Lusamine smiled to herself, closing her eyes as a series of loud farts belted out of her ass, the president of the Aether Foundation having her left butt cheek raised, satisfied by her large fart blasts that stunk up her office.

"Oh, how I just love to let out all this gas conserved within my ass cheeks…" Lusamine sighed to herself. "But not as much as I love my dear Ultra Beasts…I mean, Lillie…" she fanned away her butt fumes after pushing out an long, airy toot, noting that her whole office was filled with her fart smells. "Jesus, these gases smell worse than a Guzzlord!"

Then, her phone rang, prompting her to hold in her farts, which was bad timing since she still had tons of gas left in her that she had conversed overnight. "Damn it…" she whispered to herself, picking up and answering the phone. "Hello, could you make this quick? I'm a busy woman." she stated, feeling irritated that someone was interrupting her gassy time. "What? Oh that's just a project they're working on." Lusamine pulled herself up to her desk, accidentally letting a poot slip out, crossing her legs to desperately conserve her fartiness. "Oh? That was- listen, this is not a good time…" another raunchy fart belted out of her, adding to the incredible amount of rotten flatulence that filled the room. "I'll call you back!"

Lusamine ran to open her window, sticking her big butt out and releasing the rest of her conserved, pent up gas, which was too much as opening the window was not enough, her farts causing all of Aether Paradise to rumble, her smelly flatulence spreading to the rest of her mansion. "Phew! That was ultra stinky!" she gasped, moaning as she seemed to enjoy the satisfaction of pushing it out of her posterior. "And yet….so warm and satisfying like the love I feel for my precious Ultra Beasts…I mean-" A sudden burst of raunchy flatulence blew out of Lusamine's butt. "And so explosive like the head of a Blacephalon!"

Meanwhile in the Conservation Area, Lusamine's farts could be heard, a female Aether Foundation Employee looked around, noticing the wild Pokémon were startled by all the loud blasts.

"Is- is our president letting loose again?" she gasped.

"Oh yes! Yes she is!" Wicke the Assistant Branch Chief of the Aether Foundation told her, giggling with each fart sound she heard. "She's so good at conserving gas, and then letting it rip, I'm a bit jealous!"

"I kinda wish she would watch herself more…her gas bombs are making her act like such a little kid…" The female employee stated.

"Yup, that's Lusamine for you, not that anyone else needs to know." Wicke added.