The Fairies of the Force

Chapter 10

Maid for Punishment

The doors to Seigrain's office opened then closed with a quiet click. The blue haired man's eyes flicked up from the documents in his hands.

"You're early." he commented.

Standing in front of the door was a woman with black hair and black eyes. A small smirk was resting on her lips as she strode towards his desk. Instead of taking a seat on one of the chairs in front of Siegrain's desk, she decided to rest on top of the furniture. She leaned close to the blue haired man as he studied the documents.

"So much paperwork. About nothing at all." Siegrain sighed before tossed the papers away. They landed with a soft flutter onto his desktop, "Honestly, this job is so dull."

"Good thing you have a better side occupation." The woman smirked.

Siegrain gave a small smile, "Absolutely, Councilwoman Milkovich. I must say, manipulating the magic council to my will is very fun indeed." He folded his hands in front of his face, "I'm curious about your end, Ultear. How did the meeting go?"

Ultear's lips parted into a wicked grin, "Splendidly."

She leaned closed to Siegrain ear so that only he could hear her. You could never be too careful in the Magic Council headquarters in Era. There were always ears listening. Org, one of the older councilmen, was a paranoid old fool. He knew all about the comings and goings of everyone in the council. Evading him always proved to be a challenge. And fooling him even more so. No matter what, that old man kept his ear to the ground. Listening for any inkling of a suspicious rumor revolving around the magic world.

And so, these meetings between herself and Siegrain were kept as secret as possible. Of course, Ultear always had an alibi for the meetings. She would always carry in a mountain of papers. Disguising her actual intentions under the boring task of mutual paperwork and guild penalties. There was also the not so subtle flirting she did that helped avert the prying eyes of the council. She did not mind Siegrain flirting back either. He was an attractive man, she was an attractive woman. That helped created a near flawless cover for the two since they were almost always visiting each other. All this was almost always enough to thwart Org's prying eye. Though he was still suspicious of the two youngest council members.

I can't imagine why? Ultear thought to herself.

Ultear chuckled before whispering into Siegrain's ear.

"He is ready."

Siegrain's eyes widened, "Are you certain."

"The tower has entered its final stage of construction." Ultear whispered, "All that is left is to draw a proper sacrifice to him."

"Then all of this work will be finished." Siegrain closed his eyes, "Zeref will be brought to us at last."

"Yes." Ultear agreed, "But with the end of our work comes one more thing."

Siegrain stared into Ultear's dark eyes, "Loose ends." He assumed.

Ultear nodded, "They must be taken care of before we can complete our plans."

Siegrain chuckled, "Well, we are already off to a great start then." He rose from his chair and walked over to the window. Ultear pouted as he moved away from her, "I assume Bora is utterly useless to the council now?"

Ultear smirked, "His brain is nothing more than a pile of mush now. He can barely form coherent sentences. So yes, he is useless."

Siegrain nodded as he stared out the window. Ultear had done it again. She had managed to destroy a loose end without drawing any suspicion to him or her. Sometimes that women disturbed the blue haired man. She was so damn effective at her job that it would often times stun Siegrain. And soon, her skills would be put to the ultimate test.

After all, she had to be the one to keep the council busy.

And he had loose ends to tie up.

Siegrain sighed then reached into his requip space. A white coat appeared over his shoulders. He buttoned the jacket, smoothed out some wrinkles, before turning on his heel and marching towards the door.

"Onto the first loose end." He opened the door then glanced back at Ultear, "Make sure my cover story for going to Shirotsume town is a good one."

"Don't I always create a convincing lie?"

Siegrain smirked, "Every time."


"I don't understand." Natsu complained. His hand was pressed against the glass pane of a window on Duke Everlue's roof. As he pressed his hand against the smooth surface, he heated his palm. The glass turned molten within seconds, allowing Natsu's hand to slip inside and unlatch the window, "Why couldn't we just break down the front door?"

"Because I'm not going to jail today." Lucy harrumphed.

"But it would have been way easier." Natsu replied as he slipped through the window and into the mansion. Lucy was right behind him.

"To you maybe." Lucy said, "But I'm not as much of a fighter as you are. And I don't want to go to jail."

