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Chapter 42: Final Chapter

Vali hugged Lance when she met him at the pokemon center after his battle with the former champion. Lance accepted the hug with a slight grunt of surprise, "Vali! We won!"

"You did," Vali grinned at him, "But how in the world did you manage to get that Dragon Breath to hit to work on her Gardevoir? I know that they are somewhat harmed by dragon-type attacks due to their psychic-type natures, but it was definitely more effective than that,"

Lance let out a laugh as she released him, "Just like you've done with your pokemon, we've combined our attacks. That one was our refined Thunder Breath, Diaval uses Thunder Bolt and mixes it with Dragons Breath to attack. It was a struggle to figure out the mechanics."

Vali looked at him in shock then grinned, "That's totally awesome! I'd love to learn something like that."

"Maybe in the future since we're still working out some kinks," Lance chuckled as he led Vali towards one of the nearby seating areas, "So what did you think other than that?"

"It was a tough battle and she nearly got you a bunch," Vali replied as they reached the seating area, "Man, it was so exciting to watch. The way everyone reacted to the bells ringing afterward was amazing too,"

"Yeah," Lance's grin widened, "It was amazing," He clenched his fists with a slightly fevered look in his eyes, "We're officially known as champions,"

"Eh, you won a champion level battle, but won't become the actual champions until your awards ceremony," Vali reminded him earning an eyeroll, "Do you have any idea when that's going to happen?"

"They're allowing us to put it off for two weeks. Long enough for us to recover from this battle and do our next champion battle," Lance answered losing that fevered look in his eyes, "Soon enough, we'll be champions of both regions,"

Thorin and Aragorn sat on one of the balconies overseeing Silver Town. Vali was taking a shower in the room behind them while some of their other packmates were relaxing within the room. Aragorn looked at Thorin as the elder mon gazed at the town below them with a careful gaze, "This is a beautiful place, Thorin. Do you think Vali would want to live in a place like this?"

Thorin shook his head with a flick of his tail, "No, Vali would prefer something more secluded where we can be free to roam."

Aragorn let out a soft sigh at the thought, "You're right and so would all of us as well. We wouldn't have to worry about unwanted visitors save for wild pokemon."

Thorin inclined his head to Aragorn before looking towards the bells with a careful gaze, "Those bells, they're not normal and don't just do what the humans believe them to be."

Aragorn nodded as he looked at the bells as well, "I got the feeling as well. Galadriel doesn't like the feeling they give off."

"Nor do," Thorin shook his head, "For the beauty they have, something about them is...tainted in a way," Thorin laid down with a low sigh and closed his eyes, "We must keep Vali from the bells at all cost until we can figure out what is wrong with them,"

"Agreed though Balto needs to know as soon as possible if he doesn't already know," Aragorn replied while following Thorin's lead as a cool wind swept through the area.

It was colder here in Johto than in Kanto meaning the seasons changed quicker. It wouldn't surprise the young kitsune if snow fell within the next couple of weeks even if it was still technically summer within Kanto. Aragorn felt the air change a bit and glance backwards to see Elrond float out of the balcony doors. The mouse spoke after a few moments, "I've let Balto know over conversation and it was agreed to keep Vali away from the Bells. We'll inform her when she's done her shower. I do have to wonder what is wrong with them."

"No idea," Aragorn shook his head, "To be that pretty and tainted, it's a shame,"

"Perhaps the humans have done something?" Thorin chimed in curiously, "Not everyone is good hearted and it wouldn't be surprising if some champions attempted to force the bells to ring for whatever reason,"

Elrond shrugged as he settled down slightly between them, "Very true, it wouldn't be too surprising considering all the facts. And with Lugia and Ho-oh not appearing, it would mean some would be willing to break certain rules. Despicable to even think of it."

Aragorn let out a soft whine, "Could that be why they aren't appearing?"

Elrond shook his head, "Xen said that the Legends have taken a hands off approach for the last couple hundred years with a few scattered appearances. He doesn't fully know the reason, but when it's time to come back, they will. And," Elrond looked at the bells with a sad look, "They will not be pleased to see what has been done to their precious bells."

Thorin and Aragorn looked at the bells as well with sad gazes.

