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She couldn't help but smile after all her prom night just became the best night she's ever had. It didn't matter that her date Josh Mankey left her or the future nagging she going to get from Bonnie due to whom she's dancing with.

Actually she doesn't care about anyone except herself and the Blonde date of hers thats holding her hips. Sure he wasn't the most popular guy on school or the smartest nor the strongest. But there was something about him that she just couldn't resist.

Was it his caring attitude ? His goofy personality ? His Blonde hair ? His big yet adorable ears ? She just couldn't figure out what made her attracted to him.

When she received that text from the air headed artist she expected for her night to have been ruined because of him and his ways.

Yet Life sure has different ways to change its course. After all she didn't expect to have been taken to the schools dance with a different guy. Didn't expect for him to take her to dance floor and start moving through soft melody that was being played on the speakers.

No she didn't expect none of this, never in her her wildest dreams dis she ever thought that Ron Stoppable will take her to the Prom and spend the night with her.

She never did, but she was happy nonetheless,because in the end being happy and feeling great are the only two things she should be feeling know.


She didn't know what to say...hell she didn't know what to do. Just looking at the pair of blondes Kim couldn't help but wonder how this was possible. Josh asked Tara out to go to dance yet here she was without a Mankey but with a Stoppable and Ron told her that he wouldn't be coming due to him not having a date for the night,but yet again he's here with Tara of all the people.

Sure she knew that Tara has a crush on Ron and that she made sure that Ron never knew, but never she would have imagined that the two were gonna come here locked in each other arms.

She looked like a deer that was almost run over by a car yet with a face thats contorted with a molten rage waiting to lash out on the surface and to the surrounding spectators.

Feeling a hand on her shoulder she turns around and sees the concerned face of her date Erick.

"Hey Kim, are you feeling alright ? You were standing there with a broken cup in your hand."hearing this she looks at her left hand and there indeed was a cup that was being crushed by her grip.

Erick's hand took the cup away from her hand which didn't help on her nerves at all, now she didn't have anything to help control her anger.

Feeling a pair of hands on her shoulders currently moving around them with a soothing touch she turn her head a bit and smiles.

Eric was looking at her with a caring gaze all while holding her close to him having Kim's back on his chest and her soft red hair touching his chiseled chin.

Knowing how Eric cares for her, made her feel alot more calm even with Ron lying to her.

"So Kim should i be worried ?" Kim looks at Eric with a raised brow obviously not knowing what he meant.

"Worried about what Eric"

"Well i did see what happened Kim and i'm worried,you just got so mad that you seemed like hitting someone" Hearing this Kim couldn't help but blush a bit in embarrassment.

"No it's nothing you shouldn't be worried about Eric, how about we enjoy the rest of the the two of us"

"I couldn't agree more"having heard this Kim couldn't help but smile brightly, after all tonight was her night.

After a few minutes Eric excused himself from their dancing, saying that he had to head towards the restroom.

Heading towards the restroom Eric quickened his pace and went inside while locking the door behind him.

Checking each stall in precaution of there being someone, once finished he pulled his left sleeve back and touched the side of a very futuristic and technological watch.

Waiting for a few seconds with the watch beeping a small compartment opened and let out a blue hologram.

With an irritated look a blue skinned man with a scar in eye and a blue lab coat was looking at Eric with annoyance.

"What is it 901, can't you see i'm busy initiating the world dominating plan of mine that will grant me world control" replying to his creator with an apology Eric continues with his report.

" I've successfully made Kim Possible trust me, currently she's smitten to me and doesn't suspect anything related to your plans" Drakken start to laugh having heard this.

"Perfect 901, just what i expected from my greatest creation" Eric let out a smirk feeling proud from the compliment.

"How about the communications jammer is it working properly ?"

"Yes sir, none of the communications work properly in a 2 km radius from the school"

"Excellent work 901,report back to me if anything interesting happens there" before Drakken turned of the transmission he was interrupted by Eric.

