Once she was inside Harmony moved to find her mother. She ended up finding both her parents sitting at the kitchen table. Both were smiling somewhat sadly at her, yet there was also pride. They motioned for her to sit down and she did wondering what was going on. Did they already know about the man in the black coat?

Khaya was not surprised when their daughter returned confused by their actions. She had talked to the man in Black when asked about the rumors going around. The mother knew that this was her daughters chance to leave here. To get off this small world that she had never thought about leaving.

" We always knew that you were never meant to stay here." He father stated as he fiddled with something in his hand. It was a necklace that had been passed down in his family for years. It was a strange piece and most chose to keep in a jewelry box. It was what no one knew that made it so special. " You have always been meant for other worlds."

" But do either of you know about the other worlds?" Harmony asked still so confused. Was that a necklace her father was messing with. It was strange. There was an eye on it and it seemed to be looking at her. It had an energy that was familiar and yet not. In truth the thing unnerved her and she hoped he wasn't giving that thing to her.

" Tom, we aren't gonna get another chance." Khaya stated as she looked at her husband. The black woman pulled out the wire wrap piece she had been working on and handed it to her daughter. It was a Circlet made with Lapis Lazuli and a quartz point, " This should help you when you go to meditate in whatever worlds you go too."

" Harmony, we know because I am descendant from a woman from another world." Tom stated as he looked up at his daughter. Her jade hues were full of confusion and disbelief. Of course he knew why. They should have told her this sooner, but the right time had never presented itself. Now she was leaving, going off to those other worlds. He was scared for her, but he knew she could handle it. As much as he hated Xehanort he knew the boy would do anything she asked of him. Maybe he had misjudged the boy, but it was too late to do anything about it now.

" This necklace is all that is left of my ancestor." He stated setting it on the table and moving it over to her. " I know it take a lot of getting used too. It has always given me the willies."

The willies was an understatement! Even so she took the necklace and looked at it. She almost felt as though whoever was on the other side was waving at her. It was a strange feeling and she soon turned the necklace over so the eye was facing the table. " Will you guys help me pack?"

" Of course." Her mother stated as she placed a hand over her daughters. They had already packed her clothing and some other things they knew she would need. " There are a few preference things that are waiting for you to pack."

Harmony swallowed as she nodded and got up to go to her room to finish things. Once she reached her room she grabbed the things that Norty left with her. His pipe among other things that were always in her room. Even his violin was tucked away on one of her shelves. She grabbed these thing as well as things she would need. The girl grabbed a second suitcase the large one her parents had partially packed now full. There was just one other thing she needed to pack. Well, it was a lot of things the player and her records. She just couldn't be without the music she so loved. Her MP3 would be going as well as it all her recordings of Xeha singing, those were her comfort tunes.

Once thing were all packed her father helped to carry it down the stairs. She had grabbed a duffle for her crystals and was carrying that over her shoulder. Each one was wrapped carefully to protect it. She loved her crystals though she did love Norty more. Though if she ever told him what kind of love that would be a miracle. The violet got flustered just thinking about it. It didn't help that she had watch some of the other kids. A few of those that had been best friends and decided the next step only to find everything falling apart around them. It was the last thing she wanted to happen to them. She valued his friendship too much to risk it.

She swallowed as she stepped out of her home. The man and Norty weren't here yet and so she turned to her parents. They wrapped their arms around her as tires started down her face. Harmony could hardly believe that she was leaving. This was something she had never expected to happen. Slowly the tears stopped as she turned to see the man and Xehanort standing just outside the yard. It was time to go.