After Lance's battle with the Johto champion, he was forced into doing some paperwork while his pokemon recovered. Vali headed to New Bark town after parting from Surge for a couple of days after Professor Oak sent her message about Professor Elm wishing to meet her. She rode of Celina's back and used the map Professor Oak had sent along. It only took a few hours to get to the idyllic little town. They touched down carefully by the front of it and Elrond released himself as Thorin jumped down with Aragorn following him. The two shook themselves as she carefully unlatched herself from the saddle and dismounted before resetting the saddle as Elrond fed Celina some berries. A young voice from nearby called out, "Wow! That Pidgeot is so cool!"

"Cool? Talk about healthy, the sheen of her feathers and length of that crown? She's absolutely in peak health," Another one replied causing Vali to grin as Celina preened under the praise.

"Who is that?" One of the two asked the other, "She looks like a trainer, but not one of the Professor's,"

"Maybe she's from another region," The other answered as Vali finished up what she'd been doing and returned Celina.

Vali spoke as she turned back towards the town, "Could either of you show me to where the Professor is? Professor Oak has told me he'd like to meet me."

Gasps sounded from the nearby bushes earning a slight smirk from Vali, a pair of heads emerged. One being a pale blue haired boy that looked to be almost ten and a girl with blond/black hair. The boy spoke as his gold eyed companion stared at her with wide eyes, "How'd you know we were there?"

"I've got sharp ears and my Raichu sensed you easily," Vali answered with a laugh, "Names Valkyrie Potter-Black,"

Both their eyes practically popped out of their sockets, the black/gold haired kid whispered, "Holy shit, it's Vali Potter!"

"So can either of you show us to the lab?" Vali asked them again earning two nods as the kids scrambled from the bushes.

They began leading Vali to the lab while excitedly shooting off questions about her journey and the pokemon she had. Thorin and Aragorn kept to her sides with Elrond floating above her shoulder. One of the kids, Nora, asked, "So you were a Gym Trainer after the Conference?"

"I was," Vali answered with a grin, "It was a lot of fun. Difficult at time, we enjoyed it though since it help us get a lot stronger and right on our path towards the goals we've got for the future,"

"That's awesome!" Evan beamed at her, "Your Vulpix, Flareon, and Alolan Raichu are really healthy looking. Like they'd belong to a breeder kind of healthy, you have to tell me how you managed that as a battle trainer,"

"I adjusted their diet as needed and groom them weekly plus I take to giving them 'spa days'," Vali felt Galadrial come out of her shadow, "It's basically a day that I focus almost completely on helping them relax while intensely grooming them. They absolutely love these days and it allows us to become closer," She eyed the two kids, "So based on what I'm seeing, you two are probably going to be getting your trainers licenses soon, right?"

"We've already passed the advanced test and have the physical license," Evan told her with a proud look on his face, "We're actually going to be interning at the lab for about a year and raising our starters from eggs as a project,"

Vali whistled softly, "Sounds awesome, Professor Oak only allows a select few to raise a couple of lower tier pokemon from eggs like Pidgey or Meowth."

"Why not the Kanto Starters? Sure they're a bit rarer than Johto's, but they can't be that rare," Nora asked with wide eyes earning a low sigh.

Vali ran a hand through her hair, "Charmander can be volatile during certain stages of its development and requires an almost constant heat until it reaches six to seven months old. Squirtle can't leave the water after a couple days once born for four months then it'll need its skin damped until its nine months old. Bulbasaur have to be constantly covered in dirt save for the bulb on its back for eight months. Each requires almost constant food though thankfully what they need can be somewhat easy to acquire if you're smart and not squeamish."

"So definitely interesting to care for," Evan looked at her with eager eyes.

"And require a class five breeder license to raise due to their rarity mixed with extensive needs at such young ages," Vali informed them causing Evan to deflate, "Only a couple of breeders per region have that license,"

"Damn," Evan pouted a bit while Nora patted his shoulder, "I really wanted to try it out at some point,"

"Just get up to that level of breeder license and you will," Vali told him as they reached a rather warm looking building, "Is this the lab?"

"Yeah!" Nora nodded as a few Furret raced around the nearby paddock with a couple Miltank.

"Thank you both for showing me," Vali told them with a gentle smile, "Good luck on your own paths if we do not see one another again,"

Vali headed into the lab after opening the door and found that it was quite organized compared to Professor Oak's lab. She was met by a lab assistant not far into the lab, "Oh hello there, who are you?"