Natsu frowned, "You keep saying that. But why not?"

"Isn't it obvious?" Lucy asked.

Natsu gave her a confused look. Lucy rubbed her forehead in frustration.

"Do you really think a delicate girl like me would survive in prison."

Natsu narrowed his eyes, "You're delicate?"

"And little?" Happy asked.

"I am delicate! And I am not fat!" Lucy roared.

Both Natsu and Happy hissed before placing their fingers to their lips.

"Shhhh." They both said to Lucy.

"Oh like you two actually care." Lucy waved her hand dismissively.

The pair set off to search the mansion. It was even bigger on the inside than Lucy imagined. There were rooms everywhere. ANd each room was different in its own unique way. Unfortunately, Lucy found out that Duke Everlue was indeed a rather strange man when she waltzed into his bathroom and noticed a gold plated toilet with his face carved into the seat.

"Strange." She uttered, completely disgusted.

"How in the world are we going to find one book in this place?" Natsu asked her as she stepped back out into the Hallway.

The fire dragon slayer had just finished searching the room next to the bathroom. Lucy was not surprised to see that he came out empty handed as well.

"Maybe we just haven't found the right room yet?" Lucy replied, "This guy's rich. So he probably has a library of some sort."

Natsu frowned but nodded. Lucy seemed to be right about a lot of things. So he listened to his gut and followed her gut. The logic made sense to him at least. Still though, there was one thing bothering him.

"I still don't understand why we didn't go with Plan T." Natsu grumbled as they walked down the hall towards a large foyer that led to even more rooms. At the center of the foyer was a massive marble statue of Duke Everlue that stood from floor to ceiling.

"Because fighting is more difficult than sneaking." Lucy remarked.

"I've never found that to be true." Natsu replied, folding his arms, "That Duke Everclear guy-"

"You mean Everlue." Lucy deadpanned.

"Yeah, him!" Natsu smirked, "He didn't look that tough. I'm sure we could have taken him and that ugly maid of his easily."

Lucy sighed. She was not going to win this argument with him, was she? What was the deal with his obsession with fighting? Lucy understood the need for fighting. People had to defend themselves after all. But Natsu almost always went looking for a fight.

One of these days that attitude of his is going to get him into trouble.

"Just keep sneaking around, ok?" Lucy finally replied, "Act like you're ninja or something."

Natsu's eyes bulged from his skull. Happy's jaw dropped.


"Ja." Happy finished for Natsu, both of their voices giddy with excitement.

"Um guys?" Lucy asked.

Before she could get an answer a loud cry filled the cavernous foyer they were in. Lucy twirled around. Her eyes widened. Flying at them from above was the massive, pink haired maid from before.

"INTRUDERS!" The maid roared.

Lucy screamed then ducked to the left, narrowly dodging the maid. The massive woman collided with the floor with an enormous wham that caused the floor to tremble. Somehow, the impact did not faze her. The gigantic woman rose to her feet. She towered over both Natsu and Lucy.

"I will not allow intruders to disturb my Master's home!"

This time, the maid launched herself at Natsu. Unlike Lucy, Natsu did not dodge. The maid raised her enormous foot and stomped down at Natsu.

"Natsu!" Lucy yelled as the dragon slayer took the blow head on.

To Lucy and the maid's immense surprise, Natsu shrugged off the attack. Fire licked the bottom of his feet. With a loud, shrill cry, Natsu leapt into the air and kicked the maid just beneath the jaw. The maid flew off of the second floor down to the main floor of the foyer. Her body's impact caused the tiles that lay beneath her to shatter.

Lucy grinned.

"That's how it's done Natsu!"

Her grin was quickly replaced by a look of disbelief.

"We are Ninja!" Natsu hissed as he pressed his hands together. The top of his head and his face were covered by the scaly white scarf he normally wore around his neck. Happy stood on his shoulder, copying Natsu's hand gesture.

"Ninja!" Happy hissed.

Lucy sighed.

Why are they such goofballs?


Joshua sat in the dirt just outside of Duke Everlue's mansion. He stopped throwing his tantrum about ten minutes ago. Now he pouted outside of the mansion gates. HIs small hands ripped at some grass blades as he stared at the massive house.

