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Chapter Two

After rescuing Steven from Sirius, Vali said her goodbyes with Balto and Smaug before leaving. Steven spoke as they left the safety of Pallet town and entered route 1, "Do you know what kind of pokemon you want to catch first? The first gym is a rock type one."

"There aren't many pokemon that are strong against rock types," Vali told him, "My best bet is to try and find one of the rare Pikachu that live around here. If I can, I can teach it Iron tail just like I'm going to teach Smaug to use Metal claw. Once we get to Viridian City, I can go by the pond that's there and see if I can't catch a Poliwag. If I can catch both a Pikachu and Poliwag, I'll have pokemon that will help for the Cerulean gym,"

"Not a bad idea," Steven admitted as they walked, "It'll take us around three days to reach Viridian if we walk as long as possible, but we don't really need to do that,"

Vali nodded, "I want to catch a Pidgey as well. They're really quick and when Smaug evolves into his final evolution, he'll benefit from a teacher that knows how to fly."

Steven chuckled lightly, "You're really prepared, aren't you?"

Vali flushed lightly and rubbed the back of her neck, "I've learned that actually having a plan is better than just rushing in and planning on the fly. Though I'm probably better at planning things on the fly."

"It's a good plan regardless," Steven assured her, "I was thinking that we'd take it a bit easy on the first day both so you can catch any pokemon you find interesting and so we can get a bit of training done. At the very least, our teams should meet one another and I still need to introduce my team to Squirtle,"

"I'm fine that. It'll probably help me get used to traveling too," Vali said earning a nod, "So why Squirtle?"

"He has the best defense out of the three Kanto starters," Steven replied, "I'm a defensive fighter as it makes it easier to gauge my opponents though I can be offensive if I so desire,"

Vali nodded lightly seeing the benefits in that fighting style though it would only work if the pokemon were able to endure hits or avoid them. It fit steel type pokemon fairly well.

Vali ended up getting a chance to capture a Pidgey not long before they were going to stop for lunch. It was poking around the ground, but stopped when it noticed them. Rather than fly away, it chirped and Steven said, "Here's your chance."

"Right," Vali took out Smaug's pokeball and released him, "Smaug, we're going to be battling that Pidgey," The Charmander eyed the Pidgey before growling earning a shriek from the Pidgey, "Let's start off with Growl and Ember,"

Smaug growled loudly causing Pidgey to flinch a bit before spitting out a fire ball that Pidgey was quick to dodge. It took flight before lashing out with a tackle attack, "Smaug, dodge it and try to hit it with Ember as it goes by!"

Smaug barely managed to dodge Pidgey, but failed to hit the bird pokemon with his ember. Pidgey came back around with another tackle attack and Smaug was quick to dodge before finally managing to hit it with ember. Pidgey let out a shriek of pain as Vali quickly took a pokeball out of her backpack, but she didn't try to catch it yet. Pidgey flew towards with another tackle, but this time Smaug didn't manage to dodge it. He did hit Pidgey with another ember though which further weakened the flying type. Vali called out, "Next time it comes around, try to grab it when it tackles you and hit it with Ember again."

Smaug did as she asked and spat out an ember. Pidgey's shriek of pain died as it passed out and Vali sent a pokeball at it. The ball shook for a few moments before chiming. She walked over to the ball and bent down to pick it up. She smiled softly before turning to Smaug and pulling her Charmander into a hug, "Good job, Smaug. You got us a new teammate."

Smaug grinned at her looking smug despite how tired he seemed. Vali turned to Steven as she let go of Smaug and he said, "You two did a good job for a first time battle even if it was against a Pidgey. Nicely done, Smaug."

Smaug wagged his tail a bit showing how much the words pleased him.

After stopping for lunch, Vali released her new Pidgey and took care of its wounds along with Smaug's. The Pidgey was too exhausted to do more than allow Vali to fix it up. When she finished fixing Pidgey's injuries, Vali put away the potion she'd used and poured some pokemon food out for Pidgey, "Here, you could use some food after that battle," Pidgey eyed the food for a moments before hopping forward and starting to eat slowly, "My name is Vali, the Charmander that beat you is Smaug, and the Growlithe is Balto. I'm you're new trainer and they're your new teammates," The Pidgey eyed the two though it's eyes narrowed at Smaug showing that it remembered what pokemon had beaten it, "I'm not saying that you need to get along with them right away, but it would be nice if you could avoid causing trouble outside of practice battles," Pidgey seemed to think about it before nodding, "Good. Now," Vali took out her pokedex earning a curious look from the Pidgey, "This is a pokedex and I'm going to use it to scan you. It'll tell me a bit more about you."

Pidgey inclined it's head before focusing on eating the food in front of it. Vali scanned the Pidgey while it ate.

Pidgey, the tiny bird Pokémon. Pidgey has an extremely sharp sense of direction. It is capable of unerringly returning home to its nest, however far it may be removed from its familiar surroundings. It is docile and prefers to avoid conflict. If disturbed, however, it can ferociously strike back.

This Pidgey is female and has the ability Keen eye. This Pidgey knows the moves Tackle and Sand Attack.

"Not exactly a strong move set, but we're still close to Pallet," Vali said not feeling very surprised, "But that can be taken care of by training hard and getting experience," Vali looked at Pidgey, "Would you like a nickname?"

Pidgey thought about it before shaking her head earning a shrug from Vali. Not all of her pokemon would want nicknames and she was fine with that. Pidgey might want one later on which would probably be better as it would allow Vali to make a list of names that suited the bird. Steven smiled lightly before saying, "You should probably feed those two. From what I remember, young pokemon tend to eat more often than their older counter parts unless they're certain species."

"Right," Vali took the bag of generic pokemon food she'd gotten Pidgey's food from and poured some into a bowl for Balto before pouring a bit more than that it's Smaug's bowl since he'd battled today.

Steven released Squirtle before supplying the water type with food and water before taking out his lunch. Delia had packed a lunch for Vali which she took out of her bag. Steven spoke as they settled down to eat, "You did a fairly good job at battling Pidgey. Your strategy once Pidgey began to attack fairly good though I would advise trying a diffrent method as Smaug doesn't have the speed he would need against a fast pokemon like Pidgey."

