Before you read: In this chapter, I wrote this when I was still fresh to the series. So, it is now obvious that Inko wouldn't refer to her son by that derogative (now term of endearment) word. Thanks and enjoy the series!

- BD and GOTA

The very moment Izuku Midoriya entered the world, Inko Midoriya knew that her Izuku would be her finest treasure. Snuggling and cuddling to her bundle of joy on the hospital bed, she made a vow that she always love and cherish him. Izuku loves his mother. The moment when he came into this world, an instant connection was born. Seeing the first glance of the woman who gave him life, he knew she would be a precious treasure.

All of his life, it has always been the two of them. He knew of his father, but he was never home for his work overseas. He always sent them money and gave them his best wishes. It didn't for the two for they were each other's finest treasures.

Inko was a happy woman. A hardworking housewife that did her best for her Inko. be as it was taking him to school, playing video games with him, and even dressing up as his favorite superhero, nothing was going to tear apart their bond. Izuku was a devoted son. Learning his abilities to cook through videos, he always made sweets for his mother. He did learn growing up that the key to a person's heart was with their stomach. She delighted herself with his finest delicacies, yet she often worried about her weight. Izuku told to never fret for "Izuku will always love you, Mommy. Rather big or small, short or tall. I will always love you." It always resulted in grabbing her bundle of joy, embedding him with kisses and hugs. She believed him, thus making him her finest treasure.

They were dubbed a couple. A Mother-son, if appropriate, for it has always been the two of them. They held hands as they ventured the town. They discussed what should they eat for dinner. Movies, politics, music, anything, they would get together and worked on a consensus. Nevertheless, Deku and Inko were going to agree with something for they wanted each other to approve. That was how much they cared for each other.

What completed, better yet sealed the deal of their atypical Mother-son relationship was the pair shared the same bed. Inko always told neighbors and friends that it was for Deku's nightmares or to be sure if he wasn't getting cold. Deku always said that was how Mommy showed her love and affection. Of course, he would get bullied, especially when Katsuki gave him reminders of its oddness. Whenever he came home, Inko snuggled him into her buxom, kissing him and telling him that people like Katsuki won't understand the affection between a mother and her son.

Deku believed it. He trusted his mother. Inko loved her son.

Even as they sleep, she prayed to her living God that no one would take her son for she belonged to him. He was her finest treasure.

Until that one day, what they thought what they did was a normal relationship. They never expected what happened next to change their dynamic forever.

Deku waved goodbye to Ochaka and Shouto as he headed to his house. He tried calling his mother before then to see if he wanted to cook dinner this evening, but didn't receive any answer. He wasn't that concerned. Knowing for his mother, she was probably taking a nap or got too caught up in her American soap opera that she didn't pick up the phone. Worst case scenario, they could order take-out.

He entered the home, taking his shoes off at the entrance. He allowed his feet to breathe before putting on his slippers. "Mom, I am home." He called into the household. He didn't receive an answer. He didn't think of it. She could have gone to the market to acquire some groceries. They were kind of running low on phone anyhow.

It was sound of something hitting the ground that caught his attention. Becoming alert, he knew the origin came from the living room. He left his bookbag at the entrance and made his way to the living room. As he approached, he began hearing sniffling noises. Deku blushed, releasing a slight smile. It's probably because somebody she liked dies or the person who people thought died mysteriously comes back to life. I didn't why she likes these sappy soap operas. Yet again, I am not a woman. I guess it takes being a Mother to understand. He decided not to disturb her. He was heading for his room until he heard a grunting noises from his mother. This time, he grew concerned. From his position, she sounded like he was in pain. Growing worried, he decided to head towards the living room.

As he peeked around the corner, his eyes widened for what he had seen.

It was laundry day and it was Inko's turn to the do their clothes. The mother and son worked on a chore wheel. Since it was the two of them, Izuku put up more of his weight to help his mother. However, this time, she disapproved that he forgot to sort out his clothes. She put down the basket on the bedroom floor to sort out his whites and colored. She shook her head as she separated them. As she sorted out, she saw an article of his underwear sticking out of his whites. She picked it up and her nose detected a scent she hasn't smelled in quite some time.

She eyed the fishy-scent boxers and smiled to acknowledge that her Izuku is finally growing up. She fixed her lips, thinking on how finally Izuku was getting wet dreams. She was growing concern for the teen was already fourteen and he had never come to her about masturbating or anything like that. Poor Izuku. He was probably ashamed to tell Mommy. Oh, sweetness, you know you can come to me with anything and everything.