"This sucks." he grumbled before lying down in the dirt.

He didn't get it. Natsu was all about Joshua shadowing him earlier. But now, Natsu and Lucy would not allow him to help out at all. He was just supposed to be a lookout. If Duke Everlue or anyone else became suspicious that wizards had broken into the mansion, Joshua was supposed to alert Lucy and Natsu.

Except how can I alert them when I can't get inside!? Joshua scowled. He let out a long breath through his nose, I hate not having magic.

He stared up at the clear blue skies. At least it was a nice day outside. He wasn't standing outside in the rain or anything like that. Who knows, maybe Natsu and Lucy would actually need his help after all. But most likely not. Joshua felt that the pair would emerge from the mansion at anytime now. All he could do now was wait.

He grimaced as his stomach rumbled.

Great. He rolled his eyes, I'm bored and hungry. He placed his hands behind his head and sighed, I should have stayed home and trained. It would have been more exciting than this.

A warning went off in his mind. Joshua jolted upright. There it was again. That strange, instinctive feeling he had back at Mount Hakobe. The feeling that warned him of the Vulcan's ambush. He was feeling it again. This time, the sense of danger was not coming from above him. Or around him.

Below me!

Joshua jumped out of the way as several small holes erupted in the earth. As he rolled, five maids jumped out of the ground. All of the maids were normal looking humans. Well, almost normal. Joshua finally got a good look at them as they dust settled. And their appearance made him shiver.

"Lucy's right." Joshua shuddered as he looked at his five opponents, "This Duke guy has got one twisted sense of beauty."

"Who are you calling twisted kid!?" The first maid roared, her voice deep and throaty. Joshua cringed as her flabby cheeks flapped as she spoke.

"We ought to teach this kid a lesson in respect." Another maid, this one with a ridiculously long head, suggested.

The other maids just laughed before slowly moving towards Joshua.

The kid's eyes widened.

They're trying to capture me! He realized.

But why? What would these maids want with him? Joshua's eyes only grew wider. Did that Duke guy capture Lucy and Natsu too? Was he the only one left that could complete the mission? Joshua gulped. His feet slid in the dirt until he was in a wide stance. Just like how Erza taught him.

"I don't know what you ugly people want with me." Joshua said, "But I warn you, don't come any closer."

"Or what?" The first maid mocked, "You going to beat us up with your tiny hands?"

The other maids laughed as they encircled the boy. Joshua meanwhile, began to shake with fury.

"Our master told us to bring you to him. So that is exactly what we are going to do. Right girls?" The second maid crowed.


"I AM NOT TINY!" Joshua bellowed before launching himself at the first maid.

The maid was stunned by how quickly the boy moved. He jumped up and latched himself onto her face.

"Get off of me!" She screamed as Joshua pulled on her hair then threw her down to the ground. Joshua yanked on her head and the pair went tumbling down into the dirt. He then spun over the maid and pulled her arms behind her. Effectively pinning the woman to the ground.


"Help me out!" The first maid bellowed.

The other maids shook themselves free of their initial shock. The other four charged at Joshua. Joshua blinked and looked around.


There was no way he could dodge their attacks. He had a maid coming at him in all directions. And somehow they were all so fast. Joshua gulped, squeezed his eyes shut, and braced for the pain.

"Dark Grab!"

Joshua waited. No pain came. No fists hit his small body. He was left completely unharmed. He carefully cracked his eyes open. His jaw hit the floor. The maids were all suspended mid-air. Each one struggled to reach him. But for some reason, they could not move. Joshua whipped his head around to see what was causing this.

Before he could even figure it out. A man strode up beside Joshua. He had blue hair and dark eyes. A long white coat was over his shoulders. But the most distinctive thing Joshua saw on him, was a tattoo etched around his right eye. Joshua's eyes widened as the man flexed the fingers on his right hand. The maids twirled in the air before being slammed into the dirt. Joshua gulped as he waited for the maids to get back up. But not a single one moved. The only conscious maid was the one Joshua had pinned beneath him.

"Really now, ladies." The man said, his tone both playful and dangerous at the same time, "Attacking a defenseless little boy. How rude."

"We were just doing as our master told us." The maid pinned beneath Joshua squirmed as she spoke.