Vali nodded lightly, "It makes the fact I'm planning on training Smaug to be faster alongside Balto even more important though I'm still going to focus on upping their power. Speed isn't worth it if they don't have any power behind them not to mention defense is an issue."

"What moves do they have?" Steven asked with a contemplative look.

Vali thought back to the moves Smaug and Balto had, "Smaug knows Growl, Scratch, Ember, and Dragon Pulse. I'm not too sure how strong Dragon Pulse is just yet. I doubt it's very strong if only because Smaug is still young and non-dragon types tend to have trouble using dragon type moves," Steven nodded while looking surprised at Smaug's egg move, "Balto knows Bite, Roar, Ember, Leer, Odor Sleuth, Helping hand, and Morning Sun."

"Morning Sun? Most would not expect a Growlithe to know it," Steven commented earning a smile from Vali, "It's a good move too if a bit inaccurate due to how much it relies on the weather. You should try to invest in the Sunny Day TM when you have the chance as it would give Balto more control over Morning Sun not to mention boost your fire types powers. It would also help if you end up with any grass types as well,"

Vali took out her dex and made a note of Steven's suggestion in the notes section, "He'll need all the help he can get until I can find him a fire stone. I won't evolve him until he's reached the limit of what he can do as a Growlithe. Once he does, I'll evolve him."

"Most trainers with Growlithe or any other pokemon that use evolutionary stones evolve their pokemon as soon as possible, they want their pokemon to be stronger sooner rather than later," Steven looked a bit annoyed by that and Vali couldn't blame him, "They only cripple their pokemon later on,"

Vali nodded as she continued to eat, "So how come you aren't letting out your other pokemon?"

"I will later when we stop for the night," Steven told her, "To be honest, they're probably still tired from the long trip here. We did a lot of battling on the boat over here,"

Vali didn't get a chance to catch a Pikachu on the first day of travel, but she didn't mind too much. She needed to get to know Pidgey better not to mention Balto and Smaug were fairly tired from all the walking they did together. Steven had suggested that both of them walk, or run in Balto's case, to increase their endurance. Pidgey flew a little bit, but stuck close to them. She didn't blame her since the Spearow were rather agitated lately. More than likely, some of them were on the verge of evolving which always led to problems. Depending on what happened, Professor Oak was either going to get involved or the league would send some trainers to deal with the Fearow.

When they finally stopped for the night and got their camp ready, Steven told her, "I'm going to release my pokemon. Try not to get too close until I introduce you."

Vali nodded having been warned multiple times since she got here that even if a pokemon is trained, it will not react well to strangers if they're too close to it upon it's release, "Of course."

"Come on out, my friends!" Steven call out as he released the six pokemon from the pokeballs hooked onto his waist.

The familiar forms of Skarmory and Squirtle appeared before being followed by four relatively new pokemon to her. She had seen them when she watched the Hoenn League conference, but it was the first time she was seeing them in person since Professor Oak didn't have any steel type pokemon in the corral. The first one was familiar if only due to the fact she'd toyed with the idea of catching one, a Metagross. The only difference between it and the ones she'd seen before was its lighter shade of turquoise. A regular Metagross had dark turquoise metal covering its body whereas this one had light turquoise telling her it was shiny.

The second was also fairly familiar most due to her high interest in its first evolutionary form: Aggron. The dragon like steel type was over 6 foot 11 and dented the ground a little when it appeared from its pokeball. Iron plates covered its entire body and was mostly a dark blackish-grey, the only places that weren't a dark blackish-grey were its sharp claws, a ring around its elbows and knees, and its head. Sharp horns were set just above its sky blue eyes.

The third and fourth weren't familiar to her. The first was a large levitating pokemon with several large pink eyes that created a ring around its head which were surrounded by wave wavy marks. Its body was dark brown body with two short legs. It has a protrusion on top of its head. Its eyes have a pattern of alternating between being open and closed. It also has cannon like arms separate from its body which were kept close to it.

The second was even odder than the first. It looked like a plant with eight dark-tipped, pink tentacles protruding from an opening on top of its head. Inside the pitch black opening are two glowing, yellow eyes. The remainder of its head is purple with yellow eye spots resembling targets. The head is connected to the body by means of a yellow stem. The body itself is purple and semi-spherical. Four stubby roots acted as its legs.

Steven spoke to the five pokemon older pokemon as Squirtle trotted over to where Vali was getting pokemon food out for her pokemon. She smiled and rubbed along the base of his neck earning a low gurgling sound from the water-type. Squirtle nuzzled into her touch and whined when she removed her hands. She waved him off and sent him back over to Steven since he needed to meet his new teammates. She took out some of the Oran berries she had stocked up on from Delia's garden and the small Pokemart in Pallet before squeezing the berries over the three bowls of food she prepared before mashing the remains of the berries into the food ensuring that it was thoroughly mixed in before setting the bowls in front of her pokemon. She jumped slightly when Steven commented, "I wasn't expecting you to do that."

"I figured that they'll all benefit from the boost the Oran berries will give them and it'll have an easier time being absorbed into their systems," Vali explained as she reached out to scratch behind Balto's ears, "I learned at Professor Oak's lab that while pokemon will eat the generic pokemon food, they will respond better to it if it has some berry juice soaked into it. As far as I'm aware, pokemon generally love Oran berries, so mixing some of them in after a long day of walking will make it easier on my pokemon especially since they're going to need the small boost later on,"

"You might have been better off just giving them each a berry and waiting until after they got some training in to feed them," Steven said earning a light flush from Vali, "Though I suppose they might need it after walking for most of the day,"

Smaug and Balto were starting to look a bit less tired the more they ate. Vali looked at Steven's team, "So who's who?"