"Ron Stoppable is also attending the Prom, so you shouldn't worry about him"Drakken looks at Eric with a confused look and a finger on his chin.

"Why should i worry about some Stoopbabble" hearing this Eric couldn't help but think how such a self proclaimed genius can be so oblivious.

"Yes sir Ron Stoppable, Kim Possible's sidekick" Drakken's eyes widen in realization.

"Oh the Buffoon right,dont worry about him just focus you attention on Possible that's all" having finished his report he turns off the transmission and fixes his clothes and hair after all he can't keep Kim oblivious to her surroundings if he doesn't have his good looks.


Drakken's Lair

Drakken couldn't help but cackle in glee while rubbing his hands in a villain like way...pretty much stupidly.

All was going as planned Kim Possible was distracted by his boy toy, the Diablos are currently spread throughout the world just waiting for the signal to be launched and no-one knew of his plans. Everything was going so perfect that he just couldn't help but laugh at his success.

Walking into her Bosses office and hear the man laugh like a crazy loon made her look at Drakken with a annoyance. After all its not like the guy has a good voice, it's all whiney and childish.

Setting her hands into flames made the blue doctor jump in fear at being burned with them,which promptly made him shut the Doctor was paying attention to her she continued her previous intentions.

"So Dr.D how long until you activate the toys, so that we can start the plan."hearing his side kick question made him scowl in annoyance,this was her reason for interrupting him ? How rude.

"Bah Shego dont worry about it, what's more important is if the line of defense is all ready ?"

"Yes,Killigan is near the entrance with his arsenal of explosive golf balls with DNAmy being there as well with her one mutant,still think you should have given her time to make another one"Shego's comment about his decision went past his ear.

"What about Monkey Fist and his Monkeys ?"out of the extras he was truly the most useful one.

"He's halfway from where your going to be once this whole thing starts."Shego still couldn't believe that Drakken brought an whole army for his defense.

"Excellent and the SynthoDrones ?"

"They'll five rooms away from you in case if anything manages to get through Monkey Fist" Yes Drakken truly has an entire Army for this plan and he'll make sure that nothing will stand on his way.

"Has 901, reported yet ?"

"Yes a matter of fact everything is going smoothly on his side of the plan,Kim Possible doesn't suspect a thing and is completely smitten to him"Shego couldn't help but shake her head in disbelief on how her rival could be so gullible.

Thinking about Kim she couldn't help but let a certain blonde sidekick enter her thoughts.

"What about Stoppable where is he at ?"hearing her ask about the sidekick made Drakken scoff.

"Don't worry about the buffoon Shego he's at the prom, besides it not like he could actually do something"hearing Drakken dismiss the blonde so easily even when Monkey Fist explained who he really was to him.

Not including the fact about that one time when she faced the blonde.

3 Months ago

Shego was leaning a against a wall in their HQ Hangar,waiting for Kim to appear. This HQ had pretty good security on contrast with their earlier ones, when the grid detected two signatures that weren't from the grunts.

Drakken calculated that from the direction they where heading they should be entering towards through the hangars ventilation system.

Hearing this she immediately ran here to confront them before Drakken was able to screw things again with his stupid ideas.

Hearing movement on one of the hangars ventilation shafts Shego smirked while lighting up her hands with her cosmic powers.

Jumping towards where she heard the noise she slashed the ventilation shaft rapidly turning parts of it into pieces while a body flew down with a bit if the wreckage.

Landing on the floor she turned to face the red head heroine only to see a blonde freckled sidekick rubbing his head while muttering something she couldn't quite hear.

Annoyed at seeing the sidekick and not her rival she yelled at him for answers.

"Hey idiot where the hell is princess at"hearing the green skinned villainess yell at him he responded before she got more violent.

"Um me and KP got separated a bit i dont know where she actually went"Shego groaned in annoyance now knowing she wouldn't be able to beat the red head to a at Ron she couldn't help but let out a cruel smirk.

