Shirou sat patiently as he waited for Hayate to finish reading his file. He didn't react to her various hmms and hrns, she made, nor the worried face she'd make after reading a line. Finally she sighed and looked up at Shirou.

"I've got to say, Mr. Emiya, your file is an absolute mess," Hayate said.

"In which regard?" Shirou asked, calmly, his fingers tightening indiscernibly.

"Well your mental state to start off with. Apparently you've been having nightmares almost every night since you were...eight?" Hayate said.

"Seven," Shirou corrected.

"Seven," Hayate repeated, grimacing. "And you never went to therapy at any time in those ten years?"

"No one really knew about them," Shirou said, shrugging.

"I suppose it would be pretty easy to miss. After all your adopted father only lasted five years before he passed away, orphaning you a second time," Hayate said, frowning.

"I'm sorry, but what does this have to do with anything?" Shirou asked, frowning a bit in frustration.

"Sorry, sorry," Hayate apologized. "Look, I'm not exactly sure why or how, but somewhere along the line you stopped valuing yourself as a person and have a burning need to help people."

"I value myself!" Shirou protested.

"But not as much as you do other people," Hayate countered. She sighed again, "anyways, your martyr complex is one thing. Next up is your magic. It is simultaneously incredibly powerful and incredibly weak. Obviously the ability to create pseudo Lost Logia is incredible. And the ability to create whatever tool you need is always going to be useful. However that is almost all you can do. You cannot use magical energy attacks, you can't create a proper Barrier Jacket, and you certainly will never be able to fly. Finally, your magic potential is pretty low."

"How big of a problem is this?" Shirou asked, nervously.

"It limits your options," Hayate said, with pursed lips. "Obviously the Air Force is right out. The ability to create Noble Phantasms is of course, useful in its own way, but they seem to be extremely lethal, and you have almost no ability to mitigate that. So Enforcement and really any job where you need to take people alive is right out. The lack of a Barrier Jacket is a problem, but we can compensate with some old fashioned armor. It won't be as good, but it won't need your magic either. The low magic potential is the biggest problem though. That vastly limits what we can do with you. But finally we have one more problem to discuss, even if it is mild in comparison to the other ones."

"What's that?" Shirou asked, taking a deep breath to compose himself.

"Your wife," Hayate said. "Now there is nothing wrong with being married and joining the TSAB, obviously. But I can't imagine she'd be very happy with you disappearing for months at a time on tours of duty. So a local job would be nice."

"Are there local jobs to be had?" Shirou asked, a little hopefully.

"Yes," Hayate admitted reluctantly, making a face. "Look, let me be blunt. You shouldn't join the TSAB, or at least, not its front lines. There are lots of support staff jobs you'd be suited for, and of course there is nothing wrong with finding a career as a civilian. But any job involving danger has a good chance of resulting in an early death. With your magic potential, you simply lack the defenses that the rest of us have."

"No, I need to save people. I can handle a little danger," Shirou said, firmly.

"And you say you don't have a martyr complex," Hayate muttered. She took a deep breath, closed her eyes, and sighed. "Well lucky for you, the TSAB is so understaffed that they'll even take you on. Still like I said, your options are limited. You've only got two real choices. The Ground Forces would be glad to take you on, but I strongly advise against that. Yeah, you're protecting people, but you're also killing them. You'd effectively be treated like a piece of artillery. Sure, the TSAB almost never requires you to kill you opponents, but you lack non-lethal options, so you'd end up killing lots of people. Until one day you were a little too slow and someone got you first."

"What's the other option?" Shirou asked, troubled.

"You join the Rescue Corps. Psychologically, this I feel is the best fit for you. There is no villain to vanquish or malefactor responsible. Err, usually. And even if there is, dealing with them isn't your job. Your job is to go in and save people. Anyways, protecting yourself will be a problem, as will be mobility, but hopefully we can get around that with training and equipment. And the ability to create any tool you need is very useful when you are saving people from natural disasters," Hayate explained.

"Natural disasters. Like fires..." Shirou trailed off, thinking of the fire he survived, the one Kiritsugu had pulled him out of. He pictured the smile his father had shown when he rescued him. "That might just work," Shirou said, with a smile.