"Valkyrie Potter-Black though I prefer Vali," Vali informed the woman with a warm smile, "According to Professor Oak, Professor Elm wanted to meet with me,"

"Ah yes, I recall that the Professor was supposed to have a meeting with you today," The assistant replied shifting her glasses slightly, "Well come along, I'll show you to where he is. We weren't expecting you for another couple of hours at the very least. It's quite far from Silver Town after all,"

"My Pidgeot, Celina, is quite swift and strong. The flight was rather easy for her," Vali replied as Elrond floated close to her shoulder while they began to walk through the lab, "We take longer flights fairly often,"

"Interesting," The assistant hummed softly as they walked through the rather homey lab.

It was much smaller than Professor Oaks, but no less impressive. She thought it was warmer than Professor Oak's despite how much the man worked towards achieving his goal of studying relationships between people and pokemon. She looked over the cute baby pokemon being played with and looked over by the staff. Glancing over at the assistant, she comments, "So Professor Elm seems to have a lot of baby pokemon, he must run a lot of studies involving them."

"Quite a few since he studies pokemon breeding and various effects of it," The assistant answered as they reached an open area with a large dip in the middle where clunky computers ran date, "Here we are. Professor!"

"Ah, Zelda! You've brought Vali Potter!" Professor Elm exclaimed.

Professor Elm was a middle aged man with a short shock of brown hair on his head and pale umber green eyes. Even standing up, he sagged into a slouch and his lab coat was slightly filthy with dust. He had a bit of fuss on his cheeks and chin. He looked tired and had bags under his eyes likely from days without sleep. She recognized his voice from the various calls he had with Professor Oak while she was in the middle of working on her papers. She offered Professor Elm a smile, "Professor Elm, it's a pleasure to finally meet you."

"I'll be heading back to my work," The assistant, Zelda, said before leaving them.

Professor Elm grinned as he waved her over to his work table, "It's wonderful that you've arrived so soon! Did you fly on Celina?"

"I did. It was quick," Vali walked over over and spotted various calculations and a couple dna sequences that she didn't really understand, "So Professor Oak said you wanted to speak to me about something and it would probably last a couple days,"

Professor Elm nodded as he gestured to the table, "Do you recognize any of this?"

"Only a few of the calculations being part of the Cawen's state of relative numbers and letters," Vali answers as she gestured to it with a confused look, "The rest is pretty much gibberish despite everything I've studied,"

"No surprise given that it's a lot more advanced than anything you'd have studied in school," Professor Elm told her as he touched the papers before them, "Before us is the genetic code of a king size Mareep. And this," He pulled out a group of papers and laid them out, "Is the genetic code of a shiny Mareep. A normal one is right here,"

He placed the three together and she looked them over carefully before noting the slightest differences various places between the apparent shiny and king genes compared to the normal one. She pointed out each one carefully with a curious eye, "So they're really different on a genetic different."

Professor Elm nodded with an excited smile, "Yes, they are, but that is only a Mareep. We have no idea what any of the others are right now. The reason I asked you over is if I could possibly study your pokemon for a bit and see if I can narrow things down a little."

"I suppose so long as they agree," Vali didn't really like the idea of her pokemon being poked and prodded.

"But in return, I'll let you stay at the lab and if you find a pokemon at the end of this that bonds with you, I'll allow you to take it with you on your journey," Professor Elm answered with a large grin.

"Again with my pokemon's permission," Vali was a little leery of the offer though the thought of a Professor offering a pokemon to her was appealing.

Idril and Aragorn agreed to the study. Vali milled about the lab before ending up in an observation room where young pokemon were running around and playing together. She heard someone walk in behind her, "Who are they? They look like they're old enough to be starter pokemon."

"They are," It was Zelda, "Unfortunately, it came to pass that they were not eligible to become starters. The Chikorita was too young when it came time due to her egg hatching late, the Totodile is too aggressive for a new trainer to try for, and the Cyndaquil is half blind due to his mother rejecting him,"

Vali looked over them with a sad look, "Can I go in?"

"Of course though be careful of the Cyndaquil, he can be jumpy when people approach from the wrong side," Zelda warned gesturing from the fire-type currently had what looked like a ball in his paws, "He's otherwise very calm,"

"I see," Vali headed for the door, "Well hopefully I can bring their spirits up a bit,"

Zelda nodded to her as Vali opened the door and walked into the room. She found all the pokemon within looking at her immediately with wide eyes. Offering them her kindest smile, she said, "Hello everyone, I'm Vali. I'm going to play with you for a bit, alright?"