The dampness and its' stickiness determined his potency. Beginning to become excited about his scent, she spread the boxers and welcomed it to her face. She embedded her nostrils into the bleachy fabric, licking any contents of her son.

It wasn't a secret that she hasn't received much action since her husband's departure. She often compensated through looking at porn whenever he wasn't around. However, the more she slept with him, the more she realized that her boy was no longer a boy. She knew a man was going to show soon, but she fought the temptation of sleeping with her son. She knew that her overprotection and their sharing bed were honestly an excuse to be with her son. She thought it wouldn't be any more than just that.

She started to feel warm between her legs. Feeling that she was becoming wet, she gently placed her hands in pants where her sex was located. She unbuttoned her pants and went into her hidden valley she called a vagina. The fluid she felt with her hand confirmed her arousal. She should have let go, but she didn't. She continued tilling her hidden valley. Her face submerged on his boxers as her panting and moaning continued. She continued to play with her pussy. Her nipples were becoming hard that she could feel them from her shirt. The friction that rubbed against her nipples only intensified the pleasure.

Images of her Deku flashed into her mind.

My finest treasure. My finest treasure. Izuku!

Needing a place to sit, she resumed to the living room. There, her session continued, thinking of nothing more than her son.

His eyes focused on the site that would forever change his mindset. His mother lied on the couch in all of her glory, naked. He heard the muffling sounds of her tilling her pussy. With one hand, she grabbed her breast, rubbing her areolas in circles, tugging them for pleasure. He saw how she thrust her hips with her hands in a slow, grinding motion. Never in his life had she made those sounds. That was not the mother he knew; the one who made him sandwiches for school; the one who took him and Shouto for ice cream every Sunday. At this time, the mask of a hardworking woman became unraveled and another woman, rather a beast, formed.

She profusely thrust her hands into her pussy, teasing her hole and teasing her clit. Izuku noticed that she was leaking fluid from her vagina. He thought that she peed herself, but the fluid was different. It looked very naughty he thought as he noticed that his penis was getting his attention. With every moan, the intensity of his penis was begging Izuku for its release from the confinement of his pants. However, his enabling of versatility was focused on his mother.

Her eyes rolled back as she thrust harder with her hands. She licked her lips in pleasure. Izuku suddenly started feeling left out. He started to feel weird as if he wished he could help her tend to her need. He became more jealous of her hands, as he wanted to aid her. She began panting louder, which caused him to stare more. She covered her mouth, so she wouldn't alert anyone. Unbeknownst to her, her only son had a front row seat to her private act. As she approached climax, she got on her knees and used her free hand to finger her anus. Izuku's eyes widened when he saw his mother was anointing her rosebud with her manicured fingers. She thrust and thrust without end. Finally, she climaxed. She quietly whimpered as she ebbed in the pleasure.

She wasn't alone.

Izuku muffled as he felt a foreign sensation coming from his penis. His penis throbbed until the feeling has subsided. He looked and saw the strange liquid coming through his pants. He placed his hand on it, feeling the foreign, sticky texture.

"So, this is semen," he quietly said to himself. "I didn't even touch it and I released."

He couldn't ponder on it any longer. He saw his mother standing up as she prepared to head towards his direction. He quickly ran to the front door. Giving his mother the impression that he just got home, he opened the door and then shut it loudly.

"I'm home, Mom," said Izuku nervously.

Inko peeked around the corner to see her pride and joy entering the home. She was wiping her hands with a towel as she came to embrace her son. She kissed him on the forehead. "How was school today," she said. She tried keeping her composure. She didn't have time to wash herself. She was fortunate that it was laundry day for the basket was beside her.

"School was you" Izuku brushed past his mother as he went to the refrigerator. He spoke to his mother. "We have a little leftover food from yesterday. I can add something to the pot and we can make leftovers."

She produced a fake smile. "Sure. Whatever you prefer." She backed away from Izuku. "I am going to the bathroom to take...well, I am going to use it."

He looked at her as he put stuff on the counter. "Do what you must." He, too, was nervous. Even how he was speaking to his mother was aberrant. As he prepared the leftovers, his mind reeled on what he saw from earlier. Small things that didn't matter to the green-haired child like how rounded his mother's butt was or how she had a nice stomach, despite being a bit obese. His mother has been working out recently, but nevertheless, seeing her body was swaying and then seeing her nakedness, it made him feel strange.

He stopped, realizing he almost cut himself with the knife. This is my mother I am thinking of. This isn't right. Maybe I was outside for too long. It is summer. Maybe it was the trick of the brain. I don't know. Let me take my mind off of it and prepare dinner for her. I mean she is my precious treasure.

To be continued….