"...And now we refrigerate it for an hour," Sakura said, putting the bowl in the fridge.

"That's great! You're a really amazing cook Sakura," Nanoha said, beaming.

"It's nothing," Sakura said, shyly. She watched as Nanoha moved around the kitchen, cleaning some dishes. "Besides, you seem to know what you're doing already."

"Nyhaha, well, there's a difference between being a great cook and knowing how to cook, you know? I can cook sure, and it will be a pretty decent meal. But all these little things you do to enhance the flavor would never occur to me," Nanoha said. "The only thing I'd be really confident in competing with you would be in baked goods, and there I'm just following my Mama's recipes."

"Your Mama," Sakura muttered to herself. "What does she do?" she asked.

"She runs a bakery slash cafe with my father and older sister," Nanoha said. "They live back on Earth, so I don't get to see them as often as I'd like, but I make sure to send them messages as often as I can."

"I see," Sakura said, softly. "Umm, this is a weird question, but, would you say your mom is proud of you?"

"Of course!" Nanoha said, immediately. "I mean, she isn't one hundred percent supportive of me dating Fate. She really wanted me to end up with Yunno, but bleh, no thanks," Nanoha said, sticking out her tongue. "Why do you ask?"

"I haven't thought about my mother for a long time," Sakura admitted, a little melancholic. "After my father gave me to the Matous, well, I didn't have a mother anymore. And my birth mother died shortly afterwards anyways. Even when I was living with her, she seemed less her own person, and more an extension of my father."

"How so?" Nanoha asked, tilting her head and frowning.

"I don't remember her offering her opinion on anything or ever disagreeing with him. She even cut off her friendship with Uncle Kariya when he told her to," Sakura said, looking upwards and tapping her lips with a fingertip. "I mean, it was a long time ago. Maybe I just don't remember."

"Or maybe she would only disagree with him in private," Nanoha suggested.

"Maybe that was it," Sakura agreed. "But now I feel like I really don't know who she was. I wonder if she would be proud of me?"

"There's no real way to know," Nanoha said, shrugging a little and standing beside Sakura. "The real question is, are you proud of you?"

"Hmm," Sakura hummed, tilting her head to the side as she considered the question. "I'm content, but that's not really the same thing. I'm proud of my cooking I suppose. But that's because it's important to Shirou."

"And you're worried that you'll just be Shirou's wife, and not your own person," Nanoha stated.

"Yes. Yes I am," Sakura said, straightening her back. "I love Shirou. I absolutely adore Shirou. I'm always happy when I'm around Shirou. But..."

"But he isn't always around. He's got his training, and when he finishes his training he'll be sent on missions," Nanoha said, sympathetically.

"Exactly," Sakura nodded. "How did you know?"

"Fate and I kinda went through the same thing," Nanoha said, scratching the back of her head as she smiled awkwardly. "After we became friends we were pretty obsessed with each other. All I wanted to do was to send her letters and rewatch the video letters she sent me. But we couldn't be together so we had to distract ourselves somehow."

"What did you do?" Sakura asked.

"I threw myself into training my magic," Nanoha said, looking nostalgic.

"That...hnn," Sakura bit her tongue, looking down. "S-should I practice my magic then? I'm the last Matou after all, I suppose it is my duty to make sure the family magic doesn't die out."

"No," Nanoha said, bluntly. "Your magic ruined your life. And it is intimately linked with the Matou family and your past abuse. You shouldn't devote yourself to something you hate."

"But I have so much power," Sakura said, "don't I have a responsibility to help people with it?"

"No," Nanoha repeated, gently shaking her head. "Sakura, you aren't obligated to use your power. Particularly your power and particularly you. We admire people who devote their power to helping others because they are exceptional. We don't expect it of everyone and we particularly don't expect it when there isn't a pressing need for someone to step up. The TSAB is relatively stable, and has thousands of mages with just as much power or more than you do."

"But. But I killed so many people," Sakura said, her eyes starting to water.

"You weren't in your right mind," Nanoha said, rubbing Sakura's back. "You were literally seeing things, and couldn't tell if you were dreaming or not. If you feel guilty, and want to help people, there are dozens of ways to do that without using magic."

"Thanks Nanoha," Sakura sniffed, rubbing her eyes with a sleeve. "So what should I do?"

