the Kingsglaive Corps, and today I´ll be your teacher. So you should address me as 'sensei'." He made a dramatic pause, letting all the information to sink in, and then resumed his walking. "We´ll start with the usual warming up and work from there. So I want everyone give me 10 laps around the stadium. Now Go!"

He didn´t miss the rolling of blue eyes at the end of the line the moment he ordered the running, and made the next mental note to ask about it. It was going to be an interesting day.

The teens ran all the laps he had order them to, and was evident the little squirt had trouble keeping up with them, as she was left behind in every circle, but it didn´t seem to deter her determination. Not a single word of complain, nor a gesture of rebellion. She kept on running as fast as her small legs allowed her, (which wasn´t all that fast) and somehow, it filled his chest with a little bit of pride. After the running, he had them doing pushups and make a tour around the obstacle field. Then he blew his whistle.

"Well, now we´re going to work on couples, I want to see how advanced you are at close combat. We´ll start by evaluating your basics. I want you all to show me how you do jabs, cross, and straight punches."

They paired up a bit hesitantly at first, but immediately fell in the organized chaos only teenagers can make. Libertus smiled at that, reminiscing a little his own training shared with Nyx and Crowe. Once he saw they all were coupled, though, he then noticed the little girl had been left behind, nobody had paired up with her. But instead of looking sad or at least down, she stood in front of the wall, taking advantage of her own shadow, and had started to punch the rock.

"What are you doing?" he asked as he approached her.

Without stopping her punching at the wall, nor to even look at the man, she addressed her teacher.

"Doing what you told us, isn´t it obvious?"

A vein popped up at her aggressiveness, but he sighed and tried again.

"I said I wanted you all to pair up, yet you´re not obeying the order."

"Well the reason is quiet obvious." She answered back, still not missing a beat. "There´s 15 of us, and thus only fourteen can pair up. There will always be someone who won´t be able to form a pair."

Libertus hesitated at her reasoning.

"What´s your name, kid?"

"Lightning Farron."

"Does this happen often to you, Lightning?"

"You mean a s…" she hesitated, as if forcing herself to remember who was in front of her, "a teacher not taking notice we can´t all pair up?" She finally stopped her movements, but still refused to look at him, her baby blue orbs stubbornly fixed at the wall. "Yes. It happens all the time."

"Does it always happen you´re the one being left alone?"

She was silent for many seconds, until, without moving, she answered with a simple "Yes."

Libertus stood speechless for a moment. He knew the answer already, but for some reason, it still made him hesitate.

The girl must´ve noticed this, because she frowned, misinterpreting him, and restarted her ministrations to the wall, though this time harder. Libertus reacted at that and, shaking his head, addressed her once again.

"Here, practice with me, I´ll be your partner."

"Don´t you have anyone else to bother? I can handle myself pretty well, thank you very much."

He hadn´t been expecting gratitude per se, but he definitely didn´t expect the girl answering him so aggressively, as if he had seriously offended her. He should´ve scolded her, or just leave her be, but now he had to admit her feisty behavior and her overall appearance somewhat reminded him of a younger Crowe. So instead, he laughed out loud at her, making the girl stop dead in surprise, and then he retaliated with as much venom as he could muster.

"I´m not asking you nor pitting you. You´re obviously doing it all wrong, the worst of the class." At that, she glared at him but the moment her mouth opened to retaliate, he took her by the shoulders and forced her to straighten them, while with one foot pushed one of her legs a little to the side, until she understood: he was correcting her position.

"Here. Your stance is wrong, your legs too separated and off balance, you´ll be thrown off to the ground at the first punch, even if you´re the one doing the punching. Besides, your foot-work is weakened, but we can fix it." He positioned himself in front of her, showing her the right way of doing it, and, after a blink or two, she complied and mimicked his actions.

"That´s right! Perfect. Now let´s throw some punches."

He began showing her and adjusting her movements, and from time to time left her alone to practice what she had just learned, while he evaluated and corrected the rest of her peers, only to return to her some more. He had noticed her foot-work was somehow amiss, evidently favoring her left foot, and assumed she had an injury she was trying desperately to hide. The mental notes were starting to be too much for him to remember.

