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The clouds were a bit dark this afternoon even a light drizzle was falling from the sky turning the day into a gloomy mood well it sure was for a certain teen hero.

Some might say that going to the Prom of your HighSchool can make any person excited. Well anyone except a certain someone sitting on the entry of a worn out treehouse.

He was wearing a Red Jersey shirt,baggy pants and a pair of sports shoes. He had Blonde hair, brown eyes and a few freckles on his cheeks.

If one were to think they would say that not having a date for the Prom Night could make anyone feel sad or depressed but he wasn't sad about that no no no well...maybe but thats not the point here.

His Best Friend since Pre K was ignoring him, not just talking to him but in a overall way. She's been ignoring his existence as if it were a horrible memory, its just there but you actively try to erase it.

"Tch ever since pretty boy came to school she's been going all gaga over him" Yes he was being ignored because she has a new boyfriend. Every moment he was able to talk to her all he could hear was.

"Oh Erick is so great he took me to the movie and we had a great time""We went to Sky Blue for dinner, he was such a gentleman"Scowling a bit Ron couldn't help but think how fast it was for Kim to forget their Friendship. A Friendship mind you thats lasted for 12 years, Holy Naco that's along time.

Well Kim has her faults he knows this but it's just so wierd for her to just drop thi- nevermind a memory came from his time in both freshman and sophomore year.

"Dammit Ron you should have known already" Ron couldn't help but think a few weeks back when Eric wasn't here. Those words that she said made something change in him.

"There's still Fireworks"When the whole sitch with the Emotion thing a ma jig came Ron wasn't sure what to think of her.

She was pretty much flaunting herself on him. Making him start to doubt on their status, because lots of people have said that they could be great together. But he just never thought about before, of course until the problem was solved and a few thoughts later were enough for him to realize something.

"I like Kim Possible "

Yes he the lowest of the low started to have to like his best friend in a way thats more than friends. Sure they spent all this time with each other and there was nothing on that level just friendship.

But after the whole thing was solved and a few days of thinking later this one idea was just there. Maybe it wouldn't be bad if they became something more, it wouldn't hurt ?

The next days of class Ron started to flirt abit with her, touch her or hug her more than usual and the worst thing of all was that she was responding to him.

She flirted back whenever they touched him more without him actually getting close to her, even a few pecks to the cheek more than usual.

So what's the problem ? Well the day Eric came was the day he felt man enough to ask Kim out. But of course another unfortunate and unexpected event came to his life and just out to fuck him.

That day he knew that he could never be her man, but at least he could still be her friend right ?

Sigh "Keep telling yourself that Stoppable, just cause i say it doesn't mean it'll happen"Stopping his internal monologue Ron couldn't help but look at the afternoon's sky with a tired gaze.

Maybe he was destined to be alone... nah don't think like that.

It'll just hurt more.


Currently putting a Black Silk Tie on him Ron was getting ready for the night.

Having already showered and brushed his teeth Ron was putting on the clothes he'll use for the night.

I white button up shirt was underneath his red tux with a black tie and the notch lapel was black while wearing black pants and pair of black shoes.

Looking at the mirror he starts fixing his hair abit with the brush and starts to put himself a bit of cologne and secured his digital watch on his wrist.

"So Rufus what do you think "

Turning around to face his bed there was a naked pink mole rat standing there with a paw on his chin.

"Hmmm"Tapping his chin a bit Rufus raises his hand to give a thumbs up to his human showing his approval.

"Thanks Buddy it's good to know that you at least like it" Pulling out a bag from behind him he gives it to his friend.

Smelling the Deliciousness that in the bag Rufus start to jump up reaching it and starts tearing the bag for his prize and find a big piece of cheese.

"CHEESE" with a scream of delight Rufus starts to savagely eat his cheese while Ron started to chuckle at his friends antics.

"Alright Rufus behave while i go to the dance, okay " lifting a thumb up Rufus continues his previous endeavor of eating the cheese.

Grabbing his wallet and car keys Ron leaves the Room while heading towards the garage.

Opening the doors to his garage he walks towards his car. His parents bought him two weeks ago as a gift for him. Well more like a gift so that he won't be pissed off because they'll be gone for the rest of this year and the next. They emancipated him so that he could be able to live on his own while his parents went to live in California.

Funny thing here the reason why he couldn't touch his royalty checks were because he was a minor and his parents had to manage them. Once they found out they closed him access of the account telling him that he'll waste it all.

"Ha Telling me not to spend money when they started to spend millions once they had it" The only thing he was thankful of was his parents stupidity if it weren't for it they would have remembered that making him an adult legally gave him complete control of his account.