The man chuckled, "Move off of her kid. She's not a threat."

Joshua gave both the maid and the man a hesitant glance. He was not sure if he should be listening to this guy. For some reason, he just got a bad vibe from the blue haired man. Although, the guy did just rescue him. Joshua frowned before stepping off of the maid.

"Now then miss." The man glowered at the maid, "Go in and tell your master that Councilman Siegrain is here to pay a visit." Joshua's eyes bulged from his skull, "And now I am quite angry with him."

The maid's own eyes were as wide as dinner plates.

"C-council man Siegrain. Of the magic council!?"

Siegrain nodded. The maid stayed still. Too shocked to move.

"Well," Siegrain said, "What are you waiting for? I don't have all day."

The maid scrambled to her feet and rushed up to the mansion gates. She quickly flung them open and motioned for Siegrain to come. The man calmly marched forward but paused as he entered the grounds.

"You there child." Siegrain started. He glanced back at Joshua, "What is your name?"


"And your last name?"

The boy cast a glance down at his feet.

"You don't have one?"

He shook his head.

"So are you here all alone, or are you with someone?" Siegrain asked, his voice becoming a bit more gentle as he spoke.

"Um," Joshua kicked the dirt at his feet, "I'm with Natsu and Lucy."

"Natsu?" Siegrain questioned, "As in Natsu Dragneel. The fire mage from Fairy Tail?"

Joshua nodded.

"May I ask where he and Miss Lucy are?"

Joshua opened his mouth to speak but then paused. This guy was on the magic council. Which meant that if he found out Lucy and Natsu had broken into someone's house, he had the authority to arrest them. He had the authority to punish them. Joshua bit his tongue. He had to think of a convincing lie. Fast!

Joshua pointed at the mansion. "We um… got a job request and er… they went in to speak to Duke Everlue about it."

Siegrain arched an eyebrow, "Duke Everlue sent Fairy Tail a job request?"

"Yes!" Joshua replied with a firm nod, "I'm technically not a guild wizard yet, so Natsu and Lucy told me to wait outside while they handled the official stuff."

"Oh really?" Siegrain rubbed his chin, "Then perhaps, they wouldn't mind if I brought you inside with me. After all, I must speak with Duke Everlue as well. Perhaps we can kill two birds with one stone. You Fairies get your job request and I get to have my talk with Everlue."

"I-I'm not sure I should-"

"And besides, a child like you should not be out in the forest all alone." Siegrain continued, "Look how that ended up in the first place. It is just so irresponsible of your friends to do that."

"I really think that maybe you and I should wait our turn." Joshua cringed.

"Oh nonsense." Siegrain beckoned Joshua to follow him into the mansion, "Come along."

Joshua frowned. This guy was not going to relent was he. Maybe he could distract him from what Lucy and Natsu were doing inside? But the only way to do that was to follow Siegrain into the mansion and then divert his attention. Joshua groaned. This job just went from boring to a pain in the butt. He took a deep breath and marched towards the mansion gates, past Siegrain, then up to the mansion doors. The councilman walked alongside him.

"I hope you don't mind if I let myself in?" Siegrain called back to the nervous maid.

"N-not at all, sir." She gulped.

He pushed the door open.

"You first." He said to Joshua.

Joshua gulped, nodded, then entered the Everlue mansion.


"Lucy! Over here!" Natsu called from down a long hallway.

Lucy rushed out of what she thought was some sort of guest room and into the room Natsu was standing in. When she entered she was stunned.

"A… library." Lucy muttered.

There were books everywhere. Shelves stood from floor to ceiling in a massive circular room. Each shelf was filled to the brim with books. Big books, small books, books about everything Lucy could imagine. It was like entering her own personal version of heaven. Then a thought struck her.

With this many books… how are we going to find just one?

Natsu was already way ahead of her. He had, in a not to gentle fashion, already begun tearing books free from their spots on the shelves. Each book he grabbed he would look at the cover, frown, then chuck it behind him in an ever growing pile of literature. Happy floated alongside him, occasionally muttering the titles to himself.

I guess I better get started too.