The sun was long past it´s midday position when Libertus noticed how late it was, and the trainees hadn´t taken a single break nor any meal, so he decided to leave them for the day. It had been a very productive one, he thought, but didn´t want to push them too far. But once he had them dismissed, someone pulled at his robes, and it took him by surprise to see the pinky midget in front of him.

"Lightning? What are you doing here? Aren´t you going to run for the cafeteria?"

She hesitated a bit, but then baby blue eyes pierced him.

"Sensei Libertus, I want you to train with me some more." Her words were spoken like orders, and in his hesitance she realized her mistake, so she blushed, lowered her head and bowed, in obvious shame. "I´m sorry sensei… But please, I want to practice with you a little bit more."

Falling out of his stupor, he smiled, and ruffled her hair, a gesture she obviously didn´t appreciate but that only made him laugh.

"Sure thing, Lightning, let´s practice some more. I just hope you don´t fall unconscious under my hard training." He winked at her and she blushed, but the sincere smile of gratitude plastered on her face was payment enough for him.


Only a couple of hours had passed since they had resumed their private classes, but Libertus had started to grow worried about Lightning´s left foot, as she, as time went by, had made several mistakes and hesitant moves, in order to protect the probably injured appendix. Even when he was enjoying himself at their sparring, they obviously had to stop.

"Okay, Lightning, that´s it. I think we´re done for now."

"No!" She yelled, eyes almost scared, which surprised him. "I-I mean, the sun is still high up," she lowered her eyes once more in shame, almost as if she were pleading to him, "and… and I´m not tired."

He was going to agree but then took a glance at her feet; he dropped to the ground, an exaggerated sigh escaping his lips.

"Oh man! But I´m exhausted," he lied, "please take pity on this old soul and let us rest a bit, will you?"

"But… but…" she was in the verge of pleading, but obviously her pride didn´t let her.

"Look Sparks… may I call you Sparks?"

A vein popped up on her head at the nickname, and she growled, her eyes becoming like slits.

"Why would you call me that?"

Libertus offered her his cutest smile, trying to appease her. "I don´t mean to offend you. I just think it suits your temper and your tremendous energy."

She glared at him a second more and then shrugged, looking away, trying to ignore the heat on her cheeks after hearing his complimentary words. He smiled even more at witnessing her blushed cheeks. She was, indeed, just a little girl.

"Look, if you don´t want me to call you that, I´ll respect you, but I kinda like that name for you. And you shouldn´t worry, Lightning, I promise you we´ll train some other time, but right now I need water and to go fetch some stuff, alright?"

"I´ll come with you." She insisted some more.

"You better not. If you move from here, they´ll take the training area and we won´t be able to stay any longer. So stay, and don´t move an inch from here. I promise you it won´t take me long."

He rose from the ground and ruffled her hair once more, and once he was out of her sight, inside the building, he took a sprint towards his locker, hastily grabbed a small bag from it and quickly returned with them to her side. He was relieved to see that, true to her word, she had stayed in the same position. Libertus took a seat on the rocky fence, and prompted her to approach. As she came next to him, he threw her a can of soda, which she caught swiftly. Once she was level with him, he suddenly stood out and, without previous warning, took her by the armpits and effortlessly sat her on the fence, in front of him.

"Now, don´t you dare to move." He pierced her with his eyes, a warning of punishment embedded in them. Lightning was so much taken by surprise by his actions, that she didn´t even protest when he started to untie and remove her left shoe and sock, revealing a very swollen and red-and-purple ankle, marked with the restrains of the shoe. He looked up at her, searching for answers.

"I fell on the stairs in my house." She unceremoniously answered.

"And now you´re gonna tell me the bloody lip and nose where a consequence of that too, right?"

She just shrugged, but refused to say anything more, feigning nonchalance as she took a sip of her beverage. Libertus knew better, but didn´t push it any more, and instead applied a behemoth cream he always used when injured, then proceeded to bandage her foot, with obvious expertise. Lightning stood speechless, watching his ministrations with keen interest; he was grateful to notice she allowed him to work without a single moment of protest. Once he was done, the Kingsglaive gave her a small bottle of pills.

"What is this?"

"Medicine of course. It´ll help you heal faster."