"I wonder when they'll figure out that they don't have access to it anymore"chuckling a bit at thier misfortune Ron opens up the garage doors with the remote and goes inside his 1969 Ford Mustang with Black painting and Silver stripes.

Turning on the engine Ron leaves the garage while the door close behind him.

Going towards the road and starts his way towards the school where the prom was going to be.

"I wonder if something interesting will happen tonight"


Standing outside a white house was a Blonde haired girl wearing a one piece white dress while wearing a pair of high heels. She was currently looking at her phone with an irritated look.

"Ugh Great how am i going to go to the prom now" sending a message to her supposed date asking when he's going to be here. A chirp came from the phone looking down at it she starts to groan in disappointment.

Walking down the side walk towards the direction of the school Tara couldn't help but be annoyed how Josh just dumped her for the night.

Now she wasn't like her friend Bonnie making snarky comments and insults to everyone but when your date dumps you and perfers to go to an art convention instead of going to the dance with you, a few specifics thoughts were going on her head about the light headed artist.

Walking down the side walk with her bag in hand Tara couldn't help but start to think that going to the dance alone and without a vehicle could be very dangerous.

Walking down for a few minutes Tara see a pair of guys walking behind her a couple of meters away from her.

"Please oh please everything will go okay please pleasee"starting to get worried Tara walks abit faster making her steps sound louder.

Taking a quick look behind her Tara see a Black car getting close to her until it was right beside her. Seeing the doors window go down she hears someone call her name.

"Hey Tara, you going to the Prom ? " hearing the question Tara seems to lighten up.

"Yeah I'm going there right now, can you give me ride?"

"Sure come on in" seeing the door open Tara hops in and quickly closes the door.

Feeling the car moving Tara looks at the driver and is surprised.

"So Tara how's it going"

Ron Stoppable was the one giving her a ride.

"Oh thank goodness its him"

Looking at him she couldn't help but see how good he looked with the new look.

"Tara are you okay"hearing worry in his tone Tara couldn't help but blush.

"Get a hold of yourself girl you know he wants Kim" she thought sadly

"Yeah I'm okay Ron thanks for taking me to the school" Seeing her smile made Ron feel abit better when a sudden thought came.

"So Tara, heard you were going to the dance with Josh, do you think he'll be okay if I'm the one taking you there" Tara hearing Ron ask her about Josh couldn't help but sigh.

"Ohh no he actually dumped me tonight, he pretty much told that he prefers looking at art instead of dancing with me" Looking at Tara with small frown he replys.

"Well ain't he a douche,leaving a cute girl like you behind just for a painting. Is pretty stupid for a guy like him" Blushing a bit at Ron's compliment, maybe she should have gone with him.

"So Ron how about you, do you have a date for the dance? "Clenching abit the leather seats hoping that he says no.

"Umm actually no i don't have a date, every girl i asked told me no or just laughed at me" hearing this Tara couldn't help but feel abit sad for Ron.

"Oh umm sorry for asking you then"

"If you asked me i would have gone with you Ronnie" "Nah don't be Tara it's not the Ron-Mans first time dealing with the N-word. I'm pretty much used to it" finishing this there was a comfortable silince going troughout the car.

"Come on Tara you can do this, just ask him" "Um Ron can i ask you something" stopping infront of a red light Ron turn to lool at her with a soft smile.

"Sure Tara what do you have in mind"Twirling a lock of her hair abit Tara said.

"Do you wanna go to the dance with me"Hearing this Ron couldn't help but be surprised at her statement.

Smilling a bit Ron replied.

"I'd love to go with you" Feeling happy Tara grabs Ron's arm and hug him.

Feeling Tara hug his side he couldn't help but blush at the sudden contact. Seeing the light turn green he continues on the road with Tara by his side, all while thinking how fast things changed.

"Maybe things will get better"with that in mind Ron continues down the road towards the school with Tara in tow.


Looking at herself in the mirror Kim couldn't help but admire herself. Her hair was now tied into a neat pony tail, a bit of make up on her lips and eyes made her look even better.

She's wearing a sky blue dress that hugs her hips firmly while not accentuating her below average chest (* snickers couldn't help myself) with a soft smile on her face.

"Tonight's going to be wonderful" she was so lucky that these few months were mission-less no with his dumb schemes, no Killigan, nor DNAmy with her crazy genetic mutated animals.

Just her and Eric.

Just thinking about him makes me smile. Still not believing how fast these 2 months were. From the several dates with him to the regular mornings of class Eric was just wonderful and sweet. Ever since Ron brought her Eric towards her life everything's been so great.