"There's Metagross," Steven gestured to the shiny pokemon, "They're my first pokemon and my strongest," He gestured to the Aggron, "That's Aggron, I caught him when he was still a Aron. He's my second pokemon. Next is Skarmory, she's my fifth. Next is Claydol," He pointed to the first pokemon that she hadn't recognized, "I woke them up as a Baltoy and managed to catch them," He pointed to the last pokemon she hadn't recognized, "This is Lileep, he's a fossil pokemon from Hoenn,"

"A fossil pokemon?" Vali stared at the pokemon in shock, "I didn't know they'd advanced the research enough to bring them back,"

"Thanks to my father being CEO of the Devon Corporation, he managed to get me one with another one on the way if I raise Lileep well enough," Steven smiled as he patted Lileep lightly earning an odd gurgling-trill from the pokemon, "He's a grass/rock type,"

"And Claydol is some type of psychic type, right?" Vali asked earning a surprised nod, "I figured since...they?" Steven nodded lightly, "Has a presence to it that's similar to the Psychic types that Professor Oak sometimes has in the corral,"

"Ah. Claydol is also a ground type," Steven told her as the pokemon approached, "Everyone this is Valkyrie Potter though she prefers Vali,"

Each gave their own greetings and Vali smiled at them, "Hi everyone. My pokemon are the Charmander, the Growlithe, and the Pidgey. The Charmander's nickname is Smaug and the Growlithe's is Balto. I hope we can all get along while traveling together."

The elder pokemon eyed hers before either snorting and showing no reaction at all. The only one who really reacted was Lileep. The fossil pokemon waddled over before reaching out to touch her pokemon with his vines. Smaug growled and let out a burst of fire causing the grass/rock type to recoil from the lizard pokemon. Pidgey looked resigned while Balto wagged his tail with excitement and gleefully allowed the odd pokemon to touch it. Lileep let out that odd gurgling-trill again and Vali made note that it was probably a sound to show it's happiness.

As soon as her pokemon finished eating, Steven and her set their teams up to train. Smaug was set to sprinting along with Lileep to increase their speed. Pidgey was following Skarmory as the steel bird flew in quick circles over head. Balto was running through an obstacle course that Steven had Metagross, Aggron, and Claydol set up. Aggron started doing a similar sprinting exercise as Smaug and Lileep though he was slower than the two. Steven had Metagross and Claydol use their psychic powers to make the obstacles they created rotate to help fine tune their control. Steven and Vali were both observing the exercises while the elder trainer was discussing her teams move sets. Out of all her team, Smaug likely had the most power whereas Balto had the most control due to his age. Smaug was the slowest with Balto being the quickest which didn't surprise her. None of her pokemon had much of a defense which would be remedied as they got more experienced. Pidgey was the weakest of her pokemon both in move set and training due to the fact she was a wild pokemon whereas her other two had been raised by humans.

Steven commented, "You'll have to work hard with Pidgey. While Balto is at a disadvantage because his species has only one evolution, he has the benefit of being an older pokemon and closer to his prime than the other two. Pidgey is quite frankly a weak pokemon, but can become strong especially if you ensure she masters her moves."

"I'll have to work on getting all of them to master their current move set not to mention teach both Smaug and Balto Iron Tail," It was too useful a move to not teach it to them, "Not to mention, I'm going to teach Smaug Metal Claw,"

"We should see where they stand at the moment with their current move pools," Steven advised earning a nod, "After that, you should have Smaug focus on Metal Claw and Balto do the same with Iron tail. Once they both get it, you can have Balto teach Smaug Iron Tail though it shouldn't be too hard. Thankfully, the process to teach them isn't very hard. It just takes time,"

Vali took out her pokedex and brought up the page on Pidgey, "Gust is definitely something Pidgey needs to learn alongside Quick Attack. I'll eventually have to teach her Steel Wing. It's a shame Pidgey doesn't have too many defensive moves."

Steven nodded with a frown, "Pidgey are among the frailest bird pokemon alongside Taillow and Spearow. Thankfully, they're also among the fastest though the males tend to be slower since power is more important to them."

By the time her pokemon finished the exercises Steven hag given them, they were exhausted, but an Oran berry each gave them the energy to show off their attacks. Steven had guessed right when it came to Smaug having the most power with Balto having far more control. Pidgey was definitely the weakest, but the little bird was determined to catch up to her senior teammates and beat the one that had beaten her. Smaug's Dragon Pulse barely rated as more than a concussive blast of energy that barely even managed to get more than a foot away from him. The Charmander had growled at himself and tried again only to barely get any further. Balto used Helping Hand on Smaug both to show off his ability to use the move and to help his fellow teammate use the move.

It was interesting to see Helping Hand in action prompting her to ask, "Do you think Helping Hand will help them learn new moves?"

Steven thought about it before saying, "It would probably help once they get the basis of the move down. More than likely, it will take Smaug a long time to learn how to properly use Dragon Pulse unless you can find a dragon type to help him. Even then, it probably won't be easy."

It would probably be as hard as teaching a dragon type ice type moves. They could learn them, but it was hard for any dragon type to learn moves that they were naturally weak against. Vali wondered if meditation would help if only so Smaug could get a better feel of the dragon type energy. Vali took out her dex and continued to make notes as she called out, "Smaug, that's enough. Show us your Ember. Balto, you too."

The two immediately began peppering the stones that Steven had his Claydol set up with fire balls. Smaug's caused bigger burn marks, but Balto's were far more concentrated causing the burn marks to be fairly deep. Steven surprised her by asking, "What are you making notes on?"

"Ideas that I have while watching them train or when I talk to you, my thoughts on their current move set, plans for how to use their attacks in battle, and things like that," Vali hesitantly held out her pokedex and Steven looked them over, "I sometimes have trouble remembering my plans or keeping certain ideas in mind. Professor Oak suggested writing them down. I can think outside of the box pretty well, but my memory isn't the greatest sometimes. You wouldn't believe how hard it was to remember certain facts about history when I kept thinking about how to use the terrain the events were taking place on to my advantage,"

It was a problem that had happened back during her school years at Hogwarts. It wasn't that bad until she started playing Quidditch. Thankfully, she'd had Hermione to help her after the troll incident. Steven made a noise of surprise, "These calculations are fairly on point despite the fact they're just numbers on paper."

"I used to play a sport involving flying on a broom and chasing a something that was about the size of a walnut," Vali explained with a shrug as Steven handed her pokedex back to her, "It was gold and could fly really fast. Along with trying to catch it, I had to dodge other players, a pair of iron balls that would really hurt if they hit me, and help my team out while playing. We might not have won all of our matches, but we did fairly well. Also learning how to aim spells and where to aim them to get the best possible reaction also helped," It was a shame Arithmancy was focused on the magical properties of numbers and their use in spell creation otherwise she probably could have done better, "Professor Oak also had me..." Vali trailed off as she noticed him staring at her and flushed with a sheepish smile, "I'm babbling, aren't I?"

