A few months ago….

It began one day after school after Izuku was washing the erasers outside behind the gymnasium. He was alone, which suited him. He wasn't really in the mood for Eraser Wars with Kacchan and Kirishima. Fish dogs were on the menu tonight at home and the latest episode of Kamen Rider was on the air. Homework was to be attended, but just like any sixteen-year-old, it would be within the midnight hour or the twilight hours before sunrise.

Wiping the sweat and marker from his forehead, he saw as the sun crested onto the surface. The seasons were changing and the temperatures were cooling down. Halloween wasn't for a couple of weeks. Although it wasn't a significant holiday in Japan, he still marked it as a significance of the shifting seasons.

If he would have known back then of its representation, then he could have better ramifications.

"Oi! Midoriya!" Izuku dusted off his hands of eraser shavings onto his pants uniform when hearing his homeroom teacher calling his name. Leaning against the hallway entrance was Aizawa-sensei. Always tired-looking, nicotine-deprived, and always on the defense when needed, thought Izuku. He could tell by the residue on his shoulder that he was trying to abstain from smoking. Even as he glared at his tobacco-stained fingers, he was munching loudly on an apple. It wouldn't surprise Izuku if it were his girlfriend that was abstaining him from smoking. He wouldn't know, but word through the grapevine was circulating throughout campus that he and Emi, or known by her Pro Hero moniker, Ms. Joke was actually tying the knot.

He stood attentively to his sensei. "Yes, Aizawa-sensei?" The black-haired teacher returned his gaze. He remained crunching the apple loudly as if he wanted to alert others of his presence. Doubtedly, the remaining students should be heading out. It was typical Midoriya that was slowly moving when performing tasks.

"Relax! At ease! School's out and I don't expect you to carry pails of water today," replied Aizawa-sensei when he was spitting a pit of the apple to the ground. Quite surprised, thought Izuku. One would speculate that his nature would prevent the chance for the seed to grow. Better confined in the pit of his stomach than watching it prosper. Izuku couldn't help his feelings toward his teacher of six months. Merciless, bold, somewhat conniving, stern, and nevertheless, reasonably fair. A contradiction and hypocrisy, but what other way to describe others who are attending this school.

"It shouldn't surprise me that you are one of the remaining students here," said Aizawa-sensei calmly as he continued chewing on his apple. "You would make me think that you didn't want to go home."

"No, sir," retorted Izuku. "I just believed in being thorough with cleaning is all."

"Except where it counts," interjected Aizawa-sensei. "If you were more tactful in the field than worry about five-dollar erasers, you could be further ahead with your skills." He took another bite of his apple before spitting another seed to the ground. "No offense!"

A tingling feeling hit the pit of Izuku's spine. He was used to the insults jagged at him on his inability of properly using his quirk. However, quite surprised that Aizawa-sensei applied a backhanded apology. Still a bit defensive, but an apology nonetheless. "This is the part where you say, 'none taken, Aizawa-sensei,'" said Aizawa-sensei.

He swallowed the lump in his itchy throat. "None taken, Aizawa-sensei."

The black-haired Pro Hero Eraserhead released a smile. "Good. Actually that made me smile." Then, his smile faded. "Well, almost. Got to keep an appearance. Don't want you to think that I am some softie." He reached for his back pocket and retrieved a handkerchief. He used that to cover the remainder of the apple. "Remind me tomorrow at school to match you with Sato or Ojiro." He made a light grunt before placing the apple in his peacoat. He scratched under his beard before turning his sights onto Izuku. "Have you eaten, yet?"

Izuku looked around to see if there were other people. Momentarily, he felt that Aizawa-sensei was talking to him. Aizawa-sensei grew easily agitated as he snapped his fingers. "Oi! Oi! Midoriya," said Aizawa-sensei. "Last time I checked, I didn't see any special accommodations on record from Nezu or Recovery Girl. if you are in need of special accommodations, please let me know."

"No, sir," blurted Izuku.

"No, sir on the special accommodations, or no, sir on you haven't eaten anything," asked Aizawa-sensei as he crossed his legs. The black-haired teacher began sniggering as he took hard steps to the meek emerald-haired teen. "Learn to take a joke, Midoriya," said Aizawa-sensei as he slapped his back. "I know that Bakugo did some psychological trauma to you as a kid. However, I did read in a book that childhood trauma brings character." He lowered his head as he was rubbing his chin. "Or did I hear that from an Ed, Edd, n' Eddy episode." He clicked his tongue before shrugging his shoulders. "Matters not. I am going to assume it is a bit of both."

Izuku pursed his lip. "Well, no, sir I haven't eaten." He turned as he pointed at the hallway. "I was actually getting ready to head home. Mom is cooking tonight."

'Hmm! Good for your mother," replied Aizawa-sensei. "Let me put this in a sense that even you can understand. I am telling you that you're going to dinner with us."

"With us," questioned Izuku.

"Hmm, hmm," answered Aizawa-sensei. "Emi and I have reservations at this restaurant Downtown. Don't know, don't recall the place as I didn't make the reservations." He clicked his tongue. "Anyway, the cost of the restaurant is worth more than your parents salary."

"Aizawa-sensei, I am a bit offended," said Izuku.

"Trust me!" Aizawa-sensei planted his nose onto Izuku's shoulder. "I would be too if I knew that this UA uniform was purchased from a second-hand store." He coughed his mouth, regaining his composure. "Forgive me, Midoriya. That wasn't called for. It has been a week since my last cigarette. Emi is trying to make me quit, among a lot of other things. But, that isn't the point." Aizawa-sensei coughed once again to get back to the subject. "Today is Wednesday and the place has specials and discounts if you were to bring a kid." He pointed his finger at Izuku's chest. "And today that kid is you!"