Lucy ran her finger along a group of books. Her eyes focused on the titles along the spine. There were some that she had read once. Some books she had read multiple times. And some books she had never even heard of before.

"Oh! This one is a porno!" Natsu called out as he aloft a pink colored book.

"Priorities Natsu. Priorities." Lucy deadpanned before the dragon slayer tossed that book into the pile behind him.

Lucy felt like the search was taking forever. She was certain they had been in the library for more than an hour when Natsu finally uttered an irritated growl.

"This is impossible!" Natsu yelled in frustration.

Lucy sighed and turned around to face him, "Well would you…" She froze and pointed at the small book held in his right hand, "Natsu, what does the title of that one say?"

"I don't know. I grabbed it because it was shiny and-" Natsu's eyes widened when he read the title.

There it was, in all it's gold colored glory.


"We found it!" Natsu declared.

"Alright!" Lucy cheered as she rushed up to stand beside Natsu.

She looked down at the troublesome book. This job was supposed to be extremely easy. In the end it had become very frustrating. But in the end, the book was found. And they would exactly as Kaby instructed. Lucy felt heat near her as Natsu lit one of his hands on fire.

"Time to roast it." Natsu grinned.

Lucy took one last look at the book. It was a pretty little thing. It looked like it had hardly ever been opened. There was not a single crack in the spine. Not a single blemish on the pages as far as she could tell.

I wonder what it's about.

Her eyes fell onto the author's name written in blue on the bottom of the cover.

"WAIT!" Lucy cried. She snatched the book from Natsu's hands.

"Hey! What gives?"

"I can't believe it! This book was written by Kemu Zaleon!" Lucy cried as she held the book in the air, "I thought I had read all of his works. This must be an unpublished manuscript!"

"Who?" Happy muttered.

"Great, it's a brand new book for you." Natsu replied, "Now hand it over so we can finish this job."

Lucy gasped and clutched the book to her chest, "I will not!"


"A great piece of literature written by the masterful Kemu Zaleon should not ever be destroyed."

"But it's just a book." Natsu commented.

"It's not just a book. It is a book written by Kemu-"

"Kimmy the lion, yeah I get it. You've said that already." Natsu sighed, "We have a job to do Lucy. So just hand it-"

"Kemu Zaleon was a wizard before he was a writer. Did you know that?" Lucy continued, "A great wizard too. When he retired from guild work he decided to become a novelist." Lucy squeezed the book tighter against her chest, "It's my dream to be as great an author as he was!"

Natsu pinched the briged of his nose, "Lucy…"

"Would you let me read it first." Lucy complained as she cracked the book open and started to read the first pages.

"We don't have time for that Lucy! Hand it over already!" Natsu barked.


"If Everlue comes in here we are-"

"If I come in here then what?"

Natsu, Lucy, and Happy all froze. The door to the library was open once again. In stepped Duke Everlue, his hands clasped behind his round body. But he was not alone. Walking in with him was a stranger with blue hair and a tattoo over his right eye. And beside that stranger was-

"Joshua?" Lucy said.

"Hey, you're supposed to be the lookout!" Natsu exclaimed as he pointed at Joshua. Meanwhile, the kid frantically waved his hands. Trying to get Natsu to stop talking for one second.

"Lookout?" The blue haired man questioned.

He looked down at Joshua. The boy's forehead was covered in nervous sweat. He then glanced over at Duke Everlue. The perverted man was shaking with rage as he eyed the two Fairy Tail wizards in his library.

"Oh." The blue haired man chuckled, "I see. You fairies aren't here to accept a guild job from Duke Everlue. No, you are here to conduct one."

"That is not true!" Joshua declared, doing his best to maintain his composure despite his own anxiety.

"Give it a rest kid, we're caught." Lucy deadpanned.

"These brats have just broken into my home and vandalized my library! Not only that," Duke Everlue pointed at the book in Natsu's hand, "It appears they planned on pilfering Daybreak from me. I demand you arrest them for burglary, Councilman Siegrain."

"COUNCILMAN SIEGRAIN!" Lucy and Natsu cried.

Lucy began to tremble. This tall guy was with the magic council? She gulped.

I guess I really am going to jail today.