"Just a small amount," Steven smiled warmly at her, "It does make me more curious about your world. Though I suppose this is more subconscious thoughts than conscious ones,"

Vali thought about it before saying, "I think fifty-fifty would be a better assessment at least when it comes to wind resistance and things like that. When I'm in the air, it's kind of instinctive rather than conscious thought."

"It's still amazing," Steven told her, "I suppose talking strategy would probably be a good idea for both of us,"

"Sure, but lets save that for when we're either bored walking or resting," Vali told him, "Mental exhaustion isn't a good thing especially since we're not very close to any cities. We could make stupid decisions,"

And she had had her fair share of stupid decisions. Steven agreed though it looked like he wanted to protest.

It took Vali a little while to fall asleep even with Balto and Smaug curled up on a medium sized fireproof blanket beside her. Pidgey was resting on one of the nearby tree branches. Even if it had only been her first day of being on her pokemon journey, she could honestly say she was glad that she'd decided to go, but it was hard falling asleep. The ground was a bit too rough even with a sleeping bag between her and the hard ground. Something about the rustle of the tress, calls of nocturnal pokemon, and the stars shining above her just stopped her from falling asleep. Eventually she did, but it made her a bit cranky when Steven woke her up a bit after eight in the morning. He didn't seem surprised by her crankiness and only offered her some breakfast that he had made over the fire. She took the offered breakfast and was surprised to taste Oran berries. When she asked about it, he told her, "Until your body gets used to traveling and sleeping on rough ground, it will help if you eat Oran berries in the morning. While they don't work on us as well as they do pokemon, they'll help with the stiffness and aches."

She made a mental note to keep a healthy stock of Oran berries along with whatever berries her team liked. After eating, they cleaned up their camp and set off for their second day of traveling.

It wasn't until they were within sight of Viridian city that Vali got her chance to catch a Pikachu. The Pikachu was a fast sucker which made her glad that she'd chosen Balto to fight it. It managed to get in a fair few hits before Balto managed to Bite it. When it was weakened enough, Vali tossed the pokeball she'd prepared and managed to catch it. Balto brought the ball over to her looking happy with himself and Vali immediately fed him an Oran berry as a treat. Steven congratulated her, "A nice catch and Balto definitely did good. You're a quick study."

Vali smiled at him and thanked him before saying, "Shall we go and get our pokemon checked out?"

Steven nodded and they quickly made their way to Viridian city. Vali noted that while it was bigger than Pallet town, the city didn't have the pollution that London did. Considering the history of this world, she highly doubted any of the cities would be like that. Still, she could smell the pollution and it was not exactly a pleasant smell not to mention the noise/crowds would take awhile to get used to. They found the Pokemon Center fairly quickly and headed towards the Nurse Joy manning the counter. She smiled at them, "Hello and welcome to the Viridian City Pokemon Center. What can I do for you?"

"We need our pokemon checked out and two rooms for a week," Steven answered her with a smile, "My name is Steven Stone and the young lady with me is Valkyrie 'Vali' Potter,"

Nurse joy took out two trays and they set their pokeballs on them with Vali telling the healer, "The Pikachu is a new capture. I haven't had the time to talk to it since Balto, my Growlithe, won our battle with it."

"Thank you for the warning. I'll be extra careful of it," Nurse Joy beamed at them while handing the tray to her Chansey partner, "It shouldn't take long to get them healed up. I'll call your names up," She handed them two room keys, "Please enjoy your stay with us and come again,"

They thanked her before heading upstairs to their rooms. Vali found that they were right next to each other which was kind of nice. Vali told him, "I'm going to take a shower. Why don't we meet up in the Cafeteria? It's getting close to lunch time."

"Sure," Steven nodded, "I think I'll take a shower as well,"

Vali and Steven met up downstairs in the cafeteria. Both their teams had been checked out and were given a clean bill of health by the time they had both come downstairs, Vali had been told that Pidgey was malnourished, but it was something most wild pokemon had to deal with especially from Route 1. The Spearow were making it harder for the other pokemon to get the food they all required though it was worse this season than in the past few years. Nurse Joy had told Vali that with this newest documentation, the league would be sending a team out to lower the population. More than likely the Spearow would be brought to one of the areas that had a harsh drop in the population recently for whatever reason, Vali wasn't sure where. Once they'd gotten food, Vali released her team and let them eat their food while Steven only released Squirtle. As they began to eat, Steven explained, "Pokemon centers like this one have limits on how big of a pokemon you can release. Lileep and Squirtle are the only ones small enough for me to even think about releasing. I've only released Squirtle because Lileep would get a lot of attention that neither of us need at the moment."

"True," Vali didn't mind the food too much though she definitely preferred Delia's cooking, "So why a week?"

"You're probably feeling sore from the time we spent camping not to mention the exercising we did," Steven pointed out earning a nod and small shudder from Vali since Steven had put her to running along side her pokemon whenever they were training.

It would help her later on in her journey especially in the more perilous portions that she would be traveling through not to mention she would have a better bond with her pokemon if they saw her working as hard as they did. It brought back memories of the rather hellish training regiments Oliver had forced the Quidditch team into doing. She didn't mind the exercises now, but she definitely didn't like them while they had to travel for the day. At the very least, Steven had joined in so she wasn't suffering alone even if he made it look easy. Drinking some of her water, she swallowed the food she'd been chewing on before asking, "Are you going to try and catch another pokemon while we're here?"

"I will if one catches my eye, but I'll mostly be testing my pokemon's skills and working to get Squirtle and Lileep up to snuff," Steven answered as he rubbed Squirtle's head, "I might end up switching out two of my current team for another pair that need work, but I'll decide that later on. I assume you're going to go Poliwag hunting?"

"Yup," They had passed by the pond and she'd seen some Poliwag wandering around, "It'll be a challenge, but I think my pokemon can handle it," Vali's hand went to pokeball that contained the Pikachu that she hadn't met just yet, "I also need to meet my newest teammate,"

Steven nodded as he swallowed the food in his mouth, "I suppose that means we'll be splitting up. I want to check out the library they have here and read up on the Viridian Forest."