"I don't know, that's up to you," Nanoha said. "But if you want my advice? I suggest trying out a bunch of stuff you've never done before. Than when you find something you enjoy, see if you can make a career out of it."


"Okay Shirou this is the Emergency All-Terrain Rescue Suit," Nanoha said, handing Shirou a skin tight body suit. "It's a state of the art suit used to protect people in an emergency. It's rated for fires, electricity, ocean depths up to a thousand meters, about five hours of direct solar radiation, and can either filter out all known contaminants from the environment, or provide a healthy atmosphere for forty eight hours."

"Looks like a Super Sentai cosplay," Shirou said, doubtfully.

"I know," Nanoha said, shooting Shirou a quick grin. "But it works. First though, here's the manual," she said, plopping a massive book with an audible thump onto the desk. "You'll need to read that and memorize all the safety protocols, maintenance, and tolerances of your new EARS."

"That's...okay. I'll do whatever it takes to become a hero," Shirou said, taking a deep breath.

"Good. Now obviously, we can't wait for you to get that done before we start your other training. I have only so much time before I'm moved back to active duty. So we're going to work on some other important skills while you study," Nanoha said.

"Like what?" Shirou asked.

"Rescue protocols of course. Self defense and defense of others. Some non lethal combat styles is a definite must. Perhaps with a bo staff? Well we'll find something that suits you," Nanoha said, counting on her fingers. "Whatever other spells we can teach you. First aid of course, but that analysis spell of yours might be really useful for finding people in bad conditions. We'll see how far we can push your projection magic in producing things that aren't swords. And finally the most important skill of all, dodging and obstacle avoidance."

"Why is dodging so important?" Shirou asked, puzzled. Nanoha sighed.

"The fact that you have to ask that," she said, shaking her head. "Because it keeps you alive, you dummy," she explained, poking Shirou's forehead. "You can't save anyone if you're dead. Your EARS are good, but they aren't armored. They aren't meant for running around, throwing yourself in danger, they are meant to keep you safe until someone else comes and gets you. And they certainly aren't meant for combat."

"Well I should be able to use my reinforcement magic on them to armor them. And how often can I expect to be attacked anyways? I'm rescuing people from disasters after all," Shirou said, frowning.

"Oh, good idea!" Nanoha said, cheerfully. "Still, more durable isn't invincible, and you'll be depending on that suit to survive a lot of the time. So don't get hit! As for being attacked, it happens enough that you need to be combat rated for this job. Usually it happens if the disaster is caused by a terrorist or Lost Logia, but sometimes you might run into a criminal who thinks you are there to arrest them rather than save them. And sometimes people just panic."

"I understand," Shirou said, opening up the book. "Well I guess I better get started."


"Hello, Nee-San," Sakura said, sitting down in the visitor's chair.

"Hello, Sakura," Rin said, with a smile. "How are you doing?"

"I'm doing very well thank you. Did you get my present?" Sakura asked.

"Yes, I did," Rin made a complicated face. "Might I ask why you decided to send me that...ah particular gift?"

"Well I thought you probably could use it and I certainly don't need it with Shirou around," Ssakura said, cheerfully, with a bit of a wicked smile.

"One of your fans sent it to you didn't they?" Rin asked, smiling wryly. Sakura nodded and giggled. "I'm still amazed at how successful you've been playing video games for a living."

"Not just playing, streaming. There's a difference after all," Sakura corrected. "People who play professionally are like athletes. They are the best at the game, and they play to win. While streamers are more about acting out a personality."

"And that's why you came up with BB-Chan," Rin said, nodding. "I see. Still, I was surprised when I discovered my sister was the sadistic princess of the internet, BB-Chan."

"Hee hee, well my therapist says it's a healthy and productive way to work out some of my darker impulses," Sakura said, holding a hand up to her mouth as she grinned.

"I suppose it runs in the family a little bit then," Rin said, grinning right back. "I've got to ask though, what made you decide on that design?"

"Well I was trying to think of sadistic people I knew so..." Sakura said, trailing off.

"So you based it off Illyasviel," Rin finished.

"Exactly!" Sakura said, laughing. "But that's not what I came to talk about today."