"Ron" Now she knows that she's been ignoring him ever since she and Eric started dating, but it's for a good reason.

Ever since moodinator was stuck on her, she didn't know what she felt for him. Was it just the device making her lust for him or did she really have buried feelings for him ? But her time with Eric was enough for Kim to decide, she didn't love Ron in a romantic way they're just best friends like they've always been. If it weren't for the fact that she hasn't even talked to him for about two weeks.

A sigh coming out of her Kim couldn't help but think that maybe Ron was angry at her, the last time they talked she pretty much blow him off without a second glance.

"I'll talk to him after the prom see if we can fix things and hang out after schools done" determined in making amends Kim starts thinking on how to fix thing up with Ron.

Ding Dong *

Well how about later Ron could wait a bit more, grabbing her purse she runs downstairs and towards the living room and sees her date talking with her father.

sigh " Hope daddy isnt threatening him, that'll just ruin the mood" a soft chuckle came from the two making her smile.

Seeing her dads approval just made Kim more sure on how right this relationship was going.

After talking to , Eric turns towards Kim.

"You ready for the night Kim" Does Eric look so handsome now or maybe it was the excitement of it being prom night.

With a smile she says something only a Possible will say.

"I'm ready for everything"


The school gym was very well decorated with the decorations being both stylish and up to date with the current fashion. A band was already on stage getting ready for the night, several tables and enough food and drinks for everyone that's going to come for the night.

Everything was going great except for the fact that the decoration crew ruined a banner spelling wrong a few words, no big deal right ?

"Are you stupid or is it that your just brain dead and just walking around like a retarded. Take it down and fix or i will do something about you" One of the assistants fearfully nods at the burnette that's currently screaming.

She was wearing a pair of slim fit jeans, a lime green shirt with a blue navy jacket with a pair of heels.

Instead of getting ready for the night, she was deemed a very important task around 3 weeks ago by .

Well important for him, she wouldn't give two-shits about helping with this year prom decoration crew.

All she wanted to do was relax go shopping for her dress, get ready on being the most beautiful girl of the prom and make everyone look how great she was, but no she to be here or suffer from losing points on her class.

A small huff escape her lips wondering why was life so cruel to the people who were good ?

Still it doesn't me it not going to be her night oh no, tonight is Bonnie Rockwaller night and she dares anybody to deny it. Last person that did lost his left nut and now has a to deal with singing soprano for the rest of his life.

Looking at her phone Bonnie couldn't help but feel bad for Tara, a few minutes ago she sent her text on how Josh Mankey just left her for an arts convention. Growling a bit Bonnie was already planning on ways to make the artist life miserable.

Maybe making him shit his pants in the middle of a crowd and recording it for the internet, no to passive she dumped Tara my best friend he deserves a lot more.


Feeling her phone vibrate she looks at it and sees a text from Tara saying that she's got a new date for the prom. Smiling a bit now that her friend wasn't going to be lonely for the night made her feel a bit better. With it weren't for the fact that Brick catched the Flu and can't even get off his bed with out spitting out mucus and coughing like a dog choking on bone.

Well that doesn't matter, she can get any guy from the school with the snap of her fingers. The Captain of the Basket Ball team is a good choice, but he's going out with Marcella.

Pondering a bit she smirks knowing that it doesn't matter she can take him away from her in any moment.

With a small smile Bonnie couldn't help but wonder who's going to be the man that's gonna be with her tonight.


Currently sitting down in a desk wearing a Mexican sombrero and poncho was a certain blue skinned mad doctor, wait should we call him doctor ? The guy literally just spends time making stupid inventions and world domination plan that in the end a pair of teenagers destroy and utterly beat him all while none of them even being trained professionals.

Did this guy really have a PhD ? Whatever moving on. Drakken was currently humming a small tune while humming a small tune. A pair of steel doors open up to reveal a green skinned, green haired and green dresses mercenary that wields cosmic flames powers... which are green.

Feeling the heat radiating from her hands made Drakken start to sweat, not wanting to feel the green villains flames he promptly shuts up and starts to look at some files.

"So Dr.D you sure this whole plan is gonna work" her hands no longer in flames she crosses her arm beneath her bust while looking at him.

"Of course they'll work Shego my plans are always flawless" Shego lifts her eyebrow unconvinced.

Seeing her assistants look made the blue mans attitude plummet to the ground from cocky to depressed.

"So please do tell how this plans going to work, you spent the rest of your money buying this stupid taco corporation and you haven't paid me in two weeks" she grabbed by his coat shaking him angrily.