Once her team had finished eating, they headed to the pond. The Poliwag scattered when they arrived, but Vali ignored them for now as her pokemon settled down around her. She held up the pokeball containing their newest teammate, "Okay guys, you remember how Balto helped me catch a Pikachu, right?" They nodded with Balto looking proud of himself, "I'm going to let them out. Don't attack it and try to be nice. Of course, if it attacks, I want you guys to take it down so no one gets hurt, okay?"

They nodded with Pidgey looking a bit apprehensive. She smiled reassuringly at her first capture before letting out the electric type. Pikachu appeared looking a bit dazed before shaking itself and growling at the pokemon around it. Vali called out, "Pikachu," The Pikachu spun around and it's cheeks spark, "Based on your reaction, you remember me capturing you, right?" The Pikachu's eyes narrowed and it nodded, "That means I'm your trainer now. I'm not going to ask you to do anything drastic, but please listen for now. If you don't want to deal with me after I lay everything out, I'll release you no questions asked. Okay?" Pikachu seemed to think about it before nodding and settling down though it still looked a bit hostile, "My names Valkyrie Potter though I prefer Vali..."

She laid out everything on the Pikachu and made it clear that she would do her best to make it the strongest it could possibly become. She admitted that she wasn't sure what exactly she wanted to do, but her goal at the moment was to complete the gym challenge to get into the pokemon league. By the time she finished, Pikachu still looked a bit skeptic, but didn't immediately ask to be released. She held out her hand to Pikachu and the electric type slowly moved forward until she could touch it. Its eyes closed as she gently began to scratch behind its ears. Vali smiled at it before taking out her pokedex. The Pikachu looked at the pokedex with a frown, "This will just tell me how strong you are."

Vali took out the bowl of food she'd made for the Pikachu before she'd left and watched it eat for a moment before scanning it.

Pikachu, the Mouse Pokemon. Whenever Pikachu comes across something new, it blasts it with a jolt of electricity. If you come across a blackened berry, it's evidence that this Pokemon mistook the intensity of its charge. Its nature is to store up electricity. Forests where nests of Pikachu live are dangerous, since the trees are so often struck by lightning. While sleeping, it generates electricity in the sacs in its cheeks. If it's not getting enough sleep, it will be able to use only weak electricity. It raises its tail to check its surroundings. The tail is sometimes struck by lightning in this pose.

This Pikachu is male and has the ability Static. This Pikachu knows the moves Tail Whip, Thunder Shock, Growl, Play Nice, Quick Attack, Thunder Punch, and Electric Terrain.

Vali hummed at the move set, "You're a pretty powerful guy especially since you have two egg moves," Pikachu flicked his tail slightly as he finished eating, "Do you want a nickname? My Charmander and Growlithe have nicknames. Pidgey didn't want one."

Pikachu shook his head and curled up. Instead of being bothered by that, Vali leaned back against the tree that sat by the pond. Smaug walked over and followed Pikachu's example. Balto decided to wander by the pond and snap at the reeds as Pidgey settled in the tree above her. Instead of looking for a Poliwag like she'd originally planned, she decided to use the time to create a training plan for Pikachu. She would probably be better off training her current four pokemon and worry about getting more later once they'd all gotten to know one another. While a Poliwag would definitely make the first gym easier, she knew that with enough training, her current team could beat it. They would have to train hard though.

When she met up with Steven for dinner, he looked at her curiously, "Catch anything?"

"I decided not to," She said while releasing her team after setting out food for them all, "I need to get to know my current team better and I know that I can beat the first gym with them. We just need to train hard. I also scanned Pikachu and he's got a pretty strong move set,"

"So I guess you'll be using our time here to train them," Steven said as she began eating.

"I'm also going to see if I can battle a few of the other newer trainers," Vali really wanted to see what battling was like not to mention she could use more money especially if she wanted to get TM's when they finally made it to Celadon, "We'll need the experience for when we battle Brock,"

Steven inclined his head, "On our last day here, why don't we battle? While my older team members can beat you, it'll be good experience."

Vali thought about it before nodding liking the idea, "Sure!"

Vali's first battle was with a stocky boy with short black hair and a pair of square glasses. He fixed his glasses as he released a Rattata, "Rattata, we're in a battle."

Vali chose to release Pidgey, "Pidgey, we're battling that guy. I have faith in you," Pidgey trilled at her before focusing on the Rattata, "Let's start off with Sand Attack,"

Pidgey kicked up dust towards the mouse pokemon as it's trainer shouted, "Dodge it!"

Thankfully, Sand Attack's 100% accuracy kicked in and ensure that it couldn't dodge. Vali called out, "Tackle that Rattata while it's distracted!"

Pidgey's speed training kicked in and she managed to hit the Rattata as it was attempting to clean the debris that had hit its face. It squealed in surprise as it went rolling until it hit one of the nearby trees. It pushed itself onto its paws and growled at Pidgey in anger. Pidgey rushed towards it with another tackle only for the other trainer to shout, "Hit it with a Quick Attack when it gets close!"

"Pidgey dodge it!" Vali shouted and Pidgey quickly swerved to avoid the rat before it could land a hit, "Now Tackle it!"

Pidgey slammed into the rat earning another squeal. The battle continued like that until Pidgey managed to slam into the rat hard enough to send it flying into a tree. The Rattata couldn't handle anymore hits and slumped as it fell unconscious. Pidgey chirped and flew over to Vali. Vali congratulated the bird with a smile and fed her an Oran berry. The other trainer shook his head as he returned his fallen pokemon, "I have a long way to go with Rattata before I can even think of trying to battle again."

"Try teaching it Bite and increase its speed," Vali suggested as the other trainer handed her a small wad of cash, "Rattata and Raticate are pretty quick,"

"I might just do that," The other trainer smiled at her, "Thanks for the suggestion,"

"No problem," Vali told him before continuing to walk.

It was as she did so that she heard the sound of growling and shouting coming from one of the alleyways. Feeling curious, she walked towards the alleyway and found a shocking sight. A group of teenager were kicking at a grimy bundle of fur that was weakly growling at them. The bundle attempted to attack with what looked like a weak Shadow Ball only to be cut off by a kick to the head that sent it sprawling. Anger coursed through her veins as she shouted, "What the hell do you think you're doing?!"

