All of the Pokémon in the conservation area were spooked all of a sudden when President Lusamine farted while she stepped in.

"My dear sweet Pokémon how are you today? I just love you all to bits!" Lusamine stated, holding her arms out as a bittersweet fart blasted the back of her dress.

Most of the Pokémon groaned while some of them were kind of attracted to the Aether President's flatulent butt.

"Again with the constant smothering and gas emissions? What a unclassy lady…" Lusamine's Milotic scoffed, she and Lusamine's other Pokémon being with her as Lusamine hugged a Pikachu only to get zapped and rip a poot as a result.

"I don't know, I like it!" Clefable giggled.

"Me too!" Mismagius agreed.

"It's so good I might just do it too!" Lopunny added.

"Yeah because every Kanto Meowth dreams about you in their Mimikyu induced dreams!" Lilligant giggled, making an anime reference.

Meanwhile, while Lusamine twirled around and farted to her heart's content, her Bewear suddenly dropped out of thin air and grabbed her. Lusamine struggled to break free, but couldn't.

"Oh Beweary, I love you too, but this is way too much!" Lusamine laughed.

"Yeah, from you!" Bewear remarked, before going down the elevator and running towards Lusamine's mansion with the Aether President herself in her arms, who couldn't help that her Bewear's tight grip was squeezing her farts out as she struggled. Bewear kept running towards the mansion, with Lusamine going off with a new blast, or rather a bunch of blasts from her ass.