Seeing the smirk that Shego sent to him didn't make him feel safe.

"Well since she not here it seems like im going to have fun with you"once she said this she leapt towards the downed blonde with her right fist covered with green flames aiming at his head.

Before she could get there the blonde quickly rolled over avoiding the flames from touching him.

Before he could start sighing in relief Shego continued with her attacks with slashing motions towards his chest.

The blonde stepped back and continued to avoid the flames while Shego started to get annoyed.

"What the fuck is going on ? How's he able to dodge me so easily" Getting angrier her attacks came at a faster speed while the blonde was being hard pressed on her certain increase in speed.

"Shit if this keeps up she might be able to cut me into mince meat and cook me before feeding me to the sharks!" hearing a growl come from her the flames got hotter and brighter while she started to aim at sensitive areas of his body like his neck and pelvis.

Knowing that if he didn't retaliate it could mean the end of him he went from defensive to offensive. Dodging one of her flaming fists he grabbed her forearm and twisted it enough for her to lose control of her arms muscle movement making the flames from her left hand disappear.

Seeing this Shego throws her right hook at his face,but before she could even reach halfway from him. Ron lifted his right leg and kicked her right shoulder sending her arm back bit not without slightly burning his right leg.

Before she could even realize what was going on Ron pulled her left arm closer to him and sent a right hook straight to her jaw making her fly back a bit, and fell to the ground.

Feeling the pain in her jaw made her get angry at the blonde for actually hurting her. Getting back up she ignored the pain on the lower right side of her face and lit up her hands in burning flames.

"You're so dead you idiot"looking at Shego's face Ron gulped in fear, he could feel the flames from over here.

She ran up to him and sent a frontal slash towards him aiming to rip off his head, before the flames reached he ducked under it.

"Holy Crap i think my hairs on fire, i dont want to be bald. I gotta do something !" suddenly he remembered that Wade gave to him and Kim, power dampening cuffs.

Falling to the floor he sent a kick towards her forearms and backflipped to safety away from the green flames.

Seeing the blonde get away from made her get even angrier at seeing her prey run away from her, she quickly ran up to him with the intention of ending this.

Before she could reach him Ron discreetly held the cuffs with one hand behind his back not wanting for the villainess to be aware of his plan.

"Okay, you got only one chance at taking her out dont screw this up or she'll kill you" Once that her hands were just two feet away from him he quickly slammed one the cuffs sides on her right hand making the flames go away.

Looking at the cuffs Shego couldn't help but widen her eyes in worry seeing that those were able to make her powers go away, not wanting to lose her other she tried to take her other hand away from.

Ron seeing that Shego realized what was going, pressed on with advantage and slammed the remaining side on her left hand, once the flames were gone Ron grabbed the small chain in the middle and hold both of her hands in the air.

Knowing that her hands were taken out of the equation, Shego sent her knee towards the blondes abdomen. Predicting this Ron used his feet to push her other leg outwards while using his remaining hand to push her chest making her falling to the floor and her knee harmlessly going beside him.

Shego looked at her predicament and couldn't help but feel incredibly angry and at the same time flustered.

The blonde's right hand was groping her right boob a bit hard while her hands were still being held strongly by his left hand,but the worst thing wasn't him touching her chest. No it was the fact that her two leg were at his sides while he was directly between with his own groin rubbing her lower regions while his face was inches away from her with a cocky smirk on him.

Seeing the way he beated her easily, the way he was able to restrain her and make her feel weak didn't help with her predicament at all. When did the idiot got so good at fighting ? How was he able to win without having received a single hit ? Is it me or does he look incredibly hot right now ?

Taking a good look at the blondes face his strong and warm eyes that excluded calmness, his hair bright as gold and his smirk excluding confidence and dominance. She felt a sudden wetness grow down below making her blush in embarrassment.