"It's none of your business," A sleazy boy that reminded her of her cousin smirked as he sent another kick at the bundle, "Just run along,"

"Attacking a pokemon that's clearly not able to defend itself is definitely my business," Vali growled as Pidgey made a hissing sound.

"It's my goddamn pokemon, so I can do anything I want with it," The boy's eyes went to Pidgey, "Trying to be a trainer little girl? Don't make me laugh,"

Vali released her pokemon earning wide eyed looks, "Do you really want to test me?"

The boy snorted and took out a pokeball, "I didn't even want the weakling anyway."

He crushed the ball and walked away, "Let's go guys."

They took off and Vali made her way over to the bundle. She felt sick at the sight of blood and was tempting to send her pokemon after the teenagers. Instead, she took out one of her empty pokeballs knowing that it probably wouldn't make it to Nurse Joy. The bundle snarled at her and she could see hazy amber eyes glaring at her, "Easy, Little One. I'm not going to hurt you," It snarled at her and attempting to charge a Shadow Ball only for the attack to fade away as shivers racked its body, "I just want to help you. Please, I just want to take you to Nurse Joy. She'll heal you," It's snarls and growls weakened as its eyes began to flutter, "I promise you that I won't hurt you," Her pokemon began speaking to the trembling bundle that began to hack up blood, "Please."

The bundle's growls cut off as it fell unconscious and Vali caught the injured pokemon. She would release it after Nurse Joy healed it. She returned everyone save for Balto and Pidgey before racing off towards the pokemon center.

Vali hugged Balto to her chest wondering just why people like those teenagers existed. She jolted as a cup was held out to her and looked up to see Steven. He smiled weakly at her, "I figured you could use this."

"When did you get here?" Vali asked taking the mug and sniffing it only to be met by the rich smell of coffee.

"Thirty minutes ago," Steven answered earning a surprised look, "Nurse Joy told me about what happened and I can honestly say I'm proud of how you acted. You did save a pokemon's life after all,"

"We won't know that until Nurse Joy's finished," Vali's stomach rolled at the thought of the pokemon she had rescued dying.

"Still you gave it a chance," Steven sat down next to her causing Pikachu to sniff at him before deciding to follow Smaug's example and ignore the other trainer, "What are you going to do if it survives?"

"Officer Jenny told me that she'd be taking it as evidence and would probably send it to Professor Oak to be rehabilitated," Vali answered hugging Balto a bit tighter causing the Growlithe to whine and lick her chin, "Why do people like those teenagers have to exist?"

"I don't know," Steven sighed softly, "I honestly don't know," Vali noticed the grimace on his face and wondered if he'd dealt with people like that before, "Have you called home yet?"

"No. I probably should," Vali didn't get up and Steven seemed to understand.

He reached out to pat unoccupied shoulder, "I'm going to call the Professor and then call home. Do you want me to tell him?" Vali nodded knowing that she would have a hard time getting the words out, "Then I will. I'll be back after I'm done."

Vali ended up staying up all night waiting for news about the pokemon before Nurse Joy finished. The Nurse walked over to Vali as the witch put down Balto and stood up causing her pokemon to all wake up, "Nurse Joy, how is it?"

"Eevee will recover, but it will take a few months for him to physically recover," Nurse Joy answered making Vali feel relieved if a bit shocked to hear that the teenagers had been abusing an Eevee, "Mentally, I'm not sure. Would you like to go in and check on him?"

"Please," Vali said earning a smile.

Nurse Joy showed her to where the bandage covered Eevee was sleeping. The nurse set a hand on Vali's shoulder, "I'll be back in thirty minutes to come get you."

"Of course," Vali smiled at the nurse and went over to the bed with her pokemon following.

"You did a good thing, Miss Potter," Nurse Joy said before disappearing through the door and closing it behind her with a soft click.

Vali sat down in the provided chair and looked at the heavily bandaged Eevee feeling anger run through her. Every member of her team looked at the Eevee with uncertain and sad eyes. Vali spoke as she carefully reached out to stroke the uncovered ear of the Eevee as gently as possible, "I know that some of you probably knows this already, but some humans are the worst. The ones that hurt Eevee are among them. I've dealt with them almost all my life before I came to this world. Three of them were my own blood kin, but I don't consider them kin anymore," The hot sting of tears welling up in her eyes was ignored as she focused on Eevee, "I never want any of you to deal with people like that. We have to get strong enough so that way we can keep people like them from hurting us. We can't let pokemon like Eevee suffer when we can stop it," Her pokemon were silent, but Vali could tell they were thinking about her words, "Eevee, I doubt that you even care if you're listening, but I promise the people that did this to you won't get a chance to do it again. Not all humans are like them," Vali began feeling sleepy, "I'm so sorry that you were hurt by them even if my apologies don't do much."

Steven followed Nurse Joy into the room that she'd left Vali and paused feeling his lips quirk into a smile. Vali was fast asleep with her head pillowed on her arms and her face facing the injured Eevee. Scattered around Vali and the Eevee were Vali's pokemon team, they seemed to be holding a vigil and guarding the two that were sleeping. Steven walked over to Vali and carefully picked up the younger trainer. She let out a soft murmur, "Eevee..."

Steven looked at her pokemon and they made their way over to him though Pikachu was looking at him with unease. Steven made his way out of the room and Nurse Joy told him, "Make sure Miss Potter knows that Eevee will be held within the center until Officer Jenny has finished booking those boys and investigating them."

"I will," Steven told her before heading up to Vali's room.

He carefully let himself in using her key before opening the door and moving over to the barely slept in bed. Balto pulled the back the covers earning a smile from him before he placed Vali onto the bed. She immediately curled up on her side and Steven covered her with the blanket. He turned to leave only for Vali to grab the sleeve of his suit. He looked back at her to see hazy emerald green eyes staring at him, "Eevee?"

"He'll be fine, Vali," Steven told her, "I'll watch over him,"

"M'kay," Vali released his sleeve and her pokemon began curling up around her though Smaug ended up laying on top of a fire-proof blanket.

Steven left her and shut the door after him as Metagross spoke through their link, "Master Steven, why did you not ask us to assist you?"