"Oh? Did something happen?" Rin asked, leaning forward.

"Yes," Sakura said, practically glowing with happiness. "I'm pregnant!"

"Omigosh congratulations!" Sein said, her head popping out of the roof. She slipped from the ceiling, landing behind Rin and putting a hand on her shoulder, she smoothly pulled Rin through the wall dividing them from Sakura. "It'll be so cool to have a little baby around the base! When-" Sein was interrupted by Rin delivering a brutal palm strike against Sein's ribs, sending the Number flying. The alarm began to blare as the prison detected Rin's magic.

"What do you think you're doing?" Rin asked, coldly, her finger glowing with magic as she aimed at Sein.

"What? I'm getting both of you out of here," Sein protested, standing up. "Don't you want to be free?"

"Don't make me laugh. You're kidnapping us for our expertise in the Holy Grail War," Rin said, coldly. "Or rather, my expertise. Sakura doesn't have any, so I'm not sure why you are bothering with her."

"Err, little Illya told us-" Sein began.

"The Matou's were responsible for creating the system to bind the Servants, and thus created Command Seals," Rin said, rolling her eyes. "That may be true, but the Matous never passed on their magic. The only person who actually mastered the Matou's brand of magic was Zouken Matou, and he's dead."

"My orders are to take you both," Sein said, doubtfully.

"Don't be an idiot. I'll fight you, you'll win, you'll piss of Sakura who'll attack you, and delay you even more, and the guards will show up. Maybe you'll still escape, but that just means you'll get tracked down by Nanoha and Shirou. All to capture a girl who can't help you anyways," Rin said, disdainfully. As she spoke the door opened, and a dozen guards entered, lifting magical staves and pointing them at Sein. "Or the guards will show up now, and you'll fail entirely," Rin added, cheerfully.

"Damn it! I'm not going to lose!" Sein snarled, a blinding blue light shining from her hand. The guards unleashed a flurry of spells at her as she charged forward. When the dust cleared, both Sein and Rin were gone.


Shirou walked down the burning hallway, moving carefully and testing each step.

"Okay Shirou, we've only got one lifeform left on board. Looks like they are in the Grand Dining Hall," a male voice spoke in Shirou's ear.

"Thanks, Wally. How's the condition of the boat?" Shirou asked, not stopping as he spoke.

"You've got an hour or two before it goes under," Wally reported.

"Good. I'm almost to the Grand Dining Hall," Shirou said. Coming up to a heavy set door, he conjured some blades, cutting through the door's hinges, and letting it fall to the floor as he approached. Floating in the air was Illya's clone, who waved and smiled at Shirou as he entered.

"Hi, Onii-chan! I'm here to kidnap you!" she said.

"Hi Illya," Shirou said, sighing. "You're still under arrest. Also for the record, did you set this fire or are you just taking advantage of another disaster?"

"Now Onii-chan, would I do that?" Illya asked, winking and tapping her nose knowingly.

"I'll take that as a yes," Shirou said, eyes narrowing. "One of these days you are going to end up killing someone Illya. Are you okay with that?"

"Well that wouldn't happen if you just surrender and become mine!" Illya said, glaring at Shirou, hands on her hips.

"I've got a child on the way. That's never going to happen," Shirou said, flatly, glaring right back. He conjured a dozen blades, holding them in the air. "Now surrender, and you'll get to defend yourself in court." The Illya clone just smirked, raising a shield. The blades shot forwards, zipping past the clone, her eyes widening in surprise, before exploding in a cloud of gas and shrapnel. Before the smoke cleared, Shirou was already moving, daggers on chains shooting forth.

"No fair," Illya complained, coughing as the chains wrapped around her. "Eh?" she managed, before Shirou slammed her into the marble floor. "Geeze Onii-chan, you play so rough."

"Surrender," Shirou said. Illya glared at him, so he grabbed a chain. "Activate electromagnetic shielding," he said, under his breath. His EARS responded, activating its countermeasures against solar radiation, and incidentally sending a powerful electric shock through the chain, zapping Illya.