"This is sort of last minute, sensei," said Izuku.

"Look! I didn't question Nezu or your Uncle Toshi about your admittance into this school, so don't question mine," replied Aizawa-sensei. "Wakarimasu ka?!"

Izuku lowered his head. "Wakarimasu ne!"

"Sugoi desu ne," interjected Aizawa-sensei. "Besides, I've phoned your mother earlier. I've explained that you are doing a supplementary assignment and you won't be expected to return until late." He reached into his pocket and pulled out his cell phone. "Your mother agreed and she made a virtual signature. Of course, I would have to bring you home after this. Another inconvenience, but I digressed." He covered his mouth. "You just don't know how hard it is without a cigarette." He put his finger into his mouth, assumingly to collect whatever remnants of nicotine that was left. "Let's make haste."

"What about the erasers," questioned Izuku.

"Ectoplasm-sensei can take over," answered Aizawa-sensei. "Plus that bastard owes me a hundred favors. You didn't hear it from me."

"Hear what, sensei?"

"I am liking this already. Let's go!" Aizawa-sensei took Izuku's hand as they were heading out toward the exit of the school. "Hey, kid! You wouldn't happen to have a pack of gum?"

"I have spearmint."

"I said gum, Midoriya! You know what, I take it," replied Aizawa-sensei. "Remind me on the way to stop by the pharmacy to purchase more nicotine gum." He slapped his forehead. "It's going to be one of those nights."

Back to the present….

Izuku popped a piece of spearmint gum as he stepped out of the apartment. A least desirable gum, but nevertheless, his favorite. Straightening out his corsage once again, he was trying to stay focused on tonight's plan.

"About time you've stepped out, baka!" Izuku didn't bat an eye when hearing one of Katsuki's many overused quips. Wearing a matching outfit, Katsuki felt funny wearing a tuxedo.

Izuku wasn't attending this wedding alone. Aizawa-sensei needed some men of honor to join the wedding ceremony. Izuku knew that there weren't many that would stand with his teacher, he would have to inquire for some assistance.

"You should be grateful that you are even invited to this wedding." Izuku's second-in-command Shouto spoke calmly as he slapped Katsuki's back. The white-and-redhead teen checked himself on his phone, assuring that he would look good for tonight's ceremony.

"Invited or uninvited," interjected Katsuki. "I crash weddings, not join." He flicked his collar. "Besides, my intent is to head to the fair maidens and have some little action after throwing the bouquet."

Shouto flicked Katsuki's forehead. "Amnesia, much?! Did you automatically forget what we're actually doing?"

Katsuki furrowed his eyebrows. "Flick my forehead again, baka, or else I will give you a matching eye burn to go alone with that attitude."

"Both of you, shut up!"

Shouto and Katsuki turned when hearing Izuku speak for the first time. Izuku wasn't in any mood for quips, clapbacks, or jokes. This wasn't a wedding of convenience. There was an important woman who was preparing to take her vows and he needed to get there to stop her from making a huge mistake.

"I know this bastard didn't tell me to…." It was cut off when Izuku grabbed Katsuki's arms. Izuku rushed Katsuki's body to the wall. His hands were gripped tightly at Katsuki. Izuku's face remained unmoved as he had Katsuki under his control. "Hardheadedness is an understatement, baka! When I say, shut up, it means you."

Katsuki was taken off-guard and momentarily became fearful. However, he wasn't going to alert Izuku of his momentary timidity.

"Calm down, Midoriya," said Shouto calmly. "We are on your side. Just let Sasuke's understudy go. He doesn't know any better."

"Sasuke's understudy," retorted Katsuki. "I know this Great Value Zuko isn't talking…" Katsuki paused when seeing Shouto release shards of ice from his hand. "Ok, ok!" He turned to Izuku. "Sorry, okay?! Sorry!"

Izuku sighed loudly before releasing Katsuki. Katsuki dropped to the ground. The blond cursed under his breath. "Finally grew some balls. Thought you would be a camel toe forever." He wiped the dust off his tuxedo. "This tuxedo is a rental. So, easy!"

Shouto calmly placed his hands onto Izuku's shoulder. "Calm down, Izuku. Don't let this disruption cloud your vision."

Izuku knew that Shouto was right. He extended his hand to pull Katsuki up. Katsuki reached for it and was helped up.

"The limo is going to be here at any moment," said Shouto. "Once we step into this limo, there is no turning back." He looked at his friend. "Are you sure that this is what you want to do?"

"Yeah, I do," answered Izuku. "If I don't do this, then I won't be able to see her again."

Shouto nodded in compliance. "Okay! Katsuki and I have your back."

Katsuki blew a raspberry. "Speak for yourself. You can fiddle with his ass. An opportunity to drink booze, flirt, and…." Izuku began producing sparks of electricity which surprised Bakugo. "Okay, okay! Then, I got his twelve and you got his six, damn!"

"Thank you," said Izuku. He looked over the corridor and saw the limo approaching the driveway. "Are you ready for this, guys?!"

"Yeah," answered Shouto.

"It isn't like I have a choice," replied Katsuki.

"Alright then," said Izuku.

"We are going to stop the wedding!"

Izuku! I am going to ask you a favor. Well, a bit tedious and quite off-centered.

What is it, Aizawa-sensei?

I want you to take my Emi out on a date.

Okay. Ms. Joke!?

Certainly! I can trust you. I want you to show her a good time. A good time. Even if you do what I think you will do.

Is it wise, Aizawa-sensei?

Izuku? Don't question my orders. Look to it as an assignment...for me.

Yes, sir!

Show her a good time! Be nice, be sweet, and if you have to get a bit frisky, have fun.

To be continued….