"Now Now Shego calm down a bit or your going to breaks something" she drops back in his chair and looks at him for an explanation.

"I bought this entire corporation due to it not only being a place frequented by people but its also in every country and city of the world, due to this I'm able to distribute my newest invention the Diablo Toys" hearing her boss scream his invention name and lightning hitting the background did not amuse her, her hands resting on her hips she starts to groan annoyingly at her benefactor's antics.

"These toys have cybernetic cells inside them that change there mass and size. When their small there harmless but once i give off the signal through this headquarters tower all the Diablo toys will grow up to 7 meters tall and start wrecking havoc. The U.N. won't have option except for surrendering their countrys to me" Rubbing his hands menacingly while laughing like a lunatic.

Seeing this in front of made Shego start wondering why the fuck she started to work as a mercanery/villain. A memory of a group of multicolored heroes made her remember why.

"I'd prefer Drakken anytime of the day then deal with them" zooming back to Drakken she questions the one thing that could mess with their plan.

"So you sure that he's able to deal with Kim ? You know how she is once she finds out about the toys she"ll come here and start wrecking havoc and with her side kick on his side.

"Bah Shego that's the least of our worries she's with Syntodrone 901 one of my bests invention as of yet, she so smitten to him that can't even think properly without drooling" he once again starts to cackle at his planning.

"Even if she somehow finds out that's why he's there, Synthodrone 901 will make sure of her staying conscious or unconscious" Shego couldn't help but wonder how much time he was planning this, its probably the best plan he's ever made in these 3 years. Remembering a few thing Shego questions him about it.

"So why did you bring extra help, aren't i enough for this ? Besides Kim won't be able to come anyways" Seeing her assistants mood turn sour Drakken tries to explain before she beat it out of him.

"Now Shego even if Kim's chance of coming here are slim there's still a chance for that wretched organization to come knocking my door to interfere. Do remember i am going to attack every city in the world the U.N. will send G.J. to act immediately and try to stop me" Again Shego couldn't help but wonder when did her boss started to think with common sense satisfied Shego leaves the room while taking out her ipod and putting on her earphones.

"Hope Kim doesn't fall for that drone, i want to see her face once she realizes that she lost. Once that's over i'll maker her my personal slave" a dark chuckle escaped her lips.


Back at Middleton High the prom was going on full swing. Music was played couples were dancing, people were having a great time. Overall the Prom was a success and it was all thanks to the leadership and cruelty of a certain Queen Bee.

Bonnie was wearing a one piece dress that has a light shade of purple and her left side was shorter due to it going diagonally to her lower right.

Seeing everyone mingle around, she couldn't help but feel proud of herself all of this was cause of her and the help of those idiots but all they did was grunt work, she couldn't care less.

Taking a look around Bonnie searches for a guy that's suitable for her tastes.

"No. No. He's to Ugly. Horrible Clothes . Ugh not with that huge wart" Grumbling a bit Bonnie can't help but wonder where all the hunks of the school were. Her sights heading towards the entrance trying g to see if a single decent guy was coming.

Seeing a pair coming from the entrance she sees a certain red head come in with a hunk of a guy. Seeing them smile and talk to each other made her frown in annoyance, ever since the new guy Eric came she pretty much went straight towards Kim and they hooked up no talks, no observation just straight up connect off the bat.

Now Bonnie had her fair share of boyfriends her main guy being Brick but never in her life did she got together with a guy that she barely met, even if they were handsome or a hunk she at least made sure the guy wasn't some weirdo that would try to harm her. She couldn't help but suspect on the new guys intentions, but since it was with Kim she doesn't care that much.

Grabbing her self a cup of punch was pretty much the only thing she's done ever since the prom started 15 mins ago, well the nights still young.

Hearing a certain someone calling her out made her smile, Tara was always the one to be happy and bubbly all the time.

Turning around her eyes widen at the sight in front of her, no it wasn't Tara's looks she looked great her dress,make up and shoe wear were perfect for her looks and attitude.

No, it was the guy she was with Blonde hair, Chocolate brown eyes, a small easy going grin on his face while his outfit was just breathtaking for someone like him. He was slim but filled out the tux well showing of his broad shoulders, his biceps were very big she could see them even if the jacket was covering it and this mans confidence was just radiating like a sun.

"What is this ? " she felt her heart starting to beat faster, her stomach was churning lightly and a certain desire came in her.

"What's going on ? " her thought were in disarray she couldn't figure out what's happening to her, it scared her. She was Bonnie Rockwaller nothing scared her...

She couldn't follow up with those thought, this hunk in front of her just didn't let her think properly.