'Sometimes it's better to do things by myself,' He replied as he walked back downstairs and got food for himself, 'I can't have you do everything for me,'

"Friend Vali is an odd one," Metagross commented as Steven grabbed his food and moved to a table to eat.

'But she's also a good person,' Steven replied earning the equivalent of a shrug, 'Can you monitor Eevee? I want to keep my promise to Vali,'

"Of course, do you also want me to inform you when Friend Vali awakens?" Metagross asked earning a mental equivalent of a nod from him, "Then I shall,"

When Vali woke up, she was confused to find herself within her room at the pokemon center. The last thing she remembered was falling asleep watching over Eevee. She pushed herself into a sitting position feeling exhausted. A soft bark sounded from next to her and she looked to the side to find Balto staring at her. The rest of her pokemon made themselves known and she asked, "How did we all get here?"

"Master Steven brought you back to your room four hours ago," An unfamiliar voice sounded causing her to jerk slightly in alarm, "Do not be alarmed, we are the Metagross on Master Steven's team,"

'Oh, sorry,' Vali wasn't used to any psychics save for Professor Oak's Alakazam contacting her via telepathy, 'Where is he?'

"He is currently battling a trainer with the blue turtle," Metagross answered as Vali slowly got up and began to stretch, "The injured fox, Eevee we believe he's called, is currently unconscious though his brain waves show he will regain it within the next few hours. Master Steven wishes for us to inform you that Eevee will be staying within the center until Officer Jenny is finished booking the teenagers,"

Vali thanked them before focusing on her team who all looked at her with concern, "I was just talking with Metagross. I'm going to go take a shower and then we can head downstairs to get something to eat."

After her shower, she got ready for the day and finally checked the time which said it was almost one. Heading downstairs with her pokemon, she walked over to Nurse Joy. Nurse Joy looked up from her computer screen and smiled at her, "Good afternoon, Miss Potter. What can I do for you?"

"Hi, Nurse Joy," Vali greeted her, "How is Eevee?"

"He's still unconscious, but he's stable and will survive so long as he doesn't have a relapse," Nurse Joy answered making Vali sigh in relief, "Officer Jenny won't be sending him anywhere for at least two more days,"

"Did she say where he would be going?" Vali asked with a frown.

Nurse Joy looked down at her computer and typed on it, "At the current moment, Professor Oak is being gifted custody of Eevee until he heals. There are a few things up in the air especially when it comes to Eevee," Nurse Joy looked up at Vali, "It has been decided that Eevee will remain on your trainer ID and it's likely that you'll be given custody of Eevee once his physical wounds are healed. Many pokemon react better to those that saved them in situations like this,"

Vali's eyes widen, "Really?"

"Yes though it depends on Eevee's recovery if that happens," Nurse Joy told her earning a nod before the woman frowned, "Of course, even if you gain custody of Eevee, he might not recover from his ordeal. Some pokemon can't,"

Vali already knew that, "I know, Nurse Joy...Trust me, I know."

She was still recovering from the abuse she'd suffered after all. Nurse Joy looked surprised by her words, but didn't verbalize whatever questions she had. Instead, the pink haired woman said, "Go get something to eat, I will inform you when Eevee wakes up,"

Vali nodded and headed to the cafeteria. After she got food for her and her pokemon, they moved to sit down and eat. Steven came in not long after that and got himself some food. When he got to her table, she asked, "How did your battle with Squirtle go?"

"He managed to win," Steven said as he sat down, "I've found a lot of things we're going to have to work on in order for him to reach the strength of even the weakest of my older pokemon, but I already knew that," He looked at her curiously, "How are you feeling?"

"Fairly tired," She answered after eating a bite of pizza, "Eevee's going to be sent to Professor Oak in a few days. Thank you for taking me up to my room,"

"No problem," Steven replied with a light smile, "What are you going to do now?"

"I'm going to call home since I did promise I would call at least once per town," Vali glanced down as Pikachu curled up in her lap, "I want to introduce Pidgey and Pikachu to my family as well as check to see if Sirius has left yet,"

Steven blinked and looked up at her, "He's a ranger, isn't he?"

Vali nodded after taking a bite of her pizza, "Yeah. He works for the Kanto sect of the Ranger Union. He didn't want to be a pokemon trainer, but still wanted to work alongside them. He's only took time off to spend time with me on my birthday and see me off if I became a trainer."

"That actually makes me curious," Steven told her, "How come you decided to become a trainer? With your background, I was sure you'd decide to become a ranger,"

Vali didn't answer until after she'd eaten her last slice of pizza and was finishing her drink, "It wasn't until a few months ago that I really decided that I wanted to be a trainer. One of the older trainers that Professor Oak sponsored stopped by the lab when I was there to get his pokemon fully checked over and to see all of his pokemon at once. I got curious when I noticed him walking beside a three legged Ninetales since I've never seen a three legged pokemon before. According to him, they'd gotten stuck in a blizzard after fighting against a wild Tyranitar. Most of his pokemon save for Ninetales were unconscious at that point though she wasn't that far off since her leg had gotten mangled, he had attempted to return her, but she'd refused," Vali's mind went back to the day she'd met the beautiful Ninetales, "She wouldn't let him return her even when they'd found a cave to stay in for the night. He'd done everything to return her after trying to take care of her leg. Even when she'd passed out, she wouldn't let herself be returned. If she hadn't have refused, he would've died in that storm. By the time the storm stopped and he managed to get to a pokemon center, Ninetales' leg had been severely infected and had to be amputated," Vali put down her cup and looked at her team as they stared back at her, "Even after most trainers would've abandoned their pokemon, he never did. I realized right then and there that I wanted to be a pokemon trainer. I saw just what I would get out of becoming a trainer. The bonds you can create with your pokemon, your family..." She smiled warmly at them, "That's what I wanted," She looked back at Steven as a blush coated her cheeks, "Sorry if I rambled."

"It's fine," Steven smiled warmly at her, "It lets me know more about you,"

Vali finished her drink and stood up, "I better go call my family. Do you want to train together after that?"

"Sure," Steven nodded to her.

Vali typed in the Ketchum/Black/Potter residence number and waited for someone to answer it. Pikachu and Pidgey looked at the electronic device in confusion prompting her to tell them, "This is a video phone, it lets me see my family even if we're thousands of miles away. I'm going to be introducing you two to my family or at least, most of them if my god-father isn't there."