"You pervert" hearing her voice so timid and unlike her made him snap out of his adrenaline and started to realize the position they were in,blushing in embarrassment he started to lift himself up while also holding her in place.

She didn't know what got to her maybe it was the wavering adrenaline inside of her or the sudden warmth she felt inside what was it ? She didn't know but her body did before he could stand up and pull her up with, her legs grabbed him and pull him back to her intertwining themselves on his back.

"Hey let g-" before he could respond a pair of hungry lips smashed themselves on his. Shocked at what's happening his grip on the cuffs wavered, that was all she needed.

Before Ron could realize Shego pushed him back into the floor, now she was on top of him with her hands above his head.

His eyes widen in shock at feeling a tongue prod his lips he tried to retort but it seemed to grant Shego what she wanted.

With her tongue she explored the blonde's mouth and played with it ferociously, without even realizing it she started to grind her hips on him making her moan in ecstasy.

Ron having never experienced this, couldn't resist it and start to fight with her tongue on a raging battle.

Putting his hands on her hips he felt Shego press herself more onto him, his boner now pressing itself against her wide ass made Shego moan in excitement while Ron groaned in discomfort because of the restraining cloth.

Before things could get even more heated a sudden alarm caught their attention making them stop what they were doing with their eyes wide in shock on what just happened. Before Ron could do something Shego got up and started to run with the cuffs still on her knowing that in a few minutes the base was going to self destruct.

Seeing the villainess run Ron couldnt help but stare at her retreating figure just as confused as her on what just happened a few seconds ago.

Hearing a beeping sound come from his pocket he took out a Kimmunicator and saw Wade on the screen.

"Ron, Drakken activated the self destruct sequence on the base. Get out of there I'm sending transport" with a quick nod Ron ran out of the hanger in the direction that Shego headed towards. For some odd reason he couldn't help but remember the huge ass he just watch run away, huh weird

Present Time

Remembering what happened in the hangar with the blonde made Shego blush very well remembering the feeling that the idiot gave to her. Even with these thought on her mind she knew that the biggest threat of Team Possible wasn't the red head she was never able to beat her in a straight fight, but the actual threat was the blonde bufoon himself.

Maybe when everything's over she can make that idiot her personal slave. Yeah that didn't seem to be a bad idea, not at all.


Sitting on a chair with her legs crossed was one Bonnie Rockwaller with a cup in hand, after talking to the pair she went out and danced with a few guys which in the end she felt something inside her that made her want to end those little charades soon.

Unlucky for the guys though their dates decided to leave a big red mark on their faces ending the night for them, having seen this Bonnie couldn't help but feel a bit better because of that.

Taking a sip of her drink she managed to taste alcohol on her punch "Someone must have spiked the drinks"not caring that she could get drunk she continued to drink while thinking about a certain someone.

"What the hell did Stoppable do to become such a hunk ? Has he been taking steroids or something ?"thinking about the blonde made her remember the baggy clothes he always wear "That bastard has been hiding his physic the whole time ! What else is he hiding from everyone ?".

One thing was for sure she was going to find out what the blonde is hiding and make him her's, yeah that sounds like a great plan.

Turning her sights on Ron she sees him dancing with Tara the two of them seem happy. Speaking of Tara "What can i do to get her away from him ?" she cares for Tara like a sister but she knows that she won't be able to handle Ron.

Although Ron is in the bottom of the food chain at school and pretty much a loser, but outside of school she knows who he is a hero,a talented chef, a singer, a person with an ace in every subject you can think of and this guy is in the bottom of the chain ? No way impossible.

Tara sees him as a lovable goof ball but she knows that he's hiding something and she's going to make him confess everything even if it means making him hers by force.


Spinning the blond in place Ron couldn't help but laugh on how much fun their having. He didn't expect this at all, he thought that he was just going to hang out with a few guys and take a couple of drinks to relax. Not dancing with a beautiful girl that shines like a star.