While keeping an eye on Elm's studies, Vali spent time with the young starters. She learned a couple things about each one as the days passed and each one grew a bit closer to her. While aggressive to a point, Totodile just had a lot of energy and with his teeth constantly being falling out causing some pain, it was understandable why they wanted to find someone else to send the poor thing out into the world with. Young and wide-eyed, Chikorita was clumsy with a gentle nature and tended to give her flowers whenever they saw one another. Despite his lost eye, Cyndaquil got around with an ease born of necessity and patience. Interestingly enough though, Cyndaquil loved to listen to stories and could read basic stories.

Vali spent time with all three, but the latter two drew close to her with each visit while Totodile kind of slunk away. While Vali spent time working with Cyndaquil on his reading level since that's what he wanted, Chikorita cuddled up against her and braided small flowers into her hair. She did try to play with the little croc, but he didn't really find her interesting. She eventually gave it up as a bad joke towards the end of her time at the lab as the two starters that wanted her attention dragged it back towards them. If he wanted it, she would give it to him right away.

Professor Elm smiled at her as Vali returned Idril after checking the Sandslash over, "This definitely helped, Vali. I thank you and your pack for helping along my research."

"It's no problem especially since I got to spend time with those cute pokemon," Vali replied feeling a bit sad that she'd be leaving so soon, "If you need us back, you know where to find us,"

"Indeed," Professor Elm nodded before reaching into his pocket and pulling something out with his closed fist, "Now I know that I said that you'd be able to take along one pokemon should you wish, it would seem that two of them have volunteered," He held out his hand and Vali's eyes widened as she slowly extended her hand, "Chikorita and Cyndaquil wish to go with you. It's no surprise really given how close you three had become,"

"B-both of them?" Vali felt both pokeballs fall into her hand and inwardly sighed at the warm coming from them, "But why?"

"Because these studies will lead to new knowledge for our community," Professor Elm smiled gently at her as he moved his hand away, "Besides these two hated the idea of letting you go, you were the first besides me to actually take time out of your life to spend any real time with them,"

Vali swallowed slightly, "Really?"

"Yes, Vali," Professor Elm turned away from her, "They wanted to go with you. Now I believe you're due to meet with Lt. Surge?"

"Right," Vali nodded slowly as she placed the pokeballs onto her waist, "I..."

"I've already registered them with you," Professor Elm informed her, "Take care of them, Vali. I'll miss them greatly and I'm glad that they'll be safe with you,"

Vali nodded though Professor Elm wasn't facing her, "I will, Professor. Thank you for trusting me."

Throat feeling weirdly tight, Vali rushed out of the lab feeling strangely uneven. She supposed that meant her team no longer needed a grass-type anymore.

Telling Surge what had happened at the lab, Vali looked at him feeling somewhat panicked, "What am I going to do?"

"Keep your promise, brat," Surge replied with a serious look, "Now release those two pokemon of yours, we need to take a look at them and see what we'll be dealing with,"

Vali nodded feeling somewhat settled as she took the two newest pokeballs from her waist and tossed them up, "Come on out, my friends."

The two appeared and blinked. Cyndaquil regained his bearings quickly and focused on her though he didn't approach just yet. He turned his eye towards Surge and gave the blonde a suspicious look. Chikorita regained her bearings slowly and caught sight of Vali. With a clumsy rush, Chikorita rushed to her with a cheerful cry and slammed into her kneed. Bending down she ran her fingers across the soft peach fuzz coating Chikorita's head, she looked up at Surge as the man said, "They're both small."

"A lot of pokemon are small," Vali remarked as Elrond floated down to converse with Cyndaquil, "And these two are starters,"

"True," Surge ran a hand through his hair, "We'll have our work cut out for us, but this'll be good practice for when you add new pokemon to your team. Let's get to work and hopefully these two will be able to keep up with what we're doing,"

Vali nodded as she straightened, "Sounds good."

Cyndaquil and Chikorita fit in fairly well though it took a couple days for them to figure out where best they fit in. Chikorita fell in with Celina and Idril. Cyndaquil fell in with Balto and Smaug as well as Irmo. Magby and Eowyn disliked the two though they barely approached them, it was easy to see they weren't happy even though the circumstance as to why this had happened was not normal. Despite this fact, the pack still worked to accept them and Vali was happy to see their progress.