The screen blinked and Ash's face appeared, "Hell-VALI!"

"Hey, Ash," Vali greeted him with a grin, "Are Delia and Sirius there?"

"Yeah," Ash turned his head and shouted, "MOM! SIRIUS! Vali's on the phone,"

There was a crash followed by a stream of curse words and barking that could only mean Sirius was home. Vali giggled as she listened to the cause before she shook her head lightly, "I'm surprised Sirius hasn't left yet."

"He's going to be leaving tomorrow," Ash answered earning a nod from Vali, "Did you catch anythin-Is that a Pikachu?"

"Pikachu, Pidgey," Vali gestured to the screen, "This is my adoptive little brother, Ash. Ash, this is Pikachu and Pidgey. I caught Pidgey the day I left and Pikachu a few days back,"

"Pup!" Sirius shouted loudly, "Has Stev-"

"No, Sirius," Vali cut him off before he could get started, "Steven' been nothing but nice to meet. Anyway, I want you to meet Pidgey and Pikachu," The two stared at Sirius with slightly wide eyes, "Don't worry, he isn't usually quite so deranged. He just misses me,"

"Pup, I'm not deranged," He whined at her earning an eye roll.

"I wouldn't say she isn't wrong," Delia said with a laugh as she appeared, "Hello, Vali. Hello to you too Pikachu and Pidgey. How is everyone?"

"We're doing great. I haven't had much of a chance to see what Pikachu can do yet, but I will soon enough since Steven and I are going to be training together once he's finished eating," Vali answered while reaching up to scratch behind Pikachu's ears earning a coo of pleasure, "Pidgey's not quite as strong as either Smaug or Balto just yet. She'll get there. Smaug, Balto, and Pidgey have all battled at least once. Smaug helped me catch Pidgey which was my first ever battle while Balto helped me catch Pikachu. I used Pidgey in my first trainer battle yesterday..."

She trailed off though Delia and Sirius seemed to understand why. Delia turned to Ash, "Why don't you go upstairs and grab that drawing you wanted to show Vali?"

"Oh right!" Ash shot away, "Don't hang up before I call back!"

"How is Eevee?" Delia asked earning a sigh.

"According to Nurse Joy, he'll heal," Vali continued scratching behind Pikachu's ears finding comfort in the action, "He's being sent to Professor Oak in a few days. He'll stay there until he's physically healed,"

"What's going to happen to him after?" Sirius asked her curiously.

Thinking back to her conversation with Nurse Joy, Vali answered, "Nurse Joy said that depending on Eevee's recovery, Professor Oak will send him to me so that I can help him recover mentally. He's staying on my trainer ID," Vali frowned slightly, "While I'm happy that I'll get the chance to help him heal, I'm not sure that I am the best person to do it. I'm still recovering from my messed up childhood not to mention the stuff that happened during school. How can I help him when I'm still broken?"

"Because you're healing," Delia answered looking at her sternly, "Vali, you're probably the best person that can help Eevee. You saved him from those boys and you'll probably be the first person he sees when he wakes up. In my honest belief, you'll help each other heal. Don't doubt yourself, Vali,"

"I just...How am I even supposed to start?" Vali asked with a sigh.

Delia let out a soft laugh, "I recall having a similar conversation with Professor Oak about a certain little girl," Vali flushed lightly, "Do you want to hear the advice he gave me?" She nodded, "Be patient and kind. Don't push him and eventually you'll get through."

Vali felt a bit more at ease and smiled at her, "Thanks, Delia."

"No problem, Vali," She replied before asking, "So what are Steven and you planning to do?"

"We're going to stay in Viridian for five more days since we rented our rooms for a week," Vali answered earning a nod, "We're going to stock up on potions, antidotes, and stuff like that on the last day before heading into the Viridian forest. While we're probably going to be facing mostly Bug Catchers, it'll be useful getting battle experience not to mention I'll be able to save up money to buy TMs and other things. We'll head to Pewter and I'll challenge the gym leader,"

"Flint Stone's the gym leader, isn't he?" Sirius asked earning a nod from Vali, "He's a rock type trainer. How are you planning on beating him?"

"At first, I planned on getting a Poliwag alongside teach Smaug and Balto whatever steel type moves they could learn," Vali answered earning a nod, "But seeing as I have two newly caught pokemon not to mention that Smaug's still fairly new, I thought it would be best to not catch another pokemon for now. I'm going to seriously study Flint and see what kind of plans I can create. I know even with a disadvantage that I can win so long as we train as hard as possible,"

"Good," Sirius smiled proudly at her, "Never give up,"

Vali flushed lightly as she remembered a talk that Steven and her had, "I also figured out a goal I might try for."

"You're going to try and become a Fire-type master?" Delia asked much to Vali's shock.

How did she-Vali shook her head. Of course she knew, everyone probably guessed she'd do that since she had an unexplained bond with any fire type pokemon she'd come across while at the Corral, "Yeah. Steven reminded me that even if I become a Fire-type master, I can train other pokemon. I mean even Agatha has non-ghost type pokemon even if she mostly trains ghost types," Vali dropped her hands, "If I do try to become one, it means I'll have to travel a lot in order to meet a whole bunch of fire types which means I won't be home as often."

"That's fine, Vali," Delia told her as Sirius nodded, "If that's what you want to do, we'll support you not to mention we kind of knew this would always happen," Vali flushed lightly, "It will be hard on all of us, but we believe in you,"

"So do whatever you want to do, Pup," Sirius told her, "No matter what, we'll be proud of you,"

"Just don't forget that you promised to travel with Ash when he's old enough to go on his own journey," Delia told her earning a nod.

"I won't ever forget, but..." Vali flushed lightly, "Just encase, could you write it down and remind me of it from time to time? I really don't want to forget it on the off chance I become too distracted,"

"Already done," Delia told her earning a thankful look.

Ash rushed back up and proudly presented a picture of a few blobs and stick figures, "I drew this during art at Pre-school today. It isn't very good..."

Vali settled down to listen to Ash with a soft smile on her lips. She had around six years before he was going to become a trainer. That sounded like a lot of time, but she knew it really wasn't.