A/N: I've had this story stuck in my head and it wanted to come out! This starts out dark but it's really a story about healing and comfort and getting back to where you used to be.

Story Summary: What if when Edward left, he didn't think of Victoria as a threat? What if that was the biggest mistake of his life? Victoria kidnaps Bella with the help of Riley. They torture her before Edward comes and rescues her. This is a story about Bella healing and forgiving Edward and trying to get her life back. She needs Edward to help her along the way.


Some chapters will be long and some short. It depends on how much comes out when I write.

I don't have a posting schedule. I have a baby that is under a year old so she takes up most of my time but I promise I'll try and post as often as possible.

Chapter One.

SONG: Running Up That Hill

And if I only could,
Make a deal with God,
And get him to swap our places,
Be running up that road,
Be running up that hill,
Be running up that building.
If I only could, oh...

Drip. Drip. Drip. Drip.

My blood hitting the cement floor is the loudest noise in the room. The smell of blood fills my nose and makes me nauseous.

She smiles at me, so beautiful and so angry. "I wish he were here to see this," She sighs as if she's lost in thought.

I just stare at her, unable to speak. She turns away from me and looks at Riley, a young life she stole just for this. She smiles at him and he moves closer to me. I close my eyes; hoping I'll die soon. Sometimes I pray but my prays are never answered. It's like God forgot about me and is letting this happen to me. I'm not religious but I feel like I need someone, anyone, to hear me. To help me. But I know no one will. I'll die alone here, at her hands. She leaves the room as Riley starts to remove my pants. She doesn't like to watch this part, maybe it's the only human part of her that's left. I'm trying to focus on not vomiting when he unties me from the chair I sit on and moves me over to the bed. She's made it up to look like my bed. Everything is the same, purple comforter and all. I stare at the ceiling as he moves roughly above me. When he first raped me, I thought he would kill me. He hurt me so bad, they were afraid I would bleed to death. He crushed my pelvis. She brought a doctor to me, demanding he fix me. When he helped me as best as he could, preventing me from dying, she ripped his throat out in front of me.

I should have been more scared of vampires but loving Edward made me soft. With Edward around, I wasn't scared of anything. Now he's gone; left me to fend for myself with the monsters still running around. I guess he wasn't worried that she would do anything. After all, it was her mate that wanted to kill me. When he killed James, it took a piece of her with him. She wanted that piece back so torturing me was the closest thing for her. It didn't matter, Edward was gone and I had nothing. My heart hurt for Charlie, he was probably still looking for me. It had been weeks now and I was sure he was probably losing hope. I knew the statistics for missing people. I knew I would be dead soon and I wondered if she would let him find my body. At least give him the comfort of being able to bury me in his home town. I have no idea where I am. I'm sure, though, we aren't in Forks any longer.

I shiver at Riley's cold body against mine and he pauses. He looks down at me and I meet his eyes. I'm begging him to kill me with my eyes when he rolls off of me with a hiss and storms out. She comes back into the room. Her face gives away nothing as she walks toward me. She pulls me up from the bed with one hand and slams me back into the chair. I cry out as pain rocks through my body.

"Oh, honey, you haven't felt pain yet." She promises.

I know she's going to punish me for not letting Riley finish with me and I mentally prepare myself for the pain I'm about to endure. I'm hoping I'll pass out quickly. She reaches for my left hand and takes my pinky in her hers. She tears it clean off my hand before I can even blink. My body doesn't register the pain for a full minute before I let out a horrified scream.

She smiles evilly, "Now that's better," She hums in pleasure.

I watch her take my pinky and pop it into her mouth. She makes loud sucking noises before crunching on the bone like it's a piece of chicken. That's all it takes and then I'm puking up everything out of my empty stomach. I'm dry heaving as she laughs loudly, fully enjoying this.

"Please," I beg her. "Please kill me."

"Not yet," She responds as she circles me like her prey.

She taps on her blood stained lips, "What should we do next? Hmm..." She pretends to ponder, "Oh! I know! We should cut you open and look at your insides! I'm sure I'll be able to sew you back up before you bleed to death."

I shake my head; my eyes wide with fear, "No! Please! I won't do anything else! I promise! I'll be good! I'm sorry! I'll let him do whatever he wants and won't react!" I plead.

She smirks at me, "You promise?" She taunts.

I nod my head yes at her and watch as she lifts my left leg. She takes it so gently in her hands before snapping it; twisting it so my foot is facing the wrong direction.

I scream in agony, "Please, Victoria!" I finally say her name out loud. It makes her look at me curiously as she waits for me to continue. "Please, just kill me. If you have any human part of you left in there, please, put me out of my misery." Tears are streaking down my cheeks and into the corners of my mouth.

She let's something pass in her eyes before it's gone within a second, "Okay," She finally agrees.

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, God." I chant over and over.

I close my eyes as I feel the sharp blade of a knife enter my abdomen. I clench my teeth; trying to hold back the scream that fights it's way out. She brings her hand back down and as the knife pierces my chest, near where my heart lies, the door bursts open.

"Bella!" A voice I know so well shouts.

I let out a painful breath, thinking I'm dying, before my vision starts to get hazy around the edges. Before the darkness can fully consume me, I see him standing in front me. I think he's God for a second because of how breathtakingly beautiful he is but I know that face. I've spent hours memorizing it. I reach out for him and he let's out a broken sob.

"Edward," I say; my voice is thick. With blood and tears.

"I've got you, baby. I've got you. You're safe." He promises me and I don't feel scared anymore.

I'm where I need to be.