Feeling her hands on his chest, Ron looks at her and couldn't help but be mesmerized by her look. Her bright sky blue eyes were shining through dim lighting, her hair radiant and perfect even with all the humidity in the air, her smile filled with happiness that seemed childlike in nature even with the light sheen of sweat on her didn't deter her natural looks.

Seeing her so happy made him feel great as if her entire purpose is to just inject boundless energy into everything near her and that smile was just infectious making him let out a grin of his own.

Tara wrapped her arms around him holding him a bit tight but not enough to cause discomfort, she seemed to get closer to him closer and closer by the second. While outside he looked calm and happy on the inside his mind was running a hundred miles per second. Was she going to kiss, should he kiss her ? Is is it just her getting a bit more comfortable ? Ron doesn't know but one was for sure.

She was closing her eyes and was just centimeters away from his lips. Moving his head slightly forward he felt her breath on his lips it smelled like a mix of fruits obviously from the punch.

Right before their lips could touch someone yelled out the blonde's name.


Grimacing Ron couldn't help but groan annoyed by the fact of them being interrupted. Taking a look at Tara he could see that she to was annoyed and anxious.

Muttering a quick apology at Tara, Ron let's go of her and turns around to look at Kim.

After all the time he's been here it surprised on how long it took for Kim to search for him, after all he did tell her that he wasn't going to be here.

Seeing her for the first time in the night Ron couldn't help but be surprised, she really did dress for the night. She looked rather good with that dress sky blue strapless dress.

Letting out his usual smile Ron talked to her for the first time in a month, yeah he told her he wasn't coming to the prom by text so its the first time they spoke this month.

"Hey KP, how's the night treating ya ?"looking at Ron, Kim couldn't help but notice how different he looks. His back wasn't hunched, He's wearing a tux that looks great at him yet she's still surprised after all Ron always told her that he would never dress up.

Quite honestly Ron looked good,scratch that he looked great. So why was that such a bad thing. Forcing a smile on her face she replied.

"Going well Ron and how's yours going ?"Being Kim friend for 12 years grants a few perks, like being able to tell when she's lying and forcing herself to do something.

Frowning, Ron couldn't help but be annoyed. They haven't talked in weeks and yet she still can't change that attitude of hers.

"What's wrong Kim, i know you long enough to be able tell when somethings bothering you" why can't he stop caring for her ? After all this conflict between them he just can't stop it.

Looking at Ron, surprised at his question she couldn't help but wonder what happened with them.

"Nothing Ron, its just I'm surprised you came" Hearing this Ron couldn't help but scowl.

"So that why you interrupted me and Tara ? Smooth KP real smooth."

Well being at home with Rufus is pretty much what i do every day. Just thought to switch things up you know."

"So what's up with you and Tara i thought she was coming with Josh, how did you two ended up with each other"maybe that wasn't the right way to ask it were Kim's thoughts.

"Now why would she want to know ?" he just couldn't understand why Kim was just bothering with this.

"Well i met with her on the way here, we chat for a bit she didn't had a date, i didn't have a date so we decided to come here together"

"Oh um that's great at least you were able to come and have fun you know ? " That came out pathetic you can do better than this.

"Yeah" turning around he looks around to see if Tara is nearby.

"Well i gotta go can't leave my date alone, right ? " snapping out of her stupor Kim said.

"Yeah your right i gotta go back with Erick, see you later ?"

"Yeah we'll catch up later" seeing the blonde leave made her sigh after all it was so uncomfortable. Were best friends we should be fine with each other right ?

Hearing a certain chuckle behind her, made a frown come to her face.

"What happen Kimmie is your boy toy ignoring you for someone else ? Don't feel sad about it though he can get better

girls than you anytime" hearing the brunette didn't help her with at all.

"And what the hell is that supposed to mean Bonnie were both friends." Are they still ?

Bonnie let out a laugh that just agitated the teen heroine more.

"You know what i mean Kim, don't ignore it" Why couldn't for once life be at her side and get rid of Bonnie for her, is that to hard to ask.