To Natsu and Lucy immense shock. Siegrain started laughing. At first it was a quiet laugh, barely audible. Then it crescendoed into a full blown chuckle. He patted Joshua on the back before pushing him towards Natsu and Lucy. The kid rushed up to the two wizards and hid behind Natsu as Siegrain laughed.

"This works out perfectly." Siegrain said as he caught his breath, "Natsu Dragneel and Miss Lucy," Duke Everlue grinned evilly at the two wizards. Siegrain then pointed a finger at Duke Everlue, "There is now a contract out on Duke Everlue."

"WHAT!?" Duke Everlue cried.

"He is wanted by the Magic Council on suspicion of funding an illegal slave trade."

Duke Everlue's face went pale. He looked up at Siegrain and saw a malicious sparkle in the councilman's eye. Everlue gulped. This was noa cordial visit from a member of the magic council after all. This was a visit from a man looking to tie up loose ends. And he was one large loose end.

"The reward has been set to four hundred thousand jewel."

Natsu and Lucy's jaws dropped. Behind them, Joshua clenched his fists at his side. He glared across the room at Duke Everlue. Eyes narrowed, knuckles white with fury.

Siegrain turned on his heel and opened the door, "I look forward to interrogating him at the council headquarters."


Duke Everlue stopped stammering as Siegrain exited the library and walked to the mansion's exit. All the rich man could do was stare dumbfounded at Lucy, Natsu, and Joshua. Natsu looked excited. He pounded a fist into his hand and cracked his knuckles.

"Four hundred thousand jewel to turn you over to the council eh?" Natsu growled.

"For an illegal slave trade." Joshua snarled.

Lucy's eyes flicked between Natsu, Joshua, and Duke Everlue.

"So are we not going to burn the book?"

Joshua surged towards Duke Everlue. Just as he reached out to grab the man by the neck of his shirt, Duke Everlue activated his magic and tunneled out of the library.

"YOU AREN'T GETTING AWAY THAT EASILY!" Joshua roared before he dove down into the tunnel.

"Joshua wait!" Lucy cried.

"Right behind you ki-"

There was a brief flash of movement. Without warning, a large frying pan slammed into Natsu from behind. The dragon slayer cried out in pain as he went flying through the doors of the library back out into the foyer.

Lucy blinked as two men appeared. The first was a tall man with a long nose in large, pointy purple hair. He stood with his fist clenched and feet planted as he readied himself for a possible counterattack. The second was a shorter man was bald with a long black braid that reached his lower back. He hefted an enormous frying pan in one hand while keeping the other hand behind his back. He looked calm. Focused. Dangerous.

"Despite these baseless accusations-" The first man began.

"We are still contracted by Duke Everlue to defend his person and his property." The second man continued.

"And the Vanish Brothers of the Southern Wolves guild never back away from a contract." The first brother declared.

The second brother grinned with excitement, "And we are never defeated in battle too."

Lucy gulped. There was a big fight about happen. And she did not want to be anywhere near it. As she was about to crawl away, a large, meaty hand gripped her ankle. Lucy cried out then looked down to see the massive pink haired maid had burrowed through the ground and grabbed her.

"Time for your punishment." The massive maid rumbled.

Lucy screamed as the maid dragged her through the floor then underground below the mansion. The entire time, she did not lose her grip on Daybreak.

And chapter! As you can see, I decided to tweak the Daybreak arc a bit. One of my biggest goals for this story is to not just rehash every single arc. That would probably get boring pretty quickly both for you guys and for me as a writer. It's no fun just copying down everything from the anime. So I want to work in some original takes on the Fairy Tail arcs while still trying to maintain the spirit of them. I attempted to do that in the original version of this story, but I made a crucial error in only focusing on my OC instead of on all the other characters as a whole. This cut major storylines and cost me a lot of character development. And I regret that decision. So I'm attempting to fix that in this story. I hope I'm doing an ok job at it.

So, we've got Lucy going into a showdown with Duke Everlue's top maid, Joshua chasing down Everlue while in a fit of rage, and Natsu being confronted by the Vanish Brothers. Meanwhile, Siegrain is up to something that is no good. Should make for an interesting chapter coming up. Anyways, let me know what you guys think! As always, I hope you all enjoyed! Have a nice day!