"I don´t need it." Lightning protested stubbornly.

"I´m not asking you to take them. I´m ordering you to." His words were rough, but with no ill intention. "If you don´t, I´ll tell Nyx you´re injured and then he´ll send you to the Infirmary." She scoffed at the mention of the man, but opened the bottle anyways, and immediately took a pill which she help herself with her beverage.

"Why are you so worked up about Nyx?" He dared to venture, hoping his rash move wouldn´t break the feeble trust he had earned from her.

At the mention of the offending name just out of the blue, she crossed her arms and stared at the ground, digging holes on it, but stubbornly remained silent. Libertus waited patiently, and his patience took fruit, because, after a long moment of hesitation (and a glance at him clearly asking herself whether he was trustworthy), she finally complied.

"He… he bothers me a lot, giving me names."

"You really don´t like 'Sparks', right?"

"Tch… that name is actually one of the least unpleasant."

"Really? I was actually under the impression that name was the only one he gave you."

"Yeah no, but… well…" she hesitated some more at being caught in the lie, and finally sighed, the crumpling of her walls evident under Libertu´s keen eye, "what I really don´t like about him, is that he just bumps his lazy ass upon the rock, orders us to run laps and then to pair up and fight, and stands there, just watching; sometimes I´m sure he actually dozes off."

The news took Libertus by surprise, because during the last generation of Kingsglaives, Nyx had actually been rewarded as mentor of the year, giving how much dedication he had put on training the teens. Knowing that he had been slacking was actually a surprise. He now understood why someone like Lightning could despise him so much.

But he was sure there was something in this more than met the eye.

"Let me tell you something, Nyx Ulric is…"

"I know who he is, but it´s hard to believe when he´s just such a lousy instructor." She spat, unwilling to hear all the praises she had already heard before.

Libertus took a minute to ponder her words, and knew she was right in feeling such things. But he just couldn´t let things as they were.

"What time is it?" he suddenly asked her.

"Mmh? Why would you like to know?" It wasn´t that she was being rebellious. Not with Libertus. Her aggressive responses were already carved on her deeply. Fortunately Libertus paid her no heed.

"Just tell me the time."

She sighed at his urging, but complied. "I think it´s past five in the afternoon."

He stood up in front of her, and extended a hand, for which Lightning just raised an eyebrow.

"I want to show you something, if you were to accompany me."

"O-okay…" She rejected his hand, to which Libertus just smirked, and propped herself forward, falling off from the fence, but mindful of her injured foot.

They walked past the training grounds to a wider coliseum, where they found a rocky pillar several floors high, surrounded by many Kingsglaives doing a few battle exercises. Both Kingsglaive and trainee stopped at the balcony closest to the pillar, and after a moment, Libertus ordered Lightning to remain behind, as he walked down the stairs to greet his fellow comrades. Libertus immediately spotted his friends, Nyx and Crowe, but approached instead Tredd Furia, another Kingsglaive partner, and Pelna, and then spoke to them in hushed tones, about what, Lightning couldn´t fathom. They snickered at the heavier man and then walked purposefully towards the pillar, leaving their partner behind. The two men then approached Nyx, calling his name.

"Hey Ulric!" Pelna yelled at him. "Are you ready to take the challenge of the other day?"

The addressed man stopped his exercises, turned around and smiled at them. "You mean the one when I beat your ass and you buy me a drink for that?"

Pelna laughed at his words. "Yeah man! That one! Only it´ll be the other way around, you´ll see."

"Keep on dreaming." He smirked. "But remember, no weapons."

"Aaww… are we afraid of breaking our fingernails?" Tredd teased him, and in return received a right punch in the jaw that got him seeing stars.

"Tricky bastard! We hadn´t started yet!" Yelled Pelna.

"Sorry, I thought you had said it was time."

Both men attacked him at once, but Nyx only laughed at them, while avoided a punch from one, and kicked the other man on the ribs.

Libertus had arrived at Lightning´s side, smiling at her eyes full of amazement, struggling to keep up with his best friend´s movements. She seemed to be marveled by Nyx´s quick punches and smart moves, not allowing a single blow to reach him. She even yelped in surprise and emotion the moment a hook had scratched his torso but passed otherwise unharmed, and then he used the momentum of the blow to throw the owner to the ground, and spun on his own axis to kick Pelna´s face the moment the man had tried to take him by surprise. Lightning almost wanted to clap and jump at him, and all Libertus could do was chuckle at her antics.