"No Bonnie i dont know what you mean, care to explain" hearing the red heads reply made Bonnie feel giddy.

"Oh but Kimmie you already know what i mean, weren't you chasing after him just to lock lips with him on the hallways ? Weren't you always grabbing him and grinding yourself on him hmmm Kimmie" Kim couldn't but blush a bit remembering how she acted with the blonde.

Getting closer to the red head Bonnie was just a few inches away from Kim's face.

"And now your dating another guy so suddenly dropping poor Ronnie on the sidewalk like a piece of trash" Kim's eyes started to narrow.

"Have you've been drinking Bonnie ?" her tone was serious. But hearing this Bonnie couldn't help but giggle. "Maybe a little so what you got a problem with it ? Miss Do it All" Growling she grabs her hand.

"Lets go were going to the principals office"before she could start pulling on the brunettes hand said hand suddenly wasn't in her grip.

"As if you tell the Principal and ill tell everyone that because of you the Prom was ruined" Kim crosses her arm and looks at her challengely.

"So how are you going to that huh Your the one drinking liquor" Bonnie looked at Kim as if she were stupid.

"The drinks were spiked Kimmie everyone is drinking it even you. Tell the principal and ill make sure you won't be able to show your face at school."With a sigh Kim dropped the issue knowing very well how Bonnie can be.

"Oh and dont worry about Ronnie he's going to be with someone that's better than you"

"Oh really and who would that be, Tara ?"

"Nope" turning her back on the red head she couldn't help but smile after all the red head is blowing a gasket right now.

"Besides I'm going to make him mine even if you dont want to Kim"


After the talking with Kim, Ron tried to find Tara so that they can enjoy the rest of the night, but life seemed to want to screw with him right now in the form of a military fanatic Steve Barkin.

"Stoppable"hearing the man yell his name just served to make him wish to have invisible. Cause come on wouldn't it be great ?

Turning around to face the man he lets out a very fake smile and replys with a cheery "Yes, what do you need ?"

Barkin walks up to him and looks at him intensely, whatever it is that the man wanted he wasn't going to like at all.

"Stoppable i need you to come with me to my office" to his office for what reason.

"Why did i do something wrong"this man is out to get me damm it. Ever since the first time we met he's just been a pain in my ass.

"I need you to go get the mop and clean a mess that happened near the stairs, people can slip on it and hurt themselves. The school can't have accidents happening to the students" looking at him in the eye he couldn't help but be pissed after all why does he have to clean someones shit.

"Actually I'm pretty occupied right now, so your going to have to find someone else for clean up duty"hearing this Barkin glared at the blonde.

"Oh really how about if i send you to the detention room and keep you there for the rest of the night." putting a hand on his shoulder making it clear that he wasn't joking around.

"This Motherfucker can go suck balls dammit trying to boss me around." a certain rage started to flow in him after all that talk with Kim really bothered him.

Grabbing the older mans hand he started to slowly crush it while looking at him with his now flaming blue eyes.

"I dont know Mr. Barkin should i clean it up" the look on the man face made him feel a chill of satisfaction after all he was looking at him with pure shakes his head in a negative manner in hopes of making the blond stop with the hand crushing.

Satisfied the blonde lets go, a gives out a smirk.

"See you later Mr.B, hope you enjoy the rest of the night." Seeing the blonde leave Barkin couldn't help but try to process what just happened. But one things for sure, this wasn't going to stay like this.

Having finished dealing with the pain in the ass Ron goes inside the Mens Room and lock the door behind, quickly checking every stall to make sure nobody was here.

Going towards the mirror he takes a look at his eyes and sees something that sent them alarm bells ringing.

Blue Glowing Eyes were staring right at him.

Growling in anger Ron couldn't help but berate himself at losing his cool. After all the warnings Master Sensei gave him about the Mystical Monkey Powers that was flowing in him.

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