Taking a good luck to his face she saw a few small freckles on his cheeks, she almost screamed his name... almost but she would have hoped she did, the way he4 voice came out just embarrassed her.



Chatting with Tara was a refreshing experience for Ron it made him feel a lot more livelier... yeah livelier. His thoughts were no longer depressing or moody just calm and serene, hearing Tara talk about her time in cheer camp could make any jock snore in boredom but not him.

" I still couldn't believe how we won that years competition if it weren't for Bonnie's help" hearing her say the brunettes name made Ron worry a bit he knew how much she cares for Tara, hell if he didn't know Bonnie could be a sister to Tara in all seriousness.

But enough of that tonight was supposed to be special for the girl that's next to him and he will make it be perfect even if he had to bet his naco on it.

Tara talked with him a bit more until the schools parking lot came to view, he felt Tara's excitement radiate off her, she was practically vibrating in happiness.

Now some call him dumb and yes a lazy bum to,but that still doesn't means Ron's not aware of his surronding, he was a trained ninja mind that. He very well know what Tara feels for him, it was pretty easy he felt her eyes looking at him with love and care every time he was near her with him not looking at her.

Sure there's been other strange looks from several girls in the schools as well Monique looking at him a bit to intently at times, Amelia sending him short glances and most surprisingly a few looks from Bonnie and all of them had emotions that worried him.

Love,Want and Care.

Period that's all folks tis just makes me life complicates.

Why well, he doesn't know what to do all these girls were on top of the Food Chain and him he wasn't even in it. Plus the fact that all these thing were new to him, the only girl he ever went out with was Zita and it was just two dates. Well he really couldn't call them that but still what's his experience with women on a romantic level ? Lets calculate.



The only girl he was even romantically interested with was Kim and he sure as hell knows that Kim will never ever give him the time of day or night.

Maybe its just best he ignore these complicated feelings inside him. Yeah that's probably the best thing for now.

Parking his car he gets out and goes to open the passenger door and offers a gentle hand.

"Mi'lady " hearing the blonde giggle made him feel a lot better. Once she stepped out he closed the door and locked. Hooking his arm with hers they walk towards the gyms entrance.

"So Tara, you ready for a fun night" Tara turn to look at him with a large smile and responded with a tiny squeal.

"I'm so ready for tonight Ronnie" hearing her call him like that made him wonder a few thing.

"Ronnie huh"smiling a bit they walk towards the entrance hearing the music and people inside.

Once inside Ron couldn't help but look at how great the gym looked.

Seeing Ron look around made Tara smile.

"It looks great right Bonnie spent three weeks organizing all of this, i bet she's still pretty mad at being forced to this. But knowing her she'll also feel proud at her work"

"Yeah she should be, everything looks great. This years has got to have the best decoration yet" nodding feeling proud of her best friend Tara couldn't help but wonder where could she be.

"Hey Ronnie could i ask you a small favor" hearing her uncertainty made him wonder what could this favor imply.

"Sure Tara ask away" looking at him Tara said.

"Could we go search for Bonnie she usually worries a lot over me, so i want to see her before she starts to search for me" Ron smiles at her.

"No prob Tara the Ron Man can help and will do" he couldn't help but snort inside his mind on how he made a pun on the G.J.s agent.

A few seconds was all that's needed to find the Brunette once the Blonde spotted her she practically dragged him while calling out for her friend.


Hearing her name called she turned around and smiles at seeing Tara that didn't last until her smile faded once she saw him. His mind was already wondering what snarky comment Bonnie was going to throw at him, he didn't expect this.


Bonnie Rockwaller just stuttered out of all the thing he expected this wasn't one of them.

"Hi Bon-Bon how's it going" tonight sure was going to be interesting.


Everything was perfect they talked, they danced everyone was talking about how perfect they looked together, how great of a couple they were Kim couldn't help but feel great or spectacular or maybe both who knows.

After their dance Kim went towards the table to get a drink for herself and Eric that was until several students started to talk about how great a couple looked. Someone being better than her and Eric, Impossible she had to see this herself looking towards the direction several students were looking at she saw something that made her freeze.

Her Eyes started to widen, her hands grip on the cup started to increase almost breaking it and her teeth started to clench. Just a few feet in front of her was Tara and Ron !. No no No No no Ron's at home he said to her himself that he would stay at home playing video games.. right ?

Who cares if he's with another girl right, its none of her business. Looking at them from a good angle she could see that they had their arms looped with each other.


The Cup in her hand broke luckily she didn't serve herself some punch or her dress would have been ruined.

If one were to look closely her green eyes looked like a brighter and heavier shade of green.

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