Chikorita, the Leaf Pokemon. Sweet aromas drift from the leaf on its head, the type of aroma changes depending on how the Chikorita feels. With their aromatic leaves, they're able to check the temperature and humidity often helping their trainers pick the perfect days to garden. At birth the leaf on its head is quite brittle, it becomes as strong as steel allowing it to defend itself from predators that are attracted to it due to the sweet scent it emits. Often times its aromas induce feelings of friendship due to their sweetness, they are often regarded as less reliable on the battlefield due to this factor and their gentle natures. To battle, they swing their steel-like leaves around to fight though it often makes them a bit clumsy due to the weight of their leaf.

Chikorita, Leaf Guard. Moves are Growl, Tackle, and Leaf Storm.

Cyndaquil, the Fire Mouse Pokemon. Often Timid due to their sensitive inner ears, Cyndaquil curl up into a ball to protect themselves with the weak fire that comes from their back. Staying hunched over to allow for better protection, it has a better angle to shoot the flames from its back if someone surprises or angers it. If too tired, the flames it creates will splutter and become black smoke. Despite it's timid nature, Cyndaquil's flames become blazing hot with its temper when provoked.

Cyndaquil, Blaze. Moves are Leer, Tackle, and Flare Blitz.

The two had a basic set of moves with a rather nice pair of egg moves attached to it. It would be interesting to see how the two adapted with them.

Lance took his victory over the Kanto Champion after a long battle that was far closer than the other. She watched with Surge as Diaval scored the final blow though it wasn't without its own dangers to him. She wondered what kind of scars would be born from this fight. A party was held after the fight was over and Vali was invited with Surge via phone-call. They teleported to the Plateau Via an Alakazam from the gym. Lance met Vali with a grin, "We're champions."

"Fully," Vali grinned at him as she hi-fived him, "Nicely done. How is everyone? I saw that Diaval took a nasty hit at the end,"

"They're going to be okay though Diaval's got a shortened antenna now and a hole in his wing that might not fully close," Lance answered earning a sad look, "He'll be able to fly no problem though he's going to need some time to get used to flying again,"

"That's good at least," Vali murmured as she shook her head.

"Yeah," Lance nodded with a grin, "Anyway, c'mon let's go find Steven. I want to enjoy myself a bit tonight,"

Vali nodded and they began heading through the crowd. Elrond held them locate Steven after a few minutes. Vali grinned as she called out, "Steven!"

"Vali! Lance, congrats on your wins," Steven told Lance as they reached him, "It was amazing to watch,"

"Agreed," Joseph grinned at them with a laugh, "Quite wonderful though I was quite worried in the end, you managed to pull through though,"

"Thanks," Lance grinned at Joseph in return while Vali waved at him, "I'm glad you two managed to make it,"

After a bit, Joseph left them as he went to mingle. Lance, Vali, and Steven spent time catching up together with a few laughs scattered amongst them. As time went on, she started feeling a bit off and her attention began to wander a bit. She forced herself to focus even as the feeling grew worse as time passed on. It was only when her inner flame started to pule wildly that she realized what was going on and felt a bolt of panic hit her. Swallowing slightly, she looked at Lance and Steven for a moment as they both laughed about something she hadn't been paying attention to. Despite the fact it was time to celebrate Lance's victory, she had to leave because it was time for her to meet the Lord of Flames.

Vali spoke as Lance and Steven settled down, "Hey, you two."

"Yeah?" Lance looked at her and became concerned at the look on her face, "What's up?"

"It's time, isn't it?" Steven asked though the look on his head said it wasn't need and she nodded, "Vali..."

"What, but..." Lance frowned slightly, "Why now?"

Vali shrugged as she hugged him, "No idea, but I know that I'm not going to be able to fight this feeling for very long," She let go of him and hugged Steven, "Lance, I hate that I won't see you crowned. I'm trusting you to start on those changes while I work on my side on things. When we meet up, I should be ready to become one of your Elite,"

Lance nodded as Vali released Steven, "I can do that, but I hate that you've got to leave right now."

"Sorry, Lance," Vali apologized as she ran a hand through her hair and grimaced as her heart pulsed with the ember coursing through her body.

Steven looked at Vali with a frown on his face, "Vali, are you going to be okay?"

"I'll be fine," Vali smiled at him pushing away her grimace of pain, "After all, I've been through worse," She start turning away from them, "I've got to go find Surge and get a ride back to Vermillion to grab my things. I'll see you both later,"

Vali waved at them and quickly began looking through the crowd. It wasn't long before she found Surge thanks to a concerned Elrond. Surge looked at her with a frown once she got his attention away from Bruno, "You okay, Brat?"