"Enough!" Illya screamed in pain and rage, shattering the chains with a powerful burst of magic. She sent a cresent blast of energy out towards Shirou who jumped over it, his body parallel to the blast. He formed Kanshou and Bakuya as he fell. "Grr, Scatter Shot!" Illya growled, a shotgun burst of energy blasts shooting from her wand. Shirou effortlessly weaved through the bullets, battering the occasional one away with his swords. He threw Kanshou behind Illya, who smirked. "Come on Onii-chan, that trick won't work on me!" she bragged, forming a shield in both hands, blocking both Kanshou as it returned, and Bakuya when Shirou struck.

"Catch," Shirou said, simply, pointing upwards. Now that he was close enough, he formed a massive sword directly above Illya head, letting in hang in the air of a second before letting it drop. Illya yelped, forming a full body shield around her. The sword bounced off with before hitting the floor with a hollow bong. Illya's mouth fell open as she stared at the sword in shock, while Shirou created Rule Breaker in his hand, popping Illya's shield and resting Bakuya against Illya's throat.

"Y-y-you tricked me!" Illya accused, tears of outrage glinting in the corners of her eyes.

"I did. Again. Illya, you are really bad at fighting. You should just surrender so your older sister doesn't kill you one of these days," Shirou said, sighing.

"That's not fair Onii-chan! And I'll beat her one day and take you as my husband. And we'll be happy, you'll cook me lots of delicious food, and and I won't lose to her!" Illya yelled, crying. Shirou sighed again, and lightly patted Illya's head.

"Illya, I'm married. That's not going to change. But you can still be a part of my life. Somehow, by some miracle, none of the incidents you've caused have actually killed anyone. I'm sure the TSAB would let you off easy if you surrendered." Shirou said, gently, even as he held a sword to her throat. "And...that's the cue for whatever Number that is escorting you to show up," he added, smoothly moving behind Illya, so that she was between him and whichever cyborg was coming through the door.

"Hi Shirou!" Wendi waved cheerfully. "I heard the news, congratulations!"

"Thank you Wendi, how are your sisters?" Shirou asked, politely.

"Oh, same old, same old," Wendi said. "So did little Illya seduce you this time?" she asked, leaning forward teasingly.

"Of course not," Shirou said, ignoring Illya's pout.

"Yeah? Does that mean it's my turn?" Wendi said, grinning wickedly and blushing fiercely. "Cause I'd be glad to join whatever harem you've got going on."

"Wendi, no." Shirou said, sternly. "First off, there is no harem. I'm devoted to Sakura, and that's the end of that. Furthermore, you are way too young for me. That goes for you too Illya."

"It's only a couple of years!"

"I'm older than you Onii-chan!"

"Enough," Shirou said, cutting through their protests with a glare. "Now, I assume this is going to happen the usual way?" He asked Wendi.

"Yeah," Wendi said, sullen for a second before brightening back up. "You give me Illya, so I don't have to break her out of prison. And in exchange you don't have to try and fight us off. Nobody gets hurt, and Illya starts plotting her next seduction attempt."

"Deal," Shirou said, releasing Illya who ran over to Wendi. Linking arms, they began the teleportation spell.

"You will be mine one day Onii-chan!" Illya yelled, moments before vanishing. Shirou just stood there, eyes closed for a few seconds, before turning on his communicator.

"Can I have confirmation that the boat is clear?" he asked.

"All clear, Shirou. Come on home," Wally said, sympathetically.

"Thanks. It's been a long day," Shirou said.


"Dada, look," little Akemi said, pointing at a orange haired girl sleeping on a bench as she was carried on her father's shoulders.

"It's a girl, princess," Shirou said.

"Go Dada," Akemi demanded, tugging on Shirou's hair like they were reins. Sakura giggled, and gently pushed Shirou towards the bench.

"We might as well," she said, warmly. "We have to wait for the others to get here anyways." She walked over to the sleeping girl and gently nudged her awake.

"Sorry for waking you Miss. But this isn't a good place to be sleeping," Shirou said, smiling apologetically.

"Mnhhaaa," the girl yawned, rubbing her eyes. "M'sorry. Didn't mean to fall asleep."

"Sleep!" Akemi repeated, cheerfully. The girl perked up at the sound, and stood up.

"Oh my gosh, she's such a cutie," she squealed, reached out with a finger. Akemi giggled and grabbed the finger with both hands. "What's her name?"