Nyx had been interchanging blows with Pelna, when Tredd tried to sneak behind him and using a piece of wood, aimed at his head.

"Idiot, watch out!" Lightning couldn´t avoid it, the coward move had made her blood boil and she just had to yell the warning. Nyx immediately heard her, her voice forcing him to move and found the treacherous attack, which he avoided by mere inches, only to strike Tredd´s face with an uppercut that sent the man straight towards the ground. But Nyx was angry, not only for the attack but for seeing her in there, the meaning of his glare immediately interpreted by Lightning and Libertus. Without missing a beat, Nyx kicked Pelna on the gut, and left him doubled over himself as he hastily approached the pair on the balcony.

"You owe me some drinks." He still managed to spat as he passed around the fallen men.

"Well, what do you think, Lightning?" Libertus spoke, and noticed he had been left all on his own, as the spot the child had been occupying was completely empty. "Sneaky little brat. She left me to manage on my own."

"What the hell is the meaning of this, Libertus?" Yelled a very angry Nyx. "You know this is forbidden ground for a trainee. What where you thinking when you brought her with us?"

But the bigger man paid him no heed as he clapped his friend´s back, joyful at his victory. "I knew you could make it! You should know I put all my bets on you!"

"There were bets?"

"Of course there were! And for that, we earned a few extra gils thanks to you!"

"Good, because you´re gonna have to give me double beer rations after the stunt you just put me through." Nyx glared at his friend, but this time it was without much intention.

"Hey man, you can´t complain! Today was a very good day for you: you got rid of Sparks for a whole day, got the opportunity to kick Pelna and Tredda´s respective assess, and even got a few free drinks for yourself!"

Nyx considered his words and smiled, pinky midget already forgotten. "Yeah, you´re right, buddy. Let´s go get those well earn beers."


A/N: Hello there! This is just an introduction chapter, hope you stay with me in spite of it going slow!

I fell in love with the Kingsglaive Forces the moment I watched the movie! And absolutely in love with Nyx Ulric, he´s so amazing! Even though the man has a bit of an ego on him, hehehe. So, why don´t we make him drop the ego level? At least a few notches, don´t you think? And who better to do that than our amazing Lightning Farron?! *insert fanfares in here*

I read in a fantastic fanfic someone making Nyx calling Lightning as 'Sparks', and it kinda got stuck with me. But I really don´t remember who it was. So whomever it was, it´s their credit for such a cute nickname!

I wanted to write about the Savior Lightning kicking a very high headed Ulric´s ass, but for some reason it appealed more to me a teen Lightning Farron, forming a relationship with Nyx that could be a little bit reminiscing of Lightning´s relationship with Hope, only her personality was untouched, so the interchange would be a lot different and a lot less cute. Hope you like the idea!

A few things to place ourselves in the AU I´ve made:

Lightning Farron is 14-years-old as stated before, which makes Serah 8-years-old. But she won´t be that age forever. I want this to be different from my other stories, which means we will be making leaps of time so that we get to see Lightning growing into the fantastic, kickass, beautiful and imposing woman and leader we know she is. Care to join me on the ride?

Nyx Ulric is 20-years-old, as well as his peers, and only a couple of years since they finished the training themselves (one or two, give or take). He´s advanced in ranks faster than his age would normally permit, but it was due to events that will be revealed in later chapters, so Libertus and Crowe are Corporals while he´s already a First Sergeant.

Niflheim is still at war against Lucis, but here, the kingdom of Lucis is a lot stronger, so has been able to repel every attack Niflheim throws at them. Which means King Regis is still alive.

I twisted a few things as well: Niflheim never kidnapped Lunafreya, nor took hold of the kingdom of Tenebrae, which remains as Lucis´ most trusted ally. Noctis and Lunafreya managed to get married just a couple of months prior to the start of the story.

Well, I think that´s the gist of it. The rest will be revealed as the story progresses. Thank you so much for reading!