"I figured out where I need to head next, Surge," Vali told him as she struggled to hold back a grimace as her inner flame pulsed a bit hotter with each passing moment, "I need to head back to Vermillion and gather my things,"

Surge's frown deepened a bit as he nodded, "Yeah, I'll get one of the Alakazam to teleport you."

Surge began leading her away from the party only for them to be stopped by Steven not far from the entrance. Steven panted slightly as he reached them, "Vali, I need to give you this. I've been planning on this for awhile. It's was supposed to be your gift for finishing your apprenticeship,"

"Steven?" Vali looked at him confusion, "What?"

Steven held out a pokeball, "Release her in a relatively cool place, Vali."

Vali took the pokeball slowly with wide eyes, "Steven?"

"Keep her safe, Vali," Steven told her with a warm smile, "I'm sorry to rush this and not tell you what's going on,"

Vali stared at him as she placed the pokeball on her pokeball belt, "Thank you, Steven."

"Be safe," Steven told her before heading back into the party.

Vali watched him go before looking back at Surge as he said, "Well that's one way to give someone a pokemon."

Nodding as they resumed leaving the part, Surge found an Alakazam that would take her back to Vermillion. Vali looked at him, "Thank you."

"It's no problem, Brat," Surge told Vali before surprising her with a hug, "Be careful, Kid. I don't know where you're going or what you are about to do. I don't really care, but be careful,"

Vali nodded as she hugged him back, "I will. Beat the little assholes that come to the gym until they're able to fight properly, you need to make things interesting for Lance."

"I will, Brat," Surge laughed as the Alakazam teleported her to the front of the gym.

Vali finished packing quickly and saddled Celina. Before she got onto Celina's back, she called home. Delia answered. Delia looked at her in surprise, "Vali? What's going on? I thought you'd be spending time with Lance tonight."

"...It's time, Delia," Vali told her in a soft tone causing Delia to stiffen, "I don't know when I'll be able to call again...Tell everyone at home that I love them, I'm going to be working hard to train myself and figure out what exactly is going on,"

"Vali, you..." Delia started only to stop.

"I...I love you, Momma," Vali told Delia earning a surprised look, "Be safe and watch over everyone like you always do, I'll come back as soon as possible,"

With that, Vali ended the call and put her pokenav on silent. She got onto Celina's back and took off following the feeling of her inner flame.

It took five days to reach a Volcanic island much like Mt. Ember feeling exhausted almost past the point of no-return. Even with exhaustion dragging her down, she returned Celina and continued moving forward releasing Balto to assist her. The volcano was far more ancient than the one on Mt. Ember and seemed to burn even hotter. She clutched at Balto's fur as they found an entrance to the inside of a cave. Barely able to keep her eyes open, she could barely see the brightly glowing crystals that adorned the walls and the murals that joined them.

As they went deeper, Vali felt something warm brush through her inner flame that felt different, yet familiar. A voice seemed to resonate through her head, "So you've found me, Little Bearer. Even in your exhausted state, you've managed to find this place."

Vali nuzzled into Balto as he continued walked seemingly guided along the path, "I'm so tired."

"A little bit further, young Bearer. You'll reach me soon and I will allow you to rest before your training begins, my little flame-borne," The voice was soft and warm.

The pathway they'd taken lasted for only a moment longer before it opened up in a wide cavernous room almost as big as the stadium back at the Indigo Plateau. Lava bubbled at the bottom of the camber way down bellow from where they stood on a bridge of blackened rock. Flames curled up from various fire-types that seemed to be settled on ledges scattered about the cavernous chamber, the center of the room held a large platform of blackened rock with glowing crystals that coiled around it forming a nest. Sitting within the nest was the largest Moltres that Vali had ever seen before, it looked far older than the one she'd seen at the Plateau.

The Moltres gazed down at them as they slowly reached it. Vali realized what this Moltres was and spoke the name softly, "Lord of Flames."

"Indeed, My little Flame Borne," The Lord of Flames murmured softly, "Welcome to the Furnace of Flames where all Flame Bearers are taught to use their gift and molded into proper bearers. I'm so sorry for the pain your inner flame caused,"

Vali let out a soft yawn, "It's okay."

"You may rest for a bit, My little Flame Borne. You will be training hard," The Lord of Flames told her.

Vali looked at her pack then at the Volcano they were going to be training within feeling courage run through her. Even if this was scary, it was going to be amazing especially with her packmates both new and old. After all, it was going to be a step forward into a future she had no true idea was going to happen.

End of Valkyrie Potter-Pokemon Journey