Chapter 2

They had fun, or well she did. Xehanort prefered to see her smiling, eyes bright and shining. She was so full of light and like a moth to the flame he circled around her. He also kept her safe from those who would try and snuff out her light. It amused him sometimes to think about it as he himself was a creature of darkness. Yet here was protecting what he should destroy.

" Norty, come on." Harmony stated as she rushed over to him and took hold of his hand. The feast was going to be starting soon and she wanted to make sure they got seats together. " If we wanna sit together we gotta get to the feast pavilion early."

He entwined their figures as he let her drag him to the pavilion. Xehanort could not explain why her hand in his felt right. He really didn't want too ether as that would only make him second guess himself. She was his rock and to loose her would end in him spiraling into a deep darkness. The shadows that he resided in now where enough as any deeper and he wasn't sure how much good he would be to her.

The violet smiled as she found a pair of seat away from the other kids that were their age. Harmony had noticed the boys looking at her, but she had also noticed how Xehanort reacted. She was well aware of how protective he was of her and so she kept as much distance between them and her. Having seen a few of his episodes she was pretty sure Xehanort could and would hurt them if he thought they were a danger to her. And if she was honest with herself, she wasn't sure he knew the difference between friend and foe.

They sat down and talked until the feast started. The leader of the town getting up to make announcements and lead in prayer. After that the judges for the different competitions to announce the different winners. To no one's surprise, Harmony was once again named dancing queen.

He watched her get up and go over to get the crown, the Dancing Queen was also queen of the feast. Xehanort has watched them put that crown on her more times then he cared to count. It suited her and he wished more than anything that he could make her true queen. For now this would have to do. He blinked as she came back her smile so bright it was almost blinding. She shined, sometimes so brightly that he had to look away and retreat. He was shadows, her protector the one that would keep her light from being snuffed out.

" What are you blinking for?" Harmony asked as she reached him. She reached out her figure booping his nose. That seemed the bring him out if it and she got one of those rare smiles. The ones that reach his eyes and made them sparkle. She loved those smiles as they lit up his entire face.

" I was just thinking about how much that crown suits you." Xehanort stated as she sat beside him. The food was being served and he soon spotted her father. The man was glaring at him and it caused his mood to sour a bit. Her mother smiled and waved at them.

Harmony looked behind her and sighed as she spotted her father. He was glaring at Norty as per usual. " Don't mind him. He is a bigot when it comes to you."

" My father ruined my reputation before I could make one." Xehanort growled as he sat back in his chair. The food was being pasted out but he was already wanting to get out of here. Yet his stomach sounded and he knew that wouldn't be a very good idea. If he left now he wouldn't get to eat and she wouldn't ether. He knew if he left Harmony would come with him.

" Well he is dead now, so you can turn that around." Harmony stated though the rumor about his his father died wasn't one that painted her friend in a good light. If she was honestly with herself, completely honest, Harmony would not be surprised if the rumors were true. She was aware of a monster that slumbered inside her friend. It was a beast his father had created and one she had never truly seen. Though she got a glimps of it every time he had an episode when she was near.

Xehanort looked away from her when she mentioned his father being dead. Image of the men bloody and broken, begging for mercy. A shadow of a smile grace his lips as he thought about it. His father had gotten what he deserved, but Harmony wasn't to know that he did it. If she knew she would abondon him and he couldn't allow that. She was the only good thing that had ever happened to him.

The food soon got to them and Harmony filled her plate before handing off to Xehanort. She watched him absentmindedly as she began to eat. There was a fluidness to his movements that was only there when he wasn't all there. His mind was far away and somewhere else. A sigh left her as they wouldn't be talking much during this feast.

Later after the food was eaten people started to get up and leave. Harmony looked over at her best friend and was met with his golden hues. She swallowed as she became lost in them, mesmerized until he started to speak. Then she blinked before her head dipped her cheeks flushed. " Sorry, I didn't quite catch that."

" You know I don't like repeating myself." Xehanort stated his eyes narrowing in announce. It didn't last long however when he noticed the color in her cheeks. That had been happening more often lately and it made him feel warm inside. " I said if we want some time to yourselves before your father drags you away we should go now."

Harmony nodded and got up slipping her hand into his before they started to walk toward the beach. He hated the beach and the ocean, and yet that was always were they went. She had a feeling it was because she loved the beach and the ocean, almost as much as she loved him. But she had watched, watched his friendships had been ruined when the those involved tried to add romance. She was terrified of losing and so she would keep her feelings to herself.

" The breeze is always so nice." She smiled as they stopped a little bit away from the water. Harmony began to hum as she listened to waves crash against the sand. Looking up her eyes went wide. " Look Norty, a mentor shower. What are you gonna wish for?"

" Wish?" The silver asked looking at her. She was such a dreamer compared to his stark realism. He would admit to having shared the damn fruit, but only to humor her. Xehanort didn't believe in any of the bull shit. " It's not real. Those kinds of things just don't work."

" How do you know?" Harmony asked looking up into his eyes. " How do you know when you have never tried it?"

" This isn't gonna be like the Poupu fruit?" He asked not really starting to get annoyed. Why did she have to oppose him on things like this? Why she have blind faith in things that held no proof to really be true? " I don't believe that bull ether I just did it to humor you."

" It works, you'll see." Harmony smiled as she looked back up and the Nestor shower and made her. That no matter what happened they would always find eachother again. There were just somethings that made sense and one of them was her hand in his. " A day you'll think I am long gone, but I will always be back. I will always find you again not matter where life takes us."

" Your hopeless." Xehanort stated shaking his head a small smile on his lips. She had that look in her eyes, wonder and awe written on her features. How in this world or any other did he deserve her? In truth he didn't and he knew it. It was why he held on so fiercely, afraid someone else would steal her away.

" Harmony!" A stern male voice called causing both to turn. It was her father and he was not happy. Why did she insist on spending her time with this low life? " It's time to come home."

The girl sighed before she looked at Xehanort. She got on her toes and kissed his cheek a blush coloring her cheeks as she did so. " See you tomorrow, Norty."

" Yeah, tomorrow." The boy stated as she pulled away and walked over to her father. Xehanort watched her hands clenched as he watched her walk away from him. He always hated it, having to watch her walk away. Something told him that one day she would walk away and that she might not come back. " Please don't go." He whispered almost like a prayer.