"Her name is Akemi, Miss?" Sakura said, emphasizing the word miss.

"I'm so sorry! My name is Fujimaru Ritsuka, it's nice to meet you," she said, bowing.

"Nice to meet you Miss Ritsuka, I'm Shirou, this is my wife, Sakura, and you've already met my daughter Akemi," Shirou said, warmly.

"So what brings you to the Gate of Eden?" Fujimaru asked.

"We're here for a family reunion. We didn't teleport here under our own power, so we're waiting for them to meet us here on the main promenade," Sakura explained.

"Oh cool, you're from the TSAB!" Fujimaru said, grabbing Sakura's hands. "What's it like there? I heard basically everything runs on magic, and people can fly, and everyone has intelligent Mystic Codes that basically act like Navi and-"

"Slow down," Sakura said, laughing as she freed herself from Fujimaru's grasp. "And first off, the TSAB is the government. The actual planet is called Midchilda. And yes, nearly everything does operate off of magic, though the biggest difference is that there is basically no pollution as a result. Otherwise life isn't really all that different than on Earth. And no, not everyone has Devices. Really, the only people who have them are elite mages, or those training to become elites."

"And yourself? What are you doing on a space station? Are you family of one of Earth's ambassadors?" Shirou asked.

"No, no, I'm actually a mage like you guys! But not like the Mage's Association. I'm what they are calling an Open Mage," Fujimaru said, quickly.

"An Open Mage? What's that?" Shirou asked, curious.

"Well basically, ever since you guys made contact with Earth, the governments have been looking for mages of their own. And found out about the Mage's Association, but those stuck up pr- er I mean they don't want to associate with anyone, so they were no help. But it's not like they found no one at all. There were a bunch of what the Mage's Association called 'magic users' who came forward. That let them discover people who have magic potential. And that's Open Mages. People directly trained by the UN, who work for the people of Earth openly, studying magic and whatever else the UN has us do," Fujimaru said.

"And the Mage's Association hasn't done anything to stop them?" Shirou asked, a little shell shocked.

"What could they do?" Fujimaru asked, looking puzzled. "Ah! Look at the time! I'm late for my briefing! Shoot shoot shoot shoot..." Fujimaru shouted, speeding off. Seconds later she zipped by, going the other direction, having gone the wrong way.

"It seems like there's been some big changes on Earth," Shirou said.

"For the better, it sounds like," Sakura said, with a vicious satisfaction. "I like the sound of these Open Mages."

"That's right. And with Earth having their own mages now, we should be pretty safe even if Pink Illya and the Numbers try anything," Shirou said, cheerfully. Just as he finished speaking sirens began to blare as explosions racked the station.

Author's Notes: Another epilogue down, and that is the last one. So that means we are done, ladies and gentlemen. Story Complete!

A quick blurb about this chapter; Sakura became a gamer/streamer because I have literally never seen that done with her before and it let me make a BB reference. On that note, I find it really rare for there to be stories where Sakura rejects using magic as a result of the horrible crap she's gone through. She always pushes through to master it anyways. That's actually a really common trope for both Fate/ and Nanoha. So instead Sakura just...doesn't. She lives a peaceful life as a civilian working a relatively normal job and raises a family.

Shirou on the other hand should never pass a psych test. Still considering the TSAB's hiring practices, I've got no doubt they'd put him to work anyways. Still, he'd at least be put into dealing with natural disasters and the like. Also of course several Numbers would end up getting a crush on Shirou. It's both his power and his curse.

Now, to talk about the story as a whole. I'm pretty happy with how things turned out. No regrets about having Fate and Nanoha operate at Servant levels. The arguments for both sides were quite fierce in the comment section, but honestly that doesn't matter. The disparity between their strengths isn't too great to make things not make sense, and having them roughly equal made for a better story.

I did learn some important lessons about keeping the number of characters down. And I feel like I didn't really do enough with Bazett. Honestly, I feel like I could've removed the fight between Bazett, Caster, and Kotomine entirely and lost nothing. Sadly ditto with Bazett's fights against the Sins and Avenger. While they may have been interesting, or not if that's your opinion, I don't feel like they were necessary to the story. And at over 120 K words, the story wouldn't suffer